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Better Ultra Instinct
Ultra Instinct Omen[1][2]
身勝手の極意 "“兆”" Migatte no Goku'i "Kizashi"
Literal English Secret of the Self-centered
First Appearance
Anime Debut DBS110
Game Debut Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
Type Transformation
Class Supplementary
Range User
Derived technique(s)

Ultra Instinct Omen (身勝手の極意 "“兆”"きざし, Migatte no Goku'i "Kizashi"; Viz "Ultra Instinct -Sign-"; Literally meaning "Secret of the Self-centered: 'Omen'"), or simply Omen (兆, Kizashi; Viz "Sign"),[3] is a prelude or a gateway to true Ultra Instinct. Though beings like Whis and Merus are aware of the form, so far, it is unique to Son Gokū.


The Omen form turns Gokū's eyes a bright silver with visible pupils. His hair remains black, but is raised ever-so-slightly, and he sports a crystalline aura with hues of blue and white.[4]


Sadly, it seems that wasn't true Ultra Instinct. It's not a technique that's mastered so easily. Son Gokū merely found a chance to tap into it, but nothing more.

Whis, Dragon Ball Super chapter 39

Ultra Instinct Gokū

Gokū manifests the omen of Ultra Intinct.

Gokū first displays an "omen" ("“兆”"きざし, kizashi)[2][5] of awakening Ultra Instinct after intaking the energy of the Seventh Universe Genki Dama. Afterwards, he could only readopt the transformation when his limits were similarly shattered, such as during his battle with Kefla and again when he had his rematch against Jiren. Upon awakening this state, multiple fighters noted that Gokū takes on the posture of Ultra Instinct.[5][6] He also generates an enormous amount of heat around his body, which takes the form of his sparkling aura.[7]

The power increase in Omen is far beyond that of Super Saiyan Blue: roughly equal to Kefla's Super Saiyan 2 state and allowing him to initially fight evenly with Jiren. Whis describes the power of this omen as the "limit-breaking power of the gods" (限界越えるネ申の力, genkai koeru kami no chikara). This is also accompanied by an intense growth rate; Gokū's strength evolves further and further the more he fights in this form. His ki in this form is described as both hot and frighteningly quiet.[7]

When displaying the omen of Ultra Instinct, Gokū is able to tap into a modicum of the full technique's power.[8] This allows him to instinctively dodge the attacks of his opponents. However, as it is not true Ultra Instinct, his thoughts interfere with his ability to attack instinctively.[9][7] Furthermore, he is restricted by the limits of his own body, which essentially forbids him from dodging techniques that are too fast for him to react to; this was best displayed when he narrowly avoided Kefla's ultimate technique and also multiple times by Jiren, who was able to strike him while in this state.[9] He is also limited by his body's stamina and cannot maintain this state for long,[8] as the instinctual movements his body makes are egregiously taxing.[10]


According to Whis and Merus, the Omen stage of Ultra Instinct is highly unstable.[10] This is because, while the user has achieved the ability to react, dodge, and defend without the interference of their thoughts, they cannot yet attack effectively in the same way.[9] Therefore, maintaining Omen requires an egregious level of stamina and Gokū cannot sustain it long.[8][10] Previously, this drawback was even more pronounced, as during the Tournament of Power, Gokū could only achieve Omen whenever he was exhausted and at his breaking point.[7]


Main article: Ultra Instinct


Ultra Instinct Omen after Gokū learned to use it at will.

During his battle with Moro, and after training with Merus in the Room of Spirit and Time, Gokū revealed the ability to transform into Omen at will—a necessity, as he was not able to reach true Ultra Instinct.[5] Instead, Gokū and Merus trained so that the Saiyan could maintain Omen longer by preserving his stamina. The training had its boons. As a result, Gokū found himself able to momentarily trounce a significantly stronger Moro (though the wizard's power soon increased, evening the odds again). Unfortunately, conserving stamina meant a reduction in Omen's overall power output. Thus, in order to use his full power, Gokū needed to drop his restraints.[10]


Gokū after completing Ultra Instinct.

True mastery of Ultra Instinct is the only way to subvert all of Omen's weaknesses. While hard to reach, this feat was achieved by Gokū during his battle with Jiren in the Tournament of Power. In addition to dying his hair silver, completing Ultra Instinct gave Gokū a power surpassing a Hakaishin's level.[11] Indeed, his strength and fighting ability once Ultra Instinct was completed far surpassed even Jiren himself.[12] However, Gokū has yet to discover a means for readopting this form,[10] though he briefly flickered into it during his battle with Broly.[13]

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Ultra Instinct Omen in Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2.

Ultra Instinct Son Gokū appears in Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2, during a cutscene in the DLC Extra Pack 2 Infinite History story mode. If Gokū is the Future Warrior's master and they side with Fu, Gokū will adopt this form when Fu boost the Future Warrior so they can fight Gokū. The form, however, is not long-lived, as Gokū quickly transforms from Ultra Instinct into the completed state.



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