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The Terror of Piccolo Daimaō!
Kanji ピッコロ大魔王の恐怖!
Rōmaji Pikkoro Daimaō no Kyōfu!
Literal English The Terror of Piccolo the Great Demon King!
Viz The Demon King Piccolo
Volume Info
Previous Volume 11
Next Volume 13
Japanese April 8, 1988[1]
English September 3, 2003[2]
Japanese ISBN 978-4-08-851609-7
English ISBN 978-1-59116-155-4
Character debut(s)
Technique debut(s)
None in this volume
Tool debut(s)
None in this volume

The Terror of Piccolo Daimaō! (ピッコロ大魔王の恐怖!, Pikkoro Daimaō no Kyōfu!; Viz "The Demon King Piccolo"; Literally meaning "The Terror of Piccolo the Great Demon King!") is the twelfth volume of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter 133

"The Pair's Final Tactics!!" (両者最後の戦術!!, Ryōsha Saigo no Senjutsu!!; Viz "Desperation Move")

Tenshinhan issues the warning to Gokū once again that he must dodge the incoming attack, an assertion Muten Rōshi validates in earnest. Tenshinhan begins to charge his ki, forming a sphere within his hands; Kuririn himself notes that he can see a light. Tenshinhan is carefully controlling his power, as he doesn't want to use all of his energy and be exhausted if Gokū makes a counterattack. Focusing directly on the ring, Tenshinhan releases a devastating Kikōhō.

The attack releases with such force that everyone is impacted; when the attack clears, the ring has been completely destroyed, leaving a crater so deep the bottom isn't visible. It seemed Gokū had been taken out with the ring, but it was revealed he leaped into the air to safety at the last second. Freefalling, the moment Gokū touches the ground, he would ring out, and Tenshinhan's victory would be guaranteed. Gokū begins to prepare a Kamehameha, in spite of the fact that Tenshinhan can counter the technique. Turning around, Gokū releases the blast and uses the forward momentum to rocket towards Tenshinhan

Chapter 134

"The Martial Arts Tournament Concludes! And Then…" (武道大会終了!そして…, Budō Taikai Shūryō! Soshite…; Viz "Up in the Air")

With the additional speed from the Kamehameha Boost, Gokū collides with Tenshinhan, stunning him, causing them both to begin falling down. The announcer decides to break out a Hoi Poi Capsule plane, and flies into the air for a closer view. Gokū and Tenshinhan were falling at an even pace, but Gokū creates a small Kamehameha, which elevates him just slightly above for an advantage. As they descend, however, Gokū collides with a van right before hitting the ground, causing him to collide faster than Tenshinhan, who follows shortly after.

As he hit the ground first, Gokū loses, and Tenshinhan is pronounced the winner. After the end of the match, Tenshinhan offers Gokū half the prize money, as Goku technically should have won due to being the better fighter. Gokū declines, however, but when the group decides to go out to eat, Tenshinhan volunteers to at least pay for the meal. Before they go, Gokū notices his staff and Dragon Ball are missing. Kuririn volunteers to go retrieve them. Tenshinhan apologizes to Yamcha for his injuries, and Muten Rōshi offers Tenshinhan a chance to stay with him. Lunch, having fallen for Tenshinhan, demands that he accept, but Tenshinhan declines on the grounds that they are the students of Tsuru Sennin.

There's a scream, and Gokū recognizes it as Kuririn's voice. Rushing to find the source of the disturbance, they see Kuririn lying on the ground, unmoving. The announcer explains a monster came in, attacked them, and took the list of previous Tenka-Ichi Budōkai finalists. Gokū realizes that the monster not only attacked them, but killed Kuririn.

Chapter 135

"Kuririn's Death — A Terrible Conspiracy" (クリリンの死そして恐ろしき陰謀, Kuririn no Shi Soshite Osoroshiki Inbō; Viz "The Death of Kuririn")

In fury at his best friend's death, Gokū swears revenge. Taking the Dragon Radar from Bulma, he boards Kintoun and flies away from the Tenkaichi Budōkai arena, in spite of Muten Rōshi's orders that he stay. Looking at the Radar, Gokū follows the moving Dragon Ball signal. Oolong found a piece of paper on the ground, and on it is "魔" (Ma; "devil") inscribed within a circle. Muten Rōshi recognizes the symbol immediately; it's the sign of Piccolo, the Great Demon King.

Muten Rōshi explains the origin of Piccolo, a horrible demon who reveled in death and destruction. Many years ago, his own teacher, Mutaito, developed a secret technique to seal Piccolo away in a ricer cooker. This technique was referred to as the Mafūba. Unfortunately, it came at the cost of Mutaito's life. Muten Rōshi doesn't understand how Piccolo could have escaped, as he threw the rice cooker to the bottom of the sea.

In the sky, an airship is flying. Inside the ship is the demon Piccolo himself, sitting on an ornate throne. His goal is to find the Dragon Balls, so that he can achieve eternal youth, allowing his evil to rule forever. Inside the ship with Piccolo are the Pilaf Gang, who are incidentally responsible for setting Piccolo free. Pilaf haggles for portions of the world with Piccolo, hoping to secure a spot as a ruler when Piccolo himself takes over; Piccolo agrees to consider Pilaf's proposal for a "third" of the world, before destroying the cooker he was trapped in. Piccolo declares his intention to kill all masters of martial arts.

Muten Rōshi and the others clue into Piccolo's intentions; due to fear of the Mafūba, he intends to kill every single person on the registration list. Just as they reach this revelation, Gokū manages to make contact with Kuririn's assassin.

Chapter 136

"The Terror of Piccolo Daimaō!" (ピッコロ大魔王の恐怖!, Pikkoro Daimaō no Kyōfu!; Viz "Target: Tenka'ichi Budōkai"; Literally meaning "The Terror of Piccolo the Great Demon King!")

Gokū catches up to his target, who confusedly wonders who the boy is. Once he sees the Dragon Ball clutched in the creature's claws, Gokū angrily tells him that not only did he steal Gokū's Dragon Ball, he killed Kuririn. The creature confirms that he did indeed kill Kuririn, and Gokū angrily prepares to attack him in a rage. The creature scoffs at the idea of Gokū being able to defeat him, and easily dispatches Gokū, who complains about hunger being the reason he can't keep up.

The monster releases a Kikōha from the Mouth, destroying Gokū's Kintoun, and sending him plummeting to Earth. Chuckling to himself over the joys of killing, he flies off. Several hours pass, and Gokū's friends conclude that, if he hasn't returned, Gokū must be dead. They begin to weigh their options, and while Tenshinan asks Muten Rōshi about the Mafūba, the old master tells him that he can't remember the movie, as it was performed so long ago and happened so fast. With no other options, the group heads to Muten Rōshi's house.

Back on Piccolo's airship, the creature hands Piccolo the Dragon Ball, confirming it was where Pilaf and his group said it would be. Pleased that eternal youth will be in his grasp, Piccolo informs the creature to put up the list of the ten finalists. Seeing Kuririn on the list, he removes it, as he'd already killed him. When Gokū was found on the list, the monster confirmed he'd already killed Gokū as well. With the news that these finalists are supposedly weak, Piccolo still urges his minion to stay on his guard: one use of the Mafūba would doom him. He issues the order to kill all remaining martial arts experts, and anyone who stands in his way.

Chapter 137

"Come Back, Son Gokū!" (よみがえれ孫悟空!, Yomigaere Son Gokū!; Viz "We Need You, Goku!")

Piccolo addresses the demon as Tambourine, and tells him to get going and complete his mission. While Tambourine hunts down martial arts masters, Piccolo decides to make a new demon child to continue the hunt for the Dragon Balls. His attendant, Piano, urges him against it, saying it would be detrimental to his health in the long run, even kill him. Piccolo disregards this, and decides that, as he will be hunting Dragon Balls, his next child should look like a dragon. Piccolo proceeds to spit out a gigantic egg, from which hatches a large dragon. Piccolo names his new demon 'Cymbal', and tells him to find the six Dragon Balls. After finding the location of the next Dragon Ball, Tambourine chooses to attack Namu; he and his brother set off in different directions.

At Kame House, Tenshinhan is filled in on the existence of the Dragon Balls, and the group decides to use the Dragon Balls in an attempt to kill Piccolo. Bulma will make a storage pod to keep Kuririn's body preserved, so he can be revived a year after the wish to kill Piccolo was made. On the news, Namu's death is reported as being done by a hideous monster leaving the same insignia as the one that killed Kuririn. The group decides to begin gathering the Dragon Balls; Bulma, in only half a day, can make a new Dragon Radar. With their plan decided, the Dragon Team set out, their minds worrying for Gokū.

Still unconscious from his battle with Tambourine, Gokū awakens and smells food. Looking for the source, he runs across a giant fish cooking in a clearing.

Chapter 138

"The Strange Guy With the Ball" (ボールを持った妙なやつ, Bōru o Motta Myō na Yatsu; Viz "The Weirdo with the Ball")

Within seconds, Gokū devours the fish, and now that his hunger is sated, tests his replenished strength, splitting a boulder in half. He calls for Kintoun, eager for a rematch with Tambourine. When Kintoun doesn't arrive, Gokū realizes it was destroyed, which only furthers his anger at Tambourine. Taking out the Dragon Radar, Gokū discovers a Dragon Ball is nearby, only to have to dodge an incoming boulder. Calling his attacker a coward, Gokū sees it was a rather pudgy man with a sword, who accuses him of stealing his fish. Seeing the Dragon Ball around the man's neck, Gokū concludes he's friends with the monster that killed Kuririn.

Continuing to insult each other, Gokū and the strange man start to fight. Matching each other nearly blow for blow, they seem almost even, and when Gokū kicks him into a rock, the strange man gets out of the rubble and dusts himself off. Both combatants are amazed by the strength of the other. When Gokū sees that the ball Yajirobe is wearing around his neck only had a single star, which would mean it wasn't his ball. As he laughs about the misunderstanding, Gokū notices a figure coming in from behind the strange man. Believing it to be Tambourine, Gokū realizes it only looks like him. The new arrival is Cymbal, and he's looking for a Dragon Ball.

Chapter 139

"Yajirobe's Prey" (ヤジロベーの獲物, Yajirobei no Emono)

Cymbal continues to interrogate Yajirobe and Gokū about the location of the Dragon Ball, threatening to kill them if they don't do as he asked.  It isn't until Piccolo Daimaō's son sees the necklace wrapped around the obese man's neck does he realize that he's wearing a Dragon Ball, asking to hand over the object right away. Realizing that he's an ally of Kuririn's killer, Gokū is determined to challenge Cymbal but Yajirobe feels obligated to settle the score Piccolo's son made with him. Not agreeing easily, they settle their feud over a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors while Cymbal looks on in incredulous awe. Winning the game, Yajirobe steps up to challenge an eager Cymbal to do battle. 

Attacking first, Yajrobe swung fast and hard, but missed a rapidly evading Cymbal. In mid-jump, the Dragonoid tail whipped the fat man in the chin, followed by a fast kick and punch combo to send him reeling back. Having fallen flat on his face, the Demon believes he's already dead but is soon proven wrong when a slightly scuffed Yajirobe complains as he stands up an dusts himself off. While Gokū chuckles with amusement, Cymbal steels himself for the fight to continue. Landing a surprise kick to Cymbal, Yajirobe has to evade bolts of lightning that are shot like bullets from an angry Cymbal. Offering his help, Yajirobe decline's Gokū's aid as he grasps the hilt of his sword, ready to end the fight. Leaping forward, Yajirobe avoids Cymbal's shots just in time to get a single sword stroke, bifuricating the Dragonoid in half. 

Meanwhile, aboard Pilaf's airship, Piccolo Daimaiō reels in surprise as he feels his child's life force vanish. While his other son tries to comfort him, the Demon King is still in shock anyone is capable of besting his spawn. He cries out for vengeance for what has happened with an angry expression contorting on his wrinkled face. 

Back where Yajirobe and Gokū were, the prior had diced up Cymbal before placing him on a spit to cook over a fire. Taking a slice of cooked meat, he tells Gokū he isn't sharing to which the young boy says he doesn't want any. Eating it, he soon takes a liking to the cooked Dragonoid and devours it whole down to the bone. Asking who the kid's name is, he calls Gokū's name weird before introducing himself to him unceremoniously as he gnaws on a toothpick. 

Chapter 140

"Tambourine Draws Near!" (タンバリンがやってくる!, Tambarin ga Yatte Kuru!; Viz "The Martial Artist Hunters")

Piccolo Daimaō demands to know whom killed Cymbal to those aboard Pilaf's ship. Deciding to contact Tambourine in order to learn about Cymbal's killer quicker, he sents out a telepathic shout to his strongest child. 

Meanwhile, Tambourine is beating on Gilan, the latter declaring his strength while the prior laughing at his weakness. Gilan boasts of making it to the Tenkaichi Budōkai to which Tambourine states that's why he must die. Gilan spews out a wad of gummy substance to entwine around Piccolo's son, declaring that he can't move so he can finish him off. Tambourine breaks free of it easily, stating it was a good technique. Shouting out a final death threat, Tambourine dashes forward and thrusts his arm through Gilan's belly, effectively killing him. Declaring he's the sixth to die he sets off to kill his seventh target, Yamcha, taking off to fly high up into the sky. 

Contacted by his father in mid-flight, Tambourine informs Piccolo of his progress. Instructed to hold off from his given assignment he gravely informs a surprised Tambourine that Cymbal has been killed. Told to scour the area he was last scene and deal with the human who has done this, the spawn of Piccolo agrees to this command and swears he'll kill the human. 

Back at camp, Yajirobe complains that he's still hungry while Gokū informs him that he's in trouble. While adamant that he'll just eat more attackers, the young boy tells him they're after the Dragon Ball and that he should hand it over to him. Refusing outright and that he'll do as he likes, Gokū says he reminds him of his dead friend Kuririn. On the verge of departing from each other, Yajirobe says bye and Gokū says he wishes to see him again to which rubs Yajirobe the wrong way. Declaring that he needs the ball along with six others Gokū is about to explain their importance just before a low flying Tambourine comes in to search for Cymbal's killer. While Yajirobe salivates for a future meal, Gokū recognizes him instantly and calls out for him to come down. 

Telling Yajirobe that he's the one he wishes to fight, the obese man concedes to Gokū's wishes as long as he gets to eat him afterwards. When Tambourine lands on the ground he is shocked that he recognizes the young boy glaring at him from the distance. 

Chapter 141

"Son Gokū's Explosion!!" (孫悟空爆発!!, Son Gokū Bakuhatsu!!; Viz "Goku vs. Tambourine")

Tambourine acknowledges that he swore he killed Gokū, just as the latter glares daggers at him while Yajirobe complains about not being able to eat him quick enough if he's still alive. When Piccolo Daimaiō's son warns the young boy the last time they fought how badly it ended for him Yajirobe simply says he'll kill him if he fails. Going as far as to brag about killing him just like he did to Kintoun Gokū shuts him up to start the fight; to which Tambourine concedes and says he'll slay him as he did with Kuririn. Getting angry at the confirmation of his friend's killer, Gokū prepares to avenge his fallen friend just as Tambourine says he warned that he'll die if he fights him. 

When Gokū starts the attack, Tambourine finds himself dizzied by the afterimages he creates, unable to tell which one from which. Landing a surprise blow to the jaw, Gokū doesn't let up with a fierce combo of punches that sends the Dragonoid flying. Dashing off a tower of rocks the boy declares his next attack and drop knee kicks him in the head, smashing him into the earth. Striking a peace sign at the inert Tambourine, Yajirobe admits that Gokū is a skilled fighter. Standing up much to Gokū's surprise, Tambourine launches a surprise ki blast from his mouth not willing to admit any human can harm Piccolo's children. Seeing nothing but charred earth, he claims victory until Gokū mocks him from afar, shocking him with his surprising speed. 

Declaring the next blow will be for Kuririn, Tambourine takes flight, hoping to escape his opponent. As Yajirobe shouts to get after him, Gokū unsheathes his Nyōibo and extends it to raise himself high up into the air. Chanting out the syllables for his chosen technique as he gets in position, Tambourine is flabbergasted that he was followed. With a final shout, Gokū unleashes a Kamehameha, dealing the death blow to Piccolo's spawn in a flash of light. 

Elsewhere, Piccolo Daimaiō convulses with surprise as he feels his strongest child's life force vanish. Declaring to set a course for the last position he was seen, he announces his intention of doing battle with his children's killer himself. 

Back at the battleground, Yajirobe tells Gokū that he's surprised that he's as strong as he is. Gokū simply thanks him with a smile. 

Chapter 142

"Piccolo Daimaō Descends!!" (ピッコロ大魔王降り立つ!!, Pikkoro Daimaō Oritatsu!!; Viz "Piccolo Descends!"; Literally meaning "Piccolo the Great Demon King Descends!!")

Piccolo Daimaō declares his vengeance against his children's killer just before being aware of Pilaf's distress. The would-be conqueror points out that four signals popped up and are heading towards the same place they are. Deducing there are Dragon Ball hunters besides them, he asks what Piccolo wants to do.

Heading at a fast pace elsewhere, the Dragon Team heads towards another signal with Tenshinhan at the helm and Kame-Sennin as a passenger. With the latter thankful that Piccolo hasn't noticed them yet, the prior suggests Kuririn's killer could be in possession of the ball they're looking for. Saying they may have to fight Piccolo, Tenshinhan makes no secret of wanting to kill him on his own to which Kame-Sennin adamantly says only Shenron can do such a thing. When he mentions the Demon Sealing Wave, Kame-Sennin chastises him once more, saying that is a reckless strategy that shouldn't be used. Tenshinhan verbally agrees while inwardly believing the old man knows the secret of the technique himself.

Piccolo finally answers Pilaf, telling him that they'll never get his ball saying it is his. Allowing the Dragon Ball hunters to continue gathering the relics, he says it'll save them the trouble while he can collect on his vengeance with his spawns' slayer.

Gokū checks on his Dragon Radar, Yajirobe idly makes a deal that if he brings another monster for him to kill he'll trade him his Dragon Ball. Realizing that a new signal was right over their heads, Gokū sees Pilaf's airship, much to Yajirobe's surprise. Yajirobe and Gokū hear Mai's announcement to Piccolo that they've arrived only for Shū to point out she hit the outside speaker by mistake. Informing the Demon King properly they've arrived, Gokū realizes that Piccolo's come to pay them a visit. When Yajirobe realizes from what story Piccolo is mentioned, he rushes in a panic to hand Gokū his Dragon Ball before running to the hills.

When Pilaf spots the killer he recognizes him as the one who stole Dragon Balls from them to which Piccolo makes the assumption he killed both Cymbal and Tambourine. Saying that they've been bested by a rat, he infuriatedly descends with the notion he misplaced faith in their power. Landing before Gokū, he notices that he has the Dragon Ball and says he's strong to have killed his spawn. Gokū on the other hand declares he's responsible for killing his friend and taking the Dragon Ball to which he admits vaguely. As Yajirobe hides and notices it really is Piccolo Daimaō, Gokū attacks the Demon King head-on.

Chapter 143

"Son Gokū versus Piccolo Daimaō" (孫悟空対ピッコロ大魔王, Son Gokū Tai Pikkoro Daimaō; Viz "Goku vs. The Demon King"; Literally meaning "Son Goku versus Piccolo the Great Demon King")

Surprising Piccolo Daimaō with his speed, Gokū lands a solid punch to the face of the Great Demon King. Mercilessly, Gokū attacks Piccolo and seems to have the advantage; even with Piccolo attempting to fight back, Gokū is able to hold him off. The Pilaf Gang, ever terrified of Gokū's strength, attempt to flee, but Piano orders them to stay, as he believes Piccolo won't lose. Surprised at Gokū's strength, Piccolo stands to his feet and removes his cape.

Unburdened, Piccolo Daimaō begins to overwhelm Gokū with his superior speed. After being soundly beaten, Gokū realizes that all of Piccolo's abilities are beyond the scope of Gokū's own. Piccolo commends Gokū's power as well, stating he's powerful for a human, and that the thought of killing someone as strong as Gokū only excites him. In an act of defiance, Gokū begins to charge the Kamehameha. Piccolo briefly panics, believing Gokū to be about to perform the Mafūba. Releasing the energy wave, it collides with Piccolo; however, the blast does no damage. Utterly shocked by the failure of his technique, Gokū is left stunned as Piccolo prepares to make his move.

Chapter 144

"Son Gokū Completely Defeated!!" (孫悟空完敗!!, Son Gokū Kanpai!!; Viz "Goku… Loses?")

With great effort, Piccolo charges ki in his palms, the Great Demon King attacks Gokū. Gokū takes to the air, avoiding the ki blast, but Piccolo is quick to pursue. Gokū is unable to avoid the attack, and the blast collides with him as he falls to the ground. Piccolo checks his heart, and states it's stopped, determining that Gokū is dead. With his victory, Piccolo takes the Dragon Ball from around Gokū's neck.

Piccolo boards his ship, gloats that once he becomes young, no one will be able to stop him. Pilaf asks Piano if Piccolo will become even stronger, which Piccolo confirms, much to the group's terror. Believing Gokū to be dead, Yajirobe states he at least owes him a proper burial, on account of Gokū not seeming edible. Gokū begins to stir, and Yajirobe can detect a heartbeat. Barely conscious, Gokū begs for water, and Yajirobe takes him to a stream where Gokū recovers, gasping for breath. The swordsman compliments Gokū's vitality, but Gokū is too lost in his own powerlessness. Gokū remembers Karin Tower, and asks Yajirobe to take him to it, because he can't move anymore.

The Dragon Team makes progress in gathering the Dragon Balls, but notice that the two remaining Dragon Balls aren't only together, but moving towards them. Piccolo is coming for them. Meanwhile, Yajirobe is driving Gokū to Karin Tower in his hovercar.