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Homing Kikōha
Tracking Kikōha[1]
ついこう Tsuibi Kikōha
Literal English Tracking Spirit Cultivation Wave
Games Chasing Bullet
Tracking Energy Wave (追跡エネルギー波, Tsuibi Enerugī-Ha)[2][3]
Homing Ki Bullets (ホーミング気弾, Hōmingu Ki-dan)[4]
Other Double Ki Cannon (ダブルほう, Daburu Kihō)[5]

Double Tracking Ki Bullet (ダブルついだん, Daburu Tsuibi Kidan)[6]

First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume #15, Chapter #172
Anime Debut DB137
Type Ki Manipulation Technique
Sub-Type Tracking type
Class Offensive
Range Long range
Parent Kikōha
Related technique(s)

The Tracking Life Cultivation Wave is a variation of the Kikōha technique that has homing properties that pursues a target by sensing the target's ki.


The Tracking Life Cultivation Wave is a very unique variation of the standard Kikōha, used by both Kulilin and Piccolo. The technique works by firing a 'homing missile', tracking the opponent based off of sensing their ki signature. Evasion is difficult, if not impossible, as the technique will follow the target until it makes contact; however, it can be destroyed, as shown by Piccolo against Kulilin. It is possible to fire more than one.[1]


  • Despite Daizenshū 7 stating the Tracking Kikōha debuted in chapter 189, it actually débuted in chapter 172, with Kulilin's usage of the technique against Piccolo.


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