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Son Gokūn[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9]
Alias Kakarotto (カカロット; FUNimation "Kakarot", Viz "Kakarrot")
Epithet Child of Destiny (うんめいども, Unmei no Kodomo; Viz "Fated Child")[10][11]
Legendary Super Saiyan (伝説の超サイヤ人, Densetsu no Sūpā Saiya-jin)[12][13]
Number One (ナンバーワン, Nanbā Wan; Viz "The Champion")[14]
Old Man (おっさん, Ossan)[15]
English Localized Name(s) Son Gokou
VIZ FUNi Son Goku
HAR Zero
Personal Data
Universe 7th Universe Symbol 7th Universe
Galaxy Milky Way, North Galaxies
Race Saiyan
Birthplace Vegeta
Residence East Mountain District 439, Earth
Birthday January 1, Age 735[Note 1](Manga only)
January 1 Age 737
Gender Male Icon Male
Height 175 cm/5'9" (adult)[16][17]
Weight 62kg/137 lbs. (adult)[16][17]
Voice Actors
English Barbara Goodson[Note 2]
Stephanie Nadolny[Note 3]
Sean Schemmel[Note 4]
Colleen Clinkenbeard[Note 5]
Steve Blum[Note 6]
Japanese Masako Nozawa
Professional Status
Team(s) Dragon Team
7th Universe
Future Saviors
Affiliation(s) Kame-Sen Style School
Galactic Patrol Symbol Galactic Patrol
Occupation(s) Martial artist
Radish farmer
Galactic Patrol Special Member
Partner(s) Vegeta(Majin Bū Arc onward)
Disciple(s) Son Gohan
Caulifla(Anime only)
Master(s) Son Gohan
Turtle School Symbol Turtle School
God Symbol God
Kaiō of the North Symbol Kaiō of the North
Whis Icon Whis
Fusion(s) Vegetto
Gogeta (Movie only)
Headquarters 439th Eastern District, Earth
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #1, Chapter #1
Anime Debut DB001
Movie Debut Movie #1
Game Debut Dragon Ball: Dragon Great Unexplored Region
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Life on Planet Vegeta


Kakarotto on Vegeta.

On Age 735, Kakarotto was born on planet Vegeta to a low-class Saiyan warrior, Bardock and his mother Gine, a saiyan meat distributor. Bearing a stark resemblance to his father the Saiyan child was kept by his parents in an incubation pod until the age of three.[18] He was born an indeterminate number of years after his older brother, Raditz, who was already a combatant working with the young prince Vegeta on another planet.[19]

When the tyrannical Emperor of the Universe, Freeza gave them direct order for all the Saiyans to return with the intent to destroy Vegeta out of fear of the Saiyan's folk legend of a Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God[20] — the strongest Saiyan warrior that first emerged one thousand years ago — his father returned to Vegeta with suspicions of Freeza's intentions. Bardock embracing his wife, and seeing their three-year old child then vents to steal a Round Spaceship to send Kakarotto away to a distant planet, away from his home world, to keep him alive if Freeza truly intended to destroy the Saiyans.[21]


Kakarotto in his Saiyan pod, reluctant to leave his parents.

Initially reluctant to let her child become an "infiltration baby", Gine relented, and the two stole a space pod in the middle of the night, placing a very upset Kakarotto inside, and sending him away to Planet Earth, deeming the planet to be 'worthless'.[21] Kakarotto, despite his young age, was reluctant to leave his parents, and watched them with a pained look as he was sent away.

Kakarotto's journey through space tipped of the Galactic Patrol entering their domain, and feared for the worst. After identifying the threat level, they contracted Jaco for the mission to eliminate the Saiyan child. Eventually upon his crash-landing on Earth, he was taken in by an elderly Gohan, who noted his extraordinary strength as Kakarotto continues eat. He was then rechristened to "Son Gokū", because he fell from the sky.

Early Life on Earth


Gohan raising Gokū.

Living with Son Gohan, Gokū was a very rowdy and violent child — traits commonly found in many Saiyans — and Gohan found him difficult to handle, even when he first found the child.[22] However, a chance accident occurred that would change Gokū's life and the fate of the entire universe; as a child, he fell from a cliff, landing hard on the rocks and hit his head. This injury, which nearly killed Gokū (would have too were it not for his Saiyan anatomy), would wipe his entire memory, causing him to forget everything related to his Saiyan heritage. Although Gokū would later learn the truth about his heritage, he never regained his memories prior to his accident. However, it also had the lasting effect of turning Gokū into a pure-hearted child. This fall left a scar that Gokū carried for the rest of his life.[23]

Gokū lived with Gohan peacefully from this point, and thought of the man as his grandfather. As a child, Gokū developed the impression that his parents had simply abandoned him in the woods, and his grandpa Son Gohan found him and decided to keep him. Beyond this, he never showed any concern for where the rest of his family had gone, and lived quite happily with Gohan.[24] He was taught several martial arts techniques by the aged master, and the legendary magical staff, the Nyoibō, was given to Gokū by Gohan.[25]

Gokū's life with his grandfather, however, was cut tragically short when the elderly man was unknowingly killed by the young Saiyan. Gokū had previously received warnings from Gohan to never go outside during a full moon, as a "monster" would come out. He was additionally told to never "look" at the full moon, as Gohan had discovered Gokū's capacity to transform. Unknowingly, when Gokū did take a look at the full moon, he transformed, becoming an Giant Monkey.[26] In this transformed state, the young boy killed his grandfather, and lived believing Gohan was killed by the "monster" that he had warned about.

From then on, Gokū continued to live in the hut in the woods, and carried a Dragon Ball with four stars — his grandfather's possession — with the belief it held the soul of his now deceased grandfather.[27]

Part I

Hunt for the Dragon Balls Arc

Goku meets Bulma BoG

Gokū meets Bulma for the first time

Deep in the mountains, over thousand of kilometers from the city, a kid named Gokū lives there. One day, after doing his daily chores, Gokū is almost hit by a car droved by Bulma. After an aggressive response between the two, Bulma surrenders and introduce herself to the kid and then Gokū invites her to his house. After Gokū takes Bulma to his hut, she discovers the four star Dragon Ball and later she reveals to him the concept of the Dragon Balls, Shenron and wishes (but she avoids telling that once the wish is made the Balls will scatter around the globe), Bulma finally convinces Gokū to be her bodyguard during her search for the Dragon Balls and soon after they leave Gokū´s place.[28]

During their journey Gokū comes across Umigame, who he later introduces to Bulma. The sea turtle request them to take him to the sea, Gokū accepts the request and takes him to the destination while Bulma follows them from behind, on their way they are assaulted by an bear bandit but Gokū easily takes him out with the use of Jan Ken. After arriving at the shore the turtle thanks Gokū for the help and decides to reward the kid, he asks Bulma and Gokū to wait there while he brings them their reward, an old man known as the Turtle Hermit Kame-Sennin.[29] Due to Gokū´s action the hermit rewards him with the magical cloud Kintoun, which only Gokū can ride thanks to his pure heart, he also gives to them the three star Dragon Ball that he was carrying with him after Bulma shows him her not worn undies. After getting their forth Dragon Ball Gokū and Bulma head to their next destination in search for the fifth one in a small village.[30]

Bulma and Gokū discover that the villange is being terrorized by shape shifter "demon" Oolong, who has been kidnapping young girls in other villages. Bulma proposed taking down Oolong for them in exchange of the Six-Star Dragon Ball, after making an agreement they disguised Gokū as a girl to fool Oolong. However, by accident Oolong discovers he has been tricked and shape shifts into a big bull and tries to threaten Gokū bluffing about his strength to an unfazed Gokū.[31] Because of the time limit of his shape shifting Oolong retreats from the fight until he can shape shift again, after that he confront Gokū and once again tries bluffing about his strength but Gokū scares the shape shifter with a small demonstration of him breaking 3 blocks of bricks with one finger, after seeing that Oolong turns into a bat and tries to fly away from the fight but Gokū catches him with ease by using the Kintoun and Oolong power reaching its time limit. After that Oolong is forced to take the Gokū, Bulma and villagers where he has been keeping the girls and with their job done Bulma and Gokū get their Six-Star Dragon Ball. Gokū and Bulma continue their search for the Dragon Balls but this time Bulma forcefully brings Oolong with them due to his shape shifting power being potentially useful in their quest.[32]

The trio next objective was heading to Mount Fry-Pan, during their journey they cross a dessert where they come across the bandit Yamcha and his sidekick Pu'ar.[33] Oolong request Gokū to fight the bandit and defend their belongings and so Gokū and Yamcha start their fight, both combatants seemly matching each other and making use of their weapons and special techniques but, their fight goes unresolved as Gokū was to hungry to keep going and Yamcha was scared of Bulma presence due to his fear towards women, the trio spends the night on Oolong's van that he carried on a capsule. The next they continue their journey to Mount Fry-pan but they have their second encounter with bandit Yamcha, Gokū beats him with ease and the trio carry on with the journey.

Kame-Sennin Training Arc

21st Tenka-Ichi Budōkai Arc

Red Ribbon Army Arc

Uranai Baba Arc

22nd Tenka-Ichi Budōkai Arc

Piccolo Daimaō Arc

23rd Tenka-Ichi Budōkai

Three years after the defeat of Piccolo Daimaō, Gokū and his allies meet on the date of the 23rd Tenka-Ichi Budōkai. Gokū arrives late, and gets a balloon for a young girl, which he easily recognizes his friends, whereas his friends do not recognize him, due to the drastic change that he has undergone in the last three years. Gokū is then recognized by Bulma, which after he removes his garb and shows off his signature hair. Gokū then proceeds to sign up for the tournament, which he gets a brief reunion with his friends. Gokū reveals that he no longer has a tail. Gokū explains that the moon was also restored by the God of the Earth.

During the opening tournament preliminaries Gokū discovers that the son of the Great Demon King Piccolo is competing under the alias of Majunior. Gokū informs Tenshinhan of his true identity and tells him not to alert others of his identity. Moments later, a girl comes to meet Gokū, but he does not recognize her, which causes the anger of the young woman. Gokū easily passes to the next round and once agains defeats Chapa faster than he did in the previous tournament.

Part II

Saiyan Arc

Main article: Saiyan Arc

Note: The following contents are "A-Canon". Please read Canon policy for further information.

Gokuu Tree

Gokū brings a tree to his home.

Five years after his battle with Piccolo the earth has gone through a new transitional era of peace. Gokū now married has a son, who he named after his long time deceased grandfather. Gokū begins to prepare for his trip to visit his old martial arts instructor's island for a reunion with his friends. Gokū in the forest is seen traveling through the woods. Gokū searches for a large tree and punches it down with one punch and takes it back to his house. Afterwards he tells his wife that he will reunite with his friends and wants to introduce their new son. Gokū then begins to look for Son Gohan in the woods and finds his signature hat and immediately recognizes having the Four Star Dragon Ball on top of it, the hat is found discarded on the woods near a Sabertooth. Gokū demands an answer if he's seen his son and then proceeds to scare the Sabertooth away.

Gohan Saved

Son Gohan is saved and embraced by his father.

Gokū then begins his search for his son Gohan on the Kintoun. And looks throughout the mountainous areas of Mount Paozu. Gokū then see's Gohan trapped in a rapid riverbed and tries to catch him before he reaches the thunderous waterfall. Gokū as he almost rescues Gohan he almost collides with a cavern and is forced to ascend onto the very top so he can catch him on the other end of the waterfall. Gokū races and on the other end notices Gohan nowhere to be found and assumes the worst scenario. Gokū then hears the cries of his five-year old son and notices his cries came above him and noticed he was hanging on a branch. Gokū then calms his son and tells him if he's interested on going to see his old master and both depart on the Kintoun.[34][35]

Concludes "A-Canon" section.

Gokū reunites with friends

Gokū reunites with his friends.

Gokū on his Kintoun arrives to the South Islands to pay a visit to the Kame-sennin, while descending onto Kame House, Gokū then introduces his son to his master's residence. Gokū jumps off the Kintou carrying Gohan and his arms. Gokū greets his friends surprising his friends with the sound of his voice. As his friends each exit Kame House, they ask him about the child on his hand, Gokū explaining that it's his son, Son Gohan to the shock of his friends. Gokū tells Gohan to introduce himself to his friends, and Gohan does so respectfully. After hearing his name the Kame-sennin immediately is delighted to know Gokū named his first son, after his grandfather, which Gokū confirms. Still breath-taken the Kame-sennin, Bulma greets Gohan and are surprised at how Gohan is so polite, which Gokū confirms that the mother of her first son, and his wife, Chi-Chi has mentored him.

Once Bulma notices the tail it reminds Gokū if he has noticed anything odd, knowing that when Gokū had a tail he was able to transform into a giant monkey. Which then, Bulma, Kulilin and Kame-sennin each ask if anything has ever occurred during a full moon, which Gokū responds that his family goes to sleep really early before the moon ever appears. As each of them continue to prod Gokū, he begins to suspiciously ask them on why would they ask such a weird question, which makes them backpedal telling him to pay no mind to the earlier questions regarding his son. Kulilin tries to change the subject and ask's Gokū that if he's just as strong as him, which concerns Gokū knowing that he senses his son's potential but notes that Chi-Chi gets really angry if he tries to train him. Bulma then notices the Dragon Ball on Gohan's hat and inquiries the aforementioned comment. Gokū confirms that it's in fact, the same Dragon Ball that used to belong to his Grandfather. Gokū notes that he also found the three-star Dragon Balls and the Six-Star Dragon Balls.

Raditz and Gokū

Gokū is encountered by an unnamed invader.

Just then, Gokū notices an incoming power that he notes is coming towards their direction. Changing his blank expression into a serious expression, noting the level of power is surprising, questioning what it could possibly be. As the individual comes closer to the Island, Gokū looks towards the incoming direction, as it finally arrives Gokū gasps as the man stands in front of him. The unknown man, notes on the growth and development of a man he call's "Kakarotto", who he'd be able to recognize, due to him sharing the same hairstyle as their father. Surprising both Gokū and Kulilin they wonder who the unknown is, and what is he talking about. The large man, then ask's Gokū if there is something on such planet that distracted him from his original purpose, and reveals that his purpose was to eliminate the species of the Earth. Kulilin then tells him to leave the island, confusing the large man as a drunk, which in a split second Gokū notices the unnamed warrior's swift movement and tries to warn his childhood rival, and before he can even warn him, he's hit in the face with a tail slaming him through Kame House, as Gokū calls out his name to check if his friend is okay.

Gokū, your grandfather, Son Gohan told me once that he found a child in the woods, a baby with a tail. Gohan noted that he was a wild baby that couldn't be tamed by any man. That is until the baby fell and nearly died.

—The Kame-Sennin to Gokū

Kame-Sennin tells all

The Kame-Sennin reveals information about Gokū's childhood.

Gokū, now furious turns to the man to find out out that the man too, shares the same tail that he did in his youth.[36] Gokū inquires over the unknown invader having a tail. The unnamed invader smirks with a deep grin and then proceeds to assume that Gokū has now remembered his identity. Still confused Gokū ask's him for his name, to the surprise of the invader and begins to get bothered. The unknown invader repeats his previous statement, then asking him if he hit his head. Gokū is bothered by being called Kakarotto, and tells him his name is Son Gokū. Angering the invader, and asks him that he forgot after being hit on the head. Gokū confirms of having fell on his head. Gokū reaches towards the injury noting it has scarred since then. Kame-sennin then tells him an anecdote that was told to him by his adoptive grandfather Gohan. After being told the unusual circumstances behind Gokū's arrival on Earth, Gokū is surprised to find out the child of the story was him. Gokū still confused demands to know the identity of the new invader, the invader warns him that he'll be the one to reveal the origins of his people. As Kulilin recovers, Gokū inquiries if his friend is fine, Kulilin answers and tells Gokū to be careful. The unknown invader reveals to be a Saiyan, a member of the most powerful warrior race in the universe, named Raditz.

Gokū shocked to find out he has a brother, he immediately refuses to accept such a fact. After revealing such information of the identity of the Saiyan race's true ways, Gokū is told about the power of his tail, when he stares at the moon at nighttime. Gokū denies this of being true, Raditz then notices that Gokū no longer has his tail, angering him after Gokū tells him it was severed a long time ago. As he is insulted by Raditz, Gokū puts him down and denounces his Saiyan heritage. As the views of the Saiyans are at odds with his life style. Gokū say's his name is "Son Gokū" and tells his newfound brother, Raditz to leave his planet. Rallying support from his friends, Raditz smirked towards his brother's comments, and tries to persuade Gokū, back in the fold by telling him about the death of their parents and the destruction of their home planet.


Gokū defeated by Raditz.

Raditz confirms that there is four other survivors including Gokū, who each barely survived because they were already on other worlds, annexing their indigenous races. After running into a planet that will be worth high price, Raditz tells Gokū that he remembered about him, with his help, it should tip the advantage to the Saiyans. Gokū refuses, and would rather die then to do what his fellow people do, happily disappointing, Raditz. Afterwards Gokū is asked by Raditz if Gohan is his son. Gokū then tells him to leave his son alone. Raditz apologizes to his younger brother and will have to take him because his younger brother won't help them. Raditz proceeds to cup his arms and walks over towards him and as Gokū gets in between of him, Raditz uses the Afterimage Fist, and knees him in the abdomen. Gokū now defeated writhes in pain as Raditz takes his Gohan before he can attend his injured father. As Gokū lays on the ground, Raditz tells him if he wants to see his son, returned to him alive he must join the Saiyans. Showing his allegiance will require him to kill one hundred humans an pile the bodies on Kame Island.[37]

Raditz departs with Gohan, Gokū pounds the ground, out of frustration. Gokū struggles with the fact someone abducted his son, and is tended by his friends. Gokū calls out to the Kintoun, and then is admonished by the Kame-sennin for acting extremely rash. Bulma as well, concurs telling Gokū not to rush out to Raditz. Kulilin then grabs onto his uniform and tells him he isn't in a condition to fight. Gokū unable to accept it, thinks of a plan with his friends. Gokū figures out his plan is to attack his tail. Gokū summarizes his plan to being one where he'll have to grab onto Raditz's tail in order to decrease his power. Gokū admits that he alone, cannot place the plan into action. The Kame-sennin immediately enlists his own help and Kulilin, to the fear of Kulilin. Kulilin immediately accepts defeat, knowing this will result in their deaths. Kulilin then request to Bulma to revive them afterwards. Gokū then tells them that Shenron never grants the same wish twice. After hearing the unsettling news, the two still have the resolve to assist Gokū.

Gokū makes the plan to attack the Saiyan, invader head-on to catch him off guard, and after wandering the location of the enemy, he entrusts Bulma to find him using the Dragon Radar. Gokū and co. see the location of the enemy on the Dragon Radar, where they eventually settle on one last location. Upon finding the location, Piccolo creeps out from shadows and tells them that do not have a chance in defeating Raditz. The familiar voice immediately gets the attention of Gokū. Gokū is surprised at the sight of seeing his enemy, Gokū asks what brings Piccolo, to the Kame House. Piccolo tells him that wants to be the one fight him. Gokū not surprised that the two are acquainted. But Piccolo elaborates his motives, and explains that the team of three do not have any hope of winning, and asks them to put his hopes in himself. Gokū not fond of the idea continues to hear the proposal of Piccolo. Piccolo acknowledge his strength surpasses both of Gokū and himself, he asks Gokū to create a union between himself and Gokū that may be more than capable of defeating Raditz.

Piccolo and Gokū

Piccolo and Gokū arrive on the battlefield.

Gokū not in full support, asks for his motivations. Piccolo makes it clear that his intentions are selfish, fitting his ulterior motives of taking over the world. After using their combined powers to defeat Raditz, Piccolo promises to treat Gokū, as his next target to eliminate. Gokū welcomes the challenges and promises to preserve their union until they can ensure the safety of his son. Gokū asks Bulma to borrow the Dragon Radar, jumps onto the Kintoun and challenges him to a battle of speeds. The two warriors depart from the Kame-sennin's island to face off against Raditz.[38] Gokū and Piccolo fly throughout the skies, as they begin to get closer Gokū thinks of lowering altitude in order to create a sneak-attack on Raditz, Piccolo argues against such a plan, explaining to Gokū the details of the advanced technology that Raditz has will be able to reveal their incoming power. Gokū shocked to hear that creates a strategic audible to attack him head-on. Once they arrive above Raditz's Arrival Landing Point they immediately trigger his Scouter. Gokū alongside Piccolo descends in front of Raditz, allowing the enemy to figure out their plan. Raditz asks Gokū on how he was able to find him, Gokū answers redundantly in order to hide this method of using the Dragon Ball Radar to track him down.

Raditz then asks him, for his reason to seek him, Gokū angrily responds to retrieve his son. Afterwards Raditz asks him if still refuses to join him and his people, which Gokū ignores and demands for Raditz to return Gohan to him. As Raditz ask's him if dares to disobey his own brother, which Gokū responds by denouncing that he does not have brother. Raditz becomes disappointed at his defiance, and Gokū then notices Piccolo remove his clothing, and notices that it's weighted akin to his uniform. Gokū prepares for battle removing his own weighted clothing. Gokū's fighting power rises significantly but nothing compared to Raditz's strength. The two brace themselves in defensive martial arts stances. In an instant Raditz charges towards Gokū, disappearing completely and appearing behind them hitting them both with an elbow. Gokū and Piccolo regain their balance and are surprised at the level of speed of Raditz.[39]

Raditz one step ahead of Gokuu

Gokū outsmarted by Raditz.

Raditz informs Gokū the location of Gohan. Gokū jumps into the skies and spots his son in the Round Spaceship's crater. Gokū then see's Gohan in despair and ensures his son that he will save him. Gokū lands on the ground and prepares for his second match-up against his brother. Gokū ask's Piccolo if he's ready to unleash a second battle, Piccolo wittily responds if they even have a choice in the matter. Both of the men scream a battle cry as Gokū unleashes a fist against Raditz. Gokū and Piccolo unleash a flurry of combo attacks, each of them blocked by Raditz's combat genius. As the two men lunge onto Raditz, the Saiyan invader, Raditz ducks both attempts. Where Gokū and Piccolo use the Afterimage Fist to appear behind him. Gokū and Piccolo both attempt to strike, put was predicted by Raditz. Raditz kicks them both in the face, knocking back Gokū's advance. Momentarily, out of action Gokū lunges back at Raditz, as well as Piccolo but once again, out-predicted by Raditz.

Double Kikoha Dodge

Gokū barely dodges Raditz's Double Kikōha.

Raditz flies into the air to avoid the latest attack, causing Gokū to miss his attack. Gokū notices that Raditz flies to skies. Gokū and Piccolo both launch themselves into the sky and attempt to take the battle aerial. But Raditz releases a pink-colored Double Kikōha. At a moment's glance Gokū is able to dodge the blast completely. Gokū sees the blast land onto the nearby mountains combusting them into dust. Gokū lands on the ground surprised at the raw power of Raditz and notices he vanished. Raditz appears behind him with the Afterimage Fist and roundhouse kicks him on the back of the head. Incapacitating, Gokū momentarily. Gokū recovers and tries to get up, as Raditz ask's him if he believes the difference between their powers. Gokū knowing the danger tries to delude himself, and then asks Piccolo on the status of his injuries. To his shock he sees that in the crossfire, Piccolo lost his arm. The panic in Gokū begins to set on him, and Piccolo asks him if he has a new technique. Gokū say's that for the first time he's out of fresh ideas, but Piccolo tells him that he has one last trump card.[40]

Raditz belittles both he and Gokū on making plans, and tells them its a waste of time. Whilst, a panicked, Gokū asks Piccolo if he really has a new technique, which Piccolo easily confirms, he asks him if it's possible to be accomplished through the use of his remaining arm, which Piccolo tells Gokū; that the lack of limb is not an obstacle, but requires time to concentrate the power to one point. Piccolo asks Gokū that he'll require his assistant to keep him occupied until he generates enough power to defeat him. Gokū notes that he better be assured that it works, nervously. Piccolo then comments that he specifically created the technique to kill Gokū. Which, Gokū comments knowing that it will help him makes him enjoy it much more. Piccolo then comments that after he kills, Raditz his turn will come, which the two begin to enjoy each other's company. Raditz is surprised to see both of his enemies bonding.

Raditz hit with Tracking Kamehameha

Gokū lands his Turning Kamehameha.

Gokū lunges onto Raditz with various empty-handed strikes, each of them blocked by the likes of Gokū. Raditz returns the punches knocking Gokū back. Completing the combination with a kick sending Gokū back towards the mountains. Gokū swiftly jumps in the sky and cups his arms backwards and begins to slowly say "Ka", "me", "ha", "me", Raditz is able to sense his fighting strength rise to 924. Raditz begins to worry as he notices that Gokū has focused all of his energy onto a single point, his scouter then picks up another power of Piccolo. As he reads the power of Piccolo he becomes extremely surprised, Gokū then releases his Turning Kamehameha.

Raditz hits the deck and dodges the wave, But Gokū uses the malleability of his energy to turn his Kamehameha towards Raditz. Raditz is shocked and becomes noticeably angered and catches the blast in his hands. To the surprise of Gokū he senses that he caught his Kamehameha. Raditz tosses a Kikōha of his own, and hits Gokū directly. The blast knocks him down, incapacitating him. Gokū falls on the ground. Just then, Raditz chokes his brother and attempts to strike him in the face, until he notices the spike in power of 1330.[41]

Goku Grabs the Tail of Raditz

Gokū swiftly grabs hold of Raditz's Tail.

Gokū gets up as Raditz is targeted by Piccolo's Makankōsappō. The technique catches Gokū off guard. As the technique is launched, Raditz side-stepped the desperation techniques, and then Raditz prepares to eliminate both of them in a single strike. As he is about to launch his attack, Raditz is stopped by Gokū, who grips onto his tail. Raditz falls to the ground, and Gokū holds him into position, and tells Piccolo to launch the same attack. Raditz tries to ask Gokū to spare him, and Gokū angrily denounces him as his brother. Raditz cunningly lies and asks him to let him go, and in return he'll leave his planet. Piccolo tells Gokū not to listen to him. Gokū becomes troubled hearing his brothers cunning words. Piccolo tries to tell Gokū not to go against their initial plan, and explains everything that Raditz is telling him are lies. Raditz then pleads to his younger brother to release him, Gokū releases the grip out of having sympathy for his suffering elder brother.

Raditz Stands over Gokuu

Raditz stands over Gokū.

After releasing the grip on his tail, Raditz gains the advantage and swiftly gains control of the situation, and uses his Afterimage Fist to transition into an elbow strike onto, Gokū's face, knocking him back on his back. Raditz proceeds to jump on the ribs Gokū. Raditz then continues to crush his ribs and belittles his younger brother as a warrior. Raditz then stomps on his ribs crushing them and then continues to apply more pressure causing him to scream, uncontrollably. As Piccolo wants to intervene, but is stopped by Raditz, ordering him to be patient with his attacks. He then tells him to aim with his Makankōsappō. As his Raditz continues to hurt Gokū, Gohan emerges from the Round Spaceship, saving him in the process.[42]

Gokū barely conscious as his injuries begin to take a toll on him. Gokū witnesses his son, Gohan angered. Gokū then tries to warn his son, and tells Gohan to run away, twice. After goring Raditz it hits him with enough force to give a brief counterattack. The feat of strength, catches Gokū off-guard, and instructs him to run. As Raditz is injured he is enraged after shattering his Fighting Jacket. Gokū tells his son to room, but is then smacked away by Raditz. Gokū tries to stop him from harming Gohan, and tries to warn him that he's young. Raditz unconvinced tells Gokū that his own son, has more power than Gokū, and pities him that he will never be given the opportunity to use it. Raditz tells Gokū not to worry as his son will soon be there to join him in Hell. Raditz balls his hands and walks over to his unconscious, son. Gokū then pinions his older brother's arms and holds him down. Surprised that his brother still has strength Raditz tries to fight him back. Gokū then orders Piccolo to unleash his attack. Piccolo informs him that he is concentrating his energy, but will require time.

Goku gets killed

Gokū is also hit by the Pinioning Makankōsappō.

As Gokū holds onto his brother he fights off weakened body holding him into place. Raditz tries to use his manipulative personality to ward off the combination and asks him to release him or else Gokū will also die in the process. Gokū responds fatalistically noting that it was worth the price. Surprised to hear that Raditz tries to deter his plans, as Gokū notes that it's perfect price, as long as he can defeat Raditz. Raditz tries to deceive, Gokū again but refuses to be deceived by Raditz. As Gokū loses more strength he screams out for Piccolo to release his Makanōsappō, Piccolo then releases the beam impales right through Raditz and Gokū's chest.[43]

I have a feeling that the accursed God of the Earth has meddled in this. He must have plans for Son Gokū.. unusual ones, no doubt

—Piccolo in Farewell, Son Gokū

Goku's 1st death

Gokū dies.

As the beam impales the two, Gokū then falls on the ground happily knowing Raditz has finally been defeated. Raditz now defeated, but has been mortally wounded as well as Gokū. Raditz tells both Gokū and Piccolo his dying words until he is killed by Piccolo's shockwave. Gokū was able to ask when will the new invaders arrives and at what point.[44] Gokū mortally wounded is barely able able to muster some conversation. In the company of the Kame-sennin, Piccolo and his best friend, Kulilin. Kulilin tries to encourage Gokū to survive. Gokū is told that his son was only unconscious, to Gokū's delight he feels bliss, knowing his wife won't yell at him. Gokū then realizes that his time has come, and Kulilin tells him not to be so pessimistic as he promises to bring him back. Gokū passes out and thanks his friends. Where Gokū dies, in the anime only Gokū was shown dying, and then slowly vanishing whereas in he manga, he was illustrated to have instantaneously disappear.[45]

Enma Meeting

Gokū alongside God have an audience at the company of Enma.

In the Afterworld, Gokū arrives in Enma Realm, where he is present before the honorable the Great King, Enma. Gokū alongside God is seen trying to convince Enma to allow him to receive special training. Enma checks Gokū's list of meritorious work as a mortal. He tells him that he has enough to fly straight to the upper realms of the Afterworld. Enma finds it troubling that he is risking Gokū's life to travel through Serpent Road to seek audience, with a being known as Kaiō. Gokū puzzled asks the God of the Earth, if everyone in the universe comes here. After God confirms this, Gokū asks does it also include aliens. The God of the Earth wittily responds that Gokū's mere existence should be a testament of such a question. The God of the Earth then tells him that dead of all worlds come here for relocation as souls to either Hell or Heaven.

Gokū then asks Enma if his brother Raditz also arrived here. The God of Earth embarrassed tells him not to talk so casually to Enma. Enma checks his Book and confirms that Raditz in fact already passed here and was sent to Hell. Curious, Gokū then proceeds to inquire if his late brother fought him back, which Enma confirms it to be true, but notes that none are able to defeat him, to the surprise of Gokū. Gokū is shocked at the strength of Enma, and asks the God of Earth if perhaps Enma should be the one to train him, the God of the Earth tells him to lower his voice and tells him silently that the being known as the Kaiō is much stronger than Enma. Enma hears the God of Earth and makes it clear he heard, as he subtly threats the God of Earth to a trip to hell, to the shock of the God of the Earth. Enma then allows Gokū to train with the Kaiō, Gokū thanks Enma for the opportunity. Enma instructs Gokū to wait for the guide by the side of the entrance and to take into consideration that his organization takes no responsibility for whatever were to occur to him on Snake Way. Gokū happily departs and say's goodbye to the God of the Earth. Gokū departs asking the God of the Earth to greet Mr. Popo.

Serepent Road Entrance

Gokū is escorted to the entry point of Serpent Road.

Gokū is then escorted by the guide of Enma, driven on a small three-wheeled vehicle, which on his way he is greeted by the guide, and asks if he is in good health. The question perplexes Gokū and begins to ask various questions of the Kaiō. The guide then explains the importance and position of the Kaiō and is told that he is a God above all gods in the universe. As the car arrives to the entrance of Serpent Road, Gokū is given brief instructions on managing through the Serpent Road. The guide Oni tells him to follow the green-scale road, where the end will be where the Kaiō will be at.

Gokū stands on the very top of the entrance and asks the length of the road, he is told that it's about one million kilometers to the surprise of Gokū. Gokū immediately asks if anyone has ever reached the end, which the guide informs Gokū that only Enma has reached the end in the past hundred million years. Gokū still commited notes that if one person can do it, two of them also can do it. The guide then tells Gokū not to fall off the clouds. The guide tells him that if he were to fall into Hell he'll never be able to get out. Gokū then asks for a favor from the guide. Gokū asks that if he knows Uranai Baba. After the guide recognizes her, Gokū asks him to tell the Kame-sennin not to revive until approximately one year.

Goku Serpent Road

Gokū begins by flying through the Serpent Road.

The guide writes the note down, and Gokū begins to prepare. And asks if the only thing be cautious is falling. After the Guide confirms this Gokū flies across the Serpent Road.[46] Momentarily after Gokū flew, he was forced to continue by running after having used up too much ki using the Air Dance Technique. Gokū sneezes upon being mentioned by Piccolo, and continues to run further throughout the Serpent Road.[47] Gokū falls asleep on Serpent road.[48]

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Exclusive to the anime, Gokū falls off of Serpent Road which he falls into Hell.

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Goku North Kai Planet

Gokū arrives on Kaiō of the North's Planet.

Meanwhile as Gokū continuously runs along the Serpent Road he finally makes it to the end. Gokū is struggling to contain his fatigue as he notices the tail of the Serpent Road. Gokū then happily smiles as he concludes that there is a dead-end. Gokū looks through the right and left directions looking for where the Kaiō is located. Just then, Gokū notices a strange globe above him and confirms the location. Gokū jumps in glee and finds his home. Gokū then notices a home and begins to feel a force as he is brought down plunging to the unknown planet's hard earth. Gokū notices the gravitational difference. Gokū then notices a monkey, which catches Gokū off guard, having discovered an ape. Gokū begins to get perplexed upon meeting him and introduces himself respectfully. Gokū asks him if he can train under him.

Bubbles then rises his arms and Gokū imitates his movements, thinking that the peculiar movements are part of his training. Gokū imitates the monkey and Gokū asks him why is the planet so odd. The monkey continues to dance around, as Gokū imitates him, until the real Kaiō appears. The Kaiō is amused by Gokū's peculiar movements. The Kaiō introduces himself to Gokū. Gokū then asks then who is the monkey, which the Kaiō responds, that is simply my monkey, Bubbles. Gokū embarrassed tries to laugh it off, as the Kaiō asks him about his really bad joke. Gokū is confused leaving the Kaiō speechless. The Kaiō tries to make another bad joke, leaving Gokū confused as the Kaiō laughs at his jokes.

The Kaiō notices Gokū's blank response, which he then asks on what business did Gokū come to his dominion, which Gokū responds that he simply came for the purpose of training under him. The Kaiō, angered refuses to train him as he finds it an issue to train those who are too stupid to laugh at his great jokes. Gokū then feints his laughter in order to win favor with the God. The Kaiō then begins to reconsider, and gives Gokū a condition that if he can pass his first test, he'll accept to train him. The first test is Gokū must make the Kaiō laugh. Upon hearing this Gokū notes that he is bad at making jokes. Gokū struggles to come up with a joke, Kaiō tells him to run back home. Gokū then makes a joke, and makes the Kaiō laugh. Gokū happy celebrates his triumph and is accepted to be trained by the Kaiō in the arts of humor.

Gokū informs the Kaiō that he intended to learn martial arts from, which the Kaiō gets into his fighting stance, and begins to spar with his new student. Gokū asks his new master why is it so hard to move on his planet and the Kaiō explains that the small planet has more gravity than Earth, which means he is being crushed by ten-times the amount of weight. Gokū is challenged to jump as high as he can, which Gokū jumps extremely high, Gokū then notes he is unable to hardly stay grounded after his jump. This catches the interest of the Kaiō.[49]

Freeza Arc

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Androids Arc

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Cell Arc

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Anoyo-Ichi Budōkai Arc

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Part III

High School Arc

Goku Contacts Gohan

Gokū contacts Son Gohan from the Afterworld.

While Gohan is seen talking to Vegeta about an upcoming 25th Tenka-Ichi Budōkai, Gokū also wants to be invited. The voice of Gokū is heard by the people he knows. His familiar voice gets the attention of his son, Gohan and Vegeta. Gohan tries to confirm if that familiar voice is his fathers, Gokū confirms that it in fact is his voice and asks him how everyone's been. Gokū through the Kaiō of the North was able to communicate with his loved ones, and notes that he has been good, with the exception that he is dead. Gohan asks his father if he can come to the tournament, Gokū confirms this to be the case and tells him that he can get one day to visit the Living World.

Gokū promises to Gohan that on the very day of the 25th Tenka-Ichi Budōkai he will appear from the Afterworld. Gokū explains that on the condition that both Vegeta and Gohan will be there to fight him. Happy to hear from his father, Gohan accepts the offer. Vegeta also looks forward to the day that he gets his long awaited battle against, Gokū. Vegeta tells Gokū that he is much stronger than before, as Gokū confirms that he too, is stronger. He promises to see him later in their fight.[50]

Kaio Training Goku

Gokū's training for the 25th Tenka-Ichi Budōkai under the Kaiō of the North.

Days later in Heaven, Gokū continues fierce training with weights placed on his arms and legs to increase the difficulty of his training. Continuing the training under the Kaiō of the North, they are encountered by the Kaiō of the South, who is shocked at Gokū's antiquated form of training. As the two Kaiō continue to discuss Gokū's method of training they get into a small wager. Which Kaiō of the North asks Gokū if he can handle adding more weight to his weights. Gokū acceptingly is okay with it and asks to know the exact increase, which the Kaiō challenges to increase his weight's weight by ten tons. Gokū surprised at the large amount of weight notes that he probably won't be able to move. The Kaiō of the South happily brags, but prematurely as the Kaiō of the North then permits Gokū to turn into a Super Saiyan. Changing Gokū's disposition towards the idea. The Kaiō of the South increases the weight change into 40 tons. Gokū instantly turns into a Super Saiyan easily managing to train under it to the shock of the Kaiō of the South.[51]

25th Tenka-Ichi Budōkai Arc

As the day of the tournament approached Gokū trains in the Grand Kaiō's planet, through meditating in a lotus position. Until the time has finally approached.[52]

Majin Boo Arc

Part IV

Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Gokū and His Friends Return!!

Jump Victory Carnival

Right before North Kaiō said his wish to Polunga in order to restore the planet without the ten-times normal gravity, Gokū suddenly appeared behind his mentor and exclaims that would be no good for his training. Kaiō asks why Gokū is here, who responds he showed up because he heard Kaiō was restoring his planet. Gokū greeted the dragon god and said the planet should be exactly the same as before, much to Kaiō's horror. Due to in the middle of farming, Gokū got back to work before Chi-Chi noticed.[53][54]

Dragon Ball Z: God and God

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Dragon Ball Z: Revival of "F"

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God and God Arc

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Gokū working for money.

Sometime following the battle with Majin Boo, Gokū has a newfound occupation of radish farming on his estate. On a Sunday morning Gokū is seen ploughing on his home property, until his plough is unexceptionally jammed, he then gets off to remove the thick tree trunk that was jamming the plough. Just then, his youngest Son, Goten calls out Gokū, and tells him that he has brought lunch for him. Gokū asks Goten to work on the plough momentarily, while he eats. Excited for a meal Gokū opens his Bento and prepares to eat with joy. After finishing his meal Gokū puts his dishes together and begins to train by going Super Saiyan. While sparring he gets the attention of Goten, causing him drive off the cliff. Gokū quickly notices and uses his Instantaneous Movement to save him. Gokū admonishes on his job, so he can focus on his training. Gokū tells Goten, to the surprise of his son that he's training because he was unable to defeat Majin Boo and wants to get stronger. Gokū professes that he'd prefer to train at Kaiō's planet. But is unable to do so because of Chi-Chi, where Gokū remembers Chi-Chi reprimanding him about his promise to get a proper job to provide for his family.

Later that day Mr. Satan arrives on his luxurious limousine. Mr. Satan exits his vehicle with a suitcase and the two exchange pleasantries. Gokū is then informed about Mr. Satan being awarded the World Peace Prize for saving the world. Mr. Satan notes that because of his actions he was awarded one-hundred million Zeni to the surprise of Gokū and Goten. Since Mr. Satan knew that Gokū was really responsible for the monster's defeat, he offers the money to Gokū. Gokū hesitant at the amount of money, initially declines the offer. Mr. Satan urges Gokū to take the money, but modestly declines. Gokū is urged on by Goten, who states that, if they have the money, Gokū can train at Kaiō's planet without having to work a job. This causes Gokū to re-think it a bit, but still hesitant, accepts Mr. Satan's offer. After accepting the offer Mr. Satan asks him to keep everything a complete secret. Gokū and Goten return home, where Chi-Chi is ecstatic about the large sum of money Gokū received. Chi-Chi proud of her husband begins to think of the new things she's going to buy with the money, as Gokū looks on. Gokū asks her if he can go to North Kaiō's planet. Chi-Chi allows Gokū to go train, much to Gokū's delight. Gokū says farewell to his youngest son, Goten and uses the Instantaneous Movement and teleports to Kaiō's world.[55]


Gokū training on Kaiō of the North's planet.

Gokū sudden arrival on the Kaiō of the North's planet causes the Shinling to crash his beloved, prize car and demolish his house. Gokū feeling guilty face-palms himself and nervously laughs off the event. Moments later as Kaiō rebuilds his home Gokū is gluttonously eating large bowls of rice. Kaiō reprimands Gokū for surprising the Shinling, as Gokū apologizes but notes that the Kaiō could easily use its power to fix the house and car. Kaiō asks Gokū what does he owe his visit. Gokū answers with a mouth full of food, to Kaiō's frustration. Kaiō reprimands Gokū for rudely talking with his mouth full. Gokū finishes the giant bowl of food. Gokū then announces that he has come to train on the tiny world, which has ten times the gravity of Earth — much to the Kaiō's dismay. Kaiū explains to Gokū that he doesn't like Gokū using him planet out of convenience. Gokū nervously tells him not to be stingy. Kaiō becomes frustrated reminding Gokū that he is more important than a normal God. Gokū walks away, ignoring Kaiō's protests. After being told to change his clothes. Gokū concurs with Kaiō changing out of his farmer attire into a blue sweatsuit. After changing his clothes Gokū commences with his training. [56]

While in the middle of his training, Gokū overhears Kaiō of the North having a hushed conversation with the Elder Kaiōshin, who is warning the lesser Kai of the oncoming threat of Hakaishin Beerus, who has recently awoken from his 39-year slumber. Gokū insists he heard the Shinling say his name, and North Kaiō hurriedly tries to distract Gokū by reminding him that it was their sacrifice which left the Earth safe and sound. After a moment of confusion, Gokū remembers he brought Cell to the Shinling's planet years ago, and it was the result of that explosion that caused the North Kaiō to lose his life. Gokū, whilst fleeing from Northern Kaiō, hastily apologizes, but says it shouldn't matter to a god whether they're alive or not. Before the Shinling can continue his grievances, Gokū resumes his training. Later during the day, Gokū remembers in a panic that it was Bulma's birthday party, and he missed it, terrified that his friend would be angry with him.[56]

Gokū continues his training in spite of fearing for Bulma's attitude, telling North Kai he doesn't care for parties. North Kaiō tells Gokū that such behavior will make him lose friends, but Gokū becomes suspicious with the Shinling's odd behavior himself. Without regard to North Kaiō still repairing his house, Gokū releases a Kamehameha, utilizing the diminutive nature of North Kaiō's world to let it circle the planet back towards him. Gokū then blocks his own Kamehameha, but the impact of the move causes more damage to North Kaiō's home, causing the Shinling to get angry at him. North Kaiō grumbles in exasperation that it's Gokū's obsession with power which is precisely the reason why he can't let him meet with Beerus. Gokū jumps on the Shinling's slip-up, his suspicions confirmed that North Kaiō was hiding something from him. After finally letting it slip, the Shinling is left with no other alternative but to explain the nature of Beerus to Gokū: that he is a Hakaishin. and his actions help maintain universal balance, however, he is also temperamental and will destroy anything that he finds annoying. Gokū is excited at the prospect of Beerus' power, but North Kaiō pushes him towards his house, begging Gokū not to do anything foolish. Gokū tries to reassure the Shinling that he won't do anything unless Beerus does something bad. As the Shinling senses Beerus' approach, he forces Gokū into his house just as Beerus and Whis arrive.[57]

Gokū Attacks Beerus

Gokū attacking Beerus.

Looking over the Hakaishin, Gokū is confused as to whether Beerus is strong or not, as Gokū cannot detect any ki from him. Accidentally revealing himself, Gokū is forced to come out and meet with Beerus. The latter questions both Gokū and North Kaiō about the Super Saiyan God; neither Gokū, nor North Kaiō, however, are familiar with one. Before Beerus can leave for Earth, to go question Vegeta, Gokū challenges the Hakaishin to a battle, despite North Kaiō's protests. Beerus accepts Gokū's unique proposal, and Gokū transforms into a Super Saiyan to begin their match. Despite his transformation, Beerus dodges Gokū without effort, but does concede that it may have been possible for Gokū to defeat Freeza in this state. When Beerus says he was a fool for thinking Gokū would have been truly strong, Gokū transforms into a Super Saiyan 2, telling Beerus that he won't be going easy anymore. Gokū demands Beerus attack him, as the Hakaishin has been on the defensive for the entirety of the fight and hasn't lifted a finger. After failing to connect a single blow, Gokū increases his power and transforms into Super Saiyan 3. Gokū's transformation impresses Beerus, who believes the fight may finally be worth it, and tells Gokū he will attack once he's gauged Gokū's new power. After his melee moves are deflected once again, Gokū attacks with a Kamehameha that is shrugged off. After charging in again, Gokū's body leaps back in the middle of his attack, though Gokū doesn't understand why. After releasing another Kamehameha that demolishes part of North Kaiō's planet, Beerus sends Gokū flying away with the simple flick of his finger, before knocking the Saiyan unconscious with a chop to the neck.

After Beerus' departure, and North Kaiō issues a warning to Vegeta, Gokū wakes back up, excited at the idea of someone so powerful existing. While wondering if he can become a god through merely training, the Shinling tells Gokū about his talk with Vegeta, and Gokū hopes the Saiyan prince can handle it.[58] After recovering from his thorough defeat, Gokū begins to power up, planning on paying Bulma's party a visit so he can continue his fight with Beerus. North Kaiō staunchly refuses, with him, Bubbles, and Gregory holding Gokū down. Gokū remarks that North Kaiō is amazing being able to heal him complete, but the Shinling expresses his regret that he even did it. North Kaiō says that all of this work Gokū is making him do should have shortened his lifespan, which Gokū remarks is impossible, as the Shinling is already dead. After incurring the anger of North Kaiō, Gokū agrees to stay away from the party. Perched on top of North Kaiō's garage, Gokū tells himself that it would be a bad thing if he caused the universe to be destroyed, and decides to wait there. Despite this, the Saiyan is already frustrated with having to wait.[59]

Gokū Becoming A God

Gokū becoming a Super Saiyan God.

Before Beerus is able to destroy the Earth, Gokū appears and chimes in, asking Beerus to give him some time because he has thought of a way of finding out about the Super Saiyan God – summoning and asking Shenron.[60] Gokū gathers the Dragon Balls together and summons Shenron who is startled by Beerus' presence. Shenron quickly explains that the Super Saiyan God is not a person but a legendary transformation that only kindhearted Saiyans can achieve by fusing their power together. The Saiyans attempt to transform Gokū but fail, as they are one Saiyan short. Growing tired of waiting, Beerus starts preparing his attack to destroy the planet. Suddenly, Videl jumps in front of the Saiyans. She says that there is one more Saiyan who might be able to help them – her and Gohan's unborn child. The Saiyans and Videl attempt the transformation again and manage to transform Gokū into the Super Saiyan God. Now a Super Saiyan God, Gokū challenges a satisfied Beerus to a rematch.[61]

Gokū begins fighting Beerus; he is amazed by the immense power his body has gained with the transformation, so much so that he is initially unable to fully grasp its newfound potential. Fighting with Beerus, Gokū manages to gradually grow into his new form, managing to score a few hits on Beerus. Seeing as how Gokū might turn out to be a worthy adversary after all, Beerus decides it is time for them to unleash their true power and have a real battle of Gods.[62] Gokū, now more accustomed to the Super Saiyan God power, manages to punch Beerus several times and sends him flying. However, Beerus is unfazed by Gokū's attack. Beerus launches a medium sized energy sphere, but Gokū is able to reduce its size and implode it with his hands. Gokū realizes that Beerus isn't fighting at his full strength, causing Beerus to retaliate by blasting Gokū in several directions and then smashes Gokū into an island. On the island, Beerus punches Gokū several times; Gokū counters by headbutting Beerus. Beerus then smashes Gokū several times into the sky and then into orbit. In Earth's orbit, Gokū recovers; Beerus throws a small energy sphere at Gokū which Gokū deflects. Beerus then creates hundreds of small energy spheres and fires them; Gokū uses his Kamehameha to destroy all the small energy spheres. Suddenly, Beerus impales Gokū, disappointed that Gokū is not the one he was looking for nor the Saiyan foretold in the prophesy. Gokū falls from Earth's orbit and eventually into the ocean. Sinking, Gokū is amazed by Beerus' strength and surprised that he never knew such power existed. Gokū begins regenerating due to the Super Saiyan God power and flies back into orbit to confront Beerus; Gokū declares that he still has much more to demonstrate with his god-like power. Beerus is surprised and impressed with how far Gokū has come. Beerus decides to award Gokū's efforts by showing Gokū his full power.[63]

Gokū Vs Beerus

Gokū facing Beerus as a Super Sayian God.

Beerus disappears and tries to chop Gokū's neck, but Gokū catches Beerus' hand, saying that the same trick won't work twice, to which Beerus agrees. Gokū and Beerus power up and start to utilize their true power. Gokū and Beerus clash; the impact of their punches sends huge shockwaves throughout the universe. Gokū and Beerus clash again, causing more shockwaves to reverberate throughout the universe, destroying some planets in the process. Gokū and Beerus clash again for a third time. Although, this time Gokū manages to match Beerus' punch with his own, cancelling out the attack. Beerus is impressed with Gokū's progression and commends him for making it this far; Gokū thanks Beerus because of him he has been able to reach a new level of power. Gokū and Beerus clash again, with Gokū managing to keep up with Beerus and is able to land a punch against the Hakaishin. Beerus throws an Atomic Sphere at Gokū while Gokū counters with a Kamehameha. The struggle between the Atomic Sphere and Kamehameha sends shockwaves throughout the universe again. The Atomic Sphere begins overpowering Goku's Kamehameha. Gokū notes that he has reached his limit. Suddenly, Gokū's Kamehameha begins pushing back Beerus' Atomic Sphere; Gokū feels that his Super Saiyan God powers keep increasing and realizes that he hasn't reached the limit after all. Beerus and Gokū push their attacks at one another; the struggle between the Atomic Sphere and Kamehameha causes a huge explosion which completely covers Earth's skies.[64]

Gokū's Kamehameha and Beerus' Atomic Sphere merge together and become an ultra high density ki sphere. Gokū and Beerus push the ultra high density ki sphere at each other, with both sides struggling to gain the momentum against each other. However, the Earth is not destroyed. Whis is surprised that Beerus decided to take that course of action. Beerus tells Gokū that he nullified the ultra high density ki sphere and turned it to nothing; Gokū says that is impossible but Beerus explains that he can by using 100% of his power, much to Gokū's astonishment, shocked that he still had that much power. Beerus explains that he didn't want to use his 100% full power against a mere Saiyan. However, because the circumstances are different now, Beerus decided that he doesn't want to lose against Gokū. Gokū and Beerus fight at 100% full power, hitting each other blow for blow. Beerus prepares to fire a ki blast at Gokū's chest, but Gokū grabs Beerus and head butts him repeatedly which allows Gokū to break free of Beerus' grasp. Gokū and Beerus clash again. However, Beerus sees that Gokū's Super Saiyan God form's time limit has nearly reached its end; Beerus commends Gokū for making him use so much power even though he is a mere Saiyan. Gokū's Super Saiyan God form runs out and he returns to being a Super Saiyan. Gokū continues fighting Beerus even though he doesn't realize that he is no longer a Super Saiyan God, struggling to hit Beerus. Surprisingly, Gokū lands a punch against Beerus, much to the Hakaishin's shock and another hit is delivered successfully. Beerus informs Gokū about him losing his Super Saiyan God powers which surprises Gokū, although Gokū feels that he has not lost any power. Beerus explains that Gokū has contained the Super Saiyan God power within his body, allowing him to use its godly power even without the transformation. Gokū and Beerus clash again with Gokū managing to hold his own even though he is just a Super Saiyan. While they are fighting, Gokū and Beerus laugh because they are having a great time.[65]

Gokū vs Beerus

Gokū struggling against Beerus.

Beerus and Gokū continue their fierce battle, with Gokū being able to hold his own against the mighty Hakaishin. Both Beerus and Gokū hit each other blow for blow eventually taking their battle into Earth's ocean. In the ocean, Goku manages to deliver a powerful punch against Beerus, but the Hakaishin retaliates with many hits. Beerus takes Gokū above the ocean and kicks him away; Gokū gets up and fires a Kamehameha against Beerus. However, Beerus nullifies and voids out Gokū's Kamehameha, reminding the Saiyan that he has the ability to do so. Beerus goes on the offensive, forcing Gokū to defend himself. Suddenly, Gokū is surrounded by many Beerus' that fire Atomic Spheres at Gokū which hit him. Beerus thinks that he has won, but is surprised that Gokū survived the blasts; Gokū goes on the offensive and throws a punch at Beerus who blocks the punch. Gokū launches himself and Beerus into Earth's atmosphere, much to the Hakaishin's surprise. In Earth's atmosphere, Gokū's Super Saiyan transformation wears off and Gokū returns to normal, battered and tired. Beerus commends Gokū for making the Super Saiyan God's power his own and for making him use almost all of his power. Beerus tells Gokū to keep what he said between them a secret; that he regretted having sought after Gokū. Gokū tries to chuckle, but is infuriated that he could not defeat Beerus. Beerus appears before Gokū and prepares to flick Gokū on the head with his finger, deciding that their battle should end how it began. Beerus flicks his finger against Gokū, causing the injured and tired Gokū to fall down to Earth.

Beerus Defeats Gokū

Gokū defeated by Beerus.

While falling, Gokū remembers that Beerus will destroy the Earth along with his loved ones if he should lose. Gokū musters all his remaining energy, transforms into a Super Saiyan and flies back towards Beerus. Beerus is shocked at Gokū's tenacity but welcomes it. Gokū launches a Kamehameha at Beerus; the Hakaishin fires an Atomic Sphere at Gokū. The two attacks merge into a sun like energy sphere similar to before. Beerus decides to use the sun like energy sphere as his trump card to defeat Gokū and destroy Earth. Goku struggles to stop the massive energy sphere, returning to normal in the process. Goku, with all his might, disperses the sun-like energy sphere. Before falling unconscious, Gokū tells Beerus that his status as a god does not allow him to decide the limits of a person. Gokū becomes unconscious and falls towards the Earth. Gokū falls towards the cruise ship and Vegeta catches him. As Gokū thanks Vegeta, Beerus appears on the cruise ship with the Dragon Team ready to fight him. Whis commends the former and requests that he return home and recuperate, in an attempt to sway the Hakaishin from destroying the Earth.

Beerus intends to keep good on his promise and aims to destroy the planet as a result of winning his fight against Gokū by charging up a ki blast, but misses the Earth entirely due to suddenly falling asleep. Whis informs a flabbergasted Dragon Team that the Hakaishin is tired, and explains that while Beerus won't wake up in a good mood, he'll likely forget about the destruction of Earth. Whis also informs the Dragon Team to make sure they have pudding the next time he and Beerus arrive, to which Bulma assures, but demands that the Earth will not be destroyed if Beerus does not like the pudding. Whis responds that Beerus will be quite angry if he does not like it regardless, which annoys Bulma. Before Whis departs with Beerus, the former says he'll reward Gokū for giving Beerus a good time. Later that day after Beerus and Whis left, Gokū is eating; Gohan approaches his father and apologizes to him. Gokū doesn't know what Gohan is talking about and instead asks his son to eat with him. Gokū then tells Vegeta that next time he will become a Super Saiyan God. However, Vegeta declares that he will become a Super Saiyan God with his own strength and will defeat Gokū. Gokū remembers that Vegeta became incredibly powerful after Beerus attacked Bulma, much to Vegeta's embarrassment. Piccolo realizes that Gokū was watching what occurred between the Dragon Team and Beerus the entire time, much to everyone's shock.[66]

Revival of "F" Arc

Main article: Revival of "F" Arc In the anime, sometime after the battle with Beerus, Gokū, Chi-Chi and Goten are having breakfast. After Goten leaves, Gokū asks Chi-Chi if he can go and train with North Kaio, to which Chi-Chi denies his request. Chi-Chi explains that the 100 million zeni they have has been used up and as a result she and Gokū must find work in order to help their expecting grandchild, making Gokū disappointed as he would rather train than work.

Gokū flies by the arena where Mr Satan and Garbi are about to fight in with a broken tractor in hand and decides to watch Mr Satan's fight. Mr. Satan approaches Gokū and convinces him to fight Garbi instead in exchange for fixing his tractor to which Gokū approves. Gokū prepares to fight. Chi-Chi is carrying groceries for Gohan and Videl and is being helped by Piccolo (who is forced to help due to eating for free at her place). Gokū sees Chi-Chi and pretends to be knocked out by Mr Satan in order to get back to work.

Later that night, Gokū is unable to enter his home because he hasn't done any work and does not wish to incur Chi-Chi's wrath; Gokū complains about his hunger.[67]

Gokū continues his job as a radish farmer. Goku sleeps while the tractor drives around. The arrival of Kuririn wakes Gokū up. Gokū tells Kuririn that Chi-Chi is forcing him to work because of their expecting grandchild and would rather train to which Kuririn notes that Goku is having a difficult time. Gokū asks Kuririn to drive the tractor for him while he does some training because he wants to surpass Beerus. Kuririn notes that there is now a huge gap between them; Kuririn reminisces about the past where he and Gokū first started training under Kame-Sennin and since then, Gokū has become powerful enough to hold his own against Gods like Beerus. Kuririn asks Goku to punch him in order to see how strong Gokū has become. Gokū is skeptical at first but Kuririn insists. Gokū relents and hits Kuririn in the face, sending him flying. Gokū uses Instantaneous Movement to try and catch Kuririn but fails. Gokū takes Kuririn back to his home to attend to his wounds. Gokū returns to his tractor to continue his work. However, seeing that nobody is around, Gokū transforms into a Super Saiyan and begins training, after Kuririn told him that he wants to watch Gokū become even stronger.[68]

Six months have passed since Gokū battled Beerus. Gokū goes to Gohan's house to try and calm down Chi-Chi. Bulma decides to help out and after mentions that Vegeta is training with Whis instead of working, a flabbergasted Gokū breaks into the room; Bulma explains that six months ago Vegeta went with Whis to train, much to Gokū's shock.

After fixing the broken wall, Gokū asks Bulma when Whis will return as he wants to train with Whis as well; Bulma speculates that Whis will return in one or two months, but Gokū does not want to wait that long and desires to begin training immediately. However, Chi-Chi refuses to allow it. Kuririn whispers to Gokū that he can use Instantaneous Movement by sensing Vegeta's ki to travel to Whis' location; Gokū tries to sense Vegeta's ki but to no avail as he is too far away. Gokū decides that he has no choice but to wait.

Gokū starts to annoy Bulma by visiting her to ask about Whis, thus Bulma decides to give Gokū a phone and will call him when Whis arrives. Gokū waits anxiously for Bulma's call. Eventually after some time, Bulma phones Gokū to tell him that Whis has returned. Gokū changes into his fighting uniform and flies to Capsule Corporation.

At Capsule Corporation, Gokū asks Whis to train him, to which Whis grants Gokū's request. Before leaving, Whis decides to have his meal. However, Gokū's impatience starts to annoy Whis and Bulma warns Gokū that Whis might change his mind if he keeps annoying Whis; Gokū relents and decides to wait patiently. After Whis finishes his meal, Chi-Chi arrives and has found out Gokū's plan to train. Gokū tries to convince Chi-Chi to allow him to train, but Chi-Chi refuses and even Gohan and Goten's requests to allow Gokū to train fall on deaf's ears. Whis decides to leave, causing Gokū to apologize to Chi-Chi and grabs onto Whis. Whis and Gokū begin traveling to Beerus' Planet. Chi-Chi relents after knowing the inevitable would happen and knows Gokū will return when he's hungry.

While traveling to Beerus' Planet, Whis asks Gokū if it was okay to leave like that, to which Gokū tells Whis that he is sure Chi-Chi understands well.[69]

Gokū and Whis arrive at Beerus' Planet. Vegeta welcomes Whis home while Whis tells Vegeta that he has brought Gokū along with him because he wants to receive training as well, although the Saiyan Prince isn't surprised since he knew Gokū would come sooner or later. Gokū remarks on Vegeta's ki and notes that it has a different quality to it than when he was on Earth six months ago.

After Whis leaves to attend to his sweets that he received from Bulma, Vegeta takes Gokū to Beerus' bedroom. Vegeta gives Gokū an apron to wear like him and explains that their job is to change Beerus' sheets and blanket. However, the simple job proves to be a challenge as Beerus' sleeping antics (such as randomly hitting anything in his bed's vicinity) and not wanting to disturb a grumpy Hakaishin prevents the Saiyan duo from accomplishing the job. Eventually, Beerus grabs Gokū's leg in an arm lock; Vegeta tells Gokū to levitate himself, which gives Vegeta the opportunity to change Beerus' sheets and blankets. After successfully changing the sheets and blankets, Vegeta manages to make Beerus levitate down to his bed and let Gokū go with dried sardine, to which the Hakaishin takes the bait and eats the dried sardine. With Beerus sleeping on his clean sheets and blanket, Vegeta declares the job to be done; Gokū asks if Vegeta has been doing this everyday, to which Vegeta exclaims that what he has been doing is merely chores, much to Gokū's shock.

While cleaning the outside of the castle, Vegeta explains that Whis will train then as long as they do chores. Next, Vegeta and Gokū clean the Oracle Fish's bowls and afterwards they must cut a field of grass. As they cut the grass, Vegeta tells Gokū that after doing the chores their training will begin. Motivated, Gokū decides to finish cutting the grass before Vegeta, to which Vegeta refuses to let Gokū train first. The Saiyan duo cut the grass at a fast pace, allowing them to complete the chore. Whis appears and decides to begin the training. Before the training begins, Whis presents Gokū with a new dogi to wear while training. Gokū changes into his new clothes and thanks Whis.

The training begins; Whis explains that Gokū and Vegeta must put their hands into weights and lift it up. Then, they must run a lap around Beerus' Planet while carrying the weights. Gokū tries lifting his weights but finds it to be difficult. Vegeta demonstrates for Gokū but finds difficulty as well, to which Whis explains that he doubled Vegeta's weights. Eventually, Gokū and Vegeta manage to lift their weights and begin their lap. However, Whis tells them to start running because if they don't the path behind them will disappear and if they fall off they will be thrown into another dimension, never able to return. Despite the incredible weights hindering them, Gokū and Vegeta pick up the pace and manage to outrun the disappearing path. While running, Gokū asks Vegeta if he has been doing this everyday, but Vegeta replies that carrying the weights is nothing more than the tip of the iceberg and warns Gokū to brace himself for what is next. Whis is surprised to see Gokū and Vegeta handle the training well. Suddenly, the Oracle Fish appears who tells Whis that it is time; Whis teleports Gokū and Vegeta to Beerus' bedroom which is what Vegeta warned Gokū about. The sleeping Hakaishin attacks the Saiyan duo in a grumpy rage and blasts them with an Atomic Sphere from his mouth, then falls back into his deep slumber. Gokū and Vegeta survive Beerus' Atomic Sphere, which pleases Whis and decides to end their training for today.

Later that night in a room within the castle, Gokū is exhausted from the training and is impressed that he is still alive after being hit by Beerus' unrestrained Atomic Sphere. Gokū admits that the training is great but dislikes the chores, to which Vegeta tells Gokū that he won't let him skip out of his chores, but Gokū has fallen asleep already.

The next day, Whis explains that Gokū and Vegeta's training will be a sparing session with him, which surprises Vegeta who has never spared with Whis before. Gokū and Vegeta attack Whis who easily dodges their every attack. Whis stops Gokū and Vegeta, explaining that they are not fast enough because they think too much which puts a limit on their speed. Whis explains that to increase their speed, each part of their body must think independently which is a difficult technique to master, saying that even Beerus has not perfected this technique. However, Whis says that mastering this technique will enable them to avoid any dangerous situation that may arise.[70]

Gokū and Vegeta continue sparing with Whis. After a while, Whis stops them. Whis notes that Gokū and Vegeta are better than compared to earlier on but they are still not fast enough as he managed to sign their clothes, which surprises the Saiyan duo. Whis notes that Gokū being too relaxed is a problem and demonstrates that by hitting Gokū without him realizing it while noting that his overconfidence is also a problem. Whis advises Gokū that his confidence and being too relaxed will make him carefree and thus will cause him to be caught off guard most of the time. Whis tells the Saiyan duo that they will increase the pace of the training now. As Freeza is revived, Gokū senses something bad and wonders if it the atmosphere of Beerus' Planet [71]

Gokū and Vegeta continue their training; Whis notes that the two Saiyans have grown stronger in such a short space of time. Soon, Beerus arrives after having trouble falling fast asleep. Beerus wonders how the Saiyans are on his planet, to which Goku tells the Hakaishin that Whis brought them here. Beerus speculates that his attendant only agreed to do so with the reward of food, which Gokū and Vegeta confirm. Beerus becomes wary of Gokū and Vegeta and surmises that the Saiyans are building their strength in order to take his job as Hakaishin, which Gokū and Vegeta deny, the latter not wanting the former to surpass him in strength.[72]

Four months after Freeza's revival, Gokū and Vegeta are sparring with each other until Whis orders them to take a break. Watching the duo while relaxing from his chair, Beerus notes that the Saiyan duo are much more powerful, although Gokū admits that his power is still greater than theirs. Suddenly, Beerus has an idea and order Whis to send the Saiyan duo to that place. However, Whis doubts that Goku and Vegeta are ready for it, but Beerus reasons that it is the best way to get stronger fast and as an added bonus, it won't be noisy on his planet anymore. Before Gokū has a chance to ask what that place is, he and Vegeta are teleported away by Whis' scepter.[73]

Gokū and Vegeta are immobilized in the place Whis sent them to. After remembering Whis' training advice, Vegeta controls his ki and is able to move again with Gokū doing the same. The Saiyan duo notice the warm atmosphere and tremendous pressure; Gokū and Vegeta surmise that the place Whis sent them to is like the Room of Spirit and Time, where time flows at a much faster rate than outside. Gokū decides that they should look for a building with food otherwise they will starve to death.[74]

As the Saiyan duo train in the dimension Whis sent them to, Beerus demands more pizza, forcing Whis to stop Gokū and Vegeta's training, transporting the Saiyan duo along with his staff back to Beerus' Planet. Whis heals Gokū and Vegeta. Afterwards, Whis gives Beerus his pizza, but the boxes are all empty, courtesy of the Saiyan duo. Beerus is furious that the Saiyan duo ate his pizza and chases after Gokū and Vegeta.

Meanwhile, Whis looks at an incoming message which is from Bulma regarding the ice cream sundae. Whis contacts Bulma; Bulma asks Whis to tell Gokū and Vegeta to return to Earth immediately and informs him about Freeza's revival. Whis informs Gokū and Vegeta about the situation; Gokū decides to have Whis transport him and Vegeta to Earth, but Whis says that it will take 35 minutes to reach Earth. Beerus reminds Gokū that he can use Instantaneous Movement; Gokū tries it, but is unable to lock onto any ki on Earth due to it being so far away .Gokū continues trying to lock on to a ki signature and finally manages to lock onto Gohan's ki. Vegeta grabs Gokū's shoulder and they teleport to Earth.

Gokū appears along with Vegeta and deflects Freeza's Death Beam, saving his son's life. Vegeta carries the heavily injured Gohan away while Gokū uses Instantaneous Movement to transport Piccolo's body to Dende, promising to revive him with the Dragon Balls. After doing so, Gokū returns to the battlefield and asks Goten and Trunks to tell Dende about the situation. Goten and Trunks leave while Gokū and Vegeta prepare themselves. Freeza is happy that Gokū has finally arrived and blames him for his death and making him go through hell; Ginyū also blames the Saiyan duo for his circumstances. Freeza exits his hoverpod and decides to fight himself; he tells Gokū that he underestimated him before and this time he transform straight into his final form. Freeza begins transforming which unleashes an immense amount of power that kills all of his soldiers except Sorbet just to show off his new power. Freeza, now in his final form, decides to begin his revenge while Gokū powers up for battle.[75]

Gokū and Freeza stare each other down. They both block each others punches, which begins their fight. Throughout the fight, Gokū has the advantage. Freeza decides to play unfairly and targets his ki blasts at the Dragon Team; Gokū blocks Freeza's blasts which saves Kuririn and Bulma but allows Freeza to land many hits on Gokū, although Gokū is still able to recover and counter. During the battle, Gokū and Freeza speak to each other more than fighting; Freeza again expresses his hatred for the Saiyan, planning to kill everyone he knows as part of his vengeance while Gokū admonishes Freeza for playing dirty and expresses his disappointment that he is unable to enjoy the fight against Freeza's newfound might due to him being evil. Gokū continues to overpower Freeza. Suddenly, Vegeta interupts the battle and expresses his annoyance that both Gokū and Freeza are playing around, demanding that they fight seriously. Gokū and Freeza listen to Vegeta's demands and the Saiyan Prince flies back down.

Before beginning their actual fight, Gokū and Freeza note to each other that they are hiding new powers from each other. Gokū decides to show Freeza the fruits of his training; Gokū powers up and transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue. The Dragon Team is amazed at Gokū's new transformation. Gokū explains to Freeza that his new Super Saiyan form is a Super Saiyan transformation utilizing the godly ki of the Super Saiyan God transformation. Gokū asks Freeza to show him the fruits of his training.[76]

After Freeza transforms into his Golden form, the transformed Gokū and Freeza begin their battle, fighting each other at close quarters for a short while evenly matched; they start firing ki blasts at each other, causing a ki struggle between them. The ki struggle between Gokū and Freeza ends in a draw; the two combatants fight at close quarters again. However, Freeza begins overpowering Gokū and smashes Gokū into the ground, Freeza is glad to see that he is winning the battle so far and is happy to see Gokū suffering; the tyrant smiles with satisfaction.[77]

After Gokū gets back up, Vegeta tells Goku to stop being sloppy and berates him for not noticing Freeza's weakness. Suddenly, Gokū realizes the weakness that Vegeta is referring to and asks the Saiyan prince to give him a little more fighting time. Gokū tells Freeza that he will turn the tables around to his favor now that he knows the weakness of Freeza's new transformation; Freeza does not believe Gokū's lies. However, Gokū decides to let Freeza figure out his weakness as it will start affecting him in due time.

After Gokū and Freeza power up, the combatants fight at close quarters but this time Gokū is able to fight evenly with Freeza. However, Gokū starts losing his advantage as Freeza begins overpowering him again. Freeza smashes the Saiyan into the ground again. The tyrant approaches Gokū and punches the Saiyan in the face. However, the final blow does nothing to Gokū which surprises Freeza. Gokū declares that he will now turn the battle around and punches Freeza in the face, injuring the tyrant. Freeza is shocked that he is suddenly at a disadvantage. Gokū assumes that Freeza came to Earth immediately after he achieved his Golden form, to which Freeza confirms. Gokū tells Freeza his weakness; that due to not being accustomed to his new form, his Golden form consumes a tremendous amount of energy and as a result has depleted Freeza's physical strength.

Gokū notes that Freeza no longer has the strength to defeat him. Freeza refuses to accept his weakness and tries attacking Gokū, but Gokū easily blocks Freeza's attack and throws him onto the ground. Gokū powers down and returns to normal after seeing that there is no reason to fight the greatly weakened Freeza. Suddenly, Gokū is pierced in the chest by Sorbet's ray gun which causes Gokū to collapse onto the ground. Freeza gets up and slams his foot on Gokū's pierced chest, happy that he saved a strategy in the case he was losing. While pushing his foot on Gokū's injury, Freeza taunts Gokū for letting his guard down too much and cites it as his weakness. Freeza prepares to finish off Gokū once and for all with a ki blast. Suddenly, Vegeta fires a ki blast, forcing Freeza to evade and jumps away from Gokū. Vegeta declares that it is time for him to fight.[78]

Vegeta kicks Gokū towards Kuririn and Gohan. Gokū eats a Senzu Bean and decides to let Vegeta fight. The transformed Vegeta overpowers Freeza and is on the brink of defeating him. Refusing to accept defeat, Freeza decides to destroy the planet, killing Vegeta in the process. Shortly afterwards, Earth is destroyed, but Whis creates a bubble around a small piece of rock to protect himself and the others. While Bulma despairs, Gokū regrets not killing Freeza when he had the chance. Whis tells him that he has the power to set back time but only three minutes earlier. He does so, and they arrive back right before Freeza destroys the Earth. Gokū transforms into the Super Saiyan Blue form and immediately attacks Freeza with a Kamehameha which destroys and kills the tyrant. Gokū travels to Planet Namek in order to use the Nameccian Dragon Balls to revive Piccolo. After Piccolo is revived, the Dragon Team along with Beerus and Whis attend a large banquet at Capsule Corporation. While Beerus and Whis enjoy their delicious reward, Gokū and Vegeta discuss Whis's assertion that, if the two of them were to team up they would be powerful enough to beat even Beerus. Vegeta states that although this may be true, he still prefers to fight alone in order to test his own abilities and become the greatest fighter on his own. Surprisingly, Gokū agrees with him and the two share a laugh over having finally found something they agree on.[79]

Hakaishin Champa Arc

Main article: Hakaishin Champa Arc Gokū and Vegeta return to training on Beerus' Planet, wearing heavy suits to train in. Champa, Beerus's twin brother from the Sixth Universe, learns that his universe does not have a planet Earth and challenges Beerus to a tournament fought on their behalf by fighters of their choosing, in which the Seventh Universe's Earth and the Super Dragon Balls are put on the line. Gokū becomes excited at the prospect of challenging warriors from other universes and agrees to participate. Beerus agrees to participate. After Champa and Vados leave to make preparations for the tournament, Beerus instructs Gokū and Vegeta to find two fighters who will join the team.

On Earth, Gokū and Vegeta explain the situation to Bulma, who suggests using the Dragon Balls to find the remaining Super Dragon Ball. However, this fails as Shenron does not have the power to locate the last Super Dragon Ball. Later that evening, Beerus declares that the fifth warrior joining their team will be someone called Monaka, the strongest fighter that he has ever faced. The next day, Bulma finishes creating the Super Dragon Radar, but fails to work. Bulma calls Jaco to help her reach the center of the universe so that the new Dragon Radar will work properly.

Gokū and Vegeta decide to find the remaining two fighters who will join Team Seventh Universe along with them and Beerus' chosen warrior. Gokū convinces Majin Bu to join and gets Piccolo to join as well. With Team Seventh Universe assembled, Gokū has four days left until the tournament begins. Gokū decides to train in the Room of Spirit and Time for three days. Gokū asks Vegeta to join him, although Vegeta notes that the amount of strength they will gain is minuscule. Gokū convinces Vegeta to join him after mentioning that he wants to close the gap between him and Monaka. Not wanting to be left behind, Vegeta decides to join Gokū and train with him.

After Bulma leaves with Jaco to ask Zuno the location of the last Super Dragon Ball, Gokū and Vegeta train in the new Room of Spirit and Time for three days, allowing them to accumulate three years worth of training.

The last day arrives; Gokū along with his friends and family as well as Jaco and the Galactic King (except Gohan who had to stay behind due to an academic conference) travel in a spacecraft prepared by Whis to reach the tournament grounds. The spacecraft stops at Beerus' Planet to pick up Beerus and Monaka. Gokū and Vegeta meet Monaka who is Beerus' strongest challenger. Gokū asks Monaka if he could spar with him, only for Beerus to remind Gokū that his opponents are the fighters from the Sixth Universe.

The spacecraft leaves with Beerus and Monaka on board to travel to the tournament grounds; after taking a total of two hours and forty five minutes, Gokū and his friends arrive at the Nameless Planet's tournament grounds. Gokū and his friends see the Super Dragon Balls and are astounded by their size. Team Seventh Universe (consisting of Gokū, Vegeta, Piccolo, Majin Boo and Monaka) go to the written test area; at the written test area they encounter Team Sixth Universe (consisting of Botamo, Cabba, Frost, Hit and Magetta), the warriors of the Sixth Universe that Champa chose to represent him. Gokū and Vegeta comment on the familiarity of Team Seventh Universe, with one of them being similar to Freeza.

Two teams prepare to write the written test. While taking seats, Piccolo mentions that Frost does not exude any brutality nor evil. Cabba sees Gokū and Vegeta and notes they are Saiyans. Cabba explains that he is also a Saiyan like them, which shocks Gokū and Vegeta. Vegeta asks what planet Cabba hails from, to which he replies planet Sadal; Vegeta is surprised that planet Sadal still exists in the Sixth Universe and explains that the Seventh Universe's planet Salad was destroyed due to an internal conflict and afterwards, the Seventh Universe's Saiyans pilfered another planet, naming it planet Vegeta. Cabba is astounded by the differences with their respective universes. Gokū asks Cabba about his tail, but Cabba replies that the Sixth Universe Saiyans used to have tails long ago but not anymore. Vegeta wonders if the Sixth Universe's Saiyans are still a warrior race; Cabba replies that they are, but instead of plundering they are hired to defeat criminals. As the written test is about to begin, Vegeta asks Cabba to escort him to his planet when the chance arises, to which Cabba says he will. Vegeta and Cabba wish each other luck and note that they will not go easy on each other.

The written test begins and after ten minutes, Vados announces that all the contestants pass except Majin Boo and as a result is disqualified, which shocks Team Seventh Universe. After the team begins arguing, an annoyed Beerus steps in and stops the argument, declaring that Monaka will go last while they figure out the orders they will go in. Gokū decides to go first, then Piccolo and next Vegeta.

The martial arts tournament between the Sixth Universe and the Seventh Universe begins; the first match is between Botamo from the Sixth Universe facing Gokū from the Seventh Universe. The match begins with Botamo managing to give Gokū trouble. After Gokū is hit, Beerus criticizes Gokū for playing around, although Gokū mentions that he ate earlier and as a result is unable to fight properly. After jogging off the food, Gokū resumes the battle with Botamo.

Although Gokū is stronger and faster than Botamo, he isn't able to inflict any damage against Botamo nor is Botamo's stamina running out; even Gokū's Kamehameha doesn't inflict any damage against Botamo. Suddenly, Gokū has an idea; he pushes Botamo down and drags him near the end of the tournament ring. Gokū lets go of Botamo who retaliates by attacking Gokū. However, Gokū throws him out of the ring. The tournament announcer declares Gokū to be the victor. Piccolo and Vegeta are surprised with Gokū's strategy while Beerus is pleased that Gokū is using his brains.

The next challenger to fight Gokū will be Frost. Frost politely greets Gokū and wishes him the best of luck, which surprises the Dragon Team due to Frost's personality being completely different than Freeza's. The second match between Gokū and Frost begins. After fighting briefly in which both combatants are evenly matched, Gokū asks Frost to transform, to which he does. Frost's transformation gives him an edge in combat, but Gokū is still able to keep up. Gokū reveals to Frost that he also has a transformation up his sleeve and transforms into a Super Saiyan, which shocks Champa, Cabba and the Sixth Universe's Kaiōshin. Seeing that Gokū is now more formidable than before, Frost transforms into his final form. The smoke clears which reveals Frost in his final form who looks identical to Freeza's own final form. Gokū is pleased with Frost's final transformation.

Gokū resumes his fight with Frost. However, Gokū easily overpowers Frost in both offense and speed. Gokū suggests to his opponent that he should give up, although Frost refuses as he must live up to the children's expectations and win Champa's support. The injured Frost gets back up and punches Gokū, but Gokū blocks the punch. Suddenly, Gokū starts feeling weary and dizzy; Frost takes the opportunity and kicks Gokū out of the ring. Gokū lies down outside the ring having turned back to normal, which shocks the Dragon Team and Team Seventh Universe.

Chi-Chi rushes to Gokū in order to see that he is alright, to which Gokū replies that he is. After returning to Team Seventh Universe's waiting area, Beerus is far from pleased with Gokū's performance, although Gokū replies that he thought Super Saiyan would be more than enough to defeat Frost. Piccolo is the next fighter chosen. Gokū watches the fight and is disappointed that Piccolo lost. After Jaco claims that Frost has a weapon, Gokū tries to rebuff Jaco's claim since he believes Frost to be a fair fighter. The announcer finds a needle in Frost's right arm and disqualifies him; Frost reveals his true nature which is exactly like Freeza's, much to Gokū's disappointment.

After Vegeta defeats Frost with ease, Beerus checks Gokū's body and finds a needle wound in Gokū's palm which allows Gokū to be reinstated into the tournament, thus there are three fighters left from each universe respectfully; Gokū, Monaka and Vegeta from Team Seventh Universe and Cabba, Hit and Magetta from Team Sixth Universe. Gokū asks Beerus if he can fight after Monaka, but Beerus says that he will fight after Vegeta since Monaka is their trump card. Gokū tries talking with Monaka, although Beerus desperately stops him from doing so. Gokū watches the battle between Magetta and Vegeta; he is amazed with Magetta's abilities and warns Vegeta to be careful.[80]

"Future" Trunks Arc

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Universe Survival Arc

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Dragon Ball Super (manga)

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God and God Arc (manga)


Gokū eats while Goten drives the plough.

A considerable amount of time has passed since the defeat of Majin Boo, where during a period of peace Gokū, now a farmer has transitioned into a farmer. Gokū on a plough is turning over the soil, bored in his new venture he is seen dozing off in boredom yawning. He is then called by Son Goten who arrives to deliver lunch for Gokū. Gokū settles that he can take a break and ask's Goten if he can drive while he finishes his lunch, as his son accepts. Gokū begins chowing down on his delicious lunch, while being slightly attentive to his Goten's safety, as he continues to eat his lunch. [81]


Gokū in the nick of time rescues Son Goten.

After the meal, Gokū turns Super Saiyan gaining the attention of Goten on the plough. Gokū begins to deeply breathe so he mentally project his strongest adversaries, that he and his friends have defeated. As he charges onto his ultimate enemy his state-of-mind is broken by Goten's collapse. In an instant Gokū saves Goten, and lifts the plough above his head with ease, and tells Goten that he should be more careful while driving the plough, so he can continue his training. He then confirms to Goten that he is training just in case an opponent stronger than were ever to emerge. Gokū tosses the plough back onto the ground.[82] Gokū expresses his desires are to travel to North Kaiō's planet to train, sighing in displeasure Gokū acknowledges that Chi-Chi's intolerance for being poor, and Goten jokes about his mother being stronger than Gokū. Gokū laughs it off and is told by Goten that his grandfather Gyūmaō is also in the same predictment, where his money has withered away. Goten tries to recommend his mother's suggestion that he should look for a job like Mr. Satan. Gokū expresses that he enjoys an occupation where he can just ditch it to train whenever he chooses. Mister Satan ironically emerges in his hovercraft and calls out to him, waving his hand happily.[83]


Mr. Satan offers the 100 million Zeni to Gokū.

Mister Satan awards Gokū one-hundred million Zeni. Enough to overwhelmingly surprise Gokū. Mark tells Gokū that he is only visiting because he was awarded a world peace prize, in wherūe he gets credit for saving the world but in return of the Dragon Team's efforts he rewards them with the special prize. Gokū humbly declines the money and tells him that he doesn't require the large quantity of money. Mark tries to convince him to change his mind, and doesn't feel he should take all the credit. Gokū tries to wrap his head around the quantity of zeroes, by embarrassingly counting the digits with his fingers. Mister Satan tells him that the amount of zeroes is eight, taking Gokū by surprise. And tells him that he definitely cannot take so much money.[84] Goten tries to convince his Gokū into taking the money so he wouldn't have to work anymore, so Chi-Chi can finally let him go to North Kaio's planet. Mark pleas with Goten to accept the money and Gokū unwillingly accepts it. Gokū is given the money and in exchange is promises to keep the entire scenario between them a secret. Gokū silently accepts by the terms.[85]


Gokū returns to train in Kaiō Realm.

In Kaiō Realm, Gokū happily returns to training on North Kaiō's Planet alongside Bubbles. Gokū returns to train by jogging on Kaiō's planet with a large cubic Katchin Steel block, tied around on his waist with a thin-rope. The cube drags heavily dragging the earth from the planet, as he runs alongside Bubbles. Gokū is relived that he can finally start his training thanks to the one-hundred million Zeni given to him by Mr.Satan, Gokū says with joy to, Bubbles. Gokū notes that he is happy to see Bubbles again as well as he begins to overhear North Kaiō talking to himself nervously. Out of curiosity Gokū asks him rudely if the Kaiō urinated over himself, angering the deity. Gokū again asks if there is something wrong and Kaiō tells him that he fears for the disasters that are about to come, only confusing Gokū more. Kaiō finally answers him and tells him that Beerus is on his way to his planet. [86]


Beerus and his attendant arrive to North Kaiō's planet.

Gokū inquires to know more about Beerus and Kaiō informs him that he is the strongest warrior in the universe and is a Hakaishin. Never having heard this term, Gokū wonders what that is, as Kaiō begins to panic and Gokū notices that Kaiō called him the strongest warrior in the universe making interesting him enough to want to fight him. Kaiō screams out to Gokū calling Gokū a fool for considering a battle with him, explaining to him that he wouldn't stand a chance against the Hakaishin. Warning him that if were to make him mad everything would fall into chaos. As he was saying this Beerus emerges from behind the Kaiō and accepts the challenge of Gokū to the complete shock of North Kaiō.[87]


Beerus and Gokū begin their fight.

Kaiō slowly turns around in fear, as Gokū is seem clueless as he gawks at a smiling Beerus and his attendant Whis. Gokū hardly able to contain his joy asks him if he is Beerus anc challenges the Hakaishin to a fight. Kaiō out of nervousness orders Gokū to be respectful to the deity, as Gokū is grinning anxiously to fight a strong opponent. Kaiō tells Beerus not to take Gokū's offer serious. Whis tells Kaiō that the only reason Beerus has come to seek an audience with North Kaiō is because of Gokū's heritage. Gokū turns into a Super Saiyan. Gokū tells Beerus that he's not going to hold back. The Hakaishin accepts the terms and would prefer if Gokū attacked him, full throttle. Both Beerus and Gokū prepare to fight and both combatants are seen with grins on their faces excited to fight each other, Gokū makes the first move lunging at the Hakaishin.[88]


Son Gokū's first attack on Beerus.

Gokū starts his attack by charging at the Hakaishin with a fully-cocked punch that he uses as a feint distraction. Gokū then goes for a Afterimage Fist and appears behind Beerus and aims for a Knifehand Strike to the neck that is easily dodged by the Hakaishin's simple neck weave to the Surprise of Gokū.[89] Gokū then attempts a punch, easily ducked by Beerus. Gokū attempts to hit him downward but Beerus dodges with a simple jump. Gokū tosses serial punches as a bored Beerus begins to observe Gokū's hair is yellow and thought their natural hair was black. As Gokū continues his attempts to land one punch on Beerus, Whis informs him that Gokū is using a skill of the Saiyans called a Super Saiyan. Gokū confirms this claim from Whis and transforms into a Super Saiyan 2. The transformation increases Gokū battle proficiently slightly as Beerus now is blocking his punches, no longer able to dodge Gokū's punches and kicks with simple movements.[90]

Beerus now understands how Gokū was able to defeat Freeza, but is not impressed with the extent of his power, angering Gokū. Gokū tells him not to underestimate the extent of his abilites and shows him his strongest transformation. Gokū begins to increase his ki surging his Super Saiyan 2's bio-electricity. The ki aggressively begins to increase and transforms into a Super Saiyan 3 by releasing an enormous pillar of ki to Beerus' surprise. Kaiō runs into his house as the fight becomes more dangerous. The power seemingly surprises Whis as well. Beerus' is captivated by Gokū's power and forms a dangerously mischievously grin at Gokū.[91] Gokū's power is sensed from all over the Seventh Universe, even in the realms outside of it, such as the inhabitants of Kaiōshin Realm.[92]

Gokū now in his Super Saiyan 3 transformation begins his assault from the air and attempts to punch Beerus, the attack is easily dodged by Beerus by a simple jump. A mighty punch so powerful it completed pierced a hole through North Kaiō's Planet.[93] Gokū begins to grow frustrated with his battle with Beerus and requests the Hakaishin to fight back if even, just slightly, in order to find out how strong Beerus is. Beerus in an instant emerges in front of Gokū with his middle-finger cocked back and flicks his head with a single finger dragging through the pavement of the planet.[94] The flick was strong enough to significantly damage him and with difficulty recovers. Beerus recommends him to transform into a Super Saiyan God. After Gokū professes never having heard the technique he tells Beerus that the final form of the Super Saiyans is his current transformation and tells Beerus that there is no higher level than Super Saiyan 3. Beerus shocked to hear that he cannot become one, disappointed Beerus puts an end to the fight.[95]

Beerus uses a Afterimage Fist to appear behind him bypassing Super Saiyan 3 Gokū's movements and is defeated with a single chop to neck, incapacitating him with a single blow. Upon impact of the blow Gokū loses his Super Saiyan 3 and collapses to the ground into consciousness, even to the surprise of Kaiō. Beerus uninterested already plans his next trip to Earth as Gokū likes unconscious.[96] After the departure of Beerus and Whis, Gokū lies in pain and North Kaiō asks is he was okay. Gokū recuperates from his defeat and admits that he was no match for Beerus. Kaiō reminds Gokū that the Kaiō tried to stop him. Gokū remembers that Beerus is now heading towards Earth and fears for the worst, and remembers Bulma's Birthday.[97]

After Beerus' battle with the Dragon Team, he is again disappointed that there was no Super Saiyan God and prepares to destroy the planet and return home. As he prepares an earth destroying Kikōha, Gokū emerges on Earth with his Instantaneous Movement and requests Beerus to give them more time, Beerus scowls at Gokū annoyed that of his return.[98] Gokū offers that he thought of a good idea to lead him to his Super Saiyan God and asks Bulma to gather the Dragon Balls.[99] Gokū summons Shenron and asked him of the secret of the Super Saiyan God and Shenron tells them legend of the Saiyan deity who was temporally created with gathering six purely righteous Saiyans. Gokū easily troubled by math tries to determine how many Saiyans are currently on Earth, and notices they're one Saiyan short. Until Videl announces that she in fact is currently pregnant with the child of her husband Son Gohan and the grandchild of Gokū. The six of them including Videl's child begin the ritual and Gokū transforms into the Super Saiyan God.[100]

Beerus happily is overjoyed that his patience was rewarded with what he was originally searching for. The Dragon Team in awe stare at Gokū's Super Saiyan God transformation. As Son Goten is seemingly undewhelmed at the small changes, while Trunks notices the change of his color, while Gohan and Piccolo inquire over the fact that they cannot sense Gokū's ki. Piccolo knowledgeable in this area tells Gohan that the reason for that is because mortals cannot sense the ki from gods. Gokū now ready to fight Beerus. Gokū makes a wager with the Hakaishin Beerus, that if he defeats him he won't destroy the Earth, in which Beerus agrees. Beerus notes that there isn't a single deity in the universe that is capable of defeating him. He promises to Gokū that he will win and destroy the Earth afterwards. Gokū and Beerus have prepare for their long awaited battle.[101]

Gokū begins his assault with his Super God Fist and the blow is caught by Beerus. The blow of the punch creates an intense shockwave, as Beerus asks him how does he as a mortal enjoy the feeling of being a deity. Gokū tells him that he’s excited with the new door of power that has opened up to him.[102] Beerus continues to grip Gokū’s hand with a small grip of his nails and admits to himself being quite surprised in the increase of his power. Beerus launches his counterattack and uses a palm striking Gokū’s abdomen area, sending Gokū flying back, at the same moment Beerus instantaneous pursues his target as the others watch in amazement. Gokū trying to recover from the blow, tries to regroup as he see’s Beerus incoming closing the distance to continue his assault.[103]

Gokū retreats to the surprise of Beerus, Gokū keeps his eyes on Beerus behind him until in a moment’s glance Beerus emerges in front of him and tosses a roundhouse kick, barely blocked by Gokū’s arms. The inertia of the kick sends him spinning like a ball and tries to retreat as the Hakaishin continues his attack.[104] Gokū then begins his counter attack and flies over to Beerus with his hand ready to attempt a chop on Beerus, the blow in blocked Beerus’ left forearm block as the chop connects. Gokū then attempts to use a high kick on Beerus that is avoided Beerus. At that moment the two intercept each other’s Knee Kicks and continuously trade punches in the air as the two almost collide onto Hospital.[105]

The two with consideration of the Hospital break away from their punch both going towards opposite directions of the Hospital. Both of them use their Air Dance technique to fly around the Hospital. As Gokū circles the hospital, Beerus outpaces Gokū’s speed, and launches his sneak attack from the edge of the Hospital, unable to react Gokū is shocked at the speed of Beerus and is hit with a headbutt sending Gokū a far distance from the city to the mid-land wastelands of Earth.[106]

Gokū breaks through a giant rock formation. Gokū regains his mobility and Beerus instantly descends from the skies. Gokū is seen panting trying to recover from his first round with Beerus. Beerus notes that Gokū is learning quickly on utilizing his god powers. But remind him that he will never as strong as him. Gokū riled yells that he has only begun, and launches his second assault on Beerus. Beerus and Super Saiyan God Gokū collide with their fists. The impact of their fists creates a humongous shockwaves that can be felt through the entirety of the universe. The shockwaves are so powerful that the Kaiōshin sense that if they continue their fighting the entire universe will be destroyed.[107]

Gokū and Beerus continue their fight into Earth’s stratosphere and collide with multiple times on their ascent. As Gokū is beginning to grow lethargic after fighting on equal footing with Beerus. Beerus tells him that he has acknowledged his power but senses that his power is slowly draining and tells him that they’ve reached the end of the line for their planet. Gokū unable to renounce him claims becomes frustrated that even after becoming a god he still cannot defeat Beerus. Beerus smiles forming a ki attack and commends him for keeping him entertained in their battle, noting that it has been a long time that he actually had strain himself.[108]

Beerus unleashes the Beerus Ball and tells Gokū he plans on keeping his promise to destroy the earth and releases his attack. As all seemed lost, Gokū is encouraged by the newfound power of the Super Saiyan God. Sensing that its true potential of his god powers can increase.[109] Gokū uses his newfound power to encourage himself and cups his arms and launches the God Kamehameha to collide and neutralize the Beerus Ball leaving their battle in a stalemate. Beerus interested at Gokū’s will grants him that he shall preserve his planet for the time being.[110]

Beerus recommends him to become stronger in the mean time, and introduces to himself as the Hakaishin of the Seventh Universe informing Gokū that there is twelves universe in total, and that there is warriors greater than both himself and Gokū. Introducing him to his martial arts instructor, Whis as they both depart back home.[111] As they're leaving, Beerus remarks that Goku is the second strongest fighter he's ever faced.<ref>Dragon Ball Super volume 1, page 114.

Revival of "F" Arc (manga)

After meeting with Beerus, Gokū and Vegeta become the pupils of Whis, each learning an evolved form of Super Saiyan God - Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. They are then called to Earth to repel an invasion from the recently resurrected Freeza and his mighty force. During the battle, Freeza reveals his Golden Freeza form, reaching a level of power near Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. He actually manages to accomplish his goal of revenge when he destroys the Earth, but divine interference from Whis in the form of his three-minute reset ability results in Goku finishing Freeza off with a Kamehameha before he can destroy the planet.

Hakaishin Champa Arc (manga)

Gokū and Vegeta spar on Beerus' planet, fighting evenly until Vegeta uses Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan to gain an edge. Gokū follows suit and transforms, but the tension is broken when Gokū bites his tongue trying to say the form's long name. Whis suggests the alternate name of Super Saiyan Blue and then scolds the Saiyans for disobeying his orders and getting cocky just because they defeated Freeza.

The training is interrupted by the arrival of Champa and Vados, God of Destruction and Guide Angel of Universe 6 and siblings of Beerus and Whis. Beerus and Champa compare the food of their respective universes, and Beerus gains the upper hand with his Cup Ramen. Gokū and Vegeta learn that there are twelve universes in total, that their universe is Universe 7, and that Universe 6 is nearly identical to Universe 7. Unfortunately for Champa, the Earth of Universe 6 no longer exists, so he proposes a tournament to be fought by five mortals from Universe 6 and 7, respectively. If Universe 6 wins, Universe 7's Earth moves to Universe 6. If Universe 7 wins, Champa gives Beerus the six Super Dragon Balls he has collected, which can grant any wish. At the insistence of Gokū, Beerus accepts Champa's challenge.

After Champa leaves, Gokū suggests bringing Buu and Piccolo to the tournament while dismissing Vegeta's idea to invite Gohan, who he says is more into academics than fighting at this stage. Beerus interrupts, saying he'll be bringing someone even stronger than Gokū. He then reiterates how important winning this tournament is before Gokū and Vegeta leave for Earth.

Gokū asks Bulma to build a new Dragon Radar for locating the last Super Dragon Ball. When they turn the device on, nothing appears on the display, and Bulma figures out that they need to go to the center of the universe and look from there. She takes the radar and leaves with Jaco. Gokū notes that both he and Vegeta have strong wives and they both like it, with Vegeta noting that it's a result of their Saiyan blood, as Saiyan women were strong.

The Universe 7 team is ultimately decided - Gokū, Vegeta, Buu, Piccolo, and the "strongest warrior Beerus has ever seen". Goku and Vegeta go into the Room of Spirit and Time to train. While training, they speculate on how strong the warriors from Universe 6, and Beerus' fighter, will be. The training ramps up in intensity as they enter Super Saiyan Blue, not having to worry about destroying the environment around them.

The day of the tournament arrives. On the way to the site, Gokū and Vegeta meet Monaka, the "strong warrior" Beerus was talking about. When they arrive, Gokū is in awe at the size of the Super Dragon Balls, each the size of a planet. He then encounters Shin and Kibito, who've recently used the Namekian Dragon Balls to split their Potara fusion. He then confuses the gods of Universe 6 when he addresses them like friends. Upon getting his first glimpse of the Universe 6 fighters, Gokū notes that one of them (Frost) looks like Freeza, and another (Magetta) appears to be a robot. A third fighter (Cabba) introduces himself as a Saiyan from Sadala. The Universe 6 Saiyans are revealed to be a more noble race, mostly getting rid of bad guys for clients.

Gokū narrowly avoids being disqualified from the tournament during the minimal intelligence test, while Buu fails and is deemed ineligible to compete. Gokū gets mad at Vegeta, who suggested the test in the first place. Beerus tells them to decide the order they're going to fight in, with the only rule being Monaka goes last. It's decided that Gokū will go first. His first opponent is Botamo, a large, round humanoid bear with elastic skin. Botamo starts the fight with a flurry of punches, eventually knocking Gokū back with a solid hit. Unfazed, Gokū begins doing laps around the ring to work off the food he ate. Botamo tries and fails to catch Gokū while he does his laps. Gokū decides he's had enough exercise and attacks Botamo faster than Krillin and Tenshinhan can keep up with. Botamo rushes Gokū again. Gokū grabs his arm and hits Botamo with a barrage of punches and a kick, but the stretchy bear is unfazed. He similarly tanks a Kamehameha, and Roshi notes that Botamo doesn't take damage or lose energy. Gokū then gets a bright idea, knocking Botamo onto his back. He drags the helpless Botamo to the edge of the ring and throws him off, winning the fight without expelling any serious energy. After the fight, Gokū glares over at Universe 6's last fighter - Hit - who has been silent to this point.

Gokū's next opponent is Frost, a member of Freeza's race. Frost catches Gokū off guard with a friendly introduction, suggesting that he may not be like his Universe 7 counterpart. Frost and Gokū trade punches to start, with Gokū landing a solid kick. Frost hooks Gokū's leg with his tail and swings around to knock him back with a kick. The two continue to exchange blows as Whis and Beerus note that they're still taking it easy and hiding their skills. After landing a solid combination on Frost, Gokū observes that Frost is holding back and trying to see what Gokū is capable of. He goads him to transform, warning that if he takes too long he'll lose before he can go all out. Frost heeds this advice and transforms into his "final form", which resembles the form Freeza briefly used against Piccolo and Gohan on Namek before transforming into his final form. Gokū and Frost begin fighting again, with Frost gaining the upper hand thanks to his transformation. Goku takes his offense in stride and accuses Frost of hiding his final form still, before transforming into a Super Saiyan. Before Gokū can rush Frost, he takes his final form, finally resembling the Freeza Goku is used to fighting.

Gokū and Frost power up, both gaining auras. Frost rushes Gokū, launching himself into the air and firing a blast down, which Gokū deflects into the dome surrounding the arena. Frost follows suit with more blasts, which Gokū continues to deflect. The two continue to fight hand-to-hand in midair, with Goku maintaining the advantage. Gokū blocks a kiai wave from Frost before retaliating with his own, nearly knocking Frost out of the ring. Frost responds with what appears to be enthusiasm, but gains a sinister disposition as he refutes that he won't lose. Frost charges forward and continues to be overwhelmed by Gokū. Gokū suggests that Frost train and come back stronger like Freeza did. Frost then lands what appears to be a harmless, blocked punch to Gokū's forearm, but Gokū is somehow immobilized by the punch. Frost then knocks Gokū out of the ring with a kick. Gokū reverts to base as he lands out of bounds and Frost is declared the winner. Gokū is confused, but congratulates Frost on his victory. Gokū is unable to explain what happened.

Piccolo is up next to fight Frost, and Gokū estimates his chances of victory to be low. He suggests trying to wear down Frost as much as possible to make it easy for Vegeta to defeat him. Gokū watches as Piccolo is quickly defeated by Frost in a similar manner to his own loss. As Vegeta is about to take his turn, Jaco interrupts the tournament, declaring a foul due to Frost concealing a weapon in his right arm. Frost is determined to be cheating and the host offers to disqualify him, but Vegeta opts to fight him anyway. Beerus is able to get Gokū reinstated into the tournament when he proves that Gokū lost the same way Piccolo did. It is decided that he will fight after Vegeta but before Monaka. Vegeta makes short work of Frost, making way for the next competitor: Otta Magetta. When Vegeta's early attacks prove ineffective, Gokū suggests throwing him off the stage like he did with Botamo. This goes badly as Gokū did not estimate how heavy Magetta was. Despite Gokū's poor advice, Vegeta is able to pick up the victory and moves on to face Cabba. Gokū watches in awe as Vegeta goads Cabba into becoming a Super Saiyan for the first time. After Vegeta defeats Cabba, Gokū questions why Vegeta would feel nostalgic seeing another Saiyan when he is still there. He claims he's never disliked Vegeta, which Piccolo remarks is probably what annoys him. Vegeta moves on to Universe 6's last fighter: Hit. Gokū is shocked as Hit counters all of Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta's moves instantly. Jaco notes that Hit vanishes in the middle of his movements. Gokū theorizes that it might be teleportation, but notes that he can't do it that fast. Vegeta is soundly defeated with no resistance. Before Gokū goes to fight Hit, the Galactic King informs him of a technique called Time Skip, which allows the user to skip 0.1 seconds of time by stopping all time except their own. Gokū asks if Jaco or the King will arrest Hit, but they are both afraid to confront him.

On his way to the ring, Gokū asks Vegeta for advice against Hit, but Vegeta has nothing and only wishes him good luck. Unlike Vegeta, Gokū neglects to transform at the start of the fight, claiming he needs to stall to come up with a strategy. Hit scolds him for revealing his strategy and reveals that he is 1,000 years old. Goku makes his first rush at Hit and is countered like Vegeta was, but claims he now has an idea of how to beat Hit. On his next attempt, Gokū makes ground by predicting where Hit will emerge from his Time Skip, managing to graze his face with a punch. In the next exchange, Gokū lands a direct punch to Hit's jaw, drawing blood. Gokū explains his strategy to Hit, who again scolds him for revealing his strategy. Gokū then notes how Hit keeps his hands and feet hidden in his coat, masking his movements but limiting his mobility. Gokū transforms into a Super Saiyan, leading Hit to pull his hands out of his pockets. The combatants fight evenly, countering eachother with afterimages and Time Skips. Hit claims he'll need to travel further into the future and Gokū say he'll need to predict faster then. The fast paced fight resumes and it becomes clear that Gokū is expending stamina while Hit is not. Gokū responds by transforming into Super Saiyan God. After Gokū counters his first attack, Hit realizes his Time Skip is working for less than 0.1 seconds. Gokū continues to land blows on Hit, and Whis explains that this is due to Hit's Time Skip not working as effectively on foes near or below his level. Vegeta was unable to get the same response because he'd expended too much energy from overuse of Super Saiyan Blue. Hit listens to Whis explain this and is hit by a ki blast from Gokū after his Time Skip fails against it. Hit acknowledges the difference between his and Gokū's power. He powers up to full power, something he rarely has to do in his fights as he usually finishes his opponents quickly. He claims that he'll only need one minute and one use of Time Skip to win, and that he can keep his hands hidden without worry. Gokū rushes Hit and the Time Skip initially appears to work, but Gokū finally turns Super Saiyan Blue, which allows him to break through the Time Skip with 100% of the form's power and land a kick which launches Hit into the air. Gokū follows this up with a Kamehameha which Hit manages to dodge before it breaks through the dome encasing the arena. Gokū asks Hit if there are some killing techniques he could use in a regular fight and suggests they fight again some time before voluntarily jumping out of the ring and losing the match. He justifies this by saying he wants to see Monaka fight, which enrages Beerus, as Monaka is a worthless fighter who was only brought along to motivate Gokū and Vegeta. Gokū asks Vegeta why he turned Super Saiyan Blue against Cabba, potentially costing him the fight against Hit. Vegeta says he couldn't help but put him on a better path.

A terrified Monaka enters the ring to fight Hit. Recognizing what happened, Hit returns the favor to Gokū by seemingly losing to Monaka, preserving Beerus's illusion and giving Universe 7 the win. Champa accuses Hit of forfeiting the match before the commotion is broken up by the arrival of Zen'ō, the Lord of Everything. Zen'ō warns the Gods of Destruction for hosting this event without his permission, but says he enjoyed it and proposes another tournament, with all of the universes participating. Gokū is overjoyed at this idea and goes to shake Zen'ō's hand, which terrifies the Gods, but Zen'ō accepts Gokū's handshake and promises to host the tournament soon. After Zen'ō and his attendants leave, Beerus informs Gokū that Zen'ō could erase a universe in an instant if he felt like it.

The tournament concludes with Universe 7 declared as the winners. The nameless planet they had been fighting on is revealed to be the final Super Dragon Ball. Beerus uses the wish to bring back the humans of Universe 6 in an act of good will towards his brother. Gokū remains excited about the tournament Zen'ō mentioned and wants to fight Monaka, but Beerus will not allow it.

"Future" Trunks Arc (manga)

Gokū and Vegeta pause a training session with Whis at Capsule Corp to eat. Whis notes that relying too much on ki control is something to avoid. Gokū asks about Zen'ō again, and Whis explains how dangerous he is. The Saiyans return to sparring, with Beerus noting that they're not God of Destruction material yet. Gokū reiterates that he's not interested in the job, as he could never do something horrible like destroying a planet.

The group is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Future Trunks' time machine. Trunks is inside, badly injured. Gokū teleports to Karin Tower to get Senzu and quickly returns to assist Trunks. Upon awakening, Trunks immediately goes to punch Gokū, who effortlessly blocks the strike. Trunks realizes that he's looking at the real Gokū and stops attacking, thankful that he made it to the past. Gokū theorizes that Buu is responsible for what happened to Trunks' timeline, but Trunks says he dealt with Babidi and Dabra before Buu was ever able to awaken. Trunks explains that his enemy - Gokū Black - seeks to eliminate humans in the name of justice, having already wiped out several other planets. Only a handful of humans remain after fighting for a year, and even Bulma has been killed. He resembles Gokū physically for reasons unknown, but is cruel and merciless. Gokū volunteers to help fight Black, but Trunks says the machine is out of fuel and that he came to the past to escape, rather than seek revenge. Bulma reveals that she can have enough fuel ready for the machine in a day, and Gokū and Vegeta volunteer to go to the future to fight Black. Trunks fears Gokū may not have what it takes to beat Black, so Gokū suggests they spar.

Trunks immediately turns Super Saiyan 2, and Gokū responds in kind, noting Trunks' progress. Gokū goes on the offensive to start, but Trunks is able to land a kick and follows it up with sword slashes, which Gokū struggles to block with his finger. Whis notes that Trunks is slightly stronger than Gokū in Super Saiyan 2. Gokū notes that Trunks is stronger than even Son Gohan when he achieved Super Saiyan 2. Gokū then powers up to Super Saiyan 3. Trunks responds by powering up to a state as powerful as Super Saiyan 3 without physically changing. He lunges at Gokū with his sword but Gokū briefly uses his Super Saiyan God form to put Trunks down with a kick to the back of the head, knocking him back into base. Gokū worries that they may be in trouble if Trunks is this strong and still needs help with Black. He then asks Beerus and Whis to come to the future with them, but Beerus declines, already unhappy about the time travel. Beerus then asks what Future Shin is doing, but Trunks responds that he died in the fight with Dabra, meaning that Future Beerus is also dead. Black appeared and started slaughtering humans shortly after Shin was killed. Whis notes that only the highest ranking gods know of the link between the lives of the Supreme Kai and the God of Destruction, and that Black may have traveled across parallel timelines to reach Trunks' timeline. Later, Trunks explains that Black defeated all of the other gods in his timeline. Beerus suggests that they ask the present Shin if he knows of any gods who might turn evil in the current timeline. That night, Gokū plays a video game with the group at Capsule Corp. As they prepare for bed, Trunks says he wants to come to the future with Gokū and Vegeta to help fight Black and Vegeta offers to train him in the morning.

Unbeknownst to Gokū, Universe 10 Kaiōshin in training Zamasu has been following his life closely after learning of his feats from Shin. He has gained a disdain for Gokū due to his power rivaling that of Gods of Destruction.

The next morning, Gokū meditates above a pond at Capsule Corp until he's distracted by the arrival of Shin, who came at the request of Beerus and Whis. They ask Shin if he knows any gods who have an extreme hatred for mortals. Shin mentions that his attendant Kibito has made questionable remarks about mortals and the group prepare to pay him a visit before Whis is interrupted by a message from the Grand Priest. Zen'ō wishes to see Gokū right away. Gokū is hesitant to make the trip until Shin offers to teleport him to Zen'ō's palace instantly. Beerus warns him not to mention Black to avoid upsetting him and potentially causing the universe to be erased.

Gokū, Shin and Whis arrive at Zen'ō's palace, where Gokū meets the Grand Priest for the first time. While Whis and Shin are apologetic on behalf of Gokū's clothing and manners, the Grand Priest is not bothered by it. Goku senses that the Grand Priest is stronger than he looks, and Whis says that he's the mightiest of all beings in the multiverse, but as an angel like Whis, he must remain neutral and can never fight. Zen'ō tells Gokū that he liked him when he first met him and wants to be his friend. Gokū gives him the nickname "Zen-chan" and tells him that he's busy but he'll come back when he's done. He also offers to bring along someone who will get along with Zen'ō even more than himself. Zen'ō gives Gokū a portable button that will summon him immediately and they depart, with Gokū having made an impression on even the Grand Priest.

Gokū, Whis, and Shin return to Earth, where Gokū admits that he didn't have anyone in mind when promising to bring Zen'ō a new friend. He decides to worry about it later and they continue investigating the identity of Gokū Black. Gokū fills Shin in on the Gokū Black story including Future Shin's death. They are interrupted by the sudden arrival of Kibito, who delivers a report of Zamasu asking Zunō about the Super Dragon Balls. Having met Zamasu earlier, Shin tells the group what he knows about him. Kibito continues, saying Zamasu was also looking for Gokū, having seen his fight with Hit on GodTube, and that he was asking if it was possible to switch bodies with a human using the Super Dragon Balls, solving the mystery of Gokū Black's identity. Beerus theorizes that Black used a Time Ring to travel to an alternate timeline where Gokū was still alive. Zamasu plans to kill his master Gowasu, take his Potara and title, and then travel to Trunks' world with the Time Ring and take over Gokū's body using the Dragon Balls. Beerus vows to deal with present Zamasu before he can become a problem even if it means creating another parallel world. He and Whis depart for Universe 10. Gokū, Vegeta, and Trunks leave for Trunks' world in the Time Machine, with Gokū bringing Senzu for the fight.

The trio arrive in the future in the ruins of the Western Capital. Trunks finds his girlfriend Mai, who he thought was dead, lying unconscious on the ground. He feeds her a crumbled Senzu by mouth, leading Gokū to admit to Vegeta that he's never kissed anyone before, despite being married, much to the shock of Vegeta. Gokū and Vegeta are introduced to Mai. Vegeta insists that both Trunks and Mai stay far away from the upcoming battle, and that he will ask for Trunks' help if necessary. In the worst-case scenario, they are to go back to the past. Gokū points out how much Vegeta has changed since the last time Trunks saw him. Gokū and Vegeta then leave to fight Black.

Having sensed their energy, Black confronts the two Saiyans in a remote area outside the city. Vegeta asks to fight Black first, excited to beat up someone who looks exactly like Gokū. Gokū reveals to Black that he knows everything about him - his real name, and that he used the Dragon Balls to switch bodies with the Gokū of another timeline. Black is surprised that they know so much. Gokū asks where the other Gokū with the Zamasu body is, but Black says he killed him. Gokū struggles with the idea of avenging himself. Black asks how they got there and what happened to Trunks, but Vegeta ignores his questions and goes Super Saiyan 2 to start the fight. Vegeta takes the offensive, knocking Black back. Black responds with his own Super Saiyan transformation, but Vegeta retains the advantage. Vegeta points out that Black's body must be a future version of Gokū which can transform into Super Saiyan Blue and suggests settling the fight in that form. Vegeta goes Blue, but Black says he cannot use the form yet. Vegeta pummels Black, berating him for wasting Gokū's body. Gokū watches with little enthusiasm. Vegeta continues to embarrass Black. Black says he's eliminated all of the other gods, with Gokū calling his method of killing Kaiōshin to make the God of Destruction disappear dirty. Trunks and Mai arrive at the battlefield, with Trunks warning Gokū that Black's Super Saiyan form is stronger than before and to finish things quickly. Gokū relays the information to Vegeta, who's happy to oblige. Vegeta lines up a Final Flash to finish Black off, but Black is saved by none other than another Zamasu, who reveals their objective - the Zero Mortals Plan.

Gokū is confused as to how there could be two Zamasus. Vegeta surmises that this Zamasu is the one from Trunks' timeline, while Gokū Black is from an altered version of Gokū and Vegeta's timeline created by Trunks' traveling to the past long ago. Zamasu and Black are shocked by the appearance of another Time Ring, and Vegeta suggests that Black's past self has been killed by Beerus, creating a timeline where Black doesn't exist. Black then figures out that Gokū and Vegeta came from the past and resumes fighting with Vegeta. After being healed by Zamasu, Black has become stronger and is now able to fight evenly with Vegeta in Super Saiyan Blue. Black reveals that he's been exploiting the Saiyan's ability to gain a power boost after recovering from injuries. Vegeta is taken down and eats a Senzu hoping to receive a similar power-up, but Black still has the advantage. Trunks surmises that Gokū and Vegeta may no longer be able to power up from that ability. Black stops fighting and gloats that he's reached a new level of power, revealing his newly acquired form - Super Saiyan Rosé, a pink-haired godly equivalent to Super Saiyan Blue. Gokū offers to help against Black, but Vegeta tells him to fight Zamasu.

Gokū confronts Zamasu and immediately goes Super Saiyan Blue. The two dash toward eachother, with Zamasu dashing a lunge punch and Gokū dodging a ki sword slash before blocking another by grabbing Zamasu's hand. He knocks Zamasu down with a punch, noting that he isn't as strong as Black. Zamasu gets up and uses his godly powers to levitate nearby objects. He flings them at Gokū who dodges effortlessly. Zamasu tries throwing a lamppost at Gokū, but Gokū knocks it back and it impales Zamasu's chest. Confident he's won, Gokū reverts to Super Saiyan and tells Zamasu to use the Dragon Balls to revert everything. However, Zamasu pulls the lamppost out of his chest, seemingly unharmed, and the wound heals itself. He then reveals that he destroyed the Dragon Balls after wishing for immortality. Zamasu then teleports the Senzu from Gokū's pocket into his hand and disintegrates them to Gokū's horror. He then hits Gokū with a paralyzing move and kicks him away, claiming that deities have their own way of fighting. Vegeta is doing no better against Black, having been beaten back into his base form. Trunks calls for a retreat, while Black and Zamasu prepare to kill Trunks, thanking him for helping Black get so strong. Trunks uses the Taiyōken and escapes into a sewer with Gokū, Vegeta, and Mai while Black and Zamasu are blinded. Trunks tells Gokū that he learned the Taiyōken from Gohan. Gokū has one idea to defeat Black - the Mafūba, a move used to seal demons inside a rice cooker. Gokū and Vegeta escape in the Time Machine while Trunks and Mai create a diversion.

Back in the present, Gokū and Vegeta arrive looking worse for wear. They eat two of the Senzu Gokū left with Bulma, leaving four left. Gokū apologizes for leaving Trunks behind, but says it was necessary to learn the Mafūba. He then asks if it's possible to return to the exact same day in the future, but Bulma informs him that it's not. A day passing in the current timeline means a day passes in the future as well. On top of this, they will only be able to make one more trip back to Trunks' future. Beerus refuses to come along, saying he's already done his part by killing the present Zamasu. Gokū then prepares to visit Muten Rōshi and learn the Mafūba while Vegeta has other plans, heading straight for Kami's Lookout.

Gokū practices the Mafūba at Kame House as Rōshi looks on. Rōshi scolds Gokū, saying his approach is too rough. When Gokū asks Rōshi to come along and do it himself, Rōshi says he can't because he's not strong enough and would not only fail to seal Zamasu, but would die as well, as happened years ago against King Piccolo. After some time, Gokū feels confident enough to use the Mafūba on Zamasu.

Gokū and Vegeta return to the future, Vegeta having trained in the Room of Spirit and Time. The first thing Gokū notices is that Trunks and Mai are alive, though Trunks' ki is fading. They teleport to the battle scene, where they find Black in Super Saiyan Rosé and Zamasu dominating their opponents Trunks and Shin. Gokū teleports Trunks and Shin away from the battle to Mai, who is transporting the gravely injured Gowasu away. Gokū heals Trunks, Shin, and Gowasu with Senzu, leaving only one left. The battle then finds its way to their location, and the group observe as Vegeta primarily uses Super Saiyan God with brief spurts of Super Saiyan Blue in the instant he throws attacks to gain the edge over Black, similar to the strategy Gokū used against Hit, though Gokū could only pull off the switch once. Zamasu interferes in Vegeta's fight with Black, leading Gokū to confront Zamasu. Zamasu reiterates that he's immortal and there's nothing Gokū can do, but Gokū confidently goes Super Saiyan Blue and immediately uses the Mafūba. He's able to get Zamasu into the jar, but the talisman needed to seal the jar is missing, with Gokū having grabbed a hostess bar discount coupon instead. Zamasu emerges from the jar in shock and vows to obliterate everyone. Gokū enters Super Saiyan God instead of Blue due to the energy he expended using the Mafūba. Zamasu tries to use the paralyzing technique again, but Gokū teleports behind him and kicks him in the back, knocking him to the ground. Zamasu gets up unharmed, noting that he can't take damage. Gokū responds with a punch to the gut, sending Zamasu staggering. He continues to beat on Zamasu, who continues to recover after seconds. Gokū vows to keep on fighting until Zamasu gives up. He points out that Vegeta looks ready to defeat Black and questions what Zamasu will be able to do on his own, being weaker than even Trunks. Trunks notes that Zamasu has taken "psychological damage" during this exchange. Zamasu tries to catch Gokū off guard with a sudden explosion, but Gokū teleports behind him again and sends him flying back with a kiai. Black and Zamasu briefly squabble before remembering their final trump card. As Vegeta prepares to finish them off, Black takes his Potara earring off and places it on his right ear. Gokū fires a ki blast at them, but it's too late as they fuse together into Fused Zamasu.

Facing down their powerful new foe, Gokū notes that he and Vegeta have done a similar fusion like that before with Vegetto. Zamasu quickly darts forward, hitting Gokū and Vegeta with strikes to the gut before they can tell what happened. They collapse to the ground, reverting to base. Overwhelmed at his own strength, Zamasu begins to gloat, enraging Vegeta, who goes Super Saiyan Blue and charges forward. Zamasu effortlessly puts Vegeta down once again, hitting him with multiple quick strikes to the back. With Vegeta grounded, Gokū goes Super Saiyan Blue despite not having the necessary energy to use the form properly. He charges at Zamasu from the side. Zamasu extends his palm out and fires a kiai, knocking Gokū back. Gokū cartwheels back onto his feet and charges forward, throwing multiple punches at Zamasu, who deflects them all aside. Gokū goes for a falling axe-hammer, but Zamasu sends him corkscrewing into the ground with his god powers. Zamasu begins to gloat, but Gokū responds with a Kamehameha which pierces Zamasu's chest. Zamasu stands up and the giant hole in his chest heals itself, revealing that he is still immortal even after the fusion. He begins telepathically choking Gokū, who reverts to base, and Vegeta, suspending them in midair as they struggle for breath. Gokū chastises Vegeta for not finishing Black quickly, while Vegeta yells at Gokū for failing to seal Zamasu in the jar. Suddenly, Zamasu lets loose an enormous explosive wave, enveloping the land around them and leaving a massive crater in the ground. Gokū tells Vegeta that he only has one Senzu left as Zamasu fires an array of ki blasts into the air, which fall back down towards them. Gokū teleports in the way of some blasts heading in the direction of Trunks, Mai, Gowasu, and Shin, blocking them and telling them to get further away. Shin gives Gokū his Potara, suggesting that they become Vegetto to fight Zamasu. Gokū relays the suggestion to Vegeta, who dismisses it, saying he never wants to fuse with Gokū again. Gokū angrily tells Zamasu to stop destroying stuff and fight him before going Super Saiyan Blue. He throws a kick and two punches, which are easily dodged, and Zamasu counters with a spinning somersault kick, knocking Gokū to the ground. He then begins conjuring up massive blocks of Klangite and telepathically throwing them at Gokū. Gokū dodges a few before being hit by one and considerably weakened.

On the sidelines, Gowasu reveals that Potara fusion is only permanent for gods, and Zamasu was never officially appointed a Kaiōshin. Zamasu kicks Gokū, now in base, into a building. Inside the building, Gokū prepares to take the final Senzu before Vegeta arrives, telling him to hand over the Potara. Zamasu prepares to fire his Holy Wrath ki ball at the Saiyans, but they fuse into Vegetto and fire a large ki wave through the side of the building at Zamasu, disintegrating the left side of his torso. The arm quickly grows back, but Zamasu is visibly flustered. Vegetto introduces himself and reveals that Zamasu's fusion will end in an hour. Vegetto eats the final Senzu and powers up to Super Saiyan Blue, vowing to give Zamasu no time to regenerate. He knocks Zamasu back with a kiai and charges toward him, landing a flurry of punches and a chop, knocking Zamasu deep into the ground. He then fires a ball of ki into the crater, creating a large underground explosion. Zamasu emerges from the ground and grabs Vegetto's legs, but Vegetto slices his hands off with a ki sword. He lunges at Zamasu, cutting him up with the ki sword and badly damaging him. He follows this up with a kick, knocking him into the sky. Zamasu heals his injuries and throws another block of Klangite at Vegetto, which he dodges while charging up a Final Kamehameha. Shin speculates that Vegetto's power is greater than that of Beerus. Before Vegetto can fire off the Final Kamehameha, the fusion abruptly ends, and Gokū and Vegeta are hit with a barrage of Klangite blocks.

Badly damaged, Gokū wonders why the fusion didn't last as long as it was supposed to. Gowasu speculates that as mortals, Gokū and Vegeta's fusion was too strong to sustain, while Zamasu doesn't have that problem as he is a god. Zamasu tells the Saiyans to stop desecrating gods and conjures up a small portal in the air beside him. Another one pops up beside Gokū. Zamasu punches through the hole and his fist comes out on the other side, clocking Gokū in the face. While distracted by Gokū getting hit, another hole pops up beside Vegeta and Zamasu's leg emerges from it to kick him in the face. Zamasu continues to beat the Saiyans down through the portals. Vegeta is knocked back towards Trunks, who has just found out he has healing powers thanks to his time serving as apprentice to Shin. However, he can only heal one person at Super Saiyan Blue level, so Vegeta tells him to heal Gokū, as only he can face Zamasu one-on-one, which became clear to Vegeta during the fusion.

Zamasu continues to beat on Gokū, ordering him to beg for his life. Gokū refuses, prompting Zamasu to knock him into a portal leading to another portal below him, where he kicks him again into another. This continues for a while until Vegeta grabs him and simply tells him to go to Trunks. Vegeta provokes Zamasu to buy time, which earns him a vicious, bloody beating to the face. Trunks heals Gokū, telling him that Vegeta wanted it to be him. Trunks is completely de-energized afterward. Gokū teleports back to the battlefield, where Vegeta lays helpless and defeated. Shin gets Vegeta out of the way, setting the stage for round two between Goku and Zamasu.

The two combatants stare eachother down, and Gokū powers up to Super Saiyan Blue. Zamasu questions his use of Blue once again, but Gokū's transformation takes an unusual step, with his aura being absorbed into his being and disappearing. The auraless Saiyan charges forward, throwing a kick which Zamasu blocks with his left arm. Gokū follows up with a left hand, which Zamasu blocks with his right. Gokū throws another right which Zamasu ducks under. They begin trading strikes at a fast rate before Gokū dodges a kick and backflips away from Zamasu. Zamasu throws a flurry of punches through multiple portals, but Gokū is able to dodge most of them, taking only the last one while landing a massive blow to Zamasu's face. Gokū taunts the flustered Zamasu as Vegeta reveals the secret to his power - he's managed to seal Blue's overflowing power inside his body and fight continuously at 100%, effectively "completing" Super Saiyan Blue. Gokū pushes forward with a flurry of punches and kicks, but Zamasu counters with a strong punch to the gut, causing Gokū to spit blood. Angered, Gokū knocks Zamasu back with an elbow. Zamasu dashes forward and the two lock hands in a clinch. Zamasu breaks the clinch with a headbutt to the skull, stunning Gokū. Gokū retaliates with a kick that sends Zamasu flying back. He dashes toward Zamasu, who charges up another Holy Wrath and throws it at Gokū. Gokū takes the blast in a defensive stance and manages to lift it up and over himself, sending it into the sky. Gokū again taunts the flustered Zamasu and lunges forward for another punch, knocking Zamasu into a nearby house. Suddenly, the blue aura reappears around Gokū's right hand and he begins grimacing in pain. He tightens his grip and forces the energy back inside. He laments having to try this so early as his body is already starting to break. The furious Zamasu's injuries heal once again.

Gokū pours on the offense, landing a kick that does significant damage to Zamasu's forearm. Zamasu responds with a kiai, knocking Gokū into a nearby building. Not letting up, Gokū quickly teleports back to Zamasu and hits him with a swinging chop, knocking him back. He dashes after him, but Zamasu regains his stance and forces Gokū down with a telekinetic pull. Held down by Zamasu's will, Gokū still does not let up on his attack, firing a ki blast and following that up with a dashing punch. Zamasu catches the punch in his hand and Gokū blocks a kick with his arm. They begin trading heavy blows, both drawing blood from the other, until both are momentarily downed. Zamasu rises first and removes his heavily damaged Kaiōshin robes, announcing that he is immortal and does not take damage. He begins to heal his injuries, but Gokū gets to his feet once again and knocks him back with a punch, stopping the healing process once again. More of the Blue power leaks from Gokū's body and he notes that he can't keep this up much longer. Zamasu gets up and Gokū concentrates the Blue power into his right fist. Zamasu erupts into a fit of rage, gaining a massive flaming aura. The combatants dash toward eachother, but Gokū suddenly grins and teleports above Zamasu. Gokū apologizes to Beerus for calling his technique horrible and unleashes the Hakai on Zamasu. Zamasu begins to fade out of existence, but before his left side disappears, he reaches into a portal and pulls Mai through, holding her by the throat and distracting Gokū long enough to land a heavy kick to his stomach and stop the Hakai. With Gokū reverted to base and down for the count, Zamasu grows back his disintegrated right side and finally heals back to full power, also regenerating his robes.

Trunks charges forward in Super Saiyan 2, but Zamasu knocks him back into base with a simple glance. He prepares to destroy the planet, but at that moment, his fusion time ends and he begins to defuse. The Zamasus nearly reject the defusion, but Trunks solidifies it by slicing them apart with his sword, again in Super Saiyan 2. With Black down and reverted to base, Trunks plunges his sword deep into his chest, seemingly finishing him off, but Black is unharmed and hits Trunk in the back with a blast. Black pulls the sword out of his back and crushes it in his hands before morphing back into Fused Zamasu. Zamasu stands up and does the same, making it two identical Zamasu staring Gokū down. They hit a combination on Gokū and he notes that they're both equally strong. Enraged and terrified, Vegeta manages to go Super Saiyan Blue once again. He kicks Gokū out of the grip of Zamasu and fires a Gamma Burst Flash at the Zamasu. Though they are left a pile of dismembered body parts, they are still able to regenerate. To everyone's horror, each dismembered piece of Zamasu grows into its own full body. Shin and Gowasu teleport everyone to the Time Machine, but the Zamasu horde finds them quickly as they now number in the dozens and are placed all over the city. Zamasu reveals that he has his own Time Machine, so he can even follow everyone to the past if they try to escape there. He vows to visit the past timeline and terminate the humans there. Seeing no other option, Vegeta tells Gokū to leave with everyone else and pray for a miracle. Gokū decides to stay with him, with the only plan being to go all out until death. Unable to transform, they power up as much as they can in their base forms and prepare for their final stand against what is now hundreds of Zamasu. Gokū looks for a Senzu in his gi and finds the button Zen'ō gave him earlier. He asks Shin if Zen'ō is still around in this timeline, and Shin insists that he must be as nothing can defeat him. Gokū tells Trunks to stop the Time Machine and presses the button, summoning Future Zen'ō, who appears on the spot. When the Zamasu horde sees Zen'ō, they are terrified. Gokū explains the situation to Zen'ō in simple terms, convincing him that Zamasu is a bad guy who needs to be erased. The Zamasu horde hears this and tries to escape, but Zen'ō announces that he's destroying the entire world. Shin and Gowasu teleport away while everyone else escapes in the Time Machine. Seconds later, Zen'ō erases the entire timeline and Zamasu is obliterated.

The group arrives at Capsule Corp where everyone is happily reunited. Shin, Gowasu, Kibito, and the Elder Kaiōshin arrive shortly after. Kibito heals Gokū and Vegeta while the Kaiōshin lament the loss of Trunks' timeline. Gokū excitedly tells Beerus that they were able to defeat Zamasu. Beerus is furious at the Kaiōshin for traveling to the future and at Gokū for involving Zen'ō. Pilaf reveals that they can once again travel to the future thanks to his research, so Gokū asks Bulma to refuel the Time Machine again. Gokū and Trunks return to the blank future, where they find Zen'ō mindlessly floating around. Gokū offers to take him somewhere fun, and he happily obliges. They bring Zen'ō to the present, where Gokū asks Shin to teleport them to Present Zen'ō's palace. Gokū introduces Present Zen'ō to Future Zen'ō, fulfilling his promise of bringing Present Zen'ō a new friend. This impresses the Grand Priest. Back on Earth, Gowasu thanks everyone for their help and returns to Universe 10. Trunks asks if it's possible to go back to a time before Zamasu and Dabra showed up. Beerus begrudgingly allows it. Trunks reveals his intentions to give up his Kaiōshin apprenticeship (and the powers that come with it) once he defeats Dabra and Babidi, which confuses Gokū, but he trusts that the decision is the right one, and that Trunks will be just fine without them.

Universe Survival Arc (manga)

While on a trip to a remote village to pick up groceries, Gokū comes across a man with a broken down truck who appears to be in need of help. When he offers help, he is ambushed by two armed bandits. Gokū incapacitates two of the bandits before disarming the third. When he turns his back, the third bandit pulls out a second gun and fires a series of shots. Gokū catches the bullets and drops them, scaring the bandit away. He notices a bruise from one of the bullets on his arm and realizes he's getting out of shape. His problems are solved when he takes the two bandits he knocked out to the sheriff, who pays him a handsome reward, meaning he can go back to training. He attempts to contact Whis, but there is no answer.

Some time later while Gokū is at Capsule Corp, Whis responds to his calls. Gokū says he wants to train again and offers to bring him some daifuku. He considers inviting Vegeta as well, but Whis informs him that Vegeta is already training at Beerus' planet. Upset that Vegeta is getting an edge on him, Gokū asks to join them, but Vegeta has other plans as his and Bulma's next child is about to be born. When Bulma greets Gokū at Capsule Corp, Gokū is confused by her large belly, not knowing how pregnancy works.

Whis and Vegeta arrive an hour later. Gokū asks why Vegeta insists on being there for his child's birth, admitting he doesn't even know when Gohan or Goten were born. Vegeta calls him a horrible father for this. Gokū and Whis leave for Beerus' planet while Vegeta stays behind. Upon arriving, Gokū, Whis, Beerus, and the Oracle Fish eat the daifuku. Gokū asks Whis to give him a more advanced lesson in today's training, but Whis insists that focusing on the basics is key. Beerus prepares to take a nap, but Gokū asks him to follow up on Zen'ō's promise of a multi-universe tournament. Despite Beerus' warnings about how scary Zen'ō can be, Gokū presses the button, taking himself to Zen'ō's palace.

Gokū asks the two Zen'ōs about the tournament. They say they'd forgotten, and that they "can't do that if we erase them". When Gokū asks what they meant, the Grand Priest tells him not to worry about it as the Zen'ōs agree to do the tournament soon. Unbeknownst to Gokū, his timely arrival had just prevented eight universes from being erased due to the Zen'ōs' boredom. The Grand Priest says the tournament will be held in five tiks, or forty hours. He then asks Gokū to stay for a moment as he informs all of the Gods of Destruction, including Beerus. The Gods of Destruction and Guide Angels of all twelve universes are instantly teleported to the palace, which fascinates Gokū. Future Zen'ō introduces himself to all of the gods for the first time. Champa and the other gods quietly curse Beerus for getting them into this mess. Universe 11 God of Destruction Belmod introduces Toppo, the man who is next in line to replace him.

The Grand Priest announces the tournament to the gods. Though some are upset by the lack of time to prepare, no one is willing to voice their discontent to Zen'ō. Future Zen'ō has no idea what a tournament is as he's never seen one, so the Grand Priest announces a Zen Exhibition Match to showcase what it will be like. He conjures up a fighting stage and asks the Gods of Destruction to enter as representatives of their universe. Should anyone not give it their all, they are to be terminated. Gokū wishes a furious Beerus good luck. Before the match starts, the Gods of Destruction crowd around Beerus, holding him responsible for the day's events. At the start of the match, Gokū observes as Beerus is able to dodge attacks from five other gods. He asks Whis what's going on, and Whis says Beerus's body is able to sense attacks and make decisions to dodge them. As the fight ramps up, Gokū gets more and more excited. Things get to a point where it's impossible to tell what's going on, which leaves the Zen'ōs dissatisfied. The match is ended as a result, and all Gods of Destruction are disqualified from participating in the actual tournament.

Gokū overhears the Zen'ōs talking about canceling the tournament, but he assures them that it will be nothing like that fight. They ask him to show how he fights, so the Grand Priest sets up a match between Gokū and Toppo, with flying, weapons and killing disallowed. The first to fall out of the ring loses. In the stands, other angels show concern with how Gokū talks to the Grand Priest. Toppo asks if Gokū is interested in becoming a God of Destruction, but Gokū says he only wants to get stronger. He also says he can't sense Toppo's energy but he can tell how strong he is. Gokū powers up to Super Saiyan to start. His early strikes are dodged easily, showing that there's still a gap between them. The Zen'ōs ask to see all of Gokū's transformations during the fight. He goes Super Saiyan 2, but the Zen'ōs can't tell the difference between that and the previous form, so he quickly powers up to Super Saiyan 3 and lunges toward Toppo. Toppo is still able to dodge all of his attacks and says it's about time he got serious. He lands a hard right to Gokū's face and follows it up with more punches and kicks before telling him to transform again. Gokū responds by powering up to Super Saiyan God. Toppo fires a blast which Gokū tries to avoid by flying, but he's reminded that flying is prohibited. He takes the blast and narrowly manages to get back in the ring before going on the offensive, finally able to land strikes. Beerus tells him to finish things off by going Super Saiyan Blue, so he transforms and goes for the finishing punch, but Toppo ducks it and lands a devastating kick to the gut, knocking Gokū out of the ring. Toppo is declared the winner of the match. He reveals to Gokū that there is a man named Jiren in Universe 11 who is even stronger than the God of Destruction. Despite losing to Toppo, Gokū is excited about the challenge the tournament brings.

The Grand Priest announces the final rules - each universe will choose ten fighters. The fighters will all be placed in the ring at once, with the only means of elimination being falling out of the ring. The time limit for the match is forty-eight minutes or 100 taks. The team with the most members remaining at the end wins. The Super Dragon Balls will be awarded to the strongest fighter remaining in the ring. Finally, he reveals that all losing universes will be erased by the Zen'ōs, which shocks everybody. Due to their high average mortal level, Universes 1, 12, 5, and 8 are exempt from the tournament. Whis correctly concludes that this tournament actually gives a universe that was slated to be erased a chance to be spared. The tournament is to take place in the World of Void. With everyone informed, the Grand Priest teleports everyone back to their respective universe.

Upon arriving back at Beerus' planet, a furious Beerus slaps Gokū for getting involved with Zen'ō. Shin comes to his defense, saying Gokū gave Universe 7 a chance to be saved from erasure. Gokū considers going back to the palace to ask the Zen'ōs to reconsider erasing everyone, but Whis warns him that he could get himself erased. They decide to go to Capsule Corp to begin building the team.

Vegeta initially refuses to compete, not wanting to miss the birth of his child, but Whis takes care of that by delivering the baby instantly and painlessly. Gokū mistakenly believes this is how all babies are born. Vegeta and Bulma meet their new daughter for the first time. The group begin choosing fighters for the team. They start with Gokū, Vegeta, Piccolo, Buu, and Monaka, but Beerus says Monaka is sick and can't compete. Other names mentioned are Gohan, Master Roshi, Tenshinhan, Krillin, Android 18, and Android 17. Not knowing where to find #17, Gokū leaves to ask #18, with Vegeta reminding him to grab Senzu before Whis warns him that they'll be against the rules. Fortunately, Buu's healing powers will be there in their place.

Gokū arrives at Krillin and #18's late at night. After eating, Gokū explains the situation to Krillin, leaving out the part about the universe erasures. #18 refuses until Gokū lies about a cash prize. Krillin suggests he ask Dende to help find #17. Gokū goes to Kami's Lookout to ask. Dende says he's on an island and moves the lookout towards his location. He also tells Gokū of a young boy on Earth named Uub, who is very strong and known to be the reincarnation of Majin Buu. The lookout arrives at the island and Gokū arrives only to realize he doesn't know what #17 looks like. He runs into a group of poachers, who he initially mistakes for #17. After dealing with the poachers, #17 attacks Gokū, mistaking him for another one. #17 overwhelms him with punches, so he powers up to Super Saiyan 2. #17 is still able to maintain the advantage with a headbutt to the lower body, knocking Gokū into the air. After going Super Saiyan 3, Gokū is able to fight evenly with #17. He stops fighting to try to talk, but #17 keeps attacking, readying a large ki ball before Gokū finally tells him who he is.

Moro Arc (manga)

Part V

28th Tenka-Ichi Budōkai Arc

Ten years after the defeat of Majin Boo, Gokū still keeps training. One day he receives the visit of Bulma and Vegeta, while training with Goten and his granddaughter Pan, he reveals that he plans to enter in the 28th Tenkaichi Budōkai and asks Vegeta to join as he feels that a powerful fighter will show up in the tournament, sparking his rival interest.

After arriving to the tournament, he meets Mark and tells him that he alongside Vegeta, Trunks, Goten and Pan passed the prelims but assures him that if any of them makes to the finals, they will let him win. During the drawing matches section, Gokū manipulates them so that he can fight the young kid named Oob.

After Pan finishes her match, Gokū and Oob go out and step on the arena to begin their fight. As the match begins, Gokū notices the young boy shaking in insecurity and so he purposely begins to taunt Oob in order to make him start fighting, which he successes in doing. At one point during their fight, the young boy release Ki energy, Gokū realizes that the boy´s lack of experience in fighting and use of his power so he decides to train him.

After informing his family about his decision, the Saiyan takes the boy onto his back and fly away from the tournament to Oob's village to begin the training.

In Other Media

Dragon Ball GT

Main article: Dragon Ball GT

Note: The following contents are "C-Canon". Please read Canon policy for further information.

Ultimate Dragon Balls Arc

Super Baby Arc

Super No. 17 Arc

Evil Dragons Arc

Concludes "C-Canon" section.

In Other Timelines

Trunks' Timeline


Son Gokū in the Afterlife.

Son Gokū's future counterpart shares the same past events as his counterpart in the main timeline until his return to Earth after defeating Freeza on Namek. In this timeline, Gokū uses the Instantaneous Movement technique to descend on Earth earlier where he successfully killed Freeza and Cold's future counterparts when they arrived in August of Age 764.

However, in Age 766, Son Gokū contracted an aggressive, incurable, heart disease and died six months before the appearance of the Androids. The Androids Emerge leads to death of multiple members of the Dragon Team, almost amassing to all their deaths with the exception Son Gohan and Trunks by May of Age 767. In an effort to change the events of past Bulma creates a Time Machine to send her son back in time to save Son Gokū's fate.

Notes & References


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