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Kanji お茶
Rōmaji Ocha
Universe 7th Universe
10th Universe
Galaxy Milky Way, North Galaxies
Residence Earth
Kaiōshin Realm

Tea (お茶, Ocha) is a drink consumed throughout the Universes, most notably by the 10th Universe's Kaiōshin.


Tea is typically brewed with tea leaves and water, and consumed hot. When brewed by a Kaiōshin, it is notably that tea has special qualities. Tea reflects the heart, and when brewed by an impure heart, the taste and appearance of the tea will be affected.[1] Similarly, tea brewed by the pure of heart is the most most desirable and tasteful.[2]

In Other Media

In the video game, Dragon Ball Z Buu's Fury, tea is one of the many drinks available in the game, that act as a recovery item, it restores 40 EP (Energy Points).[3]


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