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Dragon Ball Chapter 98
Uranai Baba Arc
Kanji 占いババへん
Rōmaji Uranai Baba Hen
Literal English Fortune-Telling Hag Arc
Other FUNi Fortune-teller Baba Saga
Series Dragon Ball
Previous Red Ribbon Army Arc
Next 22nd Tenka-Ichi Budōkai Arc

The Uranai Baba Arc (占いババへん, Uranai Baba Hen; FUNimation "Fortune Teller Baba Saga"; Literally meaning "Fortune-Telling Hag Arc") is an arc in the Dragon Ball series that spanned from Volume(s); 9 and Volume 10. It accumulated a total of 14 chapters, published on Weekly Shōnen Jump from October 28, 1986 to February 17, 1987. Which started on Chapter 98 and concluded on Chapter 112.

It is the fifth overall arc of the Dragon Ball series. In the anime, it is conjoined among the 22nd Tenka-Ichi Budōkai Arc and first aired on July 8, 1987 to September 9, 1987 spanning from episodes 69 to episode 78. It is is preceded by the Red Ribbon Army Arc and followed by the 22nd Tenka-Ichi Budōkai Arc.



Major Battles

Kulilin versus Draculaman

Upa and Pu'ar versus Dracula Man

Yamcha versus Mister Invisible

Yamcha versus Mummy

Son Gokū versus Mummy

Son Gokū versus Akkuman

Son Gokū versus Son Gohan


# Translated title Kanji title Rōmaji title Viz title
98 Uranai Baba 占いババ Uranai Baba The All-Seeing Crone
99 The Five Warriors 5人の戦士 Gonin no Senshi The Five Champions
100 A Great Bloody Battle 大流血戦 Dairyūketsusen Battle of the Bleeders
101 The Devil's Toilet 悪魔の便所 Akuma no Benjo The Devil's Cesspool
102 Son Gokū Steps Up 孫悟空見参 Son Gokū Kenzan Goku at the Plate!
103 Son Gokū The Mighty!! 孫悟空強し!! Son Gokū Tsuyoshi!! The Power of Goku
104 The Akumaito Beam アクマイト光線 Akumaitokōsen The Beam of Evil
105 The Fifth Man 5人目の男 Gonin Me no Otoko The Last Champion
106 Mutually Strong Opponents 強敵同士 Kyōteki Dōshi Strong vs. Strong
107 The Tail of Gokū 悟空のシッポ Gokū no Shippo To Win by a Tail
108 Son Gohan 孫悟飯 Son Gohan Son Gohan
109 The Pilaf Gang's Second Attempt ピラフ一味の再挑戦 Pirafu Ichimi no Saichōsen A Second Helping of Pilaf
110 Pilaf's Great Strategy ピラフの大作戦 Pirafu no Dai-Sakusen The Pilaf Machine
111 Once Again, Shenron!! 神龍再び!! Shenron Futatabi!! Reenter the Dragon
112 Run! Son Gokū 駆けろ!孫悟空 Kakero! Son Gokū Go, Goku, Go!


# Translated title Kanji title Rōmaji title FUNimation title
69 Cute, Huh?! Uranai Baba キュートな!?占いババ Kyūto na!? Uranai Baba Who is Fortuneteller Baba?
70 Assault! We Are the Five Warriors 突撃!われら5人の戦士 Totsugeki! Warera Gonin no Senshi We are the Five Warriors
71 A Great Do-or-Die Bloody Battle 決死の大流血戦 Kesshi no Dai-Ryūkessen Deadly Battle
72 Gokū Steps Up! The Devil's Toilet 悟空見参!悪魔の便所 Gokū Kenzan! Akuma no Benjo Goku's Turn
73 Certain Death from the Akumaito Beam?! 必殺アクマイト光線とは!? Hissatsu Akumaito-kōsen to wa!? The Devilmite Beam
74 A Glimpse at the Mysterious Fifth Man なぞの五人目の男 Nazo no Goninme no Otoko The Mysterious Fifth Man
75 Clash!! The Kindred Formidable Enemy 激突!!強敵同士 Gekitotsu!! Kyōteki Dōshi The Strong Ones
76 The Masked Man's True Identity?! 仮面男の正体は!? Kamen Otoko no Shōtai ha!? The True Colors of the Masked Man
77 Pilaf's Great Strategy ピラフの大作戦 Pirafu no Dai-Sakusen Pilaf's Tactics
78 Once Again, Shenron 神龍ふたたび Shenron Futatabi The Eternal Dragon Rises



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