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A Critical Moment for the Dragon Balls
Kanji ドラゴンボール危機一髪
Rōmaji Doragon Bōru Kiki Ippatsu
Viz Wish Upon a Dragon
Volume Info
Previous Volume 1
Next Volume 3
Japanese January 10, 1986[1]
English March 2003[2]
Japanese ISBN 978-4-08-851832-9
English ISBN 978-1-56931-921-5
Character debut(s)
Technique debut(s)
Tool debut(s)
  • Banshō Fan
  • Pilaf Machine

A Critical Moment for the Dragon Balls (ドラゴンボール危機一髪, Doragon Bōru Kiki Ippatsu; Viz "Wish Upon a Dragon") is the second volume of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter 12

"In Search of Kame Sennin" (亀仙人をたずねて, Kamesennin o Tazunete; Viz "In Search of Kame-Sen'nin"; Literally meaning "In Search of the Turtle Hermit")

As Gyūmaō asks for his master's residence, Bulma recalls of Rōshi living off the coast, much to the Demon Lord's excitement. Gyūmaō also learns that Gokū is the grandson of his fellow disciple Son Gohan from observing the boy's Nyoibō, causing the Demon Lord to befriend Gokū as Yamcha anticipated from watching on away from view with Puar. While Bulma and Oolong are astonished at Rōshi and Gokū's powers respectively, the Demon Lord requests of Gokū to obtain his master's Bashōsen to blow away the flames from his castle in exchange of the Dragon Ball he possesses.

Gyūmaō also asks that Gokū find his daughter Chi-Chi, offering to make her Gokū's bride in the future in addition with exchanging the Dragon Ball for the powerful fan. As the Demon Lord shows a picture of his daughter, Yamcha and Puar are shocked to recognize the girl in the picture as the girl Yamcha knocked out earlier on. The bandits drive off to find and wake up Chi-Chi in fear of getting killed by her father. After Yamcha deceives a now awakened Chi-Chi into thinking he has affection towards her, Gokū arrives and spots the young girl, though not before the bandits run off to hide.

Before Gokū escorts Chi-Chi on his Kintoun, the young girl pulls his tail in order to get on, leading a vulnerable Gokū to reveal the pulling of his tail as his weakness, much to Yamcha and Puar's exhilaration from overhearing, as they are confident they can beat Gokū and obtain the Dragon Balls. As Gokū and Chi-Chi soar through the sky, Gokū is curious to figure out Chi-Chi's gender by patting her between her legs, leading the girl to push Gokū off the flying cloud, and then fall in love with Gokū shortly after.

After Gyūmaō, Bulma and Oolong ponder of Gokū's actions at the same time while the young boy and Chi-Chi are flying through the air, Gokū eventually learns of Rōshi's residence from a talking dolphin, leading Gokū and Chi-Chi to find the master and Umigame on his island.

Chapter 13

"Kame Sennin's Banshō Fan" (亀仙人の芭蕉扇, Kamesennin no Bashōsen; Viz "Fanning the Flame"; Literally meaning "The Turtle Hermit's Banana Palm Fan")

On the island, Gokū showcases his appreciation to Kame-Sennin from giving him his Kintoun, only for the young boy to be astonished to learn that the flying cloud is "a gift from God." As Kame-Sennin mistakes Chi-Chi for Bulma, Chi-Chi throws her blade from her helmet from her disbelief in Kame-Sennin being who her father claims he is, only to injure the turtle hermit's head and find out the old man really is Kame-Sennin, leading the young girl to reclaim her blade and ask for Kame-Sennin's forgiveness.

Afterwards, Gokū remembers to ask the turtle hermit for his Bashōsen, and Kame-Sennin agrees to give it to Gokū on one condition: to touch Bulma's breasts, much to Umigame's disgust. However, Kame-Sennin recalls himself accidentally throwing away his fan, leading him to resolve to go to Frypan Mountain to quell the flames of Gyūmaō's castle himself, and getting there by riding on Baby Gamera.

Gokū, Chi-Chi and Kame-Sennin arrive by the burning castle, as Oolong introduces himself to Chi-Chi. As Gyūmaō is disappointed that Gokū does not have his master's powerful fan, the young boy informs the demon lord that Kame-Sennin resolved to put out the flames on the castle himself, only for the Ox-King and others to witness his master puke from the dizziness of riding on top of Baby Gamera.

Chapter 14

"Kame Sennin's Kamehameha!!" (亀仙人のかめはめ波!!, Kamesennin no Kamehameha!!; Viz "Kamehameha!"; Literally meaning "The Turtle Hermit's Turtle Destruction Wave!!")

After Kame-Sennin marvels at the fire burning Gyūmaō's castle, the turtle hermit informs his apprentice of his awareness of the ill-advised actions the Demon Lord had done to protect his treasure, leading Gyūmaō to apologize to his master for his actions and offer to throw away his treasures. As Oolong is astonished at the Demon Lord showing remorse, the turtle hermit reminds Goku of the condition he required in order for him to put out the flames, leading Gokū to request Bulma to let Kame-Sennin touch her chest. An appalled Bulma agrees, but she claims it will happen only after Kame-Sennin puts out the flames.

Kame-Sennin prepares himself to fire a Kamehameha by substantially increasing his power, as Yamcha explains to Pu'ar from a distance of the mechanics behind what he claims to be the turtle hermit's finest technique. A full-powered Kame-Sennin fires the Kamehameha, much to the amazement of Gokū, Oolong, Bulma, Gyūmaō, Chi-Chi, Yamcha and Pu'ar. Kame-Sennin successfully puts out the fire, but inadvertently destroys the castle in the process, much to everyone's exasperation.

Chapter 15

"The Seven-Star Ball is Found" (七星球発見, Chīshinchū Hakken; Viz "At Sixes and Sevens")

As a frustrated Oolong claims the Dragon Ball can't be found in the rubble of the destroyed castle, Bulma corrects him by finding the mystical sphere on her Dragon Radar. While Gyūmaō predicts that living in the area will be easier due to the fire being put out, Kame-Sennin apologizes for destroying the castle, only for Chi-Chi to inform the turtle hermit that the castle can simply be rebuilt.

Whilst Yamcha and Pu'ar become wary of Kame-Sennin's power, Gokū asks the turtle hermit if he can teach the young boy how to perform the Kamehameha, only for Kame-Sennin to tell Gokū it would take at least fifty years to master the technique. While Kame-Sennin denies Gyūmaō's request to live in his castle, a determined Gokū is able to perform a small Kamehameha on a nearby car after observing Kame-Sennin, much to the awe of the turtle hermit, Gyūmaō and Chi-Chi.

Kame-Sennin then discovers from Gyūmaō that Gokū is the grandson of one of his apprentices, Son Gohan, and learns from Gokū that Gohan is dead, much to Kame-Sennin's surprise. The turtle hermit then finally decides to take Gokū as his apprentice before Gokū claims he'll accept after obtaining all of the Dragon Balls. As Yamcha and Puar are amazed at Gokū's ever-growing strength, Bulma finally finds the seven star Dragon Ball, only to be deflated from finding her car to be damaged by Gokū's Kamehameha.

Gyūmaō then uses a capsule to provide Bulma, Gokū and Oolong transportation, but before they leave, Kame-Sennin reminds Bulma of the conditions they agreed to, which leads Bulma to take Oolong away from sight and force him to shape-shift into her. After one failed attempt, Oolong successfully transforms into a duplicate of Bulma, and allows Kame-Sennin to rub his face on the replica's breasts, much to the real Bulma's disgust.

Before Gokū leaves with Bulma and Oolong, Chi-Chi gets Gokū to promise to marry her when they're older. As the Dragon Team sets off to find the last Dragon Ball, Yamcha and Puar follow them closely.

Chapter 16

"Rabbit Ears" (ウサギの耳, Usagi no Mimi; Viz "One Goal, One Enemy")

As Oolong, Bulma and Gokū head to the west to find the last Dragon Ball, while unbeknownst to them being followed by Yamcha and Pu'ar, the vehicle they're using is low on fuel. They settle at a town, where Oolong claims they'll be able to refill the tank in the vehicle.

At the town, Gokū is perplexed as to why the residents of the town are afraid of Bulma, with this fear allowing the Dragon Team refill their vehicle and shop for capsules free of charge. While Yamcha and Pu'ar spy from afar, two men with rabbit ears just like Bulma's further inject fear into the atmosphere while patrolling the town. Whilst Bulma shops for new clothes, she unintentionally draws the anger of the merchant for wearing bunny ears without being part of the Rabbit Gang.

While Bulma ponders why such an accessory can cause so much panic to come forth to a town, the two men threaten to take Bulma with them, though not before they oppress other citizens of the town. Gokū then dominates the Rabbit Gang in combat on Bulma's request, forcing the one of the two men to call upon their boss, which only accelerates the tangible distress in the air for the residents, causing them all to flee.

Chapter 17

"The Boss's Special Skill" (オヤブンの得意技, Oyabun no Tokui Waza; Viz "Carrot Top")

As the Dragon Team wonders why the citizens of the town are fleeing, the Rabbit Gang declares the defeat of Gokū and friends to be imminent as they inform them of their boss's arriving and his special ability to turn living creatures into carrots. As Oolong and Gokū debate about fleeing the town, the boss of the Rabbit Gang appears, and inquires of the whereabouts of those who showed defiance against the Rabbit Gang.

As the boss lambastes his subordinates for being embarrassed by Gokū, Yamcha recalls the boss's special ability, but not before the boss tricks Bulma into touching his hand, transforming the woman into a carrot. Before Gokū can damage the boss with his Nyoibō on Oolong's request, the boss blackmails Gokū by threatening to eat the transformed Bulma, which leads Oolong to flee the scene when Gokū asks for more solutions, much to the young boy's vexation. As the Rabbit Gang beats up Gokū, Yamcha orders Pu'ar to transform into a bird and steal the carrot, which distracts the boss long enough for Yamcha to knockout the Rabbit Gang and order Gokū to defeat the boss.

Pu'ar returns the carrot to Gokū, and Gokū threatens to kill the boss unless he transforms Bulma back from being a carrot. As Bulma wonders about what happened to her, Gokū informs her that Yamcha came to help them, much to Bulma's elation and wondering of his whereabouts. After Yamcha hides, Gokū uses his Nyoibō to send a tied-up Rabbit Gang to the Moon before informing Bulma of his actions, earning the praise of the residents of the town.

Chapter 18

"The Dragon Balls Are Stolen!!" (ドラゴンボール奪われる!!, Doragon Bōru Ubawareru!!; Viz "Who's Got My Balls?!")

As the Dragon Team heads for the One-Star Dragon Ball, Bulma reveals her goal in using the seven Dragon Balls to make a wish for a boyfriend, causing her to earn the ridicule of Oolong. While Bulma and Oolong argue, a woman observes them from the top of a tall mushroom, informing her boss Pilaf and her other partner Soba of the Dragon Team's whereabouts. Gokū and friends are later ambushed by a machine conducted by Soba, leading the Dragon Team to lose possession of the Dragon Balls. On Bulma's request, Gokū uses his Kintoun to attempt to reclaim the stolen Dragon Balls, only to find an empty machine and return to inform Bulma of his inability to locate the Dragon Balls.

Bulma, brimming with confidence, realizes they still have one Dragon Ball and can use the capsules she obtained to replace the vehicle that was damaged by the ambush, only to recall that she left the remaining capsules with the bag containing the stolen Dragon Balls. This forces Yamcha and Pu'ar, who were observing from afar, to help The Dragon Team, much to the team's delight in encountering Yamcha once again. After The Dragon Team follows the woman and Soba, the two thieves consult Emperor Pilaf in his castle, who then detects that the last Dragon Ball is approaching them. While the Dragon Team tries to sneak into the castle, they encounter a dead end, which ends up being a trap, much to Pilaf's disbelief for them falling for such an obvious trap.

Chapter 19

"At Long Last, the Dragon Appears!" (ついに龍あらわる!, Tsui ni Doragon Arawaru!; Viz "At Last… the Dragon!")

As the Dragon Team vents in frustration from being caught the trap, one of Pilaf's subordinates hypothesize that Gokū is in possession of the last Dragon Ball. Still unsure, the emperor then demands the Dragon Team to surrender the Dragon Ball. When Bulma refuses, Pilaf uses one of his machines to capture her, in an attempt to force her to reveal the location of the last Dragon Ball. However, this fails as Pilaf and his crew are shocked and disgusted at the possible suggestions of torture Bulma claims she expected to receive.

After dropping Bulma back into the trap, Pilaf resolves to use sleeping gas to knockout the Dragon Team. As Pilaf and his group approach them for the last Dragon Ball, unlike his subordinates, the emperor forgets to put on a mask and becomes subject to the sleeping gas and falls asleep as well. Nevertheless, the Dragon Ball is recovered by one of Pilaf's cronies. As Pilaf places all seven of the Dragon Balls in one place, Yamcha suggests to Gokū to use Kamehameha to break them out of their imprisonment, but Gokū is only able to create a small, circular crevice in the wall. Oolong and Pu'ar are both ordered to shapeshift and fly out of the hole in the wall. Afterwards, Pilaf summons Shenron.

Chapter 20

"The Wish to Shenron!!" (神龍への願い!!, Shenron e no Negai!!; Viz "Just One Wish!!"; Literally meaning "The Wish to the Dragon God!!")

As Shenron is summoned, the Dragon Team panics as the endeavors they had gone through to obtain the Dragon Balls were seemingly for a lost cause. However, before Pilaf is able to make his wish, Oolong's quick thinking allows him to interrupt Pilaf and wish for a pair of panties, much to everyone's shock. As Shenron grants the wish, the Dragon Balls disperse, foiling Pilaf's plans for world domination. As Bulma and Yamcha praise Oolong for his quick wits, Gokū is discouraged to learn that the four-star Dragon Ball, or the memento left to him from his grandfather, is gone. Enraged, Pilaf orders the execution of the Dragon Team, leading the team to be trapped in a room with walls made of a tougher material than the last room and a ceiling composed of super-reinforced glass. As Bulma reveals that the Dragon Balls are lost for a year before they become traceable and useable, Pilaf reveals his plan to kill the Dragon Team by using the Sun to cook the team alive as it shines through the glass ceiling, much to the Dragon Team's distress.

Chapter 21

"Full Moon" (満月, Mangetsu)

As the Dragon Team attempts to break out of the steel prison, Emperor Pilaf and his gang head to bed. Pu'ar informs Oolong that he is staring at the full moon after the piglet asks of his actions, much to the piglet's disarray and confusion given the situation. After overhearing the phrase "full moon," Gokū tells of a story of a scary monster appearing during a full moon, which earns Gokū the scorn of Bulma. As Gokū claims this monster's appearance was the reason why his grandfather is dead, Yamcha and Oolong are in awe of the story, but Gokū claims he does not remember his grandfather's death due to being asleep.

When Gokū reveals that his grandfather told him to refrain from looking at the full moon, the rest of the Dragon Team suspect that Gokū is the monster that killed his grandfather, and they cringe in fear at the prospect of Gokū becoming that monster. Oolong suggests that Gokū should look at the moon to see if he is the monster, but Bulma claims that is a bad idea and instructs Gokū to desist from looking at the moon. However, Gokū looks at the moon anyway, injecting fear into the rest of the Dragon Team, but nothing happens. Soon after, Gokū then undergoes the transformation into a giant monkey, waking up Pilaf and his subordinates by breaking through the steel-walled, glass-ceiling prison.

Chapter 22

"Gokū's Great Transformation" (悟空の大変身, Gokū no Dai-Henshin; Viz "The End of the Tale")

Gokū completes his transformation, much to the shock and horror of both the Dragon Team and Pilaf and his minions. As Gokū commences in destroying the castle, everyone else makes their plans to escape from the vicinity. Gokū then notices Pilaf and his crew retreating, and tosses a broken part of the castle in their direction, causing Pilaf and his subordinates to have a crash landing. As Yamcha and Oolong are in awe of barely escaping with their lives, the former notices Bulma stuck under a broken chunk of the castle. Gokū then makes his way towards the Dragon Team, and Pu'ar reminds Yamcha that Gokū's tail is his weak point, giving Yamcha the idea to pull Gokū's tail. While Gokū is stationary, Yamcha orders Pu'ar to transform into a pair of scissors to cut off Gokū's tail, forcing Gokū to revert back into his child form.

Chapter 23

"The Dragon Team Parts Ways" (ドラゴンチーム解散, Doragon Chīmu Kaisan; Viz "Separate Ways")

As the Sun rises, while Oolong is wary of Gokū from nearly killing them, Yamcha is grateful that Gokū's transformation liberated the Dragon Team from the steel prison. As Bulma suggests that no one reveal to Gokū that he was responsible for his grandfather's death, Oolong wonders if Gokū is an alien.

Soon after, Gokū awakens from his slumber and realizes he's naked. While Bulma orders Oolong to give Gokū the panties Shenron granted to the piglet, Oolong instead decides to give Gokū his overalls. As Gokū adjusts to losing his tail while searching for his Nyoibō, the Dragon Team decides to separate. After Bulma and Yamcha contemplate finding a boyfriend and getting married respectively, both realize they're a match for each other, much to Oolong's aversion. As rest of the Dragon Team figures they don't need the Dragon Balls and head to the city, Bulma gives Gokū her Dragon Radar in to aid his pursuit for the four-star Dragon Ball. Afterwards, Gokū gets on his Kintoun and decides to head back to Kame-Sennin's island for training.

Chapter 24

"The Price of Kame Sennin's Training" (亀仙人の修業料, Kamesennin no Shugyō Ryō; Viz "The High Price of Education"; Literally meaning "The Price of the Turtle Hermit's Training")

Before Gokū heads to the Kame House to gain training lessons from Kame-Sennin, the young boy makes a stop at his grandfather's house for a clothing change and to bring his own futon in order to reside at Kame-Sennin's place. As Gokū lands on the island, he discovers and interrupts Kame-Sennin while he is watching a work-out program featuring women, leading the Kame Sennin to direct Gokū to the fridge after the young boy informs the hermit of his hungriness.

After the program ends, Kame-Sennin is astonished by the fact that Gokū emptied the fridge of a week's worth of food with his gluttonous hunger, leading old man to question why the young boy is in his house in the first place. As Gokū reminds Kame-Sennin of him agreeing to be trained after the search for all of the Dragon Balls, the Turtle Hermit asks of Bulma's whereabouts, only to be disappointed to learn she is currently in the city.

Kame-Sennin agrees to train Gokū under yet another condition: for Gokū to bring Kame Sennin a "pichi pichi gal." As Kame-Sennin dresses up, he overhears Gokū arriving back on the island, much to his excitement. His eagerness quickly subsides when Gokū brings him an intimidating and overly-muscular woman to the island.