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ときとばし Toki-Tobashi
English TV Time-Skip
Viz Time-Skip
Games Time Slip[1]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 2, Chapter 12
Anime Debut DBS038
Game Debut Dragon Ball Heroes
Type Unique Technique
Sub-Type Ability
Class Supplementary
Derived technique(s)
Related technique(s)

The Time-Leap is a unique skill used by Hit. Despite its name, the skill does not involve the act of "leaping" through time so much as it does the freezing of time.


For a fraction of a second, Hit can use the Time-Leap to freeze time for everyone but himself. While this would normally make such an ability ineffective, with Hit's incredible speed, he can combine the Time-Leap with his combat style to quickly and efficiently take out his opponents.[2] With an initial time limit of 0.1 second, Hit was able to improve and increase the limit to 0.2 and later 0.5 of a second during his fight with Gokū. After a year of training, Hit would improve this limit further to a full minute. Moreover, the Time-Leap has the attribute of allowing the user to control who becomes affect by the power meaning that it is possible to have more than one person moving and interacting with its surroundings at the same time while everything else is frozen.[3] This technique barely uses any of Hit's stamina, allowing Hit to use the technique rapidly and in quick succession, meaning that even an opponent who can read it will eventually wear themselves down.[4]

What is notable about this technique is that when Hit 'leaps' through time in this way, he can store the time he has 'leaped' through, and uses it to create a pocket dimension that he can use to become intangible.[5]


  • This technique is flawless if someone cannot anticipate it; however, if someone knows the mechanics of the technique and has quick reflexes, they can begin to learn to counter the technique by anticipating Hit's movements.[2]
  • Time-Leap only works on a target who is equal to or less than Hit's own battle power; hence, when Gokū used a Kaiōken-enhanced Super Saiyan Blue, he was able to overcome Hit's Time-Leap. In the manga, the Super Saiyan Blue form proved enough to overpower Hit and the Time-Leap.[6][7]



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