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Vegeta is defeated.

The battle between Vegeta and Hit occurred during the 6th Universe and 7th Universe Hakaishin Selection Martial Arts Competition, and was the seventh battle of the aforementioned tournament.


Whis reveals that Hit is an assassin who has never failed to assassinate a target, performing to such an exemplary level that he has earned himself the moniker of "The Flawless Hit". Beerus decides the match might finally be one worth watching.[1]



Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan.

As the battle begins, Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue, jumping straight to full strength. Despite underestimating Hit at first, due to his stance being basic, Vegeta soon finds himself unnerved as the assassin has no openings Vegeta can spot. Hit unleashes the first attack, speeding towards Vegeta, and striking through the Saiyan prince's attempted counterattack with ease.


Vegeta is overwhelmed by Hit.

Hit advises Vegeta to surrender, but Vegeta refuses to surrender over a "lucky shot". Going on the offensive, Vegeta is unable to break through Hit's defenses, nor can he see him move, resulting in only further beating. The Saiyan prince, and even the audience, cannot see Hit's movements. Despite Vegeta's best efforts to work out the mysteries of Hit's moves, the assassin keeps pressuring him. Vegeta raises his hand in an attempt to attack again, but Hit pressures him further, striking Vegeta to the ground.


Hit defeats Vegeta.

For a second time, Hit advises Vegeta to surrender, though Vegeta refuses for a second time. The Saiyan finds himself bleeding and exhausted, due to Hit's precise attacks. He attempts to work through a strategy, deciding to take advantage of Hit's "light attacks", and overpower him through his own superior strength and durability. As Vegeta charges in, Hit strikes him hard in the stomach; Vegeta, however, grabs the man's arm, confident he can counter. Hit, however, presses further, using a "heavy attack" to strike Vegeta in the stomach, knocking the Saiyan prince unconcious and earning him the win.[1]

Manga Adaptation


Hit versus Vegeta.

In the manga adaptation, the fight went slightly differently. Vegeta opens the match by transforming into Blue, and charges towards Hit in a fit of rage. However, Hit immediately responds with a powerful punch to Vegeta's face, sending him back. Surprised, but not deterred, Vegeta rushes Hit once more, only to receive a powerful kick to the torso, coughing up blood. No one watching the fight, not even Jaco, can perceive Hit's movements, showing that he was using more than just superhuman speed. After multiple repeated blows, Vegeta is knocked unconscious, and Hit is declared the winner.[2]


Hit's abilities were revealed during the match to be something referred to as a Time-Leap. Even armed with this information, however, Goku was unconfident going into the next match, and Vegeta's only advice to the Saiyan was to do his best. Furthermore, it is revealed that Monaka is actually not the Seventh Universe's strongest fighter; all hopes pin on Goku to defeat Hit and win the tournament.[1]



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