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Volume 1 (Super)

Volume 1 (Super) (Viz)

Warriors of the 6th Universe
Kanji だいちゅうせんたち
Rōmaji Dai-Roku Uchū no Senshi-tachi
Viz Warriors from Universe 6!
Volume Info
Next Volume 2 (Super)
Japanese April 4, 2016 (Print)[1]
May 2, 2016 (Digital)[1]
English May 2, 2017[2]
Japanese ISBN 978-4-08-880661-7
English ISBN 978-1-42-159254-1
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Warriors of the 6th Universe (だいちゅうせんたち, Dai-Roku Uchū no Senshi-tachi; Viz "Warriors from Universe 6!") is the first volume of the Dragon Ball Super manga.

Chapter 1

"The Hakaishin's Prophetic Dream" (かいしん, Hakaishin no Yochimu; Literally meaning "The Destruction God's Prophetic Dream")

Shortly after the final battle with the pure Majin Boo, a bored Gokū is working in the fields with a tractor when his son, Goten, brings him lunch. He then lets his son take over the tractor while he eats. Afterwards, a satisfied Gokū transforms into a Super Saiyan and mentally trains against the likes of Freeza, Cell, and Majin Boo. Gokū's training distracts Goten, causing the boy to fall off the tractor and be rescued by his father. As Gokū gripes over the fact that he cannot train more often due to his wife Chi-Chi demanding that he earn money for the family, Mr. Satan arrives.

Elsewhere, Beerus is enjoying a meal on a distant planet. The resident species of the planet attempt to poison the Hakaishin, but fail, greatly angering him. Beerus then destroys their planet as a result, and discusses with his attendant Whis about a dream he recently had. Back on Earth, Gokū and Goten are shocked at the fact that Mr. Satan is offering them 100 million zeni for Gokū saving the Earth, but Mr. Satan taking the credit. After initial hesitance, Gokū is persuaded by his son to accept the money, and Mr. Satan pleads to Gokū to keep their interaction a secret.

Beerus reveals to Whis that the contents of his dream included the Hakaishin encountering the legend of the Super Saiyan God, which Whis requests that Beerus try to remember the rest of the dream once they head home. Meanwhile, in the Kaiōshin Realm, Kibito Kaiōshin and Old Kaiōshin are dismayed over the destruction of yet another planet at the hands of Beerus.

Chapter 2

"Gokū's Defeat" (くうはいぼく, Gokū no Haiboku)

On Beerus' Palace, the Oracle Fish confirms Beerus' premonition regarding the Super Saiyan God. Beerus' excitement is quickly checked by Whis, who reveals that most of the Saiyans were wiped out when Freeza destroyed the planet Vegeta. He then reveals, however, that a few Saiyans survived — now residing on Earth — though one is on North Kaiō's world. Beerus and Whis then make way towards North Kaiō's world.

Meanwhile, Gokū continues his training alongside Bubbles on North Kaiō's world. He is interrupted, however, when Kaiō senses Beerus approaching. While Gokū is curious, Kaiō barely manages to tell him about the Hakaishin's identity before both Beerus and Whis arrive. Beerus immediately challenges Gokū and, despite the objections of the North Kaiō, Gokū accepts, immediately becoming a Super Saiyan. Frustrated at being unable to defeat this new powerful foe, Gokū turns his power up to Super Saiyan 2, followed by Super Saiyan 3, but still has no luck against the Hakaishin. Finally, bored with the fight, Beerus commands Gokū hurry up and become a Super Saiyan God. Gokū looks perplexed by this, revealing that Super Saiyan 3 is his highest form. Annoyed, Beerus vanishes and appears behind the Saiyan, knocking him out with a single blow to the back of his neck.

Elsewhere in the universe, Champa senses Beerus fighting Gokū and revels that the other Hakaishin won't notice them on the move. When he and his attendant notices Beerus and Whis leaving for Earth, Champa is relieved that Beerus hasn't noticed their presence just yet.

Moments later, Beerus and Whis arrive above Earth.

Chapter 3

"Beerus' Wrath" (ビルスのいかり, Birusu no Ikari)

On the Kaiō of the North's planet, Gokū is still reeling from pain inflicted upon him during his battle with Beerus. Lamenting how he was outmatched, Gokū realizes that Beerus said something about heading towards Earth, and he remembers that Bulma is hosting her birthday party.

On Earth, Bulma is hosting her party on a cruise ship, and trouble is brewing like Gokū feared. Majin Bū, in an act of selfishness, ate all of the pudding, infuriating the Hakaishin. Despite the Dragon Team attempting to fend him off, Beerus keeps them all at bay. The Hakaishin expresses his frustration that he was given such a rude introduction, despite only stopping by to ask about the Super Saiyan God. Gotenks, however, says they weren't rude, all they did was not allow him to eat pudding. Beerus expresses his irritation that he wasn't allowed to eat pudding, as the Earthlings can eat it whenever they please, but it would have been his first time. Gotenks transforms into a Super Saiyan 3, determined to put an end to Beerus. The Hakaishin, however, stops Gotenks' attack and throws him overboard.

Piccolo attempts to perform a Makankōsappō, but Vegeta stops him. He explains that Beerus is a Hakaishin — the strongest God in the universe. Both Beerus and Vegeta remember when they first met each other, when the Hakaishin embarassed Vegeta's father. Beerus wonders if he was wrong in sparing the planet Vegeta. In irritation, Bulma slaps Beerus for ruining her birthday party, but the Hakaishin responds with a slap that knocks her back. In a rage, Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan 2, and engages Beerus in combat for having the gall to attack his wife. Vegeta manages to successfully fight on par with Beerus, actually landing blows that stun the god and the onlookers, before attempting to finish off the Hakaishin with a Final Flash.

On the Kaiōshin Realm, Kibito Kaiōshin and the Old Kaiōshin notice that Beerus has gotten into yet another battle, this time with Vegeta. And yet, the Old Kaiōshin can still detect the presence of destruction in another part of the galaxy. Summoning a crystal ball, he overhears Champa and his attendant discussing wish orbs, but the two notice the Kaiōshin. They arrive on their planet, demanding to know how much of the conversation the Shinlings heard, but they deny everything. Champa and his attendant depart, unsure of whether the Old Kaioshin and Kibito Kaiōshin are speaking truthfully. The Old Kaiōshin and Kibito Kaiōshin deduce that Champa cannot be planning anything benevolent with the balls. Deciding they must have been referring to the Dragon Balls of Namek, the Shinlings make their way to that planet to protect the Dragon Balls from Champa.

On Earth, Vegeta's attack on Beerus proved to be insufficient. Beerus, realizing Vegeta is not the Super Saiyan God either, decides to destroy Earth and return home. Gokū, however, arrives via Instantaneous Movement, and beseeches Beerus to grant them just a little more time. Recognizing Gokū, the Hakaishin expresses his frustration that the Saiyan would return to see him.

Chapter 4

"God and God" (かみかみ, Kami to Kami)

Gokū tells Beerus he has an idea to find the Super Saiyan God—summon and ask Shenron. Gokū uses the Dragon Balls and summons Shenron, who explains that the Super Saiyan God is not a person but a legendary transformation achieved when six kindhearted Saiyan fuse their energy together. The Saiyans attempt to transform Gokū but fail as they are one Saiyan short. Suddenly, Videl intervenes and reveals that she is pregnant with Gohan's child who has Saiyan blood. The Saiyans along with Videl attempt to transform Gokū and succeed, allowing Gokū to become a Super Saiyan God.

Gokū battles Beerus again and this time manages to keep up with the Hakaishin. When they fly at each other at near full speed and power, the impact of their punch sends huge shockwaves all over the universe and damages several planets.

The Old Kaiōshin begins fearing that the universe will crumble if the battle continues; the East Kaiōshin says that he has found the Nameccian Dragon Balls. However, the elderly Kaiōshin orders the East Kaiōshin to return the Dragon Balls to Namek as they are not the ones Champa is looking for.

The battle between Gokū and Beerus moves into Earth's orbit; Beerus attempts to destroy the Earth with a large energy sphere. However, Gokū uses his Kamehameha and destroys Beerus' energy sphere. Before the battle can continue, Whis appears before Beerus and says that they must leave. Beerus decides to end their battle and tells the battered Gokū to train and become stronger. Beerus reveals that there are twelve universes and their universe is called the Seventh Universe. Beerus tells Gokū that he is the Hakaishin for the Seventh Universe. Beerus and Whis then leave.

Meanwhile, in a distant universe, one of Freeza's scout ships detect what appears to be gigantic Dragon Balls. Before the captain of the scout ship, Guarana, can report this information, Champa destroys the ship. On planet Freeza No. 17, Tagoma informs Sorbet that Guarana's scout ship has been destroyed. Sorbet realizes their military strength has been further reduced; Sorbet decides that they have no choice but to find a planet with Dragon Balls and use them to revive Freeza.

Champa's attendant warns him that Beerus will catch on to them quickly if he takes further action. Champa decides to head home, saying that next time he will bring Beerus a special, little souvenir.

Chapter 5

"Beerus and Champa" (ビルスとシャンパ, Birusu to Shanpa)

After the defeat of Golden Freeza, Son Gokū and Vegeta have resumed their together under Whis on planet Beerus. Gokū repeatedly dodges Vegeta's attacks with Instantaneous Movement, irritating the Saiyan prince. Eventually, out of frustration, Vegeta transforms and immediately overwhelms Gokū, much to Whis' annoyance. Gokū also transforms in order to match Vegeta, but bites his tongue from pronouncing the long name of the new form too often. Whis interrupts by suggesting them the name "Super Saiyan Blue," before punishing them for transforming during the match with the extremely heavy suits.

Subsequently, Champa and his attendant appear behind Whis before greeting him, much to Gokū and Vegeta's confusion due to their similar appearances to that of Beerus and Whis.

After Whis goes away to awake Beerus on Champa's request, the two Saiyans curiously asks who he is with Gokū mocking Champa for his appearance, which annoys Champa and remains silent. Champa's attendant requests the two Saiyans to watch their tone when speaking with Champa and reveals that Champa is Beerus' twin brother and also the Hakaishin of the 6th Universe, completely surprising them. Gokū then asks who is the strongest between them, the female attendant refuses to directly respond, only stating that looking at their physiques will provide the answer; Champa chides his attendant whom he calls Vados. Champa's attendant, now known as Vados, also tells them that she is Whis' sister and is even a little stronger than him. However, Whis arrives back with Beerus and refutes Vados' claim that she is stronger than him since it has been over a thousand years.

After greeting each other, Beerus and Champa have a food showdown, where the Hakaishin eat a food from each other's universes; Beerus eats a boiled dondon bird egg from the 6th Universe while Champa eats a cup of noodles from the 7th Universe. Whis explains to Gokū that the two Hakaishin host a food ritual whenever they see each other. Beerus eats the dondon bird egg and Champa assumes that Beerus is at a lost for words to describe its deliciousness; Beerus tells Champa to eat his noodles before he runs his mouth. Champa takes a bite of the noodles and immediately begins eating all the noodles. Champa says that the noodles were not bad, to which Beerus refutes Champa's claim since he ate all the noodles. Champa asks Beerus where he found the noodles; Beerus explains that he found the noodles on Earth, exclaiming that what he ate was just the tip of Earth's iceberg and that Earth is overflowing with many delicious foods. Champa orders Vados to find Earth in the 6th Universe to which she does.

Vegeta asks what is the 6th Universe; Whis tells Vegeta and Gokū that there are 12 universes and the universe that they live in is known as the 7th Universe. Whis explains that the 6th Universe (the one Champa hails from) and their 7th Universe are nearly identical to each other like twins. Whis says that all universes form a pair; a front and a back. Whis provides an example, that the First and Twelfth Universes are twins because they add up to the number 13 which is why the Sixth and 7th Universes are twins since they also add up; two universes that add up to the number 13 are twin universes. Vegeta is marveled at Whis' information while Gokū is confused, to which Vegeta tells him that he will explain it to him later.

Vados announces that she has found an Earth in their 6th Universe. However, Vados tells Champa that the 6th Universe's Earth was plagued by a massive war in its past and as a result humanity from the 6th Universe's Earth is now extinct. Champa is flabbergasted at the disappointing news while Beerus laughs at Champa's misfortune, noting that Champa doesn't have any Earthlings to make him delicious food. Determined to find a way to obtain delicious food, Champa challenges Beerus to a real showdown, a martial arts competition between them; Champa says that if he wins, Beerus must exchange the 7th Universe's Earth for his Earth. Beerus wonders if Champa is actually serious in fighting against him. However, Champa says that the martial arts competition will be fought on their behalf by a team of five people selected by them from their respective universes, surprising Beerus and Whis but grabbing Gokū and Vegeta's interests. Champa explains that their respective teams fight one at a time and whoever defeats the other team's leader in the end will be the victor; Champa declares that their martial arts competition will be between a team from the 6th Universe and a team from the 7th Universe chosen by their respective Hakaishin, exciting Gokū.

Chapter 6

"Preparations for the Tournament" (たいかいじゅん, Taikai no Junbi)

Long time ago and far away somewhere in the universe, a fight between Beerus and Champa ensued due to the former eating a Puff-Puff fruit atop of he and Champa's birthday cake. During their confrontation, many planets and entire species were obliterated in the process.

Vados and Whis, whom have been watching the argument between the twin Hakaishin, stops both brothers before their fight goes any farther. Whis later suggest that they should have a food contest instead each time they meet again. Beerus and Champa agree to follow Whis' proposal; Ever since then, Beerus and Champa held food contests with each other whenever they met.

Back to the present time, as Beerus and Champa discuss about their tournament; Beerus demands to know what reward he will receive if his team wins the tournament. Champa explains to his brother the existence of the "Super Dragon Balls", planet-sized Dragon Balls whose wish granting capabilities far exceed the Nameccian and Earth Dragon Balls, due to being the original set. Champa says that he has collected six out of the seven orbs.

By Gokū's request and proposal to Vegeta, Beerus allows Gokū and Vegeta to participate in this tournament. Before Champa and Vados leave Beerus' Planet, they set the rules of the tournament which are exactly the same as the Tenkaichi Budōkai. It will be held on a nameless planet that exists within a neutral dimension. As per Vegeta's proposal, there will be a simple paper test given to all potential contestants, in order to avoid bringing unintelligent creatures to the event. After Champa and Vados leave, Gokū, Vegeta and Beerus discuss the remaining participants for the Seventh Universe's team; Gokū suggests bringing Piccolo and Majin Bū with them while Vegeta proposes Gohan to also join them, but Gokū rejects him due to his son now being a bookworm, much to Vegeta's disappointment. Beerus declares that the fifth warrior joining their team will be the strongest fighter that he has ever faced, said warrior not being Whis, due to him not being allowed to compete.

Before Whis escorts Gokū and Vegeta back to Earth, Beerus ask them to find Bulma and ask her to make preparations to search for the last Super Dragon Ball. After being back on Earth and and asking Bulma, she finishes a newly upgraded Dragon Radar to search it. Bulma mentions the possibility that said Super Dragon Balls might exist in their universe to which Vegeta suggests finding them first. However the upgraded Dragon Radar is unable to detect anything, and Bulma theorizes that due to them being on the edge of the universe, their location is not ideal to do the search that they will need to head to the center of the Universe and move accordingly from there in order to search for the Seventh Universe's Super Dragon Ball.

Due to feeling that the situation is fishy, Bulma calls her big sister for help, and Tights gets Jaco to hep and Bulma asks him if he can take them to the center of the universe, which the patrolman angrily criticizes them for asking such a ridiculous task. Jaco mentions that someone called Zunō might be able to help them, Bulma and Jaco tag along to find that person and so they leave the Earth.

Meanwhile in the location where the tournament will take place, Champa and Vados prepare the location for the participants. Vados asks Champa if he has decided on his 5 entrants; Champa reasons that if his brother is bringing Saiyans with him, he should do the same and bring Saiyans from his Universe.

Chapter 7

"Warriors of the 6th Universe" (だいちゅうせんたち, Dai-Roku Uchū no Senshi-tachi)

Bulma and Jaco travel to Zunō's planet in order to discover the location of the final Super Dragon Ball. They arrive on the planet and meet with Zunō. Zunō's aides requests that they must hand over a "present" to Zunō in order for their questions to be answered. Jaco demonstrates and hands over his present (which is revealed to be a kiss on Zunō's cheek). Zunō decides to answer only one questions of Jaco's; Jaco asks Zunō what Bulma's bust size is. Zunō answers Jaco's question correctly. Bulma gives Zunō her present. Zunō decides to answer three questions that Bulma has due to her being middle aged and not his type, causing Bulma to rhetorically ask that she still only gets two more questions than Jaco, which reduces her remaining questions to two.

Confused and not wanting to waste time, Bulma asks Zunō to tell her everything about the Super Dragon Balls. Zunō explains to Bulma that they were created by the Shenron known as Zarama, in the 41st year of the "History of Gods". Zunō also tells Bulma that by gathering the Super Dragon Balls and reciting the God's incantation, the Dragon God will appear forth and grant a single wish. Bulma asks if the Super Dragon Balls exist as a single set within both two universes, to which Zunō tells Bulma that she is correct. Bulma and Jaco then travel back to Earth, unsuccessful in their attempt to learn about the final Super Dragon Ball's location but have the knowledge about there being only one set of Super Dragon Balls.

Meanwhile on Earth, Gokū and Vegeta train in the new Room of Spirit and Time for three days, allowing them to accumulate three years worth of training.

The last day arrives; Gokū along with his friends and family (except Gohan who had to stay behind due to an academic conference) travel in a spacecraft prepared by Whis to reach the tournament grounds. In the spacecraft, Gokū and Vegeta meet Monaka whom Whis reveals to be Beerus' strongest challenger. Whis explains that Monaka is a hero from his home planet of Wagashi and that while his race are kind and docile, even Beerus would have a difficult time dealing with them once they bare their fangs. After taking a total of two hours and forty five minutes, Gokū and his friends arrive at the tournament grounds. Gokū and his friends see the Super Dragon Balls and are astounded by their size. Team Seventh Universe (consisting of Gokū, Vegeta, Piccolo, Majin Bū and Monaka) prepare to write the written test and along the way, they encounter Team 6th Universe, the warriors of the 6th Universe that Champa chose to represent him. Gokū and Vegeta comment on the familiarity of Team 6th Universe, with one of them being similar to Freeza.

Chapter 8

"The Match Begins!" (あいかい!, Shiai Kaishi!)

Team 7th Universe and Team 6th Universe prepare to write the written test. While taking seats, Gokū and Vegeta note that Frost's appearance is identical to that of Freeza's, although Piccolo mentions that Frost does not exude any brutality nor evil. Cabba sees Gokū and Vegeta and notes they are Saiyans. Cabba explains that he is also a Saiyan like them, which shocks Gokū and Vegeta. Vegeta asks what planet Cabba hails from, to which he replies planet Sadal; Vegeta is surprised that planet Sadal still exists in the 6th Universe and explains that the 7th Universe's planet Sadal was destroyed due to an internal conflict and afterwards, the 7th Universe's Saiyans pilfered another planet, naming it planet Vegeta. Cabba is astounded by the differences with their respective universes. Gokū asks Cabba about his tail, but Cabba replies that the 6th Universe Saiyans used to have tails long ago but not anymore. Vegeta wonders if the 6th Universe's Saiyans are still a warrior race; Cabba replies that they are, but instead of plundering they are hired to defeat criminals. As the written test is about to begin, Vegeta asks Cabba to escort him to his planet when the chance arises, to which Cabba says he will. Vegeta and Cabba wish each other luck and note that they will not go easy on each other.

The written test begins and after ten minutes, Vados announces that all the contestants pass except Majin Bū and as a result is disqualified, which shocks Team 6th Universe. After the team begins arguing, an annoyed Beerus steps in and stops the argument, declaring that Monaka will go last while they figure out the orders they will go in. Gokū decides to go first, then Piccolo and next Vegeta.

The martial arts tournament between the 7th Universe and the 6th Universe begins; the first match is between Botamo from the 6th Universe facing Gokū from the 6th Universe. The match begins with Botamo managing to give Gokū trouble. After Gokū is hit, Beerus criticizes Gokū for playing around, although Gokū mentions that he ate earlier and as a result is unable to fight properly. After jogging off the food, Gokū resumes the battle with Botamo but this time Gokū is easily able to evade Botamo's attacks; Gokū then attacks Botamo at extraordinary speed which overpowers and nearly rings out Botamo. Champa is surprised that the tables have turned and fears he miscalculated the strength of the 7th Universe. However, Champa's fears wear off after remembering Botamo's "specialty".

Botamo gets up and prepares to counter attack.

Chapter 9

"Gokū versus Botamo" (くうVSブイエスボタモ, Gokū Buiesu Botamo)

The battle between Gokū and Botamo continues. Although Gokū is stronger and faster than Botamo, he isn't able to inflict any damage against Botamo nor is Botamo's stamina running out; even Gokū's Kamehameha doesn't inflict any damage against Botamo. Piccolo and Vegeta worry that if the battle continues this way, Gokū will be worn out; they conclude that the only way for Gokū to win is for him to use his full power and transform into a Super Saiyan in order to overpower Botamo's defense, although they are skeptical whether Gokū's Super Saiyan will be able to inflict any damage against Botamo. Piccolo is disappointed that Gokū won't be able to preserve as much stamina as possible for the next match considering that they have a disadvantage in numbers.

Suddenly, Gokū has an idea; he pushes Botamo down and drags him near the end of the tournament ring. Gokū lets go of Botamo who retaliates by attacking Gokū. However, Gokū throws him out of the ring. The tournament announcer declares Gokū to be the victor. Piccolo and Vegeta are surprised with Gokū's strategy while Beerus is pleased that Gokū is using his brains.

The next challenger to fight Gokū will be Frost. Frost politely greets Gokū and wishes him the best of luck, which surprises the Dragon Team due to Frost's personality being completely different than Freeza's. The second match between Goku and Frost begins. Gokū and Frost battle evenly; Kulilin and Muten Rōshi marvel at Gokū and Frost's speed. Frost begins tiring, allowing Gokū to hit Frost and knock him back. As Frost gets back up, Gokū tells Frost that he is trying to gauge his true strength, although Frost denies this. Gokū tells Frost to transform to his final form since he knows that Frost's plan was transforming little by little while gauging his true strength; Frost is surprised that Gokū figured out his strategy, to which Gokū attributes it to fighting a similar foe in his universe. Gokū advises Frost to transform to his final form before he is unable to use his own true strength. Frost accepts Gokū's request and begins transforming.

Frost finishes transforming, with his transformed appearance being similar to Freeza's second transformation. Gokū doesn't recognize Frost's transformation, although Kulilin and Piccolo beg to differ as they remember the bad memories the transformation wrought on them. Frost asks Gokū if his counterpart from the Seventh Universe was able to defeat him, but Gokū does not answer Frost's question. Frost takes Gokū's response as a no and hopes that he is different than his counterpart, to which Gokū hopes as well. Frost and Gokū begin fighting again but this time Frost is having an easier time, which pleases Champa.

After Frost hits Gokū, Gokū gets up and decides to take the match seriously. Gokū isn't fooled by Frost's transformation and knows that he still has one more transformation up his sleeve and has not decided to show it due to preserving it for the upcoming matches, just like him. Gokū transforms into a Super Saiyan, which shocks Champa and the Sixth Universe's Kaiōshin.

Seeing that Gokū is now more formidable than before, Frost transforms into his final form. The smoke clears which reveals Frost in his final form who looks identical to Freeza's own final form. Gokū is pleased with Frost's final transformation as it is a form that he knows of all too well.

Special Chapter


Vegeta riding Polunga

Vegeta on the back of the volume, riding Polunga.

  • The volume cover is a direct reference to the cover of Volume 1 of the original Dragon Ball series.
    • The back of the volume has a paired version of the art that showcases Vegeta riding Polunga.
  • The volume includes Dragon Ball Super special chapter written by Toyotarō, takes place before the new series begins, which was previously featured in Jump Victory Carnival 2015 Official Guidebook.


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