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Please note that this is the Dragon Ball Universe Wiki's article on the volume. If you are looking for the article on the chapter of the same name then you should head to The Nameccian Resistance.

The Nameccian Resistance
Kanji ナメック星人の抵抗
Rōmaji Namekkuseijin no Teikō
Viz Battlefield Namek
Volume Info
Previous Volume 21
Next Volume 23
Japanese July 10, 1990[1]
English March 2003[2]
Japanese ISBN 978-4-08-851619-6
English ISBN 978-1-56931-935-2
Character debut(s)
None in this volume
Technique debut(s)
None in this volume
Tool debut(s)
None in this volume

The Nameccian Resistance (ナメック星人の抵抗, Namekkuseijin no Teikō; Viz "Battlefield Namek") is the twenty-second volume of the Dragon Ball manga, and the sixth volume of Part II of the manga.

Chapter 253

"One Village's Battle" (ある村の攻防戦, Arumura no Kōbōsen; Viz "Showdown!")

Chapter 254

"The Nameccian Resistance" (ナメック星人の抵抗, Namekkuseijin no Teikō; Viz "Ten Seconds of Death")

Chapter 255

"Son Gohan in a Frenzy!!" (孫悟飯逆上!!, Son Gohan Gyakujō!!; Viz "Son Gohan Snaps!")

Chapter 256

"A Deadly Pursuer!!" (死を呼ぶ追跡者!!, Shi o Yobu Tsuisekisha!!; Viz "Death in Flight")

Chapter 257

"Dodoria in Terror" (怯えるドドリア, Obieru Dodoria; Viz "Vegeta vs. Dodoria")

Chapter 258

"Danger All Around!!" (危険がいっぱい!!, Kiken ga Ippai!!; Viz "Hide and Seek")

Chapter 259

"The Sixth Dragon Ball" (6個めのドラゴンボール, Rokkome no Doragon Bōru)

Chapter 260

"One Last Dragon Ball" (ドラゴンボール最後の1個, Doragon Bōru Saigo no Ikko; Viz "The Last Dragon Ball")

Chapter 261

"Kaiō-sama's Freaked Out" (びびる界王さま, Bibiru Kaiōsama; Viz "The Four Dead Heroes"; Literally meaning "The World King's Freaked Out")

Chapter 262

"Vegeta and Zarbon" (ベジータとザーボン, Bejīta to Zābon; Viz "Vegeta vs. Zarbon")

Chapter 263

"Zarbon's Hidden Power" (ザーボンの秘めた力, Zābon no Himeta Chikara; Viz "Zarbon's True Power")

Chapter 264

"The Eldest's House" (最長老の家, Saichōrō no Ie; Viz "The Great Elder's House")