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Pyontat vs. Webley

Trunks versus Idasa
Trunks vs Idasa

25th Tenka-Ichi Budōkai


May 7, Age 774


Papaya Island


Trunks is victorious.




Powers & Abilities

Hand-to-Hand Combat


Damage Sustained/Casualties


Idāsa is rendered unconscious.

Trunks versus Idasa was the fourteenth Junior Division match of the 25th Tenka-Ichi Budōkai.


Trunks and Laem

Idasa accosts Trunks before the match.

As the first thirteen matches proceeded in the ring, Goten and Trunks discussed what they would do with the prize money. While they were talking, they were approached by Idasa and his cohorts who proceeded accost Trunks and declare that he will lose against Idasa. Not frightened by their antics, Trunks insults Idasa's hair which provoked a tirade out of the older teen.

Shortly thereafter, the announcer called the fourteenth match and Idasa and Trunks proceeded into the ring. Above, in the crowd, several spectators commented that Trunks didn't have a chance against Idasa since the teen was older. Among these spectators was Idasa's mother, who lamented that Idasa was matched with an adequate opponent. This earned her an angry glare from Bulma, who was sitting next to her. Bulma then proceeded to cheer for Trunks, urging him to defeat the older boy.[1]


Trunks beats Laem

Trunks is victorious.

The match itself was a short one. Idasa taunted Trunks into attacking him, though Trunks wasn't enticed by Idāsa at all. After having heard enough, Trunks delivered a fast-sweeping kick, in order to knock Idasa off balance before kicking the older boy into the air. Idāsa landed on his head, knocking him out cold, which made Trunks the winner of the match.[1]


Bulma celebrates Trunks' victory

Bulma gloats at Trunks' victory.

The brutal efficiency demonstrated by Trunks stuns the crowd and caused Idasa's mother to bellow in fury. Next to her, Bulma celebrated her son's victory and gloated to the larger woman.

Meanwhile, Trunks celebrated his own victory with Goten, who announced that he would be fighting in the twenty-first match. While Kulilin noted that the tournament would be boring until Trunks fought Goten, Trunks lamented to his best friend that they could not fight with the adults.[1]


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