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Son Gokū's Counterattack!?
Kanji 孫悟空の逆襲!?
Rōmaji Son Gokū no Gyakushū!?
Viz Piccolo Conquers the Earth
Volume Info
Previous Volume 12
Next Volume 14
Japanese June 10, 1988[1]
English November 19, 2003[2]
Japanese ISBN 978-4-08-851610-3
English ISBN 978-1-59116-148-6
Character debut(s)
None in this volume
Technique debut(s)
Tool debut(s)
None in this volume

Son Gokū's Counterattack!? (孫悟空の逆襲!?, Son Gokū no Gyakushū!?; Viz "Piccolo Conquers the Earth") is the thirteenth volume of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter 145

"Muten Rōshi's Resolve" (武天老師の決心, Mutenrōshi no Kesshin; Viz "The Muten-Rōshi's Decision")

Piccolo and the Dragon Team are approaching each other, both looking for the Dragon Balls possessed by the other. Muten Rōshi knows that they have no chance against Piccolo unless they can claim his Dragon Balls. Gokū and Yajirobe are on the move as well, and Yajirobe reveals Piccolo's past to Gokū, including that a martial arts master stopped Piccolo in the distant past. Gokū in turn explains the legend of the Dragon Balls to Yajirobe, and how they can be used to summon Shenron for a single wish.

The Dragon Team land and hide their Dragon Balls underground, so Piccolo can't find them. Muten Rōsho orders Chaozu and Tenshinhan to hide behind the rock formation while he tries to find Piccolo's Dragon Balls. Ordering the group to hide, Piccolo arrives. The Great Demon King clues into their trap, however, and realizes they are after his Dragon Balls. Thus, he consumes them, forcing Muten Rōshi to come out of hiding, as they can no longer get the Dragon Balls without killing Piccolo. Telling Tenshinhan he wouldn't die, as he drunk the Elixir of Immortality, Muten Rōshi moves to combat Piccolo, but Tenshinhan protests. Knocking him out, Muten Rōshi hides Tenshinhan, stating he doesn't want Tenshinhan to die at Piccolo's hands.

Muten Rōshi calls out to Piccolo, who descends. Rōshi informs Piccolo of where the Dragon Balls are, and tells him that, to get to the Dragon Balls, Piccolo will have to kill him. While Piccolo finds the statement humorous, Rōshi grins confidently.

Chapter 146

"Kame Sennin's Final Mafūba!!" (亀仙人最後の魔封波!!, Kamesennin Saigo no Mafūba!!; Viz "The Mafū-Ba"; Literally meaning "The Turtle Hermit's Final Evil Sealing Wave!!")

Piccolo tells Muten Rōshi that he is foolish for challenging him, but Muten Rōshi informs Piccolo that he knows what he's getting into. Rōshi continues, tells Piccolo that they have met before, and then tells the Great Demon King the name of his teacher: Mutaito. Piccolo reacts with fear, and Muten Rōshi decapsulizes a rice cooker. Piccolo and Tenshinhan know what Muten Rōshi is preparing to perform: the Mafūba.

In fear, Piccolo takes to the sky, attempting to reach his airship. However, Muten Rōshi's Mafūba connects with Piccolo, and Muten Rōshi guides him to the pot. He misses whilst trying to seal Piccolo into the rice cooker. Rōshi dies, but not before informing Piccolo that someone will still come and stop him. Gokū, in the distance, feels 'something' as Rōshi dies, though he can't pinpoint what.

Piccolo is exhilarated at the death of Muten Rōshi, believing himself to have nothing to fear now that the user of the Mafūba is dead. With telekinesis, Piccolo removes Muten Rōshi's Dragon Balls from the ground, and prepares to summon the dragon and regain his youth.

Chapter 147

"Youth Restored!? Piccolo Daimaō" (若がえるか!?ピッコロ大魔王, Waka Gaeru ka!? Pikkoro Daimaō; Viz "The Demon King of Old… Restored!"; Literally meaning "Youth Restored!? Piccolo the Great Demon King")

Elated with his victory, Piccolo proclaims his plan for youth and calls out to the Dragon Balls. The sky begins to darken as Shenron is summoned forth, leaving a weakened Tenshinhan to watch in horror. Piccolo marvels at the sight of Shenron, but Tenshinhan, through telepathy, urgently tells Chaozu he has to make his wish before Piccolo does. The wish: destroy Piccolo Daimaō.

Shenron asks Piccolo for his wish, reminding him that he gets but a single wish. As Piccolo is about to speak, Chaozu rushes out, attempting to cry out their wish. Before he can finish, Piccolo responds quickly and kills Chaozu with a well-timed ki blast, horrifying Tenshinhan. Shenron asks again for Piccolo's wish, and Piccolo wishes to be restored to the prime of his youth. Shenron grants his wish, and Piccolo's appearance takes on that of a younger person. Having arrived at Karin's Tower, Gokū realizes from the darkened sky that Shenron was summoned.

Chapter 148

"Get to Karin Tower!!" (カリン塔に会え!!, Karin Tō ni Ae!!; Viz "Go Ask Karin!")

With his youth restored, Piccolo, Piano, and the Pilaf Gang celebrate his triumph. Shenron prepares to leave, but in a shocking move, Piccolo kills the wish-granting Dragon with an energy blast from his mouth. With a resulting explosion, the dragon's remains fade, and Piccolo gloats over his victory as the Dragon Balls are reduced to mere stones. Tenshinhan, having watched, finally passes out.

Gokū notices the sky lighten up, and sees the Dragon Balls disappear from the radar; he realizes Piccolo must have summoned Shenron. As they exit the car, Gokū sees Upa, and his father, Bora, both of whom are pleased to see Goku again, albeit concerned for his wounded state.

Thoroughly pleased with his youth, Piccolo makes plans to head towards the King's Castle, safely back aboard the airship. Pilaf congratulates Piccolo on his victory, before reminding him of his promise to grant the imp a portion of Earth to rule. Rather than honor the agreement, Piccolo kicks the entire Pilaf Gang off of his ship.

At Karin's Tower, Gokū has filled Bora and Upa in entirely on the situation. Unable to climb the tower in his current state, Gokū bribes Yajirobe with the promise of a feast — something he calls Senzu. With the promise of food, Yajirobe agrees, and hoists Goku onto his back. Bora offers to lend them both his assistance as well.

Chapter 149

"World Domination" (世界征服, Sekai Seifuku)

With Bora hoisting Yajirobe up with Gokū, Upa encourages them and says they're the best. With a heave Bore manages to send the two soaring up into the sky. When Yajirobe manages to get a grip on Karin's Tower he still has a hard time seeing the top. Regardless, the pair make their way up the tower's tall incline, intending on reaching Karin as quickly as possible. 

Meanwhile, Piccolo Daimaō marches forward to the King's Palace, his spawn Piano treading confidently beside him. Calling it his new home and saying it has class the Demon King stepped toward the front gate. Knocking down the guards at the gate he is approached by many others to which he compared them to insects. 

As night falls, Yajirobe continues to climb with Gokū, complaining that he's sore and tired. The young boy tries to encourage him that he's nearly there and the obese swordsman said that is the fiftieth time he's said that. Regardless, he continues his long climb up. 

Back at the Palace, Piccolo and Piano walk down a hallway with a host of unconscious and beaten guards left in their wake. Halted by a much bigger guard than the rest, Piccolo says they sent a tough guy. Trying to make him submit, the Demon King insists that he's the inferior, angering the man enough to launch a strong armed punch. It failed to connect as the fist was easily caught and he was backhanded into the wall. When he commanded him to bring the King, he said he didn't know and his chest was punctured by his hand, killing him instantly. As other guards tried to make a break for it, Piccolo appeared in front of one in a flash, asking him where the King was. Told that he was upstairs in the Western Tower. Piano notices that the King was in a getaway aircraft to which Piccolo replies he won't get far. 

At Karin's Tower, Yajirobe notices that the top is noticeable and asks Gokū if that was it. Unfortunately, the weary boy was sleeping soundly. The fat man yelled at him to wake up, saying they've reached their destination. 

The King's aircraft jolted as Piccolo Daimaō greets them standing upright, startling the pilot and his current bodyguard.

Chapter 150

"Even Karin-sama is Worried" (カリン様もなやむ, Karinsama mo Nayamu; Viz "Karin's Quandary")

With the King's guard and pilot trembling in fear, Piccolo Daimaō kicks the blast shield off the aircraft declaring that the King of the World is a coward. When asked what he wanted, he said he's their new King, causing the bodyguard to open fire to no effect on Piccolo. Noticing the ignorance of the man, he grabs him by his head and drops him off the aircraft to his death. Asked again what he desired, the Demon King replied that he's the new King and he wanted the King to inform the world of this. Refusing to such, Piccolo counted on that and begins charging his Ki. With a wave of his hand, a bright flash of light and a thunderous shockwave shakes the aircraft; shortly afterwards, the King is horrified to see the city was erased, leaving nothing but a crater behind. Declaring that he could destroy the world if he wanted, the anthromorphic dog relents, giving way to a victorious cackle to the Demon King's success. 

Having reached Karin's home, Yajirobe collapses to breathe heavily from the journey, much to Karin's amazement to have accomplished this with Gokū on his back. As the young martial artist tries to explain the situation to Karin he replies that he knows already and that he was able to tell what was going on from above. Despite his surprise, he asks him readily to be trained but is given a Senzu to heal him. Exasperated at the sight of what a Senzu was, Yajirobe flew into a rage as he grasps a giant jar of Senzu and eats a whole handful. Much to Gokū's dismay he becomes bloated and groans out loud as the young boy explains that any ordinary bean can fill a man for ten days.

Feeling rejuvenated from the bean's magic, Gokū again asks Karin to train him to which he replies much to the youngster's awareness that he was surpassed by the student in strength. Saying that Piccolo is unmatched in power and that no one could beat him, even adding that Rōshi was killed by him. About to fly in a rage at hearing this news, Karin narrowly stops him from leaving saying that him having no problem with dying could be helpful in trying a mysterious item called the Chōshinsui. 

Chapter 151

"The Super God Water!!!" (超神水!!!, Chōshinsui!!!; Viz "The Superest Super Water!!!")

Gokū asks what the Super God Water is and Karin explains that its true name is 'Super God Water'. Explaining that the water is capable of bringing out your secret inner power, only working on those who haven't reached their limit. Saying it wouldn't hurt to try, Yajirobe urges him to drink it already to which Gokū readily agrees to. Warning them that the Super God Water could also be a poison and that those weak of mental and physical strength they will surely die. Yajirobe asks if Karin tried it to which he admits he had but threw it all up. Yajirobe asks how many have tried and succeeded, not expecting many; instead, he is told 14 Martial Arts Masters tried the Super God Water and all died in the process. Berating Karin that it's all bull and that it's just poison to which the old cat insists it is magical. Wanting to chance it, the obese swordsman says it'd be suicide and not courageous to go through with it with even Karin saying he doesn't have to. Advising him to stay far away from Piccolo Daimaō, Gokū says he has to avenge Kuririn and Kame-Sennin to which Karin agrees that if nothing is done, he'll ruin the world. Saying that if the young martial artist dies it isn't his problem Gokū is eager to start.

Bringing out the water he pours it into a small cup, Karin says that Gokū has to drink the whole cup. Yajirobe is a bit relieved that it doesn't stink too much, offering to take a drip of it onto his tongue. After a few moments the fat warrior violently writhes in pain, regurtitating in order to get rid of the drop. Saying it was disgusting Gokū says he's uncool for discouraging him. When Karin says that he doesn't need to go through with it, mentioning that a few years of training he might be a challenge for Piccolo the young boy says there's no time to waste. Swallowing it all in one gulp. Falling to the ground he begins to scream and writhe in pain. While Yajirobe insists he spit it out, Gokū insists that he's Immortal and continues to endure it.

Elsewhere, Tenshinhan continues to train on perfecting the Mafuba, stating that he has to be perfect in its control if he's to beat Piccolo. Desiring nothing but to avenge the fallen he declares that Piccolo is his to beat.

Six hours later the Sun rises and Gokū continues to struggle much to Karin and Yajirobe's amazement. Feeling Gokū's entire power, Karin marvels at the strength deep within the young fighter's body.

With a final stroke, Tenshinhan manages to succeed in landing the Mafuba right on target. Happy to have succeeded he eagerly looks up and awaits the time he takes on Piccolo himself.

Eventually, Gokū survives and wakes up in a daze, informed by Yajirobe that he's unstoppable and is congratulated by Karin by his achievement. With a bright smile on his face, Gokū is in awe at the power he can feel welling up to the surface.

Chapter 152

"Son Gokū Finally Departs!!!!" (孫悟空ついに発進!!!!, Son Gokū Tsui ni Hasshin!!!!; Viz "Piccolo's World")

Tenshinhan is making his way towards Piccolo, and receives a call from Yamcha. Tenshinhan updates him and the others on the situation. Asking Yamcha to retrieve the corpses of their friends, Tenshinhan tells him that he's going to fight Piccolo; he's mastered the Mafūba, and believes he has a chance. Despite everyone's insistence, Tenshinhan refuses to falter, and pursues his mission.

At the same time, Piccolo appears on television, after the King announces he has been dethroned. Proclaiming himself ruler of the world, Piccolo Daimaō, he informs the citizens that all laws are outlawed, and they are free to do as they wish. Meanwhile, at Karin's Tower, Gokū has recovered from the Super God Water, and his strength has received a huge increase. Having discovered how to sense ki, Gokū can feel where Piccolo is, much to Karin's surprise. The martial arts master gifts Gokū with a new Kintoun, revealing it was he who have Muten Rōshi his original cloud. With a new cloud in tow, Gokū races off to combat Piccolo.

Chapter 153

"Tenshinhan's Determination!!" (天津飯の決意!!, Tenshinhan no Ketsui!!; Viz "Tenshinhan's Decision!!")

Despite their new-found freedoms, Piccolo informs the Earthlings that it will come with a price. There are 43 sectors of the planet, and thus, every May 9th, the day of Piccolo's coronation, he intends to destroy one of the sectors by drawing one of 43 papers from an urn. As an enraged Tenshinhan rushes to Piccolo, the Great Demon King draws the number 29 — the number that corresponds to the Western Capital. In a panic, Bulma urges Tenshinhan to defeat Piccolo, and he readily agrees, but not before informing them that he will truly die when he uses the Mafūba, as Piccolo destroyed Shenron. Arriving at the castle shortly, Tenshinhan challenges Piccolo.

Meanwhile, Gokū is racing towards the castle on Kintoun, desperately trying to make it.

Piccolo descends to the ground, and tells Tenshinhan to come down and meet him. With confidence, Tenshinhan grabs the rice cooker, only to see that the side is cracked open; during training, he broke the cooker. However, Tenshinhan believes he won't need the Mafūba to secure a victory, and descends to meet Piccolo as well. Deciding against dirtying his hands in a battle with Tenshinhan, Piccolo spits out an egg, and from the egg hatches a demon Piccolo calls Drum. Tenshinhan, however, still believes he'll dispatch the newborn demon easily.

Chapter 154

"Tenshinhan's Miscalculation" (天津飯の誤算, Tenshinhan no Gosan; Viz "Tenshinhan vs. Drum")

Tenshinhan engages the mutant Drum in battle as Gokū races towards the King's Castle. Despite his formidable strength, Tenshinhan quickly finds himself outmatched by the demonic monstrosity. As Drum is ordered to level the finishing the blow, however, he finds himself knocked back by the timely arrival of an angry Son Gokū. The young martial artist is surprised to see Piccolo has regained his youth, and despite Tenshinhan's warnings, enters battle with Drum. Using his new senses, and with a single blow, Gokū kills Drum.

Chapter 155

"Son Gokū's Counterattack" (孫悟空の逆襲, Son Gokū no Gyakushū; Viz "Guess Who's Back?")

As Drum falls to the ground, dead, Tenshinhan can only be amazed at Gokū's increased power. Piccolo, on the other hand, can't believe that Gokū is going to oppose him again, but Goku says he'll kill Piccolo this time. Meanwhile, two plans set off in different directions: the Dragon Team intends to collect the bodies of their friends, as well as help Gokū and Tenshinhan fight Piccolo.

Piccolo tells Gokū he's powered up from before, and Gokū states that he has as well. Wishing to end this quickly, so he can destroy the Western Capital, Piccolo tells Gokū the battle will be over in five seconds. After a quick exchange of blows, Gokū not only blocks Piccolo's strikes, but sends the latter hurtling into a building, telling him that his five seconds are up.

In anger, Piccolo rushes at Gokū, releasing a ki blast towards the boy, but he dodges. Piccolo Daimaō simply responds by sending another blast at Gokū, but Gokū blocks it and manages to land unharmed, shocking the Great Demon King.

Chapter 156

"Angry!!" (怒る!!, Ikaru!!; Viz "Fury")

Tenshinhan is amazed that Gokū can humiliate Piccolo, and the boy tells Piccolo that it is his turn to attack now. This statement angers Piccolo, but Gokū is even more furious that Piccolo killed so many of his friends. With incredible speed, Gokū lands the first punch, outspeeding even Tenshinhan's vision and catching Piccolo off-guard. After a furious exchange of blows, Gokū proves to be the superior, and even Piccolo notes that Gokū is the first person to make him truly angry. Gokū urges Piccolo to use his full power, and Piccolo decides to oblige, despite the fact that using it would shorten his lifespan.

After Piccolo reaches full strength, Gokū agrees to use his own full power. Piccolo thinks Gokū is merely showing off, and with the thrust of his hand, creates a kiai that blows Gokū backwards.


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