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Tail Attack
Tail Attack[1]
しっこうげき Shippo Kōgeki
Games Tail Attack (テールアタック, Tēru Atakku)[2]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #4, Chapter #39
Anime Debut DB023
Movie Debut Movie 19 (Flashback)
Game Debut Dragon Ball Z Sparking!
Type Special
Class Offensive
Range Close range
Non-canon Users

The Tail Attack is a special technique where the user moves their tail to attack.


The technique is utilized through the use of a tail. In this maneuver, the user extends their tail like a whip, striking the opponent, or uses it to bind the opponent or restrain them in a way beneficial to the user in combat.[1] This technique in the anime, illustrates that the user uses ki to surround the tail to empower its strength.[3][4]


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