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Games Gohan's Tracksuit[1]
Manga Debut Dragon Ball XenoVerse
Anime Debut DBS003
Movie Debut Movie 18

A Tracksuit is an outfit worn traditionally by athletes for use in sports, worn over the clothes they wear for the competition. The most notable set was owned by Son Gohan.


A tracksuit consists of two parts; the top jacket and the bottom sweats. Son Gohan and Son Gokū owned their own variations of tracksuits: Gohan's was green in coloration with white lines down side.[2] Gokū's variation was primarily blue and white, and additionally, bears Kaiō of the North's insignia on the back.[3] While Gohan wore his because he was unable to find his dōgi, Gokū's tracksuit was used specifically for training on North Kaiō's planet.


  • In Dragon Ball XenoVerse, the tracksuit makes an appearance in DLC, under the name Gohan's tracksuit. It is one of the few clothing items that do not affect the player's stats in any way, similar to the Uniform the player wears at the beginning of the game.


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