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Hurry, Son Gokū!
Kanji いそげ!孫悟空
Rōmaji Isoge! Son Gokū
Viz Hope Runs Out
Volume Info
Previous Volume 18
Next Volume 20
Japanese November 10, 1989[1]
English March, 2003[2]
Japanese ISBN 978-4-08-851616-5
English ISBN 978-1-56931-932-1
Character debut(s)
None in this volume
Technique debut(s)
Tool debut(s)
None in this volume

Hurry, Son Gokū! (いそげ!孫悟空, Isoge! Son Gokū; Viz "Hope Runs Out") is the nineteenth volume of the Dragon Ball manga, and the third volume of Part II of the manga.

Chapter 217

"Hurry, Son Gokū!" (いそげ!孫悟空, Isoge! Son Gokū; Viz "Hope Runs Out")

With his power fully release, the monstrous Nappa brims with ki. Rushing forward, the man cuts off Tenshinhan's arm cleanly, causing the latter to howl in great pain. Before he can sever the man's head, Tenshinhan leaps into the air, only to be struck down by a persistent Nappa. Kuririn rushes to try and save his friend, but Nappa keeps him at bay with a powerful shock wave that cuts deep into the Earth.

Chaozu vanishes within the chaos, and latches onto Nappa's back. With a final farewell to Tenshinhan, the martial artist blows himself up in a suicide attempt to kill the Saiyan. While the others commend or mourn Chaozu's sacrifice, Nappa was revealed to have survived, making the self-destruction a pointless act.

Chapter 218

"The Final Kikōhō" (最後の気功砲, Saigo no Kikōhō; Viz "The Last Blast"; Literally meaning "The Final Energy Control Cannon")

Rushing back from the Afterworld, Gokū pushes himself harder, desperate to make it to his friends in time.

Having survived Chaozu's explosion easily, Nappa begins to plan his second counterattack. Tenshinhan, however, mourns the loss of his friend, and how he can never be revived by the Dragon Balls again. Piccolo begins to formulate a strategy, to which Vegeta overhears, but does not do anything to prevent, rather wishing them luck. Piccolo replies that once Gokū arrives, things will be different, a statement which interests Vegeta. Nappa lunges, drawing the attention of the fighters. Tenshinhan prepares an attack but Kuririn and Piccolo launch their assault. Gohan, however, is too scared to follow, leaving Piccolo and Kuririn to continue the attack with blasts that Nappa dodges.

The assault merely managed to make Nappa angry, but Tenshinhan releases a massive Kikōhō from the ground, promising to avenge Chaozu and then join him in death. The blast, however, left Nappa unscathed and Tenshinhan falls to the ground in death. Severely panicking, Kuririn shouts for Gokū.

Chapter 219

"Three Hours" (3時間, San-jikan; Viz "Goku, Hurry!")

Nappa withstands the Kikōhō, leaving Tenshinhan for dead and the remaining Dragon Team members in a hopeless state. Kuririn desperately calls for Gokū, something not lost on Vegeta. Nappa decides to kill them, only agreeing to leave Piccolo "more or less" alive so he can tell them more about the Dragon Balls. Piccolo notes that he has no confidence he can win in a fight against the Saiyans, leaving Kuririn more hopless than ever.

Back on the Castle of God, God himself is wondering where Gokū is. He can also detect that he has little time left to live, and concludes that this must mean Piccolo is due to die.

The Nameccian in question urges Kuririn to take the battle against the Saiyans to the ground, as Nappa is too accustomed to aerial combat. Nappa lunges for Piccolo and Kuririn, but Vegeta orders him to stop, and directly asks the Dragon Team if "Son Gokū" is really Kakarotto. Kuririn confirms he is, and the others vouching for Gokū inspires Vegeta to wait three more hours.

Nappa disagrees, and moves in for the kill, under Vegeta unders him to fall in line. The larger Saiyan heeds the orders of the smaller, and Vegeta grants them their three hour boon. Piccolo realizes how much stronger than Nappa Vegeta must be. Nappa isn't too keen on letting the Dragon Team live for as long as three hours, but Vegeta explains that its only so he can get revenge on Kakarotto for being a Saiyan traitor.

Son Gokū races towards Earth from the Afterworld as everyone hopes for him to make it, but three hours pass without him making it in time.

Chapter 220

"A Faint Light" (わずかな光, Wazuka na Hikari; Viz "Back From the Other Side")

Chapter 221

"The Cornered Mouse Bites the Cat" (窮鼠、猫を咬む, Kyūso Neko o Kamu; Viz "The Time Draws Near")

Chapter 222

"Son Gokū Approaches!!" (孫悟空大接近!!, Son Gokū Daisekkin!!; Viz "The Death of a God!!")

Chapter 223

"Piccolo and Gohan" (ピッコロと悟飯, Pikkoro to Gohan; Viz "Piccolo's Last Stand")

Chapter 224

"Son Gokū's Quiet Anger" (孫悟空の静かな怒り, Son Gokū no Shizuka na Ikari; Viz "The Quiet Wrath of Son Goku")

Chapter 225

"Nappa, Completely Helpless!!" (ナッパ手も足も出ず!!, Nappa Te mo Ashi mo Dezu!!; Viz "Vengeance")

Chapter 226

"The Mystery of the Kaiōken" (界王拳の謎, Kaiōken no Nazo; Literally meaning "The Mystery of the World King Fist")

Chapter 227

"The Emperor Stirs" (動きはじめた帝王, Ugoki Hajimeta Teiō; Viz "The Last of Nappa")

Chapter 228

"One-on-One Combat!!" (一騎打ち!!, Ikkiuchi!!; Viz "Mano a Maniac!!")


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