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Super Dragon Fists
Super Dragon Double Fists
超龍双拳 Chō Ryū Futakobushi
Other US Super Dragon Twin Fists[1]
First Appearance
Movie Debut Movie #15
Game Debut Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
Type Ki Manipulation Technique
Sub-Type Basic type
Class Offensive
Range Close range
Parent Double Kikōha
Air Dance Technique

The Super Dragon Double Fists is a Ki Manipulation Technique that was created by Son Gokū.


The technique was utilized under Super Saiyan 3, Gokū's battle against Janenba. The blow was strong enough to defeat the large transformed state of Janenba. Gokū creates dual Kikōha from both arms and uses his Air Dance Technique to slam onto the target crushing them in the blast.



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