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Talisman-Sticked Electric Jar[1][2]
Kanji お札を貼った電子ジャー
Rōmaji Ofuda o Hatta Denshi-Jā
Games Hot Pot[3]
Manga Debut Chapter 135
Anime Debut DB102
Game Debut Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure
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The Talisman-Sticked Electric Jar is an item for sealing away Piccolo Daimaō.


It's used in the past by the martial arts master Mutaitō to seal away Piccolo Daimaō. It was later used by Kame Sennin, but failed. Tenshinhan later tried using it again, but since the electric jar had been damaged it couldn’t seal Daimaō away.


Though it was originally a tool for cooking rice, by being inscribed with charms it was changed into a sealing item ー though there's no need for it to be an electric jar; any item is fine as long as it can be sealed and is sticked with Talismans. The tool can't seal away the opponent if it is damaged or has cracks.[1][2]



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