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Volume 2 (Super)

Dragon Ball Super Volume 2

The Winning Universe is Decided at Last!!
Kanji 優勝宇宙、ついに決定!!
Rōmaji Yūshō Uchū, Tsui ni Kettei!!
Volume Info
Previous Volume 1 (Super)
Next Volume 3 (Super)
Japanese December 2, 2016 (Print)[1]
January 1, 2017 (Digital)[1]
Japanese ISBN 978-4-08-880867-3
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The Winning Universe is Decided at Last!! (優勝宇宙、ついに決定!!, Yūshō Uchū, Tsui ni Kettei!!) is the second volume of the Dragon Ball Super manga.

Chapter 10

"Frost's True Colors" (フロストのしょうたい, Furosuto no Shōtai; Viz "Frost's True Form")

Frost has transformed into his final form, to which Gokū happily recognizes. The combatants resume their battle. However, Gokū overpowers Frost in offense, defense and speed. Frost refuses to concede and charges at Gokū, only for the Super Saiyan to chop Frost on the neck, bringing Frost to his knees. Gokū suggests that Frost should surrender and train to become stronger. Despite Goku's advise, Frost does not back down and punches Gokū, although the Saiyan blocks the attack with ease. Suddenly, Gokū becomes weary and paralyzed. Frost takes advantage of the opportunity and kicks him out of the ring. Gokū lands outside the ring and returns to normal. The Team 7th Universe and the Dragon Team are shocked at what transpired while the tournament announcer declares Frost as the winner.

Gokū returns to the waiting area where Piccolo and Vegeta criticize him for toying with his opponent. As the Galactic King praises the strength of the combatants, Jaco notices that something is amiss. The next fighter from the 7th Universe to battle is Piccolo.

The fight between Frost and Piccolo begins. Both Piccolo and Frost fight evenly, with Piccolo nearly managing to land a surprise hit against Frost. Frost charges at Piccolo and punches him, to which Piccolo blocks. However, Piccolo becomes weary and paralyzed from Frost's punch. Frost pushes Piccolo out of the ring, which makes him the winner.

Vegeta is surprised at what occurred while Beerus becomes distressed with the numbers disadvantage. As Vegeta prepares to face Frost, Gokū warns Vegeta to be careful. Before the tournament announcer can declare Vegeta the next fighter, Jaco intervenes and objects to Frost's victory, explaining that he saw a weapon in Frost's right arm with his superior eyesight. Jaco asks the tournament announcer to check Frost's right arm; Champa and Cabba are angry at Jaco's false accusation, but Beerus allows the announcer to do a body check. The announcer does so and checks Frost's body; he indeed finds a needle in Frost's right arm and after touching the tip of it, he becomes weary just like Gokū and Piccolo. Frost tries defending himself by saying that the needle is part of his body, although the tournament announcer sees that Frost's right arm has signs of modification; he disqualifies Frost for cheating and reinstates Piccolo as the winner.

Frost walks away from the ring. Champa is displeased with Frost's cheating at it has brought shame to his honor. However, Frost doesn't care about Champa's honor and because there was no prize money involved, he wanted to end the matches as quickly as possible. Champa warns Frost about what he is capable of. Suddenly, Vegeta demands that Frost be reinstated so he can fight him.

Chapter 11

"Vegeta Takes the Stage!!" (ベジータとうじょう!!, Bejīta Tōjō!!; Viz "Vegeta's Turn!")

Vegeta has demanded that Frost be reinstated so he can fight him. Piccolo withdraws so that Vegeta can take his place. The fight between Frost and Vegeta begins. Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan and easily overwhelms Frost with his strength and speed, leading to Frost's defeat.

The next 6th Universe fighter to battle is Magetta. The battle begins; Vegeta struggles against Magetta due to his highly resilient metal body, with physical attacks and uses a barrage of Kikōha having minimal affect on him. Magetta gets the upper hand and strikes Vegeta. Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan and attempts to pick up and throw Magetta out of the ring after Goku advises him. However, Magetta is far to heavy for Vegeta to lift up. Taking advantage, Magetta strikes Vegeta on the head.

Vegeta flies into the air to put distance between him and Magetta. Having an idea, Vegeta destroys the ring around Magetta with Kikōha to severely restrict Magetta's mobility. Magetta responds by firing his magma spit at Vegeta. Disgusted, Vegeta insults Magetta, causing Magetta to lose his balance and fall out onto part of the ring Vegeta destroyed.

Vegeta wins against Magetta by ring out. The next Sixth Universe fighter to face Vegeta is Cabba. Cabba and Vegeta prepare to face each other.

Chapter 12

"A Saiyan's Pride" (サイヤじんほこり, Saiya-jin no Hokori)

The battle between Vegeta and Cabba begins. Cabba manages to land blows on Vegeta. However, Vegeta becomes serious and overpowers Cabba. Vegeta asks Cabba to transform into a Super Saiyan, but Cabba reveals that he does not know how and asks Vegeta to teach him. Furious with Cabba's lack of pride, Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan and brutally attacks Cabba, greatly injuring him. As Cabba is about to declare his surrender, Vegeta grabs Cabba, refusing to let him surrender and throws him into the sky, threatening to destroy planet Salad and everyone he loves. Enraged by Vegeta's threats, Cabba transforms into a Super Saiyan and blocks Vegeta's technique. Cabba is able to fight more evenly due to his enhanced power. Pleased, Vegeta tells Cabba that he simply threatened him in order to unlock his rage which is the key to becoming a Super Saiyan. Vegeta asks Cabba to become a Super Saiyan again, to which Cabba does. Vegeta is glad that Cabba has potential and transforms into Super Saiyan Blue, which shocks Cabba, Champa and Vados as well as catching Hit's attention. Vegeta tells Cabba that he can also achieve this form one day with enough training. Using his godly might, Vegeta knocks out Cabba with one elbow strike.

Vegeta is declared the winner. Before leaving, Cabba thanks Vegeta for his assistance; Vegeta advises Cabba to never forget the pride of the Saiyans. The next 6th Universe fighter to enter the ring is Hit. As Hit walks to the ring, Vados notes that Hit agreed to fight in the tournament was because his reward for winning the tournament would be the Cube, which allows anyone to travel anywhere including other universes. Champa is shocked that Vados offered Hit such a reward, but seeing that he is the only fighter remaining and their last hope of victory, Champa decides not to cancel the deal.

The fight between Vegeta and Hit begins. Vegeta transforms into his Super Saiyan Blue form. However, despite the enhanced might of Super Saiyan Blue, Vegeta is out-sped by Hit and is attacked many times in return, which injures Vegeta. Gokū is confounded by Hit's speed as he could not see his attacks; not even Jaco could see Hit's movements. Vegeta continues his attacks, but Hit evades them all and severely injuries Vegeta with his counter attacks, causing Vegeta to revert to normal and land on the ring floor unconscious. Seeing that Vegeta is unable to surrender nor is Hit able to kill Vegeta due to the rules, the announcer declares Hit the winner.

As Kulilin runs to give Vegeta a Senzu, the Galactic King hypothesizes that Hit is using Time-Leap, a technique that allows the user to freeze time for 0.1 seconds. Gokū is the next 7th Universe fighter to enter the ring. As Gokū walks to the ring with the knowledge of Hit's Time-Leap technique, Vegeta walks by and simply tells Gokū to do his best. Beerus orders Whis to give Goku the strategy for countering Hit's Time-Leap. However, Whis refuses as he wants Gokū to figure out a strategy to defeat Hit and his technique on his own. Whis notes that they shouldn't worry because they have the "Strongest Warrior of the 7th Universe", Monaka; Beerus knows that Whis knows the truth about Monaka, causing Whis to remark that Monaka is actually weak and Beerus lied in order to motivate Gokū and Vegeta. Piccolo overhears this and realizes that the match between Gokū and Hit will be the last, meaning the outcome lies in Gokū's hands.

The battle between Gokū and Hit begins. Hit suggests to his opponent that he should transform, although Gokū decides not to so that he can save stamina and will only transform once he has figured out a way to counter the Time-Leap. Hit and Gokū exchange comments about their ages, with Gokū being surprised that Hit is over a 1000 years old and pays his respects to Hit.

Gokū attacks, but Hit strikes Gokū first. Hit suggests that Gokū should surrender, but Gokū refuses to since surrendering is not his style and comments he has figured out a hint to countering Hit's Time-Leap technique; Hit becomes mildly intrigued.

Chapter 13

"The Winning Universe is Decided at Last!!" (優勝宇宙、ついに決定!!, Yūshō Uchū, Tsui ni Kettei!!)

The match between Gokū and Hit begins. Gokū has trouble due to Hit's Time-Leap. However, Gokū attacks again and manages to strike Hit even though it was a fluke, surprising Hit. Gokū explains that he managed to overcome Hit's Time-Leap by predicting where he would move next and noted that Hit keeps his hands in his pockets to prevent his opponents from knowing where he would move next. Hit is impressed with Gokū. Gokū transforms into a Super Saiyan and attacks Hit. Gokū and Hit battle with Gokū being able to land more strikes on Hit. Champa is worried, but Vados is not because Hit has barely used any stamina while Gokū is draining his stamina due to trying to predict Hit's movements and as a result, Gokū will eventually run out of energy allowing Hit to claim victory.

Hit sees that Gokū is beginning to run out of energy. Gokū decides to level the playing field and transforms into a Super Saiyan God. Hit uses his Time-Leap, but Gokū was able to strike him faster, much to Hit's shock and confusion. Hit uses multiple Time-Leaps, but Gok is able to strike faster than Hit can dodge. Vados explains that Hit's Time-Leap will work properly against power levels lower than his, but since Gokū's Super Saiyan God transformation is higher than Hit's power level, his Time-Leap will work for a shorter amount of time; Whis explains that Vegeta's Super Saiyan Blue transformation, even though it is stronger than Super Saiyan God, wasn't able to overcome Hit's Time-Leap due to Vegeta being out of stamina, causing Vegeta's power to be lower than Hit's and thus the Time-Leap still worked properly.

Overhearing this, Hit is flabbergasted. Suddenly, Gokū fires a ki blast which Hit cannot evade or block with his Time-Leap. Hit takes Gokū's ki blast head on and is damaged as a result. Hit decides to use his full power and powers up. Having powered up, Hit reveals that he will only be able to use his Time-Leap once and will conceal all of his movements. Gokū also powers up and attacks Hit. Hit activates his Time-Leap and successfully stops Gokū in his tracks. Suddenly, Gokū manages to move and transforms into his Super Saiyan Blue form. With the power levels in Gokū's advantage, Gokū has broken through Hit's Time and kicks Hit into the air. Gokū fires his Kamehameha at Hit. The Kamehameha connected but only damaged Hit's left arm due to Hit managing to evade in the nick of time.

Hit lands on the tournament arena and is grateful that Gokū was his opponent. However, Gokū is also happy but knows that Hit is an assassin and is actually holding back his true strength. Due to the tournament rules preventing combatants from killing each other, Gokū steps out of the ring allowing Hit to claim victory; Gokū decides to fight Hit again when he is able to show his true strength.

Beerus is furious with Gokū, although Gokū (who is still under the impression that Monaka is actually) mentions that they still have the 7th Universe's strongest fighter, Monaka. Monaka steps into the ring with Hit seeing that his opponent is actually weak. The fight begins and Monaka punches Hit's leg. Hit sends himself flying out of bounds, allowing Monaka to claim victory and thus the 7th Universe wins the tournament.

Champa is infuriated with Hit's performance and before he can punish him, Beerus notifies Champa of someone in their presence. Champa sees the person and becomes shocked that Zen'ō, the King of the Twelve Universes, has appeared before them. Beerus and Champa greet Zen'ō along with the other Kaioshin. Zen'ō mentions that he was watching the tournament and enjoyed it. Zen'ō decides that he would like to have another tournament with all twelve universes participating in it. Gokū casually greets Zen'ō and gives him a handshake, much to Beerus and Champa's shock. Zen'ō is not displeased with Gokū's lack of respect, which relieves Beerus and Champa. Zen'ō leaves the tournament grounds.

The tournament between the Sixth and 7th Universes ends. The 6th Universe team leaves with Champa handing over the six Super Dragon Balls to Beerus. Thanks to Monaka's help, the Dragon Team discovers that the Nameless Planet is actually the remaining Super Dragon Ball. With all seven Super Dragon Balls gathered, the Dragon Team summons Super Shenron, a massive dragon that puts Earth's Shenron to shame. Beerus makes his wish and Super Shenron grants it. Super Shenron dissipates and the Super Dragon Balls scatter across the Sixth and 7th Universes. Bulma asks Beerus what he wished for, but he keeps it a secret.

While traveling home, Vados discovers that the 6th Universe's humans have been resurrected on Earth and there is a civilization there creating delicious food, much to Champa's shock. Vados reckons that Beerus used his wish to resurrect the humans; Champa is begrudgingly thankful to Beerus.

The Dragon Team travels home to the 7th Universe. Whis notes that Beerus is actually a kind soul for using his wish for his brother's sake, to which Beerus reiterates that he was simply paying back a debt and nothing more. Gokū would like to challenge Monaka to a fight when they reach Earth, but Beerus refuses Gokū's request. The Dragon Team reaches their home, Earth.

Chapter 14

"An SOS From the Future" (未来からのSOS, Mirai kara no Esu·Ō·Esu)

In the alternate future, Future Trunks manages to successfully escape from an unknown malicious entity. Afterwards, Future Trunks manages to find Mai. He sorrowfully tells Mai that his mother sacrificed herself to make the fuel for the Time Machine and that the malicious entity called Black, now has the ability to sense ki. Future Trunks tells Mai that thanks to Bulma, they can go to the past. Trunks and Mai rest first before heading out; Mai gives Trunks food but unfortunately it is dog food since she wasn’t able to procure proper food due to the collapse of society. After sharing the dog food with Mai, Future Trunks states that they will go back 17 years into the past in order to get help from the Dragon Team.

In the present timeline, on Earth at Capsule Corporation, the Dragon Team are having a feast. Jaco complains to Bulma about the usage of time travel and that it is forbidden to manipulate time. Trunks' teacher educates Trunks and the Pilaf Gang about parallel worlds. After sparring, Gokū and Vegeta join the feast and eat with Beerus and Whis. Whis tells Gokū and Vegeta more about Zen'ō and that although he does not fight, being indeed the strongest and confirms it by telling the Saiyan duo that there were once 18 universes in total, but six universes were destroyed in an instant when his mood was spoiled.

In the alternate future, Future Trunks and Mai reach Capsule Corporation and prepare to go inside the dilapidated building to find the Time Machine. Suddenly, Black appears. Future Trunks and Mai fight Black, only for it to overpower the duo with Mai getting critically injured and as a result, dies. Black reveals itself; he is a man wearing black and grey Kaiōshin-like clothing but his most distinctive feature is his identical appearance to that of Gokū with a green Potara pierced in his left ear. Black is glad that this day will be Future Trunks' last day and smiles wickedly.

Chapter 15

"Hope Again!!" (HOPE!!再び, Kibō!! Futatabi)

Future Trunks mourns Mai's death. Black taunts the Saiyan, causing Future Trunks to transform into a Super Saiyan and fight Black. However, Black easily overwhelms the Super Saiyan and prepares to finish him off by stabbing him with Future Trunks' sword. Future Trunks fires a Masenko to distract Black, allowing him to escape into Capsule Corporation. Inside, Future Trunks inserts the fuel into the Time Machine. Afterwards, Future Trunks uses the Time Machine and begins escaping. Black manages to find Future Trunks and fires a Kamehameha at him, only to miss due to the Time Machine finishing its teleportation to the past. Black tries locating Future Trunks but isn't able to find his ki.

In the present, Gokū and Vegeta spar while Whis and Beerus watch. Trunks along with the Pilaf Gang are having a school lesson. Afterwards, they have lunch. Suddenly, Future Trunks' Time Machine appears from the sky and lands. Trunks goes to see who is inside and sees a person similar to him but unconscious. Pilaf orders Shū to get Bulma. Soon, Bulma arrives and gets the unconscious Future Trunks out of the machine and onto a bed. Trunks and the Pilaf Gang are confused as to whom the mysterious person might be. Gokū and Vegeta see Future Trunks who is unconscious and injured; Gokū uses Instantaneous Movement to teleport to Karin's Tower to get Senzu Beans.

Trunks attacks Gokū, much to everyone’s shock. Gokū, who blocked the attack, explains to Trunks that it is him; Future Trunks snaps out of his rage and is glad to see Gokū and Vegeta, especially his mother. Goku asks Future Trunks who badly injured him and wonders if it was Majin Bu. However, Future Trunks explains that he defeated Dabura and Babidi before they could resurrect Majin Bū, much to Vegeta's satisfaction. Whis is surprised and impressed that humans managed to create a Time Machine, explaining that time travel is a serious criminal offense while Beerus thinks of destroying the Earth, although Bulma defends that it was her future counterpart who created the Time Machine.

Future Trunks explains that the new enemy who badly injured him wants justice by eradicating every last earthling and explains that he has already wiped out countless planets with humans on them before coming to Earth. He and the Earthlings managed to hold off the enemy for about a year but now there are only a handful of humans left. Vegeta asks who did this, to which Future Trunks explains that it was Gokū, much to everyone's confusion. Future Trunks further elaborates that while the enemy looked identical in appearance to Goku, he had a heart full of malice. Gokū now understands why Future Trunks punched him earlier, to which Future Trunks apologizes. Future Trunks reveals that the name of the enemy is Gokū Black.

Gokū decides that all they need to do is go to the future and beat Gokū Black. However, Future Trunks explains that the Time Machine does not have enough fuel to travel to the future. Future Trunks says that the fuel needed to power the Time Machine is Blue No. 15 Electro Fluid, which surprises Bulma as that is the fuel she is developing right now. Bulma says that she can have the fuel ready within a day, much to Future Trunks' shock. Gokū and Vegeta decide to go with Future Trunks once the Time Machine is ready; Bulma allows this but asks them to come back safely, to which the Saiyans reply they will. Future Trunks asks Gokū and Vegeta to not underestimate Black as he is extremely strong. Gokū decides to spar with Future Trunks in order to gauge Black's strength.

Outside, Gokū and Future Trunks do some sparring, with them transforming into Super Saiyan 2. Gokū is pleased with Future Trunks' strength and shows him Super Saiyan 3, ending the sparring. Gokū is also impressed that Trunks managed to attain his level of strength all by himself. However, even with all this power, Future Trunks admits that it was nothing compared to Black. Seeing that they might have their hands full, Goku invites Beerus to join them, but Beerus declines as he has no interest in the parallel Earth and wonders why his future counterpart would let a nutjob like Black run around free, although Whis mentions that what he is probably doing is no different than the present Beerus. Beerus takes offense to this, as he is nothing like Black who kills with no consideration for balance.

Future Trunks wonders what a Hakaishin is. Whis asks Future Trunks what happened to the Supreme Kai of his timeline. Future Trunks says that in the process in defeating Dabura it cost the Supreme Kai's life and he died as a result. This shocks Beerus and Whis; Beerus is furious that the Supreme Kai of Future Trunk' timeline stuck his nose in unnecessary business. Goku asks what the problem is. Whis explains that the Kaiōshin and Hakaishin are a set; if the Supreme Kai dies, the Hakaishin dies as well since their fates are bound together. Everyone is shocked at this new development.

Whis explains that in all likelihood, the Hakaishin from Future Trunks' timeline no longer exists.

Extra Chapter


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