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An Unprecedented Terror
Kanji かつてない恐怖
Rōmaji Katsute Nai Kyōfu
Viz The World's Greatest Team
Volume Info
Previous Volume 16
Next Volume 18
Japanese May 10, 1989[1]
English March, 2003[2]
Japanese ISBN 978-4-08-851614-1
English ISBN 978-1-56931-930-7
Character debut(s)
Technique debut(s)
Tool debut(s)
None in this volume

An Unprecedented Terror (かつてない恐怖, Katsute Nai Kyōfu; Viz "The World's Greatest Team") is the seventeenth volume of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter 193

"The Tenka-Ichi Budōkai's Climax!!" (天下一武道会の頂点!!, Tenka-Ichi Budōkai no Chōten!!; Viz "The Fate of the Strongest"; Literally meaning "The Number One Under the Heavens Martial Arts Gathering's Climax!!")

The Kikōha collides into the arena, creating a gigantic explosion along with a large crater. Piccolo descends, seeing nothing left in the crater but smoke and ash, declares his victory over Son Gokū. With Gokū out of the picture, Piccolo realizes he's free to take over the world as he's always wanted, and tells Gokū's friends he'll kill them next.

Kuririn and Tenshinhan, however, can see a figure in the distance: Son Gokū, who reveals he can actually fly. Gokū collides with Piccolo in a powerful headbutt, which serves as all Gokū needs to knock Piccolo out of the ring. Winning by ring-out, Gokū is proclaimed the new Tenka-Ichi Budōkai Champion.

Chapter 194

"The Gift of the Dragon Balls" (ドラゴンボールの贈りもの, Doragon Bōru no Okurimono)

Celebrating their friends' victory, Gokū lets it sink in that he has become the World Champion. Yajirobe emerges from his hiding place, and gives Gokū a Senzu, healing his injuries: feeling one-hundred percent better, Gokū leaps into the air, celebrating his victory in full. God moves in to kill Piccolo, who is still alive, but Gokū rushes in to intervene. Gokū has figured out that if God dies, the Dragon Balls disappear as well. God, however, believes that everything that has occured is his fault, Piccolo, and the like, and because of this, he needs to die.

Muten Rōshi, however, believes otherwise, as it was the Dragon Balls created by God which brought the entire group together, and resulted in the grand adventure they'd all had. God commends Gokū for having such a wise mentor, and restores his gi to a pristine state. Gokū asks Yajirobe for another Senzu, and proceeds to feed it to Piccolo, as he doesn't want to lose his rival. Piccolo leaves the group with a threat of his return, and Chi-Chi rushes to embrace her new husband, ecstatic that he's alright.

God offers Gokū his position, but he declines due to the fact that it would bore him. Chaozu reveals that he's okay, and Gokū refuses the position of God one last time, calling for Kintoun, flying away from the tournament grounds.

Chapter 195

"The Mysterious Alien Warrior" (謎の異星人戦士, Nazo no Iseijin Senshi; Viz "The Mysterious Warrior From Space")

Five years after the defeat of Piccolo, and the end of the Tenka-Ichi Budōkai, the world is at peace. A farmer is tending to his field, only to see an object descend from the sky and crash into the planet. Armed with his shotgun, he drives to the landing site, and spots a strange craft. A man steps out of the craft, complaining about the fact that the inhabitants of "this world" are still alive, and curses someone named "Kakarotto". The man advances on the farmer, using a strange device on his face, and remarking on his "power level" of only five. The farmer shoots the man, only to have the bullet caught and flung back at him, wounding him. Having detected another power in the distance, he flies off.

Piccolo senses an approaching ki, and a powerful one. Initially fearful that it could be Son Gokū, the arrival turns out to be the strange man from earlier. With the same strange device, he analyzes Piccolo, and finds that Piccolo's power level is 322; strong but paltry compared to his own. Violently, Piccolo attacks the man with a Kikōha, dealing no damage. Preparing to counterattack, Raditz detects another power level, the strongest on Earth, and tears off in that direction, leaving Piccolo frozen in fear. As he flies away, Raditz questions if "Kakarotto" has lost his pride as a Saiyan, and Kakarotto is revealed to be none other than Son Gokū.

Chapter 196

"Kakarotto" (カカロット)

Bulma pays a visit to Kame House, revealing she and Yamcha have had a falling out of sorts. Wondering where Lunch is, Kuririn tells her Lunch went chasing after Tenshinhan five years ago, and no one has seen her since. Gokū, on top of Kintoun, is flying towards Kame House with a child in his lap. As Gokū makes his way towards Kame House and lands, the alien from earlier is also approaching at high speed.

Landing on the island, Gokū announces himself to his friends. They rush out to see him, only to see Gokū holding a child. Much to their shock, he explains that child is his, and his name is Son Gohan. They're also surprised to see that the boy has a tail, like the one Gokū used to have. On top of Gohan's head is the Si Xing Qiu, the Dragon all Goku's grandfather left him. Their reunion is cut short, however, by Gokū sensing a terrible power that makes his hair stand on end.

Calling Gokū 'Kakarrot', the alien notes the man looks just like his father, and demands to know why the inhabitants on the Earth are still alive, as Gokū's job was to exterminate them. Kuririn walks over to the alien, telling him that they don't need any drunks around the island, only to be knocked back by a powerful tail.

Chapter 197

"Son Gokū's Past!!" (孫悟空の過去!!, Son Gokū no Kako!!; Viz "Tails of Future Not-Quite-Past")

Gokū releases the alien has a tail, just like he used to have. He takes this to mean Gokū remembers him, however, Gokū doesn't have a clue who the alien is. Gokū reveals that he did suffer a head injury as a child, which the extraterrestrial believes would explain his amnesia. Muten Rōshi explains to Gokū that his grandfather, Gohan, explained that he found Goku as a child, and the baby was initially violent, until he fell into a gorge and hit his head, nearly dying. When he survived, his violent temper had subsided and he grew into a kind-hearted boy.

Intent on bringing back Gokū's memories, the alien explains that Gokū is a Saiyan who wasn't born on Earth, and that he, the alien, is named Raditz. And he is Gokū's older brother. This shocks the Dragon Team, but Raditz goes further, explaining that the Saiyans are a warrior race who sell planets to the highest bidder after exterminating the native species. Gokū himself was sent to Earth on a mission to kill everyone on the planet. Raditz further elaborates how fortunate it was that Earth has a Moon, as only when the moon is full do the Saiyans show their true powers, which causes Kuririn, Bulma, and Rōshi to remember vividly Gokū's Great Monkey Transformation.

Gokū, however, denies any of it, and tells Raditz to get off his planet. Raditz declines, as the Saiyan race is all but extinct after the destruction of their planet. He claims they need Gokū to help them exterminate the species on a planet they've recently found. Gokū refuses, and Raditz decides that ig Gokū won't join him, he'll simply have to borrow his nephew instead, seeing Gohan's tail as proof of the boy's Saiyan blood. Violently attacking his brother, Raditz kidnaps Gohan, and tells Gokū that if he wants the boy back, he has kill one hundred humans by tomorrow, and line their bodies on Muten Rōshi's island.

Chapter 198

"A Powerful Enemy in Common " (共通の大敵, Kyōtsū no Taiteki; Viz "An Enemy in Common")

With his ultimatum against Gokū, Raditiz departs, leaving his brother fallen. Rashly, Gokū calls for Kintoun, but his friends try to caution him. Remembering the Saiyan weakness of the tail, Gokū resolves to exploit this against his brother if he can. He also cautions Kuririn and Muten Rōshi against going to fight with him, as they cannot be revived. Getting the Radar from Bulma, Gokū tracks Gohan's Dragon Ball and finds where Raditz has landed.

Piccolo, having been listening in, arrives, telling Gokū he doesn't stand a chance against Raditz. As both of them would be outmatched alone, Piccolo proposes the impossible — he and Gokū to team up, and defeat Raditz, as the latter is in the way of Piccolo's evil plans. Taking the Radar, Gokū boards Kintoun, asking Piccolo if he can keep up. Stating his technique is far superior, the two set off towards Raditz. The Dragon Team resolves to follow, not wanting to miss the battle.

Chapter 199

"Showdown with Raditz" (ラディッツとの対決, Radittsu to no Taiketsu; Viz "An Unexpected Strength")

Rapidly approaching Raditz's location, Gokū and Piccolo continue to fly. Unable to handle the half-Saiyan's constant crying, Raditz locks Gohan into his Attack Ball, and, following Saiyan instinct, resolves to find a meal next. His scouter, however, tips him off to a large fighting strength; Gohan's fighting strength, in fact, and it is coming from the Attack Ball. Raditz, however, decides the reading is a malfunction and ignores it.

Gokū and Piccolo approach fast, and Gokū decides they should descend; Piccolo tells him this is pointless, as the device on Raditz's ear allows him to detect ki. The element of surprise is lost. Raditz once again detects a ki signature; two of them, one of them matching Kakarotto's exactly. Much to his disbelief, it is his younger brother — this also confirms the 710 reading he got from Gohan earlier was in fact true.

Landing in front of Raditz, Gokū proclaims he's here to get back his son, a statement that disappoints his older brother as a Saiyan. Piccolo impatiently removes his weighted training gear, and Gokū follows suit; Raditz notes that the removal of the gear caused their fighting strengths to increase. Amused by their efforts, but annoyed with his younger brother, Raditz decides he will instead kill Kakarotto, as he disgraces the Saiyan race. Effortlessly, Raditz charges at them, only to attack them from the back and take them by surprise, stunning both with his speed. However, Raditz drops another bombshell onto the two fighters: the other two Saiyans alive are even stronger than he is.

Chapter 200

"An Unprecedented Terror" (かつてない恐怖, Katsute Nai Kyōfu; Viz "Nothing Up My Sleeve…")

Raditz howls with laughter as he points out how too late it is to pull back now what with his two comrades who are stronger than him coming afterwards. While Piccolo points out how Gokū would normally be excited, the latter is feeling chills thinking about it. Forgetting about their predicament he demands the Saiyan sibling to tell him where Gohan is. Admitting he hadn't hid the child, having placed him in his Attack Ball because he won't stop screaming. Rising up into the air, he shouts to his son that he'll save him soon, only for Raditz to laugh for giving his child hope. Rejoining Piccolo on the ground, the two ready themselves in a second before charging at the Saiyan warrior.

Charging forward, they are unable to break through his defense, his sheer speed enabling him to evade their frontal and rear flank attacks with ease. Rising up into the air, the two fighters of Earth give chase. Before they can reach him however, the intergalactic soldier merely gestured with his arms, unleashing large torrents of potent ki. While Gokū evades the blast by a small margin, Piccolo loses an arm and the prior receives a vicious kick from his remorseless brother. As the emerald skinned arch rival of Gokū says he can manage to fight with one arm Raditz barks out with a laugh that he'll take his head off next. With no new techniques that the Turtle Schooler thought up, Piccolo reveals a new move he had recently developed that he regrettably reveals in front of his rival.

Chapter 201

"Piccolo's Trump Card" (ピッコロの切り札, Pikkoro no Kirifuda; Viz "Piccolo's Farewell to Arms!?")

Raditz calls out to his opponents as he notes their plotting under their breaths being made, claiming aloud it's futile. Gokū meanwhile confirms that Piccolo can use his new technique with his sole remaining limb but requires time to build up ki necessary; this leaves him to fight his Saiyan sibling alone. Finding it funny that Piccolo was going to use this new technique to save him instead of killing him, as Piccolo originally intended, his laugh is noted by the other warrior and believes him to be insane. Telling him to give it his all, the Turtle Schooler launches himself back into the fray while Piccolo declares the name of his technique, Makankōsappō.

As he builds up ki by concentrating his forefingers at his forehead, Gokū fights an uphill battle against his superior brother. Blow for blow, he's worn down and bloodied by the exchange of fists and limbs crashing into him without a single deserved hit of his own to mark on his opponent. A well placed kick across the face sends him reeling back, but he instead uses the momentum to push himself up into the air much to Raditz's chagrin for being so persistent. Cupping his hands to the side, Gokū begins to chant aloud as he builds up ki for the Kamehameha. Surprising Raditz, he notes that by focusing all of his ki into a singular point he can multiply his power level, pushing it all the way up to 924. Noticing Piccolo's own technique gaining power, it's level rising past even 1030.

At that moment, Gokū launches his attack, sending a pillar of energy that arches towards the retreating Saiyan. As his younger brother manipulated it to follow him no matter where he went, Raditz holds his ground and stretches his hand out to meet the challenge. The blast connects and it explodes, harmlessly flaring outward without leaving a mark on him much to the airborne fighter's amazement. Launching a ki blast of his own that hit Gokū head-on, he rushes forward with the intent to kill him as he vocally declares it at the same time Piccolo does. Aghast that the power level his Scouter read was now 1330, realizing that they manipulate their ki at will. Announcing the name of his attack, Piccolo fires it straight at his opponent, unleashed in a beam that had another spiral around it simultaneously.

Chapter 202

"The Makankōsappō" (魔貫光殺砲, Makankōsappō; Viz "A Surprise Appearance"; Literally meaning "The Demon Penetrating Killing Ray")

Raditz curses aloud as Piccolo announces the name of his technique, Makankōsappō. Gokū and his brother are left in awe of the ki that seems to stretch light around their view before the prior has to look away from the force of the strike. However, as the dust settles, only a bleeding shoulder with scorched armor was seen as the attack's success having punched a hole in a mountain kilometers behind his target. Noting that with how much ease the technique pierced his armor, Raditz acknowledges that if the strike hit him dead-on, he'd been killed. Shouting that he's through playing around now that he's angry, Piccolo is left stunned believing that the fight was over.

Stretching his hand up to collect a large amount of ki into his hand, he swings down with the intention of killing his brother's arch rival. Instead, he finds himself halting his attack as his movements are cut short by his little sibling grasping his tail from behind. Brought to the ground by the pain, Gokū keeps the Saiyan pinned while Piccolo charges his attack for the second and last time that he can manage. Begging for his life, Raditz attempts to coerce his brother to let him go. Despite his arch rival's pleas to not listen, he lets go and Raditz viciously strikes back into his chin and then driving his boot onto his chest.

Wrapping his tail around his chest, he calls his brother a fool for falling for such a trick and that he truly didn't belong with First Class Elite Warriors like himself. Turning to look at Piccolo, he dared the Demon Schooler to fire again, knowing he could dodge it now he was aware of its power. Returning his attention to Gokū he slowly crushes his sibling's ribs with the sole of his foot, prying out desperate screams of agony and suffering that echo throughout the battlefield. Such cries didn't go unheard, as in a surprising crash of force a young Gohan emerges with a rare look of pure fury etched onto his features.

Chapter 203

"Son Gokū's Last Resort!!" (孫悟空最後の手段!!, Son Gokū Saigo no Shudan!!; Viz "Goku's Last Chance")

The angry half-Saiyan child bursts from the Attack Ball, shocking everyone. Gohan begins to stammer in rage, while Gokū implores his son to run away. Raditz is shocked; according to his scouter, his nephew's fighting strength is an astounding 1307. In a burst of rage, Gohan attacks Raditz, landing a solid blow on his uncle and cracking the Saiyan's armor, as well as stunning him. Realizing Gohan's fighting strength has dropped to 1, he surmises the boy's fighting strength changes with his emotions. Knocking the child aside, Raditz moves to kill the boy, ignoring his younger brother's protests.

In a desperate bid to save his son, Gokū uses the last of his energy and locks Raditz in a Pinioning hold. Gokū tells Piccolo to use the Makankōsappō again, while he's got Raditz pinned, ignoring his older brother's false attempts at swaying him. Piccolo has no qualms about killing Gokū, as his friends would wish him back with the Dragon Balls anyway. He releases his Makankōsappō, piercing the Saiyan brothers simultaneously.

Chapter 204

"Farewell, Son Gokū" (さようなら孫悟空, Sayōnara Son Gokū; Viz "Sayonara, Goku")

The Makankōsappō pierces Gokū and Raditz, leaving the Saiyan siblings with a large gaping hole in their stomachs. Raditz curses the two for taking his life, surprised that his younger brother would give his own life. Piccolo states that Gokū won't remain dead for long; his friends will use the Dragon Balls and revive him. This is news Raditz loved hearing, and informs Piccolo that his comrades are listening in from his scouter, and will arrive in a year's time to kill them all. Angrily, Piccolo finishes the job, and Raditz is killed.

The Dragon Team arrives on the scene to see Gokū and Piccolo having won, but only Piccolo is standing. Meanwhile, deep in outer-space, Raditz's two Saiyan comrades are on another planet, quite literally feasting on victory. They berate Raditz for losing to suchg weak opponents, and refuse to use the wish they want on the Dragon Balls to revive him. Instead, their goal is immortality; an eternity of combat. Departing from the planet, they do note the peculiarity of Son Gohan's power; immensely powerful for a Saiyan child. They briefly consider the notion of a Super Saiyan, and whether or not they should create an army of half-Saiyan children for themselves when they arrive on Earth, before shooting down the idea, resolving to kill all life on the planet.

After affirming his son is okay, Gokū passes on, vanishing from the Earth. Piccolo surmises that God took the Saiyan's body. At this time, the incoming Saiyans decide to rest; in a year's time, they will arrive on Earth.