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Tracking Kienzan[1][2]
ついえんざん Tsuibi Kienzan
Literal English Tracking Ki Circle Cut
Games Death Saucer
Double Death Slicer[3]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 27, Chapter 325
Anime Debut DBZ103
Movie Debut Movie 19 (Flashback)
Type Ki Manipulation Technique
Sub-Type Blending type
Class Offensive
Range Long range
Parent Kienzan

The Tracking Kienzan is a variation of Kienzan developed by Freeza where the technique senses the opponent's ki and could chase them. It's one of his famous signature attacks.


Freeza developed a version of the Kienzan that can be used to track an opponent's ki and follow them wherever they go. He created the technique by imitating the Kienzan that Kulilin used on him. The technique, as with the original Kienzan, can cut anything, but similar to any tracking technique, has one fatal flaw: if the target avoids the technique in front of the user, they themselves will be struck.[1]


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