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The Terrible Ginyū Special Squad
Kanji 恐怖のギニュー特戦隊
Rōmaji Kyōfu no Ginyū Tokusentai
Viz The Ginyu Force
Volume Info
Previous Volume 22
Next Volume 24
Japanese October 8, 1990[1]
English March 2003[2]
Japanese ISBN 978-4-08-851620-2
English ISBN 978-1-56931-936-9
Character debut(s)
None in this volume
Technique debut(s)
None in this volume
Tool debut(s)
None in this volume

The Terrible Ginyū Special Squad (恐怖のギニュー特戦隊, Kyōfu no Ginyū Tokusentai; Viz "The Ginyu Force") is the twenty-third volume of the Dragon Ball manga, and the seventh volume of Part II of the manga.

Chapter 265

"The Seventh Dragon Ball Changes Hands" (移り変わる7個のドラゴンボール, Utsuri Kawaru Nanako no Doragon Bōru; Viz "The Dragon Balls Change Hands")

Chapter 266

"Vegeta Laughs, Freeza Fumes" (笑うベジータ怒るフリーザ, Warau Bejīta Ikaru Furīza; Viz "Vegeta's Laughter, Freeza's Rage")

Chapter 267

"A Reunion of Terror" (恐怖の再会, Kyōfu no Saikai; Viz "Reunion of Terror!")

Chapter 268

"Vegeta's Charge!" (ベジータ快進撃!, Bejīta Kaishingeki!; Viz "Vegeta in Overdrive!")

Chapter 269

"Gohan and Vegeta's Dragon Ball" (悟飯とベジータのドラゴンボール, Gohan to Bejīta no Doragon Bōru; Viz "Brains and Brawn")

Chapter 270

"Premonitions of a Great War" (大戦争の予感, Daisensō no Yokan; Viz "Premonitions of War")

Chapter 271

"They're Closing In!! The Ginyū Special Squad" (接近!!ギニュー特戦隊, Sekkin!! Ginyū Tokusentai; Viz "The Enemy of My Enemy…")

Chapter 272

"Make it in Time!! The Seven Dragon Balls" (間にあえ!!ななつのドラゴンボール, Ma ni Ae!! Nanatsu no Doragon Bōru; Viz "The Ginyu Force")

Chapter 273

"The Terrible Ginyū Special Squad" (恐怖のギニュー特戦隊, Kyōfu no Ginyū Tokusentai; Viz "Five Deadly Fighters")

Chapter 274

"Gurd's Psychic Powers" (グルドの超能力, Gurudo no Chōnōryoku)

Chapter 275

"Vegeta's Quick Attack!!" (ベジータの速攻!!, Bejīta no Sokkō!!; Viz "Vegeta vs. Reacoom")

Chapter 276

"No Hope for Vegeta" (絶望のベジータ, Zetsubō no Bejīta; Viz "Vegeta vs. Reacoom, Part 2")