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The World's Greatest Super Battle!!
Kanji 天下一のスーパーバトル!!
Rōmaji Tenka-Ichi no Sūpā Batoru!!
Viz The Eyes of Tenshinhan
Volume Info
Previous Volume 10
Next Volume 12
Japanese February 10, 1988[1]
English May 2003[2]
Japanese ISBN 978-4-08-851608-0
English ISBN 978-1-56931-919-2
Character debut(s)
None in this volume
Technique debut(s)
Tool debut(s)
None in this volume

The World's Greatest Super Battle!! (天下一のスーパーバトル!!, Tenka-Ichi no Sūpā Batoru!!; Viz "The Eyes of Tenshinhan") is the eleventh volume of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter 121

"Kuririn's Great Strategy" (クリリンの大作戦, Kuririn no Daisakusen; Viz "Kuririn's Master Plan")

Kuririn continues to charge his Kamehameha, despite Jackie Chun's insistence that an amateur's Kamehameha cannot sand up to the Dodonpa. Without hesitation, Chaozu releases his blast, and Kuririn dodges it at the last second, his intention never being to counter Chaozu's blast with his own. The blast connects, but Chaozu prevents himself from suffering a ring-out by floating. In spite of this, Jackie Chun is impressed by Kuririn's marked improvement, believing that had the Kamehameha been more than learned on the spot, Kuririn could have won.

The match continues, and Kuririn physically overwhelms Chaozu, before the latter uses his own Paralysis Technique to stop Kuririn in his tracks. Unable to move from the intense pain, the tides of the battle turned, and Chaozu began to dominate. On the spur of the moment, Kuririn decides to throw basic math questions at Chaozu, in an effort to deprive of is hands. It works, as Chaozu cannot solve the equations without counting on his fingers, and Kuririn counterattacks.

Restoring his psychic hold, Chaozu responds in kind with a math question that Kuririn solves easily. Chaozu, however, cannot solve Kuririn's next question without relying on his fingers once again, and Kuririn's next attack knocks Chaozu out of the ring. While Jackie Chun is proud of Kuririn, Tsuru Sennin surly notes that he should have taught Choazu arithmetic.

Chapter 122

"Here's Son Gokū!!!" (孫悟空参上!!!, Son Gokū Sanjō!!!; Viz "Goku vs. Panpoot")

After an eventful previous match, Panput, a competitor with a multi-tournament championship under his belt, steps into the ring to face Gokū. Despite his credentials, Tenshinhan and Gokū are neither intimidated nor impressed. As the match begins, Panput attacks with a powerful punch. However, he stops short of Gokū's face, surprised that Gokū didn't dodge, but then wonders if Gokū merely didn't have the time to do so.

Gokū, however, tells Panput that his punch merely didn't seem powerful. Deciding that Gokū is simply uninformed, Panput proceeds to show off his own skill, releasing a barrage of blows into the air. He ends his impressive combo by destroying the wall that Jackie Chun was standing behind. Jackie Chun comments that the match will certainly be easier to watch now, while Kuririn notes that Panput simply didn't seem as strong as he thought.

After that display, the announcer restarts the match. Panput decides the match will be over in 30 seconds; however, in seemingly one strike, Gokū takes down the grappler. Tenshinhan, however, could see the attack for what it truly was — three strikes from the elbow that moved swiftly enough to be seen only as a single attack. Gokū and Kuririn believe that Panput simply wasn't that skilled, but Jackie Chun refutes this, stating that he was a frighteningly skilled fighter. However, this was only on an ordinary level.

The announcement for the next match is Tenshinhan vs. Jackie Chun; the elderly master notes that a new era is beginning. Tenshinhan himself comments on Jackie Chun's nature, deciding to avoid letting his guard down. Gokū and Kuririn remain oblivious to this, mulling over what Jackie Chun said to them instead.

Chapter 123

"Evenly Matched!!" (実力伯仲!!, Jitsuryoku Hakuchū!!; Viz "Tenshinhan vs. Jackie Chun")

Tenshinhan and Jackie Chun step into the ring. Kuririn is relatively certain that Jackie will prevail, however, Goku isn't as confident. Goku believes Tenshinhan is very strong, and that either competitor could win the match. As the match plays out, Goku's suspicions seem correct; Jackie Chun and Tenshinhan seem evenly matched. Jackie Chun decides to use the Afterimage Fist as a diversion, however, Tenshinhan's third eye seems to allow him to perceive the location of the real body, allowing him to counterattack. 

The fierce match continues, with Tenshinhan and Jackie Chun matching each other blow for blow. Tenshinhan is surprised, noting that Jackie Chun's power surpasses that of Tsuru Sennin, his own teacher. Jackie Chun himself is surprised by the potential of the new generation.

Chapter 124

"Young Tenshinhan" (若き天津飯, Wakaki Tenshinhan)

Jackie Chun asks Tenshinhan why he stays with Tsuru Sennin, in spite of his own remarkable power. Tenshinhan, however, doesn't take kindly to this remark, deciding to use his full strength to defend his teacher's honor. He releases the Taiyōken, and presses his advantage, attacking the elderly master with a knee to the base of his neck.

Jackie Chun falls, stunned, to the ground. Tenshinhan states he didn't kill him, as this would jeopardize his participation in the tournament. Tenshinhan is visibly shocked at Jackie Chun being able to stand again, and Jackie Chun continues his previous statement, imploring Tenshinhan to walk the path of the just. Irritated, Tenshinhan attacks again, but Jackie Chun notes his technique lack the power they had before, implying his words struck a chord with the martial artist.

Jackie Chun's actions in the ring, however, betray him; Tsuru Sennin realizes his identity and relays it to his student. After realizing the secret identity of his opponent, Tenshinhan unleashes a surprise technique: the Kamehameha, having mimicked it from Yamcha. Jackie Chun notes the size of the technique, realizing it would kill some of the audience if he didn't stop it. Deflecting the technique, Jackie Chun notes that the very idea of Tenshinhan's strength in the path of a just warrior makes him shiver. Stunning everyone, he forfeits by leaping out of the tournament ring.

Tenshinhan notes that Jackie Chun still didn't use his full power in the match, while the man himself merrily wonders what kind of era is making its way towards them.

Chapter 125

"Son Gokū versus Kuririn!!" (孫悟空対クリリン!!, Son Gokū Tai Kuririn!!; Viz "Goku vs. Kuririn")

Gokū and Kuririn are the next match in the tournament, much to Kuririn's own surprise. The two competitors agree to a no-holds barred match.

Outside, Jackie Chun has removed his disguise, and Tenshinhan asks him why Muten Rōshi of all people would don a disguise to enter a martial arts tournament. Muten Rōshi explains that it wasn't for him, but for his students. To avoid Gokū and Kuririn getting overconfident should they win, he wanted to be there to prove be strong enough competition and defeat them. Tenshinhan believes that Muten Rōshi decided his strength would be sufficient to defeat them, which was why he forfeited the match; Muten Rōshi, however, says this isn't exactly the truth.

As the match begins, Muten Rōshi states he realizes his students are simply mature enough now to handle a tournament victory. He also notes that Tenshinhan hasn't become fully evil yet, and his conflicted nature is why he's come to ask Muten Rōshi these questions to begin with. Tenshinhan denies this, stating his goal is to become the ultimate assassin, just like Taopaipai. Muten Rōshi notes that Tenshinhan is right about one thing; if they had continued fighting, he would have lost. His lack of pride leaves Tenshinhan confused.

In the ring, Gokū and Kuririn are in the middle of a heated battle. Despite this, Gokū seems to have the edge, pushing Kuririn back. Kuririn notes that Gokū is as good as he's ever been, but Gokū himself commends Kuririn on his own strength. The audience is left stunned, unable to believe two children are fighting in the ring. As the two persist in battle, it proceeds towards the air; Gokū leaps to dodge Kuririn, but the former monk utilizes his bald head to reflect the sunlight towards Gokū. Stunning Gokū, Kuririn kicks him down towards the ring, confident the impact will defeat him. Gokū, however, manages to land on his feet, ready to continue the battle.

Chapter 126

"Son Gokū The Mighty!!" (孫悟空強し!!, Son Gokū Tsuyoshi!!; Viz "Goku vs. Kuririn, Part 2")

As Kuririn descends, unable to defend himself, Gokū makes a bold leap to strike his comrade and win the match. Kuririn, by inhaling air, manages to somehow inflate his body, slowing his descent and causing Gokū's attack to miss. Gokū and Kuririn both agree that they're fight is one to enjoy, and they resume battling as Muten Rōshi watches.

Dashing forward, Gokū begans to chant the incantation for the Kamehameha, before leaping into the air and releasing the blast behind him, using it to propel himself forward. Using the added boost from the technique, he lands a solid punch to Kuririn's jaw, finishing with a knee to the stomach, seemingly knocking Kuririn out.

While both Tenshinhan and Muten Rōshi are impressed by Gokū's ingenuity, Kuririn manages to stand on his feet, admittedly stunned by Gokū's attack. As the battle continues, Gokū proves to have the edge, despite Kuririn's own growing power. Kuririn begins to charge a Kamehameha, despite Gokū's insistence that it'd only be wasted ki. Kuririn releases the blast, which Gokū stops with a single hand. However, using the explosion from the technique as his cover, Kuririn takes Gokū by the back and grabs his tail.

Chapter 127

"Kuririn's Strategy, Gokū's Strategy" (クリリンの作戦、悟空の作戦, Kuririn no Sakusen, Gokū no Sakusen; Viz "Goku vs. Kuririn, Part 3")

Gokū begins to collapse from the strain of his tail being pulled, leading Muten Rōshi to conclude the end of the match was a disappointing one. Tenshinhan is surprised to note Gokū's weak point, and believes that facing Kuririn in the final round will be too easy a victory. Before the countdown can finish, Gokū leaps over Kuririn's head and uses his tail to manhandle his friend, slamming him onto the tile. Gokū revealed that, in the last three years, he took Muten Rōshi's advice to heart and trained his tail to withstand pressure. Muten Rōshi thinks to himself that it's not only Gokū's good nature that makes him so incredible, but his ability to persevere so well in training to overcome his own weaknesses. This leads him to believe Gokū no only has any weaknesses, a statement he rescinds once he realizes Gokū is still too gullible.

In response to Kuririn's dirty trick, Gokū vanishes on the spot, leading others to assume he's literally vanished. Muten Rōshi, however, can detect Gokū's presence, and Tenshinhan knows better as well. With Gokū's speed, Tenshinhan can barely track his movements, but the nopise Gokū gives off as he moves is enough to clue him in. Gokū reappears, striking Kuririn and sending him flying out of the ring, winning him the match. Those in the crowd couldn't see what Gokū did, but Tenshinhan noticed that when Gokū reappeared, he struck Kuririn with nine strikes, but held back enough power to Kuririn would only suffer a ring out.

Both Muten Rōshi and Tsuru Sennin note Gokū's impressive power, the former noting he's truly begun to feel threatened by Gokū's impressive strength, while the later concludes it is possible for Gokū to have defeated Taopaipai. With Gokū and Kuririn's fight concluded, Tenshinhan eagerly anticipates his coming match with Gokū.

Chapter 128

"The World's Greatest Super Battle!!" (天下一のスーパーバトル!!, Tenkaichi no Sūpā Batoru!!; Viz "Goku vs. Tenshinhan")

Before the battle begins, Muten Rōshi sneaks back into the competitors wings, and urges Kuririn to play close attention to the match that unfolds. Tsuru Sennin states his confidence that Tenshinhan will win, as he has to win to avenge Taopaipai. The battle between the schools begin, and Gokū and Tenshinhan have a fierce exchange of blows. The two competitors seem relatively equal, but Tenshinhan's ability to fly, and use of the Dodonpa give him a slight advantage.

Gokū attempts his vanishing act once again, but Tenshinhan's three eyes allow him to perceive Gokū's location, like he had during Gokū and Kuririn's match, and he counterattacks. He attacks with a furious combo, slamming Gokū into the wall, and unleashing a flurry of blows that Muten Rōshi equates to machine gun fire. Dangling Gokū by the collar, Tenshinhan prepares to levy the final blow.

Chapter 129

"The Volleyball Fist and Fighting Power" (排球拳と戦闘パワー, Haikyūken to Sentō Pawā; Viz "The Volleyball Play")

Tenshinhan states he's going to finish Gokū off with one of his strongest techniques. Lobbing Gokū into the air, Tenshinhan reveals the Volleyball Fist, attacking Gokū as if he were a volleyball. The combo spiked Gokū directly onto the tiles, and both Tenshinhan and Tsuru Sennin are confident Gokū is dead. Gokū, however, gets up as easily as if nothing happened, only surprised by Tenshinhan's strength. Gokū, deciding that Tenshinhan is trying to kill him, tells the Crane School student he's going to switch from the power he uses for matches to the power he uses for combat.

Proving he wasn't bluffing, Gokū begins to dominate the match, and kicks Tenshinhan into the air as a follow-up to a powerful combo. The young fighter begins to charge a Kamehameha, but decides against it. Tenshinhan, landing back onto the tournament ring, can hardly contain his excitement at the prospect of a fighter as powerful as Gokū. Kuririn chides Gokū to Muten Rōshi for not releasing the Kamehameha. Muten Rōshi states that Tenshinhan would have simply countered it; Gokū, in order to fight longer in the match, is thinking ahead.

Chapter 130

"Tenshinhan Feels the Heat!" (天津飯あせる!, Tenshinhan Aseru!; Viz "The Fist of the Sun")

Tenshinhan and Gokū continue their battle, reaching a speed that the spectactors can no longer fully keep track of. In an effort to gain the advantage, Gokū uses the Afterimage Fist in combat, but Tenshinhan believes he's seen through it, attacking the Gokū that appears above him. This Dragon Gokū, however, was an illusion, and the real Gokū strikes Tenshinhan; Tenshinhan, however, reveals it was a bluff; he also uses the Afterimage Fist, and attacks Gokū. In a surprise move, Gokū bluffed Tenshinhan's own bluff, and scores a solid hit to Tenshinhan's face.

Furious, Tenshinan releases the Taiyōken in an attempt to blind Gokū, and rushes him while the light flares. Gokū, however, strikes back, nailing Tenshinhan in the stomach, surprising him. It's revealed that Gokū "borrowed" Rōshi's sunshades, defending against the Taiyōken. While he's returning the glasses to the venerable old master, Tenshinhan blindsides Gokū, kicking him into the wall. This damaged Muten Rōshi's sunglasses in the process, and Kuririn notes that Muten Rōshi looks familiar without his shades. As Gokū lunges towards Tenshinhan, he finds himself stopped in mid-air, which allows Tenshinhan's blow to connect. Gokū is left dazed and confused, while Tsuru Sennin ominously chuckles from the sidelines.

Chapter 131

"Tenshinhan, in Anguish!" (天津飯、苦悩!, Tenshinhan, Kunō!; Viz "Tsuru-Sen'nin")

Gokū, realizing something is wrong, calls Tenshinhan out on the latter's lack of honor. Muten Rōshi himself suspects foul play on the part of Tsuru Sennin. Gokū dares Tenshinhan to attempt the same stunt again, and the two make to clash again. Tsuru Sennin orders Chaoz to use his Paralysis Technique again, and he does, restricting Gokū's movements and allowing Tenshinhan another free shot. Nearly falling out of the ring, Gokū saves himself with a timely Kamehameha, propelling himself back into the arena. After knocking Gokū down yet again, after another intervention from Chaoz, even Tenshinhan begins to notice something is amiss.

Tenshinhan, noting it was Chaoz at work, demands his fellow student stop, directly defying Tsuru Sennin's orders. Tsuru Sennin is furious, and demands Tenshinhan kill Gokū; Tenshinhan, however, states he simply wants a fair match without any interference, and that he's realized he's not a killer. Tsuru Sennin decides to kill both Gokū and Tenshinhan, ordering Chaoz to freeze them both. Chaoz refuses, and Tsuru Sennin moves to kill him as well; Rōshi, however, orders Tenshinhan to move, and attacks Tsuru Sennin with a Kamehameha. The blast collides with Tsuru Sennin, sending him flying and saving Chaoz. With Tsuru Sennin gone, Rōshi urges Gokū and Tenshinhan to continue.

Tenshinhan tells Gokū that, now that he has abandoned his own master, he has no choice but to win the tournament. As they prepare to continue, Tenshinhan declares his next attack will decide the battle.

Chapter 132

"Tsuru Sennin's Curse, the Kikōhō!!" (鶴仙人の怨念気功砲!!, Tsurusennin no Onnen Kikōhō!!; Viz "The Arms Race"; Literally meaning "The Crane Hermit's Curse, the Ki Manipulation Cannon!!")

Despite having betrayed his own teacher, Tenshinhan notes that he finally feels free. With the resolve to absolutely win the battle, Tenshinhan begins to prepare a new technique. At first, Chaoz believes it to be the Kikōhō, but reveals it to be the Fist of Four Bodies — Tenshinhan's fist of four arms. Having grown four additional arms out of his shoulder blades, Tenshinhan has left the entirety of the stadium shocked. With his four arms, Tenshinhan presses his advantage against Gokū, able to counter his techniques and strike back with the additional set.

After breaking away from Tenshinhan with a clever use of his tail, Gokū reveals the Hasshūken, moving his hands at such high speeds it appears as if he has eight. With his speed, Gokū manages to easily counter Tenshinhan's Shiyōken, causing him to retract the arms into his shoulders, realizing they won't work against Gokū's speed. Deciding to try a new tactic, Tenshinhan tells Gokū that his next attack could easily kill him, but he doesn't want to kill him, and implores Gokū to dodge. Muten Rōshi begs Tenshinhan to avoid using the Kikōhō, as the technique, while vastly outstripping the Kamehameha in terms of raw destruction power, but in exchange, the energy drain can be life threatening. Muten Rōshi outright calls it a forbidden technique.

Tenshinhan believes he isn't at risk, and begins to rise into the air. Gokū, being stubborn, refuses to move, despite his own teacher's warnings.