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A record of events according to the anime, movies, and games.

Historical Timeline

The Story of Gokū's Birth

Age Event
About 5 million years ago Bibidi "creates" Majin Boo and then goes on a rampage, during which many planets are lost.
Bū kills the Kaiōshin, save for the East Kaiōshin, before being sealed away by Bibidi on Earth.
737 Kakarot is born.
Freeza destroys planet Vegeta.
Burdock is sent back to the past due by the explosion of his homeworld.
Jaco the Galactic Patrolman arrives to Earth.
Kakarot is picked up by Son Gohan on Earth and is named "Son Gokū".
739 Hakaishin Beerus goes to sleep.

Dragon Ball Timeline

Son Gokū Boy Arc

Age Event
749 Gokū and Bulma meet and set off on a journey to find the Dragon Balls.
Shenron is first summoned.
Gokū destroys Pilaf's Castle as a giant ape.
Gokū and Kuririn are apprenticed to Muten Rōshi.
750 21st Tenka-Ichi Budōkai held.
Gokū goes on a journey again to find the Dragon Balls.
The battles with the Red Ribbon Army occur.
Gokū meets Karin and goes on to defeat the Red Ribbon Army.
In the palace of the all-seeing crone, Gokū is reunited with his late adoptive-grandfather, Son Gohan.

Piccolo Arc

Age Event
753 22nd Tenka-Ichi Budōkai held.
Kuririn is killed.
Piccolo Daimaō appears.
Piccolo is able to obtain eternal youth with the Dragon Balls.
Gokū defeats Piccolo.
Piccolo Junior is born.
756 23rd Tenka-Ichi Budōkai held.
Gokū (18 years old) fights Piccolo.
Gokū becomes the "Strongest Under the Heavens".

Dragon Ball Z Timeline

Saiyan Arc

Age Event
761 Raditz comes to Earth.
Raditz and Gokū are killed by Piccolo.
The Dragon Team begins training to fight the Saiyans.
762 Vegeta and Nappa arrive on Earth.
The Dragon Team fights the Saiyans.
Gokū arrives to Earth.
Vegeta is defeated.

Freeza Arc

Age Event
762 Gohan, Kuririn, and Bulma leave for Namek.
Gokū trains at 100 times gravity on his journey to Namek.
Freeza is on Namek.
Gokū arrives on Namek and defeats the Ginyu Special Squad.
Piccolo is revived. Nail and Piccolo fuse.
Freeza enters his true form.
Gokū recovers completely.
Freeza kills Kuririn, transforming Gokū into a Super Saiyan.
Namek is destroyed.
763 The Makyo Star comes close to the Earth.
It resurrects Garlic Junior who confront Gohan.(Anime only)

Androids-Cell Arc

Age Event
764 Gokū to returns to Earth.
Trunks comes from the future and defeats Freeza and Cold.
764-767 Vegeta starts to train to become Super Saiyan in the gravity room.(Anime only)
Bulma begins to fall in love with Vegeta.(Anime only)
Gokū and Piccolo, go to driving school.(Anime only)
767 The Androids appear.
Cell appears that afternoon.
Gokū becomes sick with the heart disease.
The Saiyans enter the Room of Spirit and Time.
Cell reaches his Developed Form.
Cell announces the Cell Games.
Gokū dies.
Gohan defeats Cell.
Trunks returns to the future. Gokū goes to Grand Kaiō's world.(Anime only)
The Anoyo-Ichi Budōkai is held.(Anime only)

Majin Boo Arc

Age Event
774 Gohan is accepted into Orange Star High School.
Videl is introduced.
Great Saiyanman is born.
The 25th Tenka-Ichi Budōkai is held.
Gokū returns to the living world for the day.
Trunks wins the Junior Division.
No. 18 allows Mr. Satan to win the tournament.
The Dragon Team attempts to stop Majin Boo's revival.
The battle between Gokū and Vegeta revives Majin Boo.
Vegeta sacrifices himself
Gokū unveils Super Saiyan 3.
Old Kaiōshin is freed.
Gotenks is born.
The evil Majin Boo is born.
Gotenks becomes Super Saiyan 3.
Gohan obtains Potential Released.
Bū absorbs Gotenks, Piccolo, and Gohan.
Gokū and Vegeta fuse into Vegetto.
Bū transforms into his pure form.
Bū destroys the Earth.
Gokū kills Majin Boo with the Super Genki Dama.

Gods of the Universe Arc

Age Event
778 Bulma holds a grandiose birthday party.
Beerus awakens.
Beerus comes to Earth looking for the Super Saiyan God.
Trunks falls in love Mai of the Pilaf Gang.
An angry Bulma slaps Beerus, who slaps her back. Vegeta temporarily becomes stronger than Gokū.
Gokū becomes a Super Saiyan God.
778~ A revived Freeza and his army invade the earth.

The World at Peace Arc

Age Event
784 The 28th Tenka-Ichi Budōkai is held.
Gokū leaves with Oob.

Post-Epilogue Timeline


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