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Zen Exhibition Match

Tournament of Power
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Tournament of Power




Realm of Nothingness


The Tournament of Power (力の大会, Chikara no Taikai) is an inter-universal martial arts competition hosted by two Zen'ō in order to determine which universes among eight universes with the lowest Mortal Level will be erased.

The tournament is structured as a battle royal lasting 100 "tacks" — approx. 48 Earth minutes, which features a single match between eighty warriors, each ten selected by Hakaishin and Kaiōshin of each respective universe. While the winning team is rewarded with a wish from the Super Dragon Balls, the seven losing teams have their universe and all its inhabitants including themselves destroyed.[1]



Much like the Tenka-Ichi Budōkai, the Tournament of Power has several rules, which are as follows:

  1. The goal of the match is to push the opponent out of the ring. Should the opponent collapse, they are to be tossed out of the ring.[2]
  2. Weapons other than techniques are forbidden.[2]
Addendum: As the Zen'ō has found both the bottle that the Kame Sennin used for the Mafūba[3], as well as the Potara[4], to be "interesting", these items were made legal.
  1. Opponents may not be killed.[2]
  2. The Air Dance Technique is nullified in the Realm of Nothingness.[2] However, biological and other forms of artificial Flight are allowed.[5]
  3. Stamina healing objects like Senzu are forbidden.[6]
  4. It is strongly recommended that the 10 fighters from their respective universe will have to utilize teamwork and strategy, rather than power alone.
  5. Attacking from the stands is forbidden, and will result in erasure.
  6. Should there be a single person left in the Tournament Ring, they will be victors of their universe.

Zen Exhibition Match[]

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The Universes Prepare[]

Early Stages[]

Middle Stages[]

End Stages[]



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