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Hakaishin Toppo
Toppo: Hakaishin Mode
破壊の力 Hakai no Chikara
Other Toppo: Hakaishin Mode (トッポ 破壊神モード, Toppo Hakaishin Mōdo; Literally meaning "Toppo: Destruction God Mode")[1]
First Appearance
Anime Debut DBS125
Game Debut Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
Type Special
Class Offensive
Range All ranges
Parent Destruction

The Toppo: Hakaishin Mode is a transformation, related to the Destruction ability, utilized by Toppo. While using this power, Toppo is referred to as Hakaishin Toppo (破壊神トッポ; Literally meaning "Destruction God Toppo").


Toppo Transformation

Hakaishin Toppo.

When using the Power of Destruction, Toppo's body bulks up and becomes more proportional. He radiates an aura consisting of the energy of Destruction, his skin darkens in hue, he gains a red marking symbolizing the 11th Universe on his abdomen, and his eyes take on a violet hue. His ears also grow out and become more horn-like.


In the anime, in desperation to win and survive the Tournament of Power, Toppo made the conscious decision to abandon his ideals of justice to attain Hakaishin Mode. In this state, Toppo ascends to a level of power equal to a Hakaishin. While in this form, all of Toppo's physical attributes are greatly enhanced, to the point of allowing him to dominate Freeza in his Golden Freeza form. No. 17 noted that, while in this form, even Toppo's ordinary energy attacks are exponentially strengthened.[2]


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