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Training is one of the central themes and plot devices in the Dragon Ball series which accounts for a majority of the events and serves as the transition between incidents in the series. In terms of its definition, training is the act of developing a skill or craft. By way of training, the warriors in the series continuously manage to acquire greater levels of power in order to combat threats in the near future. However, forms of training are not always the same, and while most times feature a mentor, a significant degree of the training done in the series is done alone.

Part I

Turtle School

World Travels

God's Training

Part II

Kaiō's Training

Gravity Room


Son Gokūu training under increased gravity.

Room of Space and Time

Training in Kaiō Realm

Part III

Fusion Dance

Kaiōshin Realm Training

Potential Unleashed Ritual

Part IV

Battle of Gods Arc

Revival of F Arc

In Other Media

Dragon Ball GT

Unlike in Part I and Part II of the canon series, the use of training as a plot device has significantly declined in Dragon Ball GT almost to the point of nonexistence. While characters are generally presumed to continue training off-screen, such as Vegeta who is often engaged in self-training, the actual concept of training is never really touched upon in this spin-off series.


  • Toriyama admits to not having used anything in particular as a reference when it came to the training scenes in his original manga. He states that he may have been influenced by the film Drunken Master, but otherwise considers the training he came up with for the characters to be "full of very orthodox things that anyone could come up with." He does admit out of all the training in the series, Gokū most likely found Kame-Sennin's training in manners and studying to be the toughest.[1]


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