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太陽拳 Taiyōken
Literal English Fist of the Sun
English TV Solar Flare
Games Sun Spot[3]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 124
Anime Debut DB094
Movie Debut Movie 6
Game Debut Dragon Ball Z: Super Butōden
Type Ki Manipulation Technique
Sub-Type Attack-Assisting type
Class Offensive
Range All ranges
Derived technique(s)
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Taiyōken is one of the signature techniques of the Tsuru-Sen Style Dōjō and is a non-lethal attack used to blind the victim.


The Taiyōken is a technique developed by the Tsuru-Sen Style Dōjō, and was used exclusively by them before Son Gokū memorized the technique and became the first non-Tsuru-Sen Style Dōjō fighter to employ it.[1]


To utilize the Taiyōken, the user places their hands near the center of their face, extending their fingers over their eyes. Calling out the name of the technique, the user manipulates the ki in their body, converting it into light energy and then radiating the glow out in front of their face. It manifests as a blinding white and blue light, blinding everything in front of the user's face, as well as causing extreme pain to the eyes. This technique is primarily used for retreating from battle. The light created is tied directly to the user's ki; the more ki they have, and the stronger their ki is, the more vivid the light they produce will become.[1]

Due to the fact that the technique is simply a flash of light, it has shown to work on any target regardless of the power gap between them; in fact, weaker characters, such as Kulilin, have been shown using it to escape from stronger fighters such as Freeza. The technique, despite its usefulness, is rendered entirely null if the target is wearing sunglasses.[4][5]


  • The technique's full name is New Tsuru-Sen Dōjō: Taiyōken. However, Daizenshū drops the "New Tsuru-sen Dōjō" aspect of the name.[6]


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