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There are some beings who change their shape as the need conserve energy...

—Vegeta, Freeza's Super Transformation!!

Transformation Ability
Transformation Ability[1][2]
へんしんのうりょく Henshin Nōryoku
Games Transformation (変身, Henshin)[3]
Other Super Transformations (超変身, Chōhenshin; Jap. anime, "Nightmare Super Transformation")[4][5]
Devilish Transformation[6]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 22, Chapter 263
Anime Debut DBZ053
Movie Debut Movie 8
Type Ability
Class Supplementary
Derived technique(s)

Transformation Ability is the genetic trait to transform at will, exclusive to transforming-type extraterrestrials such as Zarbon and Frost Demons.


The number of transformation that one undergoes varies by the user's racial group. A prime example is Zarbon was only able to transform once, where as Frost Demons have the uncanny ability to transform up to a series of three times. This ability changes the user's physical appearance to varying degrees, but always causes a tremendous spike in their battle prowess. Depending on the species, the number of transformations seems to vary.[1][2]



Main article: Devilish Transformation

Zarbon Transformation

Zarbon's transformation ability.

Zarbon was the first shown to use the Transformation Ability, showcased during his fight with the Saiyan prince Vegeta on Namek. The alien has stated to abhor the form, as it causes him to become rather hideous, and he favors beauty. When transformed, Zarbon becomes rather reptilian in nature, his face indeed losing the beauty he prides, with his nose melding into his face, gaining pebbled, reptilian skin, as well as sharpened teeth and nails. He also gains increased muscle mass, though this does nothing to his speed and stamina. In the anime, Zarbon's voice also changes. Zarbon gains a massive increase in power to go along with the physical changes,[7] and utterly overwhelmed Vegeta the first time he transformed into this state.[8] However, in their second encounter, Vegeta's increase in power after recovering from the beating Zarbon gave him was enough to overwhelm this form.[9] In the anime, this form was given the name Devilish Transformation (悪魔の変身, Akuma no Henshin; FUNimation "Hideous Transformation").[6]

Frost Demon

Main article: Freeza's Clan Transformations

Mutant Frost Demons like Freeza and Frost are capable of performing a variety of transformations to either contain or enhance their own powers.

Creation and Conception

Originally, there were no plans Toriyama made for Freeza to transform. However, down the line, Toriyama decided it would be cool to make it seem like a bluff, only to have Freeza transform for real. His habit of giving characters progressively complex and tough-looking forms, only to end in one final sleek form, showed through Freeza's set of transformations as well. Freeza's third form was also the shortest shown due to Toriyama's dislike of drawing complex appearance. Initially, he hadn't planned on giving Freeza three transformations, and jokingly thought to himself that he should have limited it to two.[10]


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