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  • Shooting the slime.
  • The target constricted by slime.
Shooting Slime through Sorcery[1][2]
魔術でスライム発射 Majutsu de Suraimu Hassha
Games Demon Eye[3]
Biribiri Sorcery[4]
First Appearance
Anime Debut DBZ236
Game Debut Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3
Type Unique Technique
Sub-Type Sorcery
Class Offensive
Range Long range

Shooting Slime through Sorcery is the magical skill to expel slime at an opponent.


This ability is one of Babidi's unique magical skills, which allows him to project a strange slime from his body through magical means. The slime attaches to the opponent, discharging an electrical current, as well as seeming to tighten around the targets body, constricting them. Precisely what the slime does in full, however, isn't known, as Piccolo blew the technique away from his body with ease. [1][2]



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