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Son Gohan and Piccolo Daimaō
Kanji 孫悟飯とピッコロ大魔王
Rōmaji Son Gohan to Pikkoro Daimaō
Literal English Son Gohan and Piccolo the Great Demon King
Viz The Lord of Worlds
Volume Info
Previous Volume 17
Next Volume 19
Japanese July 10, 1989[1]
English March, 2003[2]
Japanese ISBN 978-4-08-851615-8
English ISBN 978-1-56931-931-4
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Son Gohan and Piccolo Daimaō (孫悟飯とピッコロ大魔王, Son Gohan to Pikkoro Daimaō; Viz "The Lord of Worlds"; Literally meaning "Son Gohan and Piccolo the Great Demon King") is the eighteenth volume of the Dragon Ball manga, and the second volume of Part II of the manga.

Chapter 205

"A Fight in the Afterworld!!" (あの世でファイト!!, Ano Yo de Faito!!; Viz "A Warrior in Hell")

With the realization that God has taken Gokū's body, the Dragon Team resolves to focus on finding the Dragon Balls instead to wish their fallen comrade back. Wondering how Gokū's brother managed to find them, Piccolo explains the device on the alien's face. Bulma concludes that it is an impressive piece of technology, and decides to fix it. Regenerating his arm, much to the shock of the others, Piccolo takes Gohan, explaining that he's going to train the boy and unlock his hidden potential, regardless of the other's protests.

In the Afterworld, God has taken Gokū to meet with the Enma Daiō, asking that he be allowed to travel along Snake Way to train under Kaiō. After finding out that his brother was also sent here, but was overpowered and sent to Hell, Gokū is sent on his way. God is left to his own worries, but mumbles his fears aloud, causing Enma to force him to leave,

One of the ogres takes Gokū to the mouth of Snake Way, and tells him this road — which is about a million kilometers — will take him straight to Kaiō. The only person who has ever crossed it before was Enma himself. Before leaving, Gokū asks the ogre to tell Uranai Baba to ask Kame Sennin not to revive him for a full year, before taking off, flying down the road. As his friends worry about telling Chi-Chi what has happened to her son and husband, Gokū has already used up his ki and is forced to walk.

Chapter 206

"Son Gohan and Piccolo Daimaō" (孫悟飯とピッコロ大魔王, Son Gohan to Pikkoro Daimaō; Viz "Gohan and Piccolo"; Literally meaning "Son Gohan and Piccolo the Great Demon King")

Having kidnapped Gohan, Piccolo throws the boy into a lake to wake him up. Gohan panics, wondering hwere his father is, but Piccolo quickly loses his patience, threatening to kill the child if he doesn't stay silent. He explains that Gokū is dead — dying to save Gohan from his uncle. He then explains that Gokū will be revived with the Dragon Balls, but Raditz, who was already stronger than Gokū and Piccolo, has two comrades on their way. As such, Piccolo has decided they need Gohan's power to help with the battle.

Having seen Gohan's power for himself, Piccolo believes the boy will be an asset; Gohan however, disagrees. In an effort to prove it, Piccolo picks up Gohan and lobs him towards a plateau. Panicking, Gohan taps into his hidden potential, releasing a powerful blast of energy, which destroys the plateau completely, and carving a large trench into the ground.

Witnessing this display, Piccolo is stunned, noting the irony of raising the boy who could likely become his strongest opponent. Gohan is surprised to see that he managed to pull off the feat, and Piccolo notes that Gohan's power is most likely based on his emotion, so they'll have to find a way for the boy to maintain it. Gohan says he doesn't want to fight, but wants to become a scholar. Piccolo tells him he can worry about that after the Saiyans are defeated; if they destroy Earth, Gohan has no future to look forward to. Gohan tries to object again, saying he'd rather be trained by his father; Piccolo, however, states Gokū is far from the ideal teacher, Meanwhile, on Snake Way, Gokū sneezes.

Chapter 207

"Son Gohan Grieves" (なげく孫悟飯, Nageku Son Gohan; Viz "Son Gohan, the Inconsolable")

Piccolo tells Gohan that his training is to simply survive for six months, and if hhe's still alive when Piccolo returns, he'll teach the boy how to fight. Despite Gohan's insistence and pleas not to be left in the wilderness, Piccolo leaves the half-Saiyan alone, flying away.

Up on the Palace of God, God himself ponders over Piccolo's change of character with Mr. Popo, coming to the conclusion that Piccolo, like himself, has realized they will die in the coming year. God assumes Piccolo must want to pass his knowledge onto someone else, even if that someone is the son of his bitter rival. However, due to God's impending death, when the Dragon Balls resurrect Son Gokū, it will be the last time they are ever used.

Alone in the wilderness, crying to himself, Son Gohan encounters a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and flees from it. Stumbling, and nearly being killed, the half-Saiyan taps into his hidden power once again, propelling himself onto the nearest peak. Now, the boy finds himself stranded atop the peak, unable to get down. n the middle of the night, Gohan finds apples on the ground, and begins to eat, complaining about the taste as Piccolo watches his ungrateful student. Meanwhile, in the Afterworld, Gokū finds himself hungry despite being dead.

Chapter 208

"An Incident Under the Full Moon" (満月の出来ごと, Mangetsu no Dekigoto; Viz "Deeds Done by the Full Moon")

Under the full moon, Piccolo meditates and the young Gohan sleeps. Waking up, Gohan goes to urinate over the side of the plateau, and seeing his shadow, happens to glance at the full moon, noting that he's never seen it before. The young half-Saiyan freezes up, before undergoing transforming into a giant monkey. Crushing his perch, the enraged Gohan begins to wreak havoc around the entire wasteland. Releasing several Kikōha from the Mouth, Gohan destroys his surroundings, causing Piccolo to remark on his destructive power.

Remembering Raditz's words about a Saiyan's full power, Piccolo looks up and sees the moon. With a powerful blast of ki, he destroys the lunar sphere, causing Gohan to revert to normal. Piccolo concludes that destroying the moon was the best idea, as if Gohan can cause as much damage as he did, fully grown Saiyans would only be stronger. After deciding the tail was more of a detriment than a help, Piccolo removed it from Gohan's body, and gave the boy new clothes modeled after Gokū's, as well as a sword. He then tells the sleeping boy that, after he returns from his training, he'll turn Gohan into a fine "Mazoku".

In the Afterworld, Son Gokū sleeps.

Chapter 209

"Everyone's Year" (それぞれの1年間, Sorezore no Ichinenkan; Viz "Goku and Gohan's Training Begins!!!")

Unaware of the events that have transpired, Chi-Chi and Gyūmaō rush to Kame House. The young wife is angry with her husband, as Gokū didn't come home the night before and caused Gohan to miss his cram school. Meanwhile, in Kame House, Bulma has finished adjusting the scouter, switching from the Saiyan numerical system to the Earthling numerical system. Angry to see her companions sleeping, Bulma violently shoots them awake. She then uses the scouter, in turn, to check Kuririn and Muten Rōshi's combat strength, seeing that they are 206 and 139 respectively. Using the Scouter, Bulma sees that she can find powerful ki from across the planet, detecting a 250 and 177 that are mist likely Tenshinhan and Yamcha. The strongest is a 329, which is Piccolo. Despite the bleak situation with Piccolo, the Scouter now allows them to find Yamcha and Tenshinhan easily, making the search for the Dragon Balls to revive Gokū that much easier.

Yajirobe calls from outside, informing Kuririn that God wants him, Tenshinhan, Yamcha, Yajirobe, and Chaozu to come train to the Palace of God for training. He also tells them that Goku doesn't want to be brought back to life until the Saiyans arrive, as he is training in the Afterworld. As the car pulls away, they notice another car coming back with Chi-Chi and Gyūmaō. While Muten Roshi's former student respectfully kneels before his teacher, Chi-Chi begins to look for her husband, Left with no choice, Muten Rōshi explains the situation, and that Gokū is dead. The stress causes Chi-Chi to faint.

Six months pass, and Tenshinhan, Yamcha, Chaozu, Yajirobe, and Kuririn begin their training with God. Gokū, meanwhile, still runs on Snake Way, making his way towards North kaiō's planet. After six months, Gohan has matured considerably, and he meets the T. Rex once again. Running from it and taunting the beast, Gohan slices offs off some of its tail, cooking it by lighting logs with ki. Piccolo watches, pleased to see the strides Gohan is making, and prepares to finally give him his real training.

Chapter 210

"The Father and Son's Harsh Training " (親子二代の荒修業, Oyako Nidai no Ara Shugyō; Viz "Masters and Students")

Gohan's training with Piccolo has finally begun, and while he's making errors, he's also making strides. Despite his lack of confidence, Piccolo urges Gohan to reach greater heights in his own way, telling the boy that he could become even stronger than himself or the Saiyans, while pushing him to the brink of death.

In the Afterworld, Son Gokū has finally reached the end of Snake Way, but his glee is cut short by the lack of any planet. Looking around in a panic, Gokū sees a small world floating in the distance, and makes way for it by flying. The moment he gets close to the planet, he is pulled in by the intense gravity and crashes. Seeing a monkey, Gokū assumes it is Kaiō, and respectfully asks to be trained. When the monkey proceeds to act like one, Gokū imitates it, following it around.

A man appears next to them, watching Gokū with some amusement, and when Gokū asks who the man is, he scratches his back, muttering about an itch, before introducing himself as Kaiō. Kaiō continues to make puns that fly over Gokū's head, and asks for training. Offended by his lack of humor, Kaiō refuses, only for Gokū to burst into a fit of laughter. Kaiō then decides to make Gokū his student, only if Gokū can make him laugh with a pun.

After Gokū succeeds, Kaiō agrees to train him in humor, only for Gokū to say he's here for martial arts training. Kaiō asks Gokū to come at him, and while Gokū would like to, the gravity weighs him down. Kaiō concludes that Gokū came from Earth, and explains that the gravity is 10x higher than his planet. So, he asks Gokū to perform a simple test and jump, as high as he can. Gokū tries, only to come crashing down. Kaiō, however, is impressed by Gokū's jump, and decides the Saiyan has a lot of promise.

Chapter 211

"Do Your Best with Kaiō-sama, Dead Son Gokū!" (界王さまと、がんばる死人孫悟空!, Kaiōsama to, Ganbaru Shinin Son Gokū!; Viz "The Hardest Time of His Death"; Literally meaning "Do Your Best with the World King, Dead Son Gokū!")

Kaiō agrees to train Gokū, and determines the arrival of the Saiyans as being within 158 days. Gokū is nervous at first, but Kaiō is confident in his training methods, as just 158 days with him is the equivalent of a few thousand years of training Earth. He also adds that the two Saiyans are stronger than he is, and as such, overcoming him should be Gokū's minimal goal. Kaiō then calls over Bubbles, and tells Gokū to catch the monkey, so that he can adjust to the planet's intense gravity.

As Gokū moves, he discards his super weighted gear, and tries again, but Bubbles evades him. Gokū then asks Kaiō for some food, to which Kaiō remarks that Gokū is the first hungry dead man he has ever met. Devouring the food, Gokū asks Kaiō how he doesn't get bored on this planet, and Kaiō explains how he has come to enjoy the amenties his planet has to offer, and that his latest hobby is driving. He then turns Gokū back to his training, and asks that he wear his weighted gear again. Kaiō explains that the Saiyans are born and raised on a planet with the same gravity as his, and possess an innate fighting sense; Gokū, however, waves this off, telling a shocked Kaiō that he's a Saiyan too.

Back on Earth, Piccolo and Gohan are resting from training, Gohan still with several wounds from his spars with Piccolo. Gohan explains to Piccolo that Gokū thinks Piccolo isn't as bad as he was before he was killed and reborn, and Gohan agrees. Piccolo angrily tells Gohan to go to sleep, and says that tomorrow will be even harder. After 40 days, Gokū manages to capture Bubbles, and Kaiōo thinks that Gokū has the potential to master the "Kaiōken", a technique he has never been able to master himself.

The training of the Dragon Team is all progressing differently; God tells Tenshinhan, Kuririn, Yamcha, Chaozu, and Yajirobe that they have all surpassed him, and must train on their own now. Gohan and Gokū are progressing with their teachers in their own ways, and as the Saiyans draw nearer, Uranai Baba reveals to her brother and Bulma that she can't see the future this time.

Chapter 212

"The Saiyans Approach!!" (サイヤ人迫る!!, Saiyajin Semaru!!; Viz "Closer… Closer…")

As the Saiyans race towards Earth, Gokū continues his training with Kaiō. Gathering ki, Gokū has to track a moving brick and destroy it, which he succeeds in doing. Kaiō compliments Gokū on mastering the "Genki Dama" in such a short time, and explains that the technique gathers life energy from everything, and condenses it and releases it. He goes on to add that on Earth, Gokū can gather an even larger amount of energy, and can also drawn on the tremendous energy of the sun, and as such, needs to be careful left he destroy the planet he's trying to protect. As such, Kaiō instructs Gokū to save the Genki Dama as a last resort.

Gokū agrees, deciding to make do with the Kaiōken; Kaiō realizes Gokū's battle is tomorrow, and that he failed to take into account the time it would take Gokū to get back to Earth, which would be two days. Kaiō rushes Gokū to contact his friends and revive him with the Dragon Balls. Touching Kaiō's back, Gokū reaches out with his mind to speak with Muten Rōshi, filling him in on everything, and Rōshi informs the group to get the Dragon Balls.

Kaiō fixes Gokū's ripped clothing, replacing the weighted clothes with lightweight cloth made from resistant fiber that can deflect minor attacks, and on the back, his own character is emblazoned.

After having Shenron summoned, Oolong plays with the idea of wishing Shenron to kill the Saiyans, but Shenron says he cannot grant a wish beyond God's powers, as he was created by God. As such, Rōshi wishes Gokū to be revived, and Shenron grants this request. Gohan notes it was day, but suddenly became night, and Piccolo realizes they're using the Dragon Balls to revive Gokū.

The halo on Gokū's head vanishes, and he rushes off towards Snke Way, heading back to Earth. Kaiō notes that he is surprised something who is both strong and pure like Gokū exists in the lower realm, and resolves to train the man on humor when he dies again. The next morning, at 11:33 AM, the Saiyans arrive on Earth.

Chapter 213

"The Saiyans Arrive!!" (サイヤ人来たる!, Saiyajin Kitaru!!; Viz "The Day of the Saiyans")

The Saiyan space ships crash into the planet, and much to the surprise of everyone in the city, two men step out of them. At the same time, all the members of the Dragon Team sense the ki of these new invaders, surprised that the Saiyans have arrived so early. The taller Saiyan, Nappa, releases a powerful Shockwave that entirely destroys the Eastern Capital. The explosion is visible from across the planet, but the shorter Saiyan, Vegeta, lectures Nappa on damaging the resale value of the planet and potentially having destroyed a Dragon Ball.

They then begin to use their Scouters to seek out the highest power levels on the planet, surprised to see strength topping a thousand on Earth. Finding two powerful readings, Vegeta and Nappa head off towards the source — Gohan and Piccolo. The other members of the Dragon Team head off in their directon, hoping to be of assistance. On the news, the Saiyan attack is being broadcast, and Roshi, Bulma, Oolong, Puar, and Umigame are forced to remain helpless, unable to do anything and only wait for Gokū. At 12:20 PM, Kuririn arrives next to Gohan and Piccolo, and the Saiyans arrive only minutes after.

Chapter 214

"Vegeta's Game" (ベジータのゲーム, Bejīta no Geimu; Viz "Let the Games Begin!")

Vegeta recognizes Piccolo by his voice as the one who killed Raditz, and explains that the Scouters they wear double as transmitters. Nappa notes that Piccolo is a Nameccian, a term none of them recognize. Vegeta explains that Nameccians, in addition to their above average battle power, has mystical abilities, and believes Piccolo to be the one who created the Dragon Balls. When the others are shocked that they know about the Dragon Balls, which is the reason the Saiyans arrive din the first place. Confident they can win, the Saiyans begin to fight the Dragon Team.

On the Palace of God, God is surprised to realize he was an alien, but it explains his innate ability to create the Dragon Balls without thought, and attributes it to something his ancestors did on their homeworld long ago.

While relying on the Scouter for combat strength readings, Vegeta insists Nappa remove it, as the Dragon Team are capable of adjusting their combat strength to suit the battle conditions. Nappa then plants six Saibaimen, and green imp creatures sprout from the seeds planted into the ground. Tenshinhan, Chaozu and Yamcha arrive in time, bolstering the numbers of the Dragon Team to match the Saibaimen. Tenshinhan steps up to fight first, sending the Saibaimen back with a Kiai Cannon, and narrowly dodging an acidic liquid from its head. With a sharp elbow drop, Tenshinhan incapacitates the beast.

Chapter 215

"Yamcha's Premonition" (ヤムチャの予感, Yamucha no Yokan; Viz "One Down…")

Nappa is surprised to see the data is wrong, as Tenshinhan was capable of easily overpowering their Saibaiman. Unimpressed by the failure, Vegeta kills the Saibaiman, and specifically orders the remaining Saibaimen to not underestimate their opponents. Yamcha steps up to fight, and the next Saibaiman engages him. The two move at immense speed, and Gohan finds himself unable to track them; Piccolo berates the boy, telling him to feel the movement of ki. Dodging a Saibaiman strike, Yamcha slams the creature with a Kamehameha, and Yamcha boasts that he would handle the other four Saibaimen by himself.

However, the creature was not killed and latches onto Yamcha, [[exploding, instantly killing itself and the Earthling. Confirming his comrades' death, Kuririn angrily releases a ki blast towards the Saiyans.

Chapter 216

"Frightened Warriors" (怯える戦士たち, Obieru Senshitachi; Viz "Heroes in Terror")

With his technique blasting towards the Saiyans, Kuririn's allies take cover. The Saibaimen flee, due to the blast's low speed, but Kuririn raises it into the air and splits the blast into multiple ki bullets, which rain down. He manages to kill all but a single Saibaiman, who attempts to attack Gohan. Piccolo manages to save the boy, and the Saiyans are revealed top have survived the blast. Nappa steps in to fight the Dragon Team, releasing enough ki to cause the ground beneath them to quake. The Dragon Team trembles in fear at Nappa's awesome power, and the true battle begins.


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