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Kanji ベジータ
Rōmaji Bejīta
Astrographical Information
Universe 7th Universe Symbol 7th Universe
Galaxy Milky Way, North Galaxies[3]
Satelites 1
Suns 2[4]
Physical Information
Status Destroyed
Class Terrestrial
Primary terrain Mountainous
Points of interest
Societal information
Native Species Saiyan
Affiliation Freeza Army Symbol Freeza's Army

Planet Vegeta (惑星ベジータ, Wakusei Bejīta), originally known as Planet Plant (惑星プラント, Wakusei Puranto),[5] was the second homeworld of the Saiyan race, after the former, Planet Sadal, was destroyed by internal conflicts among the race. It was ultimately obliterated by Freeza in an attempt to wipe out the Saiyans.


The original name of Vegeta was "Plant". It was stated by Nappa that the Prince, Vegeta, is named after the planet, implying that the planet's name was changed before the name of the royal family was established.[6]

Saiyan Emigration


The Super Saiyan God wages war against the evil Saiyans.

By using the Saiyan legend of Yamoshi[7], the first known Super Saiyan, the Saiyans have lived on Vegeta for at least a thousand years.[8][9] The Saiyans came to Vegeta after infighting on their original home planet, Sadal, resulted in the destruction of their planet. During ancient Saiyan history, during the early years of their inhabitation of the planet, Yamoshi became displeased with the evil of his species. Along with five other righteous Saiyans, he waged war against his own kind. Backed into a corner by the evil Saiyans, Yamoshi became a Super Saiyan for the first time. When even this strength proved inadequate, his comrades infused him with their light, and this birthed something new: the Super Saiyan God. Yamoshi, however, failed to extinguish the evil Saiyans from the planet, being defeated when the Super Saiyan God form ran out. This defeat allowed evil Saiyans to flourish on the planet for the next thousand years.[9]

Saiyan Genocide


The Freeza Army annexes the Saiyans.

Eighteen years prior to the beginning of the series, Freeza and his empire encountered the Saiyan race on the planet Vegeta. The tyrant formed an amicable relationship with the warrior race and the two began to work in tandem.[10] It is, in fact, the legends of Yamoshi himself — of the Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God — that Freeza learns of, causing him to begin to grow wary of the Saiyans.

Four years later, Freeza's reign began to cause tension to grow between the tyrant and the Saiyans.[10] Finally, after the Saiyans attempt rebellion and fearing the appearance of a Super Saiyan, Freeza got Beerus' authorization to destroy Vegeta.[11] Before doing so, he took one month[12] to recall all Saiyans with the exception of Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta, Kakarot and Tarble's to their planet. Then, twelve years before the beginning of the series, Freeza attacked the planet and committed genocide on the Saiyan race, destroying the planet Vegeta in the process.



Planet Vegeta's terrain.

Prior to complete obliteration by Freeza, the planet Vegeta was shown to be a fairly rocky, terrestrial world. Much of its landscape remains unknown, due to how little of the planet has been shown, but it was at least fit for habitation. A multitude of rocky formations could be seen dotting the landscape, both near one of the Saiyan towns that Bardock was seen returning to, and far away from the town when he and Gine released Kakarotto into the galaxy. Despite its rocky appearance, the planet was shown to possess foliage such as trees, shrubs, bushes, and the like, and the water of planet Vegeta was green in hue, similarly to Namekku.


We're wired that way, didn't you know? Saiyans only like strong women.

—Vegeta to Gokū, DBS031


Two Saiyan elites, Nappa and Prince Vegeta, and a low-class warrior, Raditz.

The general population of Saiyans was considered to be relatively low, at only several thousand. Saiyans, due to their war-mongering nature, were unable to properly increase their population enough to reach substantial levels like the Earthlings.[13]

As a warrior race, and members of the Freeza's Army, the Saiyans have come to possess a formidable and organized military force that also reflects their social structure. The Saiyan's military, as part of the Freeza's Army, sends their forces to other planets, wiping out the indigenous people and selling the planet to the highest bidder.[14]

A Saiyan infant has their combat strength measured at birth. If it passes a certain threshold, they are treated as proper warriors and raised as candidates for combatants.[15]The Saiyan military is composed of mostly "low-class" Saiyan warriors.[16] Being a low-class, while common, also appears to be quite the social stigma, as Vegeta and Nappa constantly used the term when speaking to or about Gokū in a derogatory manner. Beyond the low-class warriors existed ten "mid-class" Saiyan soldiers, Saiyans with power beyond the norm of their species. And standing further above at the top, were the only known "elite-class" Saiyans, Prince Vegeta and his father, King Vegeta.[16]

It is not, however, impossible to rise beyond the ranks bestowed at birth. While a Saiyan's classification is based on their innate battle power, it is possible, if their battle power rises greatly after the decision, to be promoted to a higher rank, as with any other military.[16] Nappa identified himself as a Saiyan elite after the death of the remaining Saiyans, with no protest from Vegeta, hinting at the possibility of his own promotion.

Additionally, when a Saiyan baby was sent away from their planet for a mission or other purposes, they were referred to as a flying child (飛ばし子, tobashiko; Viz "infiltration baby").[17] Flying children consist of Saiyan children whose combat strength was measured at birth and determined to be low, and remained low despite being given time to mature. These children are not expected to survive the planets they are sent to conquer, but if they conquer their assigned planets, they are welcomed back into the fold as full combatants.[15]

"Engineers" also exist within the Saiyan hierarchy, and are another option for Saiyans with low combat strength.[15]

Even before joining the Freeza Army, Saiyan technology was more advanced than Earth.[18]


In Other Media

Saiyan Invasion: Tsufurian War

Creation and Conception


  • In the source books for the anime-only sequel, Dragon Ball GT, the Saiyans were said to have originated on an entirely different world presumably called "Planet Saiya" (サイヤ星, Saiya-sei), and later migrated to planet Vegeta by a mysterious spaceship where they settled.[19] This contradicts Toriyama's memos detailing the history of the Saiyans, stating that they were a primitive race that developed on then-planet Plant.[5] However, in Dragon Ball Super, the Saiyans were revealed to have truly originated on another planet, planet Sadal, although it's not confirmed if it and planet Saiya are the same or not.

The planet Vegeta's original appearance in the anime.

  • In the anime, planet Vegeta was initially portrayed as a terrestrial, red green and yellow planet with two rings encircling it. This appearance was later changed to the reddish sphere with no rings that stuck until the 20th feature film.
  • In the FUNImation dub of the anime series, a plot hole is introduced when Raditz claims that Vegeta was destroyed by a meteor "three years" prior to the start of the Dragon Ball Z anime series, as opposed to being destroyed far earlier in the timeline. 


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