Even More Action
Kanji さらなる飛躍
Rōmaji Sara Naru Hiyaku
Viz Heaven and Earth
Volume Info
Previous Volume 13
Next Volume 15
Japanese August 10, 1988[1]
English February 18, 2004[2]
Japanese ISBN 978-4-08-851611-0
English ISBN 978-1-59116-169-1
Character debut(s)
None in this volume
Technique debut(s)
None in this volume
Tool debut(s)
None in this volume

Even More Action (さらなる飛躍, Sara Naru Hiyaku; Viz "Heaven and Earth") is the fourteenth volume of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter 157

"An Immortal Showdown!!" (不死身の決戦!!, Fujimi no Kessen!!; Viz "The Immortal Battle")

With both combatants declaring to show the other their full power, the battle resumes itself. After the two combatants fiercely clash bows, Piccolo manages to connect a powerful punch with Gokū's back, sending the young fighter towards the ground, creating a large creater. Piccolo laughs over his victory, and Tenshinhan believes Gokū to be defeated.

However, from the crater, the incantation for the Kamehameha begins, and both Tenshinhan and Piccolo notice. Leaping out fo the crater, furious, Gokū releases a Kamehameha towards Piccolo. Raising his hands to block the energy beam, Gokū bends the tail of the beam, causing the blast to turn, snaking around Piccolo and hitting him in the back. Piccolo calls Gokū a monster at his display of power, but Gokū notes that merely makes them both monsters. Prepared to fight to the death, the physical battle picks up at high speed, while Tenshinhan can only gawk at how powerless he is.

Chapter 158

"Son Gokū's Greatest Crisis!!" (孫悟空最大の危機!!, Son Gokū Saidai no Kiki!!; Viz "Goku's Greatest Crisis!")

The battle rages on, with Gokū gaining the advantage over Piccolo in terms of sheer power. Tenshinhan begins to believe Gokū can win, however, Piccolo releases a energy beam from his eyes, damaging Gokū's knee and causing his right leg to become useless. Gokū, however, uses the Nyoibō's ability to extend, landing a punch on Piccolo and making him still angrier. During the battle, the King sees Gokū and Tenshinhan, but is urged to escape while the children fight off Piccolo. Despite his misgivings about leaving Piccolo to children, the King agrees.

Flying towards the King's Castle, Bulma, Yamcha, and Lunch find out that Gokū and Tenshinhan are still fighting Piccolo, despite the fact that they believed him to be dead. The group remembers a prophecy made by Uranai Baba, that Gokū would save the world, and this gives them hope.

Enraged, Piccolo begins to concentrate his ki, release Kikōha from the Fingertips towards Gokū. His ability to dodge is hampered, and his staff is blasted out of his hand by the energy beams. Within seconds, Piccolo releases another Ki Manipulation Wave from his palms, an energy beam, that collides with Gokū, creating a huge explosion.

Chapter 159

"A Grand Battle in the Wasteland!!" (荒野の大格闘!!, Kōya no Daikakutō!!; Viz "The Blasted Earth")

In the distance, the Dragon Team's living members see a cloud of smoke from the ensuing explosion caused by Piccolo. In the wake of the destroyed city, Piccolo is confident that Son Gokū was killed, only to have his hopes dashed by sensing the young boy's ki. Tenshinhan used the Air Dance Technique to save Gokū, much to Piccolo's ire.

Flying, however, depleted the last of Tenshinhan's power, and the man fell to the ground exhausted. While Piccolo is certain that Gokū merely delayed his death, the boy informs the Great Demon King that the stunt he just pulled also severely depleted his energy, and he won't be able to attack Gokū like that again. Agreeing that his ki is low, Piccolo still believes he can kill Gokū easily. As Piccolo begins to power up, Gokū rushes in to take advantage of his lowered guard. However, his attack isn't strong enough with the force of only a single leg behind it, and Piccolo releases a large scale Kikōha that created a large crater.

Gokū, however, calls on Kintoun, picking him up from the crater and dropping him back onto the battlefield, albeit damaged. Piccolo expresses his disbelief that a human could resist his power, and Gokū says that, since he has a tail, he just might not be human. With both of them drained, Gokū wants to continue the match. However, Piccolo, in desperation, grabs the unconscious Tenshinhan and uses him as leverage against Gokū.

Chapter 160

"Son Gokū's Final Gamble!!" (孫悟空最後の賭け!!, Son Gokū Saigo no Kake!!; Viz "Goku's Final Gamble")

With Tenshinhan held captive by Piccolo, Gokū finds himself in a pinch. Tenshinhan urges Gokū to kill Piccolo, and not to worry about him; in an attempt to quiet him, Piccolo applies pressure to Tenshinhan's skull. Piccolo picks up a rock, and blows it towards Gokū, breaking the boy's left arm. Regardless, Gokū decides to kill Piccolo as he'd simply kill them whether the boy attacked or no, and believed he could resurrect Tenshinhan with the Dragon Balls. Piccolo tells Gokū that he killed Shenron, and with another stone, breaks Gokū's left leg, causing the boy to fall to the ground, unable to move.

Piccolo discards Tenshinhan and flies into the air, determined to land the finishing blow on Gokū, However, Gokū still has one working arm, and releases a powerful Kikōha towards the ground, propelling him into the air towards Piccolo. With the imprint of a Giant Monkey behind him, Gokū races towards Piccolo.

Chapter 161

"Son Gokū Wins!!" (孫悟空勝つ!!, Son Gokū Katsu!!; Viz "The Fist of Son Goku")

With his energy condensed into a single punch, Son Gokū fells Piccolo. Before the Great Demon King dies, however, he casts his final son out as an egg into the distance, before he explodes. Gokū's falling body is caught by Yajirobe, who decides to take Gokū to get healed. Tenshinhan informs Gokū that their friends are truly dead, and they resolve to meet again at the upcoming Tenka-Ichi Budōkai. With this, Gokū departs.

Tenshinhan notices Gokū left the Nyoibō behind, and the remaining members of the Dragon Team arrive. Tenshinhan tells them about what happened, and Bulma informs the news that Earth's defenders have saved the planet from Piccolo.

While Earth celebrates their newfound peace, however, Piccolo's final son has hatched, and declares his intent to avenge his father.

Chapter 162

"The Secret of the Nyoibō" (如意棒の秘密, Nyoibō no Himitsu; Viz "The Nyoi-bō's Secret"; Literally meaning "The Secret of the Compliant Staff")

Back at Karin's Tower, Gokū has completely recovered from his injuries. Informed that Shenron is dead, Karin surmises that Piccolo would indeed be the one who could kill Shenron. Karin also informs Gokū that those killed by demons cannot rest in peace, and their souls instead wander aimlessly in suffering, unable to pass on into the Afterworld. However, Karin has a solution: Gokū simply needs to visit the person who made the Dragon Balls, and ask that he resurrect the Dragon.

That person is God.

Gokū fits the criteria for those allowed to visit God, but he has to make it to the Castle of God on his own, as Kintoun cannot fly there. The Nyoibō, however, can reach the Palace, and Karin original gave the staff to Muten Rōshi, as he never thought anyone would need it. Realizing he lost it, Gokū hurriedly goes to find it, consulting Uranai Baba and finding out the staff is at Kame House.

Bursting into the house, Gokū reclaims his staff, tells everyone not to bury the others, and that he will go see God to bring them back. Leaving them confused, Gokū returns to Karin's Tower, receives a bell from Karin, and uses the staff to extend to the Palace of God.

Chapter 163

"The Temple" (神殿, Shinden; Viz "The Heaven of Kami-sama")

Karin tells Gokū that God will test him, though to not worry as he won't die. With the Nyoibō, Gokū races towards the Palace of God, with Karin behind ominously noting that the face of God will seem familiar to the boy.

Connecting with the palace, Gokū clambers up a ladder, and is greeted by not God, but a being who introduces himself as God's servant, Mr. Popo. As Gokū has defeated Piccolo, and has the bell symbolizing him as the chosen, he is eligible to try the test — defeating Mr. Popo in battle.

Despite his confidence, Gokū cannot land a hit on Mr. Popo, who decides that Gokū is weak. With little effort, Mr. Popo fends off Gokū, and declares him to be far too weak to meet with God, and that he should simply return home.

Chapter 164

"God Appears" (神様登場, Kamisama Tōjō; Viz "Enter God")

Mr. Popo tells Gokū that he is weak mentally and physically, and got arrogant after defeating Piccolo. With this in mind, he instructs the boy to go home. Gokū, however, refuses, as he needs to meet God and revive his friends. Gokū resolves to use the place to train, and while Mr. Popo allows it, he believes it useless.

Gokū quickly notices he tires faster on the Palace of God, as the oxygen is scarce so high up. Mr. Popo notes that for Gokū, who makes so much more wasted movement, the effect is worse. Mr. Popo tells Gokū that, even on Earth, it is important to be a calm as the sky and as quick as lightning. Gokū notes this is difficult, but Mr. Popo shows it can be done by masking his ki entirely. Gokū cannot replicate this effect, and Mr. Popo demonstrates further by moving faster than Gokū can track. Mr. Popo also shows his ability to sense ki outstrips Gokū's by far. He admits God is even stronger than he is, though they could not fight Piccolo due to personal reasons.

Despite this gap in strength, Gokū doesn't let his resolve waver, and decides he will beat Mr. Popo. It is this unwavering determination that earns God's favor, and he agrees to meet with Gokū. However, when God steps out to reveal himself, he looks identical to Piccolo. In a rage, Gokū attacks, only to be easily deflected.

God explains that he and Piccolo were once a single entity, and a master of martial arts. This sing;e being once came to see the God that existed before him, and wanted to succeed the dying deity. However, God would not allow him to succeed him, as evil existed within in his heart. Through training, the evil was expelled, and it became "Piccolo". God says that he will grant Gokū's wish, if the latter will train with him in return. Gokū agrees, and God tells him he will reactivate the Dragon Balls.

Chapter 165

"Shenron Revived!!" (神龍復活!!, Shenron Fukkatsu!!; Viz "Shen Long Resurrected!"; Literally meaning "The Dragon God Revived!!")

Mr. Popo brings out the model of Shenron to God, and proceeds to repair the damage. God admits that he had no intention of originally fixing Shenron, as humans perverted the original intention that the Dragon Balls exist to give humans hope and courage, not be misused for selfish intentions. However, people like Gokū have inspired him, and God resurrects Shenron.

God informs Gokū that the Dragon Balls have been restored, however, Gokū needs to train with him. In three years time, Piccolo Junior will arrive at the Tenkaichi Budōkai to kill Son Gokū. God tells Gokū that it has to be him, as he and Mr. Popo have their reasons for not fighting Piccolo's reincarnation. As Gokū makes a restroom run, Mr. Popo informs God that if Piccolo dies, he, God, will die as well, due to them being one person. God acknowledges this, but admits he must take responsibilty. Unable to commit suicide as God, it has to be Gokū who kills Piccolo.

On Earth, Shenron informs Gokū's friends that Gokū is training with God, and asked the deity to revive him. He also mentions Gokū as training at the Palace of God for the next Tenkaichi Budōkai,and goes ahead to grant their wish, reviving all those killed by Piccolo Daimaō. As Muten Rōshi explains that Gokū is training with God, this motivates the others, and they begin their training for the upcoming Tenkaichi Budōkai.

Chapter 166

"Everyone's Reunion" (それぞれの再会, Sorezore no Saikai; Viz "The Reunion")

Three years later, in the rain, Muten Rōshi and Lunch wait for their friends in the rain. A car pulls up, and Bulma, Puar, and Oolong step out. Excited to see how she's grown, Rōshi feels Bulma up, only to have his face smashed in. Neither Oolong nor Bulma know, as Yamcha simply left to train — irritating Bulma. Rōshi realizes just how influenced by Gokū Kuririn and Yamcha were.

A strange man in a turban, carrying an umbrella, approaches the Dragon Team, and greets them like he knows them. The party present is utterly surprised, not believing the tall man in front of them was really the little Gokū. As the rain stops, Gokū removes his turban, revealing his trademark hairstyle.

Yamcha, Tenshinhan, Kuririn, and Chaoz arrive, greeting their friends. Kuririn, seeing Goku, runs to hug his best friend, and Yamcha and Tenshinhan are surprised to see just how much Goku has grown. As the time to register closes in, Gokū and Kuririn ask if Muten Rōshi has their uniforms. Rōshi, however, says they're independent fighters and don't need to wear his colors, but wishes his former students luck.

Kuririn reveals that, having figured their teacher wouldn't make them a uniform, had one made for him. Gokū and Yamcha, however, all thought along similar lines, and the students of Muten Rōshi once again wear his colors. Yamcha notices that Gokū had his tail removed, and Gokū confirmed that God removed it, saying he wanted to put the moon back, and that Gokū's tail was limiting his progress. The martial artist senses a presence at the tournament and turns to see a face that both he and Tenshinhan recognize: Piccolo.

Chapter 167

"Trouble at the Tenka-Ichi Budōkai" (波乱の天下一武道会, Haran no Tenka-Ichi Budōkai; Viz "New Challengers"; Literally meaning "Trouble at the Number One Under the Heavens Martial Arts Gathering")

Piccolo turns away, and Tenshinhan asks Gokū if he is related to Piccolo; Gokū confirms his friend's suspicions, but asks him to not tell the others. A young woman catches the attention of Gokū and the others, specifically looking for Gokū. Gokū, however, doesn't recognize the young woman, which infuriates her, causing her to storm off.

Tenshinhan asks Chaoz to use his abilities to disperse their numbers, including Piccolo, and so the Dragon Team all end up in different blocks. Gokū has the first match of the preliminaries, and is once again up against King Chappa. As Chappa takes a stance, Gokū completely empties his mind, suppressing his ki entirely, and uses the element of surprise to karate chop Chappa from behind, knocking him out. Watching the battle, Piccolo is confident that he can defeat Gokū.

The Dragon Team continue to progress through the preliminaries, however, Chaoz loses his match to Taopaipai.

Chapter 168

"The Eight Winners are Determined!!" (8勝者決定!!, Hasshōsha Kettei!!; Viz "The 8 Finalists")

Everyone is shocked to see Taopaipai is alive, and the assassin reveals he has become a cyborg. Taopaipai urges Gokū to make it to the finals so he can kill him there, and after Gokū, Tenshinhan will be his target.

Piccolo proceeds through the preliminaries, impressing the others with his power. The entire Dragon Team, as well as Piccolo, and the mysterious young girl, have passed the preliminaries. A bespectacled man also qualifies, embarassingly defeating a masked fighter revealed to be Yajirobe.

The matches have been decided by: Tenshinhan vs. Taopaipai, Son Gokū vs. the mysterious young woman, Kuririn vs. Majunior (Piccolo), and Yamcha vs. Shen.


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