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Please note that this is the Dragon Ball Universe Wiki's article on the time machine created by Bulma. If you are looking for the article on the Time Machine created by Tokunoshin Ōmori then you should head to Ōmori's Time Machine.
I'd thought it was impossible for humans to create. [...] It is indeed amazing...but did you know that travelling to the past or future, or controlling time is a grave crime?

—Whis to Bulma in A Message From the Future — Gokū Black Invades!

Time Machine[1][2]
Kanji タイムマシン
Rōmaji Taimu Mashin
Other Bulma's Time Machine (ブルマのタイムマシン, Buruma no Taimu Mashin)[1]
Manga Debut Chapter 335
Movie Debut Movie 16
Inventor/Creator Bulma (Future)
Manufacturer Capsule Corporation Capsule Corporation
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This Time Machine is a vehicle capable of transcending time invented by the Bulma of the future.


It was invented by Bulma in the future, and Trunks rode it to the past to give Gokū the special medicine for his contagious disease.



By inputting the year number into the cockpit's keyboard, the vehicle is capable of moving to the intended year. It is also equipped with the ability to become a capsule. With the resources present in the future, it takes quite awhile — 8 months in Trunks' first travel — for the Time Machine's energy to refill, so it cannot be used frequently. However, in the present, Bulma has been shown capable of reproducing the fuel needed for the Time Machine within a day. Due to insufficient equipment, only one time machine was produced.[1][2] It is releaved that time machine is connected to a parallel world, not the future whenever the initial settings are still in place. If the settings change and if the connection can't be strong enough, it would no longer be able to go to the same future again.[3]



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