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V Jump
Founded 1993
Parent Shueisha Publishing Co., Ltd.
Headquarters Japan
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V Jump (Vジャンプ, Bui Janpu) is a monthly manga anthology which features new manga, manga based on video games, as well as news pertaining to anime-based video games.


V Jump made its début in 1993 as a video game-based magazine which primarily featured Dragon Quest, whose artwork was done by Akira Toriyama. It later grew into a manga anthology which mostly featured manga based on popular video games. It also expanded the games it covered from mostly Dragon Quest to covering popular games based on both manga and anime series.

In 2011, V Jump teamed up with Bandai and Saikyō Jump to produce the "Dragon Ball Force Project" (ドラゴンボール フォースプロジェクト, Doragon Bōru Fōsu Purojekuto) — a project aimed at celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Dragon Ball series.[1]



V Jump Books is a series of guides to games featured in V-Jump as well as the manga that appears in the magazine. V Jump Books also does guides for Square Enix.


V Jump primarily publishes content in regards to video/arcade games, as well as card games. Because of this, only a very limited number of manga appear in V Jump. Most of the manga which appears in V Jump find their basis in a video game or a card game of some type.

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Notes & References[]

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  3. Written by Takao Koyama and illustrated by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru. This was based on Toriyama's Dr. Slump

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