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Time Ring
Kanji ときゆび
Rōmaji Toki no Yubiwa
Viz Ring of Time
Manga Debut Chapter 16 (Super)
Anime Debut DBS049
Movie Debut Movie 19

The Time Ring (ときゆび, Toki no Yubiwa; Viz "Ring of Time") is a confidential item used by the Kaiōshin and it allows them to travel to the future and back to present.


It's "created" whenever the alternative timeline is generated,[1] and also possesses the ability to follow "distortions" (時空のゆがみ, jikū no yugami; Literally meaning "space-time distortion") in space-time to the source, such as following Trunks from the future to the past. The ring has its limitations, however — if the distortion in space-time mends itself, the user is forced back into the era they came from. Without a distortion, the Time Ring does not permit travel to the past.[2]

Unlike the Time Machine, which is limited in how it can travel, the Time Ring can freely travel into any parallel future, as well as the direct future of the timeline they are in.[3] Additionally, a Time Ring is not to be used on a whim; immense thought and care must be behind the decision to don the ring and travel through time. The 10th Universe's Time Rings were last used four hundred years before Zamasu became Gowasu's disciple[4] — until Zamasu himself took the rings for his own ends.

It was initially stated that only Kaiōshin can utilize the Time Rings, however, this appears to be false. The Time Ring recognizes anyone who wears the Potara of a Kaiōshin as a "Kaiōshin", and enables them to use the ring, even if they have not been properly promoted — this is seen with Zamasu and Gokū Black.

In Other Media

Video Games

The Time Ring appears in all video game media where Gokū Black is either a playable character or appears in some form. In Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2, Black noted that his Time Ring was reacting to the Time Patroller when he followed Trunks to the past.


  • The Time Ring's design strongly resembles the insignia of the Time Breakers.


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