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The Dragon and Tiger Mutually Strike!
Kanji 龍虎相討つ!
Rōmaji Ryūko Aiutsu!
Viz Goku vs. Piccolo
Volume Info
Previous Volume 15
Next Volume 17
Japanese February 10, 1989[1]
English August 3, 2004[2]
Japanese ISBN 978-4-08-851613-4
English ISBN 978-1-59116-457-9
Character debut(s)
None in this volume
Technique debut(s)
Tool debut(s)
None in this volume

The Dragon and Tiger Mutually Strike! (龍虎相討つ!, Ryūko Aiutsu!; Viz "Goku vs. Piccolo") is the sixteenth volume of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter 181

"God's Miscalculation" (神の誤算, Kami no Gosan)

The onlookers are amazed by the showcasing of skill from Piccolo and Shen, though Shen is berating himself for the weak body he borrowed. Piccolo read Shen's thoughts, cluing in to the borrowed body. In response, Shen begins to speak Piccolo in a strange language. Understanding what Shen is saying, Piccolo finally understands who Shen is: God.

Finding this out, Piccolo can't understand why Shen is there; he's weaker than Piccolo, and wouldn't commit suicide. Shen, however, says he's found a way around the inconvenience of death. Pulling out bottle from his breast-pocket, Shen reveals his trump card: the Mafūba.

Piccolo, however, was more than prepared for this technique, and débuts a new technique of his own: the Mafūba Reverse. This turns the path of the Mafūba back towards Shen. Surprised to have his own attack turned back against him, God leaves the borrowed body, imploring Gokū to kill Piccolo without worrying about his life. Sealing God away, Piccolo now believes himself to be void of weaknesses.

Chapter 182

"The Fated Showdown! Son Goku versus Piccolo" (因縁の対決!悟空対ピッコロ, Innen no Taiketsu! Son Gokū Tai Pikkoro; Viz "The Fated Showdown!")

With God removed from his body, the man known as Shen collapses. Remaining down for the ten count, the announcer declares Piccolo as the winner. The man God possessed wakes up, and is surprised to see he is in the Tenkaichi Budōkai, believing he drank too much sake. His son, however, immensely impressed with him.

Gokū demands the bottle containing God back, but Piccolo swallows it, telling Gokū the only way to free God is to kill Piccolo — which would kill God anyway. When Muten Rōshi arrives to ask what's going on, Gokū explains to everyone that the Ma Junior they see is actually Piccolo Daimaō, or more specifically, his reincarnation. He also explains that the entity who came out of Shen's body that looked like Piccolo was God, and explains what happened when God and Piccolo split from being a single being.

Rōshi concludes that Piccolo is here to get revenge for losing to Gokū three years prior, a statement Piccolo confirms when he arrives. The two step into the ring, and their match begins.

Chapter 183

"A Light Warm-Up" (小手調べ, Kote Shirabe; Viz "Testing the Waters")

The fight between Gokū and Piccolo has begun, with them exchanging blows rapidly across the tournament stage. Piccolo extends his arm, but Gokū sees through the technique and grabs the arm, throwing Piccolo high into the air. Gokū follows with a Shockwave, stunning Piccolo briefly. He doesn't remain stunned for long, however, and when Gokū pursues, Piccolo responds with a Kikōha, shooting Gokū out of the air before firing another, landing a solid blow and then unleashing a barrage.

While Gokū appears knocked out, Piccolo tells the Announcer to stop counting, as Gokū is merely acting. As Gokū gets up, Piccolo confirms that Gokū was holding back to gauge Piccolo's strength and techniques, and both resolve to fight seriously.

Chapter 184

"Both Sides Go All-Out" (両者真剣勝負, Ryōsha Shinken Shōbu; Viz "The Real Fight")

The intensity of the battle begins to pick up, and Gokū and Piccolo exchange blows with new ferocity. The two get locked into a grapple, and Piccolo attacks Gokū with a Beam Eyes, only for it to be dodged and Gokū's feet to make contact with his face. Gokū vanishes, using a similar tactic he used against Kuririn three years ago, but Piccolo sees through it, elbowing the incoming Gokū in the face.

Gokū vanished yet again, however, striking Piccolo from behind with a crushing kick. Rebounding quickly, Piccolo threatens to blow Gokū away along with the ring. In a panic, Gokū attracts Piccolo's attention by leaping into the air. With another Shockwave, Gokū deflects the blast enough that it only grazes him, and the ki blast explodes off in the horizon. With a Kamehameha Boost, Gokū propels himself through the air to avoid a ring out.

Back in the ring and furious, Gokū declares his trump card: the Super Kamehameha.

Chapter 185

"The Super Kamehameha" (超かめはめ波, Chōkamehameha; Literally meaning "The Super Turtle Destruction Wave")

Muten Rōshi quickly stops Gokū from firing his Super Kamehameha, as it could accidentally kill God as well. Piccolo laughs at Gokū's weakness, and prepares to destroy the entire ring, along with Gokū. With split-second thinking, Kuririn tells Gokū they can revive God with the Dragon Balls, which gives Gokū the reassurance needed to prepare his technique.

Piccolo informs them that he killed Shenron three years ago, and fires his technique. Gokū responds that Shenron was revived, and returns fire with his Super Kamehameha. The gargantuan Kamehameha overwhelms Piccolo's technique and sends it back at him, wounding the demon severely.

Chapter 186

"Confusion at the Tenka-Ichi Budōkai!!" (武道会場騒然!!, Budōkaijō Sōzen!!; Viz "Panic at the Tenka'ichi Budōkai!"; Literally meaning "Confusion at the Number One Under the Heavens Martial Arts Gatering")

Having survived the Super Kamehameha and becoming considerably enraged, Piccolo descends to the ground and declares his further intent to kill Son Gokū. As more of his features are revealed, the audience begin to recognize him, believing him to look similar to Piccolo Daimaō. Piccolo states that he is the reincarnation of the demon, which causes the crowd to flee. The Announcer remains, continuing to document the events as they unfold.

With their battle continuing, Piccolo reveals a new technique to Gokū: the Super Giant Body Technique. This technique drastically increases the demon's size, letting him tower over Son Gokū. Tenshinhan offers Gokū help after the latter takes a beating, but Gokū declines, as the tournament match is still on, and accepting help would disqualify him.

Chapter 187

"Piccolo Daimaō's Super Giant Body Technique" (ピッコロ大魔王超巨身術, Pikkoro Daimaō Chō Kyoshinjutsu; Viz "Piccolo's Super Giantification Spell"; Literally meaning "Piccolo the Great Demon King's Super Giant Body Technique")

Piccolo chides Gokū for not accepting Tenshinhan's help, as he can't win without it. Gokū, however, tells Piccolo his new size doesn't scare him, and proceeds to prove his point by manhandling the now giant Piccolo, and managing to throw him as well. Muten Rōshi wonders precisely what kind of training Gokū underwent, as the Super Kamehameha should have taken a lot of energy, but Gokū's stamina hasn't dropped at all.

Gokū taunts Piccolo, telling him that, if he can only increase his size by as much as he has, it won't help him at all. Piccolo, however, tells Gokū just how wrong he is, and proceeds to increase his height further, towering over everything. Gokū leaps into the air, and, releasing a Kamehameha Boost, flies directly into Piccolo's mouth.

Within moments, Piccolo spits Gokū out, and Gokū tosses Tenshinhan the bottle that contains God, telling him to open it. Opening the bottle, God is freed.

Chapter 188

"Son Gokū's Match" (孫悟空の試合, Son Gokū no Shiai; Viz "Goku's Fight")

God realizes that happened, and that his Mafūba was reversed on him. Muten Rōshi explains that Gokū managed to save the deity with some quick thinking. Piccolo reduces himself to normal size and attacks Gokū in a rage; the two begin to fight again, and God is surprised that his godly eyes cannot keep up with their movements. Having taken the fight to the sky, Gokū is sent hurtling downward; charging a Kamehameha, Gokū fires the blast from his feet, rocketing back towards Piccolo and slamming boh fists into his face. Rōshi is amazed by this bit of genius. Piccolo responds with an Antenna Beam, stunning Gokū.

Taking advantage of the opening, Piccolo rushes towards Gokū, only for God to step in and block the attack. Gokū, however, asks God to stay out of his match, and offers Piccolo a free hit in exchange for God's interference; the demon obliges, striking Gokū into the wall.

Chapter 189

"The Great Demon King's Final Gamble!!" (大魔王最後の賭け!!, Daimaō Saigo no Kake!!; Viz "The Demon King's Final Gamble")

Gokū and Piccolo conclude that both of them are starting to get worn out, their attacks weakening. God implores Gokū to accept his help, but Gokū refuses, as he wants to fight on his own. The others convince God that they should put their faith in Gokū, as he's saved the world before and has earned the right to fight alone; furthermore, he is the only one who can fight Piccolo.

Confident he's seen all of Piccolo's techniques, Gokū believes he can win; Piccolo, however, believes he's made too much progress in the last three years to lose. Gokū however, tells Piccolo that he's become even stronger than him, which enrages the demon into attacking with a Kikōha. Initially confused at the fact that Piccolo was using such a basic attack, he soon realizes it's a Tracking Kikōha. Reacting cleverly, Gokū lures the technique back towards Piccolo, dodging at the last second, causing it to turn on its maker, wounding Piccolo's arm severely. Ripping his arm off, Piccolo quickly regenerates the appendage.

Enraged at being hit by his own technique, Piccolo prepares to release an even larger display of power in retaliation, causing Gokū to ask everyone to flee.

Chapter 190

"Stand Firm!! Son Gokū" (ふんばれ!!孫悟空, Funbare!! Son Gokū; Viz "Piccolo Destroys Everything!")

Gokū can feel the ki emanating from Piccolo, realizing he's trying to place all of his attack power into the next technique. God compels Gokū to flee with them, but Gokū is intent on remaining in the match. Releasing a Kikōhō, Tenshinhan creates a hole for his friends to hide in, and everyone makes way into it, Lunch kicking a reluctant God into their hiding spot.

Gokū braces himself for the impact, as Piccolo releases his Super Explosive Demon Wave, releasing a wave of ki that utterly decimates the Tenkaichi Budōkai grounds. Piccolo initially believes he managed to kill Gokū, however, Gokū survived. Having withstood the technique, Gokū is now confident he can win.

Chapter 191

"The 10 Count" (10カウント, Ten Kaunto)

Confident that the explosion was Piccolo's ace in the hole, Gokū firmly believes he can win. Charging his own ki, he launches a physical assault on Piccolo, culminating in a crushing blow to the stomach that stuns the demon. Jumping into the air, Gokū floats above the arena, before releasing another Super Kamehameha directly down towards Piccolo, creating a huge explosion and a giant crater. Landing, Gokū asks the announcer to begin the ten count.

Initially believing he's dead, the fact that God is still alive proves Piccolo is not, and the count begins. As the count reaches a climax, everyone begins to join in, believing their hero to have won; Piccolo, however, leaps up at the last literal second, releasing a Kikōha from the Mouth towards Goku, piercing his shoulder and leaving a gaping wound.

Chapter 192

"It's All Over!!" (万事休す!!, Banji Kyūsu!!; Viz "The Last Gasp!")

At the climax of the ten count, Piccolo shot through Gokū's shoulder with a Kikōha from the Mouth, drastically wounding him. The wound proves to be too much for Gokū, he finds himself unable to move again. Gokū's friends rush to help, but Piccolo holds them off with a Kikōha, determined to not have anyone interfere with his revenge. Gokū, however, manages to get to his feet, as Piccolo missed his vitals, and continues his efforts to fight. Blood loss begins to take over, and Piccolo beats Gokū into the ground, breaking both of his legs. Remembering his mistake from three years ago, Piccolo also renders Gokū's final arm inoperable, and prepares his final attack.

God urges Tenshinhan to kill him, as it will kill Piccolo too, and it is only temporary, because Shenron can revive him. Gokū tells Tenshinhan not to listen, since he can still win. Piccolo fires a powerful Kikōha towards the fallen Gokū.