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Unique Technique (とくしゅわざ, Tokushu waza; Databook "Emergency Attack"),[1] is one of the three main technique categories. Unique techniques can be mastered after difficult training. These techniques passed down since ancient times and have long been organized systematically. Their power has not decayed even now.

There are some special techniques that don't belong to ki manipulation nor physical techniques. These techniques are drawn out through some external factor or the use of tools and not using ki or body. Additionally, the schematization of these techniques has already been determined, so the users cannot enhance the tecniques with their own arrangement nor change it.

Main Types[]



Water-Strider Technique, a ninjutsu allows user walk on water by wearing round floating boards under his feet.

It was notably mastered by Sergeant Murasaki of the Red Ribbon Army. He performs tricks by using ninja weapons such as shuriken. Because they are fundamentally tool-using techniques, anyone can learn them if they train.



Good Kid Sleep-Sleep Attack, a hypnosis technique putting his opponent to sleep through hand movements and a lullaby.

Techniques which used by Jackie Chun at the Tenkaichi Budōkai, where he affects his opponent through his hand moves and speech. He can make his opponent fall asleep or make them see illusions.



Rupturing Sorcery causing his opponent to explode from the inside out just by glaring at them.

Sorcery (魔術, majutsu; Viz "magic") are techniques notably performed by the mage Babidi, unlike ki manipulation, these don't use up one's stamina. Babidi perform simple magic without saying any spells, but he does say to perform extreme techniques like shifting space.


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