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Stretcthing Arms
Stretching Arms[1][2]
びるうで Nobiru Ude
Games Mystic Throw (ミスティックスルー, Misutikku Surū)[3]
Demon Tribe Fist (魔連撃, Marenken)[4]
Demon Hand[5]
Namek Finger[6]
Demon Shock Fist (魔電拳)[7]
Other US Demon Shocker
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 15, Chapter 173
Anime Debut DB138
Type Ability
Class Offensive
Range Long range

The Stretching Arms is an ability of the Nameccian species.


This unique technique takes advantage of the Nameccian physiology, allowing Piccolo to freely expand and contract the cells in his body via willpower. Through this, his arm stretches to immense distances, and due to the strangeness of it, it can often surprise an opponent, capturing them and pulling them in before they can react.[8] However, once an opponent has seen the technique before, countering it becomes that much easier.[1][9]


  • Due to their malleable body, the many Majin Būs within the series are capable of using a technique similar to this. It is not the exact same, however, as this technique is exclusive to Nameccians.


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