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The only wish in my heart is to SLAY-EVIL-IMMEDIATELY!

—Toppo to Son Gokū in "Bergamo the Crusher versus Son Gokū! Who Has Sky-High Power?!"

Toppo Infobox
Epithet Toppo the Warrior of Freedom (自由の戦士 トッポ, Jiyū no Senshi Toppo)
Hakaishin Candidate Toppo (破壊神候補トッポ, Hakaishin Kohō Toppo; Destruction God Candidate Toppo)[2]
Hakaishin Toppo (破壊神トッポ, Hakaishin Toppo; Destruction God Toppo)[3]
English Localized Name(s) Top
Personal Data
Universe 11th Universe Symbol 11th Universe
Race Alien
Gender Male Icon Male
Voice Actors
English Ray Hurd
Japanese Kenji Nomura
Professional Status
Team(s) Pride Troopers
11th Universe
Occupation(s) Leader of the Pride Troopers
Bodyguard(Anime only)
Hakaishin Candidate
Master(s) Vermoud
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 28
Anime Debut DBS078
Game Debut Super Dragon Ball Heroes
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Toppo (トッポ) is the leader of the Pride Troopers, who is being trained by Vermoud to succeed him as Hakaishin of the 11th Universe.[4]


Toppa is a respectful individual towards the gods, who finds actions such as placing them in harm disrespectful.[5] Despite this view, he prioritises justice and the idea of "Slay-Evil-Immediately" (悪即斬, Aku-Soku-Zan) above it, as much so as to disrupt the gods gathering to accomplish, which he acknowledges to also be a disrespectful act. He is notably a hammy individual, who considers the 11th Universe as being brave and beautiful.[6]

After being ambushed by Freeza during his and Lapis' beam clash, Toppo abandoned his sense of justice and powers up to his God of Destruction-esque mode, becoming ruthless towards his opponents, but at the same time still begrudgingly abide by the Tournament rules. He returned to his normal self after being defeated by Vegeta.

In the manga, Toppo's personality is far more subdued, dialing back the ham in favor of more honorable persona. He exhibits no animosity towards Gokū, nor does he display the typical behavior seen in the Pride Troopers of the anime. He does, however, appear to have a dislike for those who waste his time, and has a great deal of respect for his teacher, Vermoud.[7]

Toppo is shown to rather be patient, at least with Jiren. He considers Jiren to be a dear friend, but rarely has an opportunity to display that friendship since Jiren has always been independent and is the most powerful warrior of the 11th universe, even though Jiren berated Toppo on at least one occasion. However, after Goku reached through Jiren, Toppo finally is able to begin showing his friendship with Jiren, with him noting that while Jiren has always been a lone wolf, when he stood up again, it was due to him trying to live up to the hopes of his comrades and hence even without realizing it, Jiren has built a bond with the other Pride Troopers and hence offering Jiren to train harder to win against Goku and Vegeta next time.


Toppo Reender

Toppo's full appearance.

Toppo is a large man, who has orange skin, yellow eyes, bulging veins on his head, pointy ears and a noticeably large white moustache. Being a Pride Trooper, he wears their uniform which is a red and black jumpsuit, with white gloves and boots.


Toppo is an exceptionally powerful veteran[8] warrior of the 11th Universe, with enough capability to be recognized as the second strongest mortal of his respective universe,[9] also possessing such ability that Toppo is considered a candidate to become the next Hakaishin.[10][11] A warrior conditioned for combat, Toppo displayed enough ability to be selected as a bodyguard for Kai. Toppo's performance in the Tournament of Power shocked individuals, demonstrating feats such as withstanding Son Gohan's Kamehameha without showing injury,[12] and displayed optimal capability against the tournament's strongest warriors; including Vegeta, Freeza and Son Gokū, defeating only two of latter, surviving to last two remaining warriors of his respective universe.

From training with Vermoud, Toppo gained the ability to use god ki, allowing him to not be sensed by mortals.[13] In the manga, the state Toppo takes after activating his godly ki is called Aura of a God. After activating his godly ki, Toppo's power increases to a whole other level from what it was before. During the Zen Exhibition Match, this power allowed him to fight on par with Super Saiyan God Goku and even defeat him in his Completed Super Saiyan Blue form, though the latter was said to have dropped his guard (not used his full power in the Viz translation).


Hakaishin Mode

Toppo Transformation

Toppo coating himself with Energy of Destruction.

Giving into his Hakaishin power and transforming, Toppo's physical strength extraordinarily increases, as well as his Ki Manipulation Techniques, which become strong enough to shatter Barriers. While using Energy of Destruction, Toppo can launch it as an orb to destroy or greatly injure a target, which is stronger than Sidra's, as well as surrounding himself with it to protect himself from attacks.[14]


Toppo as the leader of the Pride Troopers, has skill in leading and directing his forces against the forces of evil. As a fighter he is a master grappler with a great deal of experience, as well as skilled in hand-hand. He is very observant as he acknowledged Hit as no ordinary fighter, read Android 17 attacks easily, and understood that he would have to deal with the latter quickly because of the infinite ki.

Part IV

Universe Survival Arc

Eleventh Universe Figures

Toppo guarding Kai at the Zen Exhibition Match.

When Kai's attendance was required at the Zen Exhibition Match, the Kaiōshin brought Toppo as his bodyguard to the event, where the two alongside Vermoud and Marcarita watch the 7th and 9th Universe contestants fight each other. During Majin Boo and Basil's fight, he protects the others and himself from one of Basil's attacks, and comments that it's a disrespect to the gods.[15] From observing Gokū actions, Toppo decides to speak to the Saiyan, and excuses himself as he confronts him in the ring.[6]

Toppo Vs Goku

Toppo facing Gokū.

Upon meeting Gokū, Toppo challenges him, and declares he will defeat him if he bears evil intent. After Zen'ō approves the match, Toppo begins fighting and overwhelming Gokū until he uses Super Saiyan Blue. When Gokū damages Toppo's uniform with his Kamehameha, Toppo takes it as an insult to his pride, to which he prepares to show the Saiyan true justice. As he powers up, the Grand Priest stops the match in the case Toppo or Gokū die and ruin the upcoming Tournament of Power.[16]

Gokū approaches Toppo to thank him for a good fight and compliments his strength however, Toppo shrugs off Gokū's thanks by stating that there is a friend of his that would be even stronger than him: Jiren.

Universe Survival Arc (manga)

Toppo accompanies the fellows Gods of the 11th Universe, where Kai, Vermoud and Marcarita report to the Grand Priest. The role of Toppo as a candidate as a Hakaishin, requires him to be there as a representative of the 11th Universe.

After a long-fought battle between the other Hakaishin, Toppo is requested to battle against Gokū, another mortal who also ventured from his respective universe for arranging of the Tournament of Power. Toppo accepts the bout and prepares to fight against Gokū.

List of Battles

Creation and Conception

According to an interview, Toppo was designed by Akira Toriyama. He inherited the personality traits originally intended for Jiren — his talkative nature. Additionally, Toppo's status as a Hakaishin candidate was in Toriyama's draft for the Tournament of Power arc.[17]


  • His name is likely an anagram of the English word for "pot" (ポット, potto).
  • Toppo alongside Gokū, are the only two known characters considered to succeed a Hakaishin.


  • (To Son Gokū, about his ideal) "The only wish in my heart is to SLAY-EVIL-IMMEDIATELY!" (「わが心にある望みは 悪 即 斬なり!」, "Waga kokoro ni aru nozomi wa Aku Soku Zan ari!")[6]
  • (To Son Gokū) "I shall not forgive you for placing our universe in danger! The only one that should be erased, Son Gokū, is you!" (「われらの宇宙に 危機を もたらした お前を 私は許さない!消えてなくなるのは 孫 悟空 お前一人で 十分だ!」, "Warera no uchū ni kiki o motarashita omae o watashi wa yurusanai! Kiete nakunaru no wa Son Gokū omae ichi-nin de jūbunda!")[16]
  • (To Son Gokū, about his ideal) "I love my people! I love my country! I love my planet! I love my universe! I am leader of the Pride Troopers, Toppo! Small evils. Normal evils. Big evils! All evils shall shatter before the iron fist of justice!" (「人を愛し 国を愛し 星を愛し 宇宙を愛する!わが名は プライド・トルーパーズ リーダー トッポ!小さな悪 普通の悪 大きな悪!全ての悪はこの正義の鉄拳が 打ち砕く!」, "Hito o aishi Kuni o aishi Hoshi o aishi Uchū o aisuru! Waga na wa Puraido Torūpāzu rīdā Toppo! Chīsana aku futsū no aku ōkina aku! Subete no aku wa kono seigi no tekken ga uchikudaku!")[16]


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