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This article details a subject that is considered canon. The subject of this article is Toriyama Canon. The subject of this article appeared in Dragon Ball Super anime and manga series.

Trio the Dangers
Trio de Dangers
トリオ・デ・デンジャーズ Torio de Denjāzu
First Appearance
Anime Debut DBS079
Team Info
Universe 9th Universe 9th Universe
Status Inactive
Cooperation Techniques

Trio de Dangers (トリオ・デ・デンジャーズ, Torio de Denjāzu) was a team of sibling fighters, who were known as the strongest and most ruthless warriors in the 9th Universe.[1]



  • In the Weekly Shōnen Jump preview, the team was named "Trio the Dangers" (トリオ・ザ・デンジャーズ, Torio Za Denjāzu).
  • Each member of the team is named after a flowering plant from Lamiaceae family.


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