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Gokū or Ginyū!?
Kanji 悟空か!?ギニューか!?
Rōmaji Gokū ka!? Ginyū ka!?
Viz Goku vs. Ginyu
Volume Info
Previous Volume 23
Next Volume 25
Japanese January 10, 1991[1]
English May 2003[2]
Japanese ISBN 978-4-08-851414-7
English ISBN 978-1-56931-937-6
Character debut(s)
None in this volume
Technique debut(s)
Tool debut(s)
None in this volume

Gokū or Ginyū!? (悟空か!?ギニューか!?, Gokū ka!? Ginyū ka!?; Viz "Goku vs. Ginyu") is the twenty-fourth volume of the Dragon Ball manga, and the eighth volume of Part II of the manga.

Chapter 277

"Freeza Laughs" (笑うフリーザ, Warau Furīza; Viz "Freeza Victorious?!!")

Desperation sets in as Kulilin attempts to think of something they can do to fight back against Reacoom. Recoome, who is still facing Vegeta, strikes a pose and launches his Reacoom Eraser Gun. Both Gohan and Kulilin seize the opportunity to make a move, assisting a wounded Vegeta in moving out of the way while Kulilin lands a blow to Reacoom's skull. Vegeta scolds Gohan for rescuing him instead of attacking Reacoom. Meanwhile, Reacoom recovers and attacks Kulilin for stopping his own attack.

Meanwhile, Nail—who was previously commanded to assist the Earthlings—turns back, fearing for the Saichōrō's safety. Back on the battlefield, Gohan engages Reacoom with a barrage of energy attacks, but is largely unsuccessful and is quickly subdued by the stronger fighter.

Elsewhere, Captain Ginyū has arrived at Freeza's ship with all seven Dragon Balls. Freeza then commences summoning the Dragon God.

Chapter 278

"Son Gohan Dies?!" (孫悟飯死す!?, Son Gohan Shisu!?; Viz "Son Gohan's Last Stand")

Freeza attempts to summon the dragon, but nothing happens. He then remembers the warning given to him by one of the Nameccian elders and realizes that the Dragon Balls must need a secret code known only to the Nameccians. Using his Scouter, Freeza locates three Nameccian power levels. Ginew resolves to accompany Freeza to deal with the Nameccians, but the emperor simply declines, stating he'd rather deal with them himself—leaving Ginew to guard the ship and the Dragon Balls.

Back on the battlefield, Reacoom launches a volley of ki blasts at Gohan—which the young boy barely dodges—before attacking him physically, causing him to collapse in exhaustion. Nevertheless, Gohan attempts to continue fighting, but Reacoom dodges his attempt and kicks him hard enough to break his neck. Nearby, Butta and Jheese comment that Gohan has no energy left. At that point, Reacoom resolves to kill all three of them and end the fight, but is interrupted when he spots a space ship landing in the distance. The ship is revealed to be Gokū's, with the Saiyan having finally arrived on Namek.

Chapter 279

"The Mysterious Son Gokū" (不思議な孫悟空, Fushigi na Son Gokū; Viz "Son Gokū Has Landed!")

Chapter 280

"Super Saiyan!?" (超サイヤ人!?, Sūpā Saiyajin!?)

Chapter 281

"Showdown!! Jheese and Butta" (対決!!ジースとバータ, Taiketsu!! Jīsu to Bāta; Viz "Jheese and Butta")

Chapter 282

"Vegeta's Complex Mind" (ベジータの複雑な心, Bejīta no Fukuzatsu na Kokoro; Viz "With Allies Like These…")

Chapter 283

"Captain Ginyū Appears!!" (ギニュー隊長おでまし!!, Ginyū Taichō Odemashi!!; Viz "Ginyu Steps In")

Chapter 284

"Captain Ginyū's Pride" (ギニュー隊長のプライド, Ginyū Taichō no Puraido; Viz "A Matter of Pride")

Chapter 285

"The Great Elder and Company in Danger" (危うし最長老たち, Ayaushi Saichōrōtachi; Viz "The Last Three Namekians")

Chapter 286

"Warrior of Namek, Nail" (ナメック星の戦士ネイル, Namekkusei no Senshi Neiru; Viz "Nail, Champion of Namek")

Chapter 287

"Body Change" (ボディチェンジ, Bodi Chenji; Viz "The Switch")

Chapter 288

"Gokū or Ginyū?!" (悟空か!?ギニューか!?, Gokū ka!? Ginyū ka!?)


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