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12 Universes
Twelve Universes[1]
Kanji 12の宇宙
Rōmaji Jūni no Uchū
Capital Zen'ō's Palace
Form of Government Monarchy
Ruler Zen'ō
Administration Grand Priest

The Twelve Universes (12の宇宙, Jūni no Uchū), also called Multiverse[2] referred to twelve massive celestial bodies which contain the entirety of the Dragon Ball multiverse, that exists into one singular universe.[3] There were formerly eighteen universes but six of them were destroyed by the Zen'ō when he was angered.[4] A multitude of these Universes would be destroyed in the Tournament of Power, but would later be restored by No. 17's wish to Super Shenron.[5]


Each universe has a twin, with the related universes adding up to the number thirteen (for instance, with the Sixth Universe and the Seventh Universe, the numbers six and seven add up to the number thirteen). Although the universes themselves are identical on the solar systemic level, ecology level can differ. For example, while the Seventh Universe's Earth's humans have flourished and thrived, the Sixth Universe's Earth has been subjected to a war that drove humanity to extinction.[6][7]

Zeno Palace

The Universes resting on the stones.

All twelve universes are ruled by a being who holds the title of King of the Twelve Universes.[8] Each universe rests above a rocky pedestal outside the palace of the King of the Twelve Universes.[9]

Known Universes

There are twelve universes:


  • In Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2, the concept of Universes functions differently here. According to Chronoa, Toki-Toki is capable of laying eggs that can create 'time', and in doing so, a new Universe is birthed from these eggs. Watching a Universe hatch from Toki-Toki's eggs is considered a rare occurrence.[12]


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