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Broly's Aura
Super Saiyan Full Power[1]
超サイヤ人フルパワー Chō Saiya-jin Furu Pawā
Games Super Saiyan Full Power[2]
Other Super Saiyan Broly Full Power (超サイヤ人ブロリー (フルパワー), Sūpā Saiya-jin Burorī (Furu Pawā))[3]
Legendary Super Saiyan (伝説の超サイヤ人, Densetsu no Sūpā Saiya-jin)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Dragon Ball Super Jump Carnival Book
Movie Debut Movie 20
Type Ability
Class Supplementary
Range User
Parent Super Broly
Related technique(s)

Super Saiyan Full Power (超サイヤ人フルパワー, Chō Saiya-jin Furu Pawā)[1] is the Legendary Super Saiyan transformation of a Saiyan who has combined their Super Saiyan form with the Great Monkey Transformation, achieving a unique form. It is the full-power version of his Super Broly state, which combines the Great Monkey Transformation with the traditional Super Saiyan form, resulting in a being of inconceivable power.


Legendary Saiyan Broly

Broly in his full-power state.

This state is vastly different from the traditional Super Saiyan transformation. It gives Broly massively overbuilt muscles, as well as rigid spiked hair (a trait also shared by the Super Saiyan Third Grade); the user also loses their irises, a trait that Third Grade and Rage displayed, though only temporarily. Irises can be displayed in brief instances, as Broly's irises briefly returned during his fight with Gogeta. In this instance, they are golden, the same color as the Wrath state. However, unlike the original Super Saiyan state, the user's hair takes on a green tint.[4]

In addition the increased muscle mass, the user seems to be much taller than their normal form whenever they are transformed into this state. When Broly transforms, he grows to an astounding three meters in height.[5]

The aura presented by this state possesses several noticeable differences from the aura presented by the standard Super Saiyan form. In this form, Broly's aura, is pure green with a golden interior outline around himself.[4]


The Super Saiyan Broly (Full Power) is the completed version of the Super Broly form, combining Super Saiyan with the Great Monkey Transformation, and displays traits similar to both. This form was strong enough to fight Gogeta in Super Saiyan form, forcing him to transform to Super Saiyan Blue.

Broly-type Super Saiyan

Like the traditional Super Saiyan line, the Legendary Saiyan has multiple levels of power. These are referred to as the Broly-type Super Saiyan transformations, or simply a Broly transformation (ブロリー化, Burorī-ka).[6] These levels of power are all technically the Super Saiyan Broly (Full Power) transformation itself; the only thing that truly differentiates them, besides some physical variations, is the power output the user chooses to adopt.

Super Broly

Main article: Super Broly

Super Broly

Super Broly.

A weaker version of his final form, when Broly is still in control of himself, he can transform into a unique Super Saiyan form known as Super Broly. In this form, his muscle mass increases and he loses his pupils. However, his hair is golden like the traditional Super Saiyan form.[7]

In Other Media

Video Games


Super Saiyan Full Power Broly in Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

In the Super Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Mission 6 trailer, Broly showcased his Super Saiyan Full Power transformation against Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta.


  • This transformation bears a number of similarities to the Super Saiyan 4 transformation from the anime-only sequel Dragon Ball GT.
  • Despite its inclusion in the film, the Super Saiyan Full Power transformation was not included in Toriyama's original script, and was added by Toei themselves.[citation needed]

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