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Freeza's Super Transformation!
Kanji フリーザ超変身!!
Rōmaji Furīza Chōhenshin!!
Viz The Wrath of Freeza
Volume Info
Previous Volume 24
Next Volume 26
Japanese March 8, 1991[1]
English May 2003[2]
Japanese ISBN 978-4-08-851415-4
English ISBN 978-1-56931-938-3
Character debut(s)
None in this volume
Technique debut(s)
None in this volume
Tool debut(s)
None in this volume

Freeza's Super Transformation!! (フリーザ超変身!!, Furīza Chōhenshin!!; Viz "The Wrath of Freeza") is the twenty-fifth volume of the Dragon Ball manga, and the ninth volume of Part II of the manga.

Chapter 289

"Ginyū's Painful Miscalculation!!" (ギニュー痛恨の大誤算!!, Ginyū Tsūkon no Daigosan!!; Viz "Ginyu's Mistake!")

Chapter 290

"Ginyū is Defeated!!!" (ギニュー敗れる!!!, Ginyū Yabureru!!!; Viz "The Final Switch")

Chapter 291

"An Angry Freeza!!!" (怒りのフリーザ!!!, Ikari no Furīza!!; Viz "Nail's Sacrifice")

Chapter 292

"Come Forth, Genuine Shenron!!" (いでよ本場の神龍!!, Ide yo Honba no Shenron!!; Viz "The True Dragon God"; Literally meaning "Come Forth, Genuine Dragon God!!")

Chapter 293

"The Three Wishes" (みっつの願い, Mittsu no Negai)

Chapter 294

"The Last Wish" (最後の願い, Saigo no Negai)

Chapter 295

"An Unexpected Super Power-Up" (おもいがけぬスーパーパワーアップ, Omoigakenu Sūpā Pawā Appu; Viz "The Assimilation")

Chapter 296

"Freeza's Super Transformation!!" (フリーザ超変身!!, Furīza Chōhenshin!!; Viz "The Transformation")

Chapter 297

"Gohan in a Frenzy!!" (悟飯逆上!!, Gohan Gyakujō!!; Viz "Freeza vs. Gohan")

Chapter 298

"A Worn Out Gohan" (悟飯ボロボロ, Gohan Boroboro; Viz "Freeza vs. Gohan, Part 2")

Chapter 299

"A Warrior's Revival" (戦士の復活, Senshi no Fukkatsu; Viz "The Fourth Warrior")

Chapter 300

"Piccolo's Self-Confidence" (ピッコロの自身, Pikkoro no Jishin; Viz "Freeza vs. Piccolo")