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Kanji ツフル人
Rōmaji Tsufurujin
English Localized Name(s) FUNi Tuffle
Additional Information
Universe 2nd Universe 2nd Universe
7th Universe 7th Universe
Galaxy North Galaxies
Planet of Origin Plant
Notable Members
  • Lychee (Anime only)
  • Tsfruian King (Anime only)

The Tsfruians is a endemic sentient species of the 2nd Universe and formerly the 7th Universe.


The Tsfruian race in the 7th Universe resided on planet Plant, and were completely wiped out by the Saiyan race when the latter took over the planet and renamed it to Vegeta. Some time before their extinction, the Tsfruians pioneered a valuable technology — the Scouter.[2]

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In the anime, the Saiyan race's extinction of the Tsfruian race was shown to be responsibility of Vegeta, the king of the Saiyans. Despite intending to eradicate them quickly, the war lasted for quite some time, with the Tsfruian using superior numbers and technology to keep themselves alive.The tide of the war shifted, however, due to an event that occurred on the planet once a century — a full moon. With the Saiyans utilizing their Great Monkey Transformation, the Tsfruian race was destroyed in a night.
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  • Tsufurian is a pun on the Japanese pronunciation of the English fruit (フルーツ, furuutsu), similar to how Saiyan is a pun on "vegetable". The dub, however, changed it to be "Tuffle", which is most likely a pun on "Truffle", a fungus.
  • An unidentified member of the 2nd Universe team is a Tsufurian.


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