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The Tenka-Ichi Budōkai Begins!!
Kanji 天下一武道会はじまる!!
Rōmaji Tenka-Ichi Budōkai Hajimaru!!
Literal English The Number One Under Heaven Martial Arts Gathering Begins!!
Viz The Training of Kame-sen'nin
Volume Info
Previous Volume 2
Next Volume 4
Japanese June 10, 1986[1]
English March 2003[2]
Japanese ISBN 978-4-08-851833-6
English ISBN 978-1-56931-922-2
Character debut(s)
Technique debut(s)
Tool debut(s)
  • S-Cargo

The Tenka-Ichi Budōkai Begins!! (天下一武道会はじまる!!, Tenka-Ichi Budōkai Hajimaru!!; Viz "The Training of Kame-sen'nin"; Literally meaning "The Number One Under Heaven Martial Arts Gathering Begins!!") is the third volume of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter 25

"A Rival? Arrival!!" (ライバル?参上!!, Raibaru? Sanjō!!; Viz "A Rival Arrives!!")

After Kame-Sennin is discontent by Gokū's inability to differentiate pretty women from all other women, the turtle hermit sends the young boy to look for another girl yet again. This time around, Gokū manages to bring a mermaid over to the Kame House, much to Kame-Sennin's pleasure. After the turtle hermit's failed attempt to grope the mermaid, Gokū notices a boat heading to the island during his "training" session with Kame-Sennin. Emerging from the boat, a boy by the name of Kulilin arrives from a faraway east village to inform Kame-Sennin of his intentions to become one of the turtle hermit's disciples.

Kame-Sennin initially denies Kulilin's request, but Kulilin then bribes the master with a smutty magazine. After Gokū and Kulilin's brief interaction, Kame-Sennin then gives Kulilin his conditions in finding a "Pichi Pichi" gal, leading the turtle hermit to be impressed by Kulilin's ability to differentiate pretty women from others. Kame-Sennin then instructs Kulilin to ride with Gokū on his Kintoun to search for a beautiful woman. However, through Kulilin's inability to get on the Kintoun, it is revealed that Kulilin intends to train with Kame-Sennin for impure desires, or in other words, to impress girls.

Chapter 26

"The Peculiar Girl" (奇妙な女の子, Fushigi na Onna no Ko; Viz "Who's That Girl?!")

After meeting Kulilin, Gokū sets out with his new acquaintance to find what Kame-Sennin will accept as a "hotty". The two fly over the countryside on Kintoun; Kulilin, unable to ride normally, has to grip Gokū. The boy insists that Gokū fly lower, since if he can't keep a grip, he'll fall to the ground. Gokū tells him that all he needs to do is stop thinking bad thoughts, and he can ride the cloud as well. As they fly, Gokū notices a person on the ground, and asks Kulilin if the person was the Turtle Hermit's type. Looking down, Kulilin indignantly tells Gokū that the person below them is a man; Gokū, however, is just impressed that Kulilin can tell gender apart by looking. When Gokū tells Kulilin that he can only tell the difference by patting their crotch, Kulilin is quick to tell Gokū that he's male.

Meanwhile, on the ground, a girl flees from the police on her motorbike. The cops, hot in pursuit, shoot frantically at the girl while insisting she stop. Biting the pin off a grenade, the girl throws the explosive behind her, taking down one of the pursuing cruisers in the ensuing blast. Snickering, she rides straight up a clifface, continuing her flight. The cops remain in pursuit. The woman moves onto a new weapon, pulling out a sawn-off shotgun; pumping the weapon, she preps it for firing, grinning deviously. However, her hair tickles her nose, causing the girl to sneeze. The force of her sneeze throws her off the bike, and she crashes. High in the air, Gokū and Kulilin are still looking for women to no avail.

On the ground, the girl has undergone a transformation; her hair and eyes have both darkened. The police tentatively approach the young woman, weapons armed. Calling her "Lunch", they tell her not to do anything; if she moves, they will shoot. Lunch, however, appears to be unaware of who the cops are, backing away in fright. Frustrated, they say she should know who they are. Lunch, however, is still clueless, and when the cops move in to arrest her, shrieks for help.

Gokū hears the cry, and asks Kulilin if they should rescue her. Kulilin says that rescuing her would be the cool thing to do, but he's uncertain that they can handle cops with guns. Gokū, however, decides if saving her is the right thing to do, then they should do, and descends, jumping off of Kintoun and landing neatly in front of the police. The cops are understandably confused, asking who the new arrivals are. Gokū says they're here to rescue the girl, but Kulilin hides behind a boulder, denying any involvement at all. The police become very irritated, and tell Gokū that, even if he's a kid, he won't be exempt from arrest if he interferes with their affairs. Gokū, however, quickly dispatches the unlucky officers. Lunch is grateful, asking how she can repay their kindness. The two manage to convince her to come along with them to Kame-Sennin, as she is seen riding with them on Kintoun towards Kame House.

Chapter 27

"Lunch's Sneeze" (ランチのクシャミ, Ranchi no Kushami; Viz "Nothing to Sneeze At")

With Lunch in tow, the trio flies off on Kintoun towards Muten Rōshi's island. The group makes a landing, and Lunch is enamored with the cozy look of the island. Gokū calls out to Kame Sennin, telling him they managed to find a girl who matched his specifications. When an answer doesn't come, Gokū is confused as to why; Kuririn suggests that Kame Sennin might be in the restroom. When Gokū doesn't understand what a restroom is, Kuririn elaborates a little further, explaining he's on the toilet. Gokū finally understands, and rushes off towards the restroom, crudely shouting for Kame Sennin. Lunch asks Kuririn why they brought her to the island, and if they need her to do anything. Kuririn replies that they don't need her to do anything at all, it's more of the fact that they need a female presence on the Kame House island full of men. Lunch is elated, as she's being pursued and wouldn't mind a place to hide. Kuririn doesn't understand at first, but then remembers she was being chased by people who looked like police. Asking who they were, he is surprised to hear Lunch state they were real police.

Gokū rushes a very ingidant Turtle Hermit off of the toilet, telling him they found a girl he would like. Irritated, the Hermit asks if the girl is indeed one he'd like. Looking out the window, Kame Sennin seems Kuririn and Lunch talking. Lunch, looking at the bag of money, surmises that she either robbed a bank or a train. Kuririn insists that she doesn't joke around; he can't possibly see a girl like her robbing a train or a bank, and thinks instead she's a rich girl being pursued. The young woman warns Kuririn that they should be careful; for her, all it takes is a single sneeze and she changes personalities. Kame Sennin, watching from the window, excitedly exclaiming approval.

He agrees to take both Gokū and Kuririn on as his disciples, and welcomes Lunch to the island. Lunch happily thanks the Hermit, saying it was because of his grandsons that she was saved. While happy, Kame Sennin tells Lunch that Gokū and Kuririn aren't his grandsons; they're his little brothers. After recovering from his little joke, Kame Sennin tells Lunch that he is training the boys in budō. He also manages to convince Lunch to stay with him on his island, and asks if she'd like to learn budō as well. Lunch, though tempted, says she doesn't know if she could keep up with the training. Kuririn fully supports Kame Sennin's notion, and tells Lunch that she shouldn't pass up this one-of-a-kind chance to learn from someone as great as Kame Sennin. Kame Sennin hands Lunch a uniform, and she begins to change outside before Kuririn inadvertently convinces her to change inside.

Lunch comes out of the room dressed in not a uniform, but lingerie. When she points it out, Kame Sennin tells her that these are the official uniforms of the Turtle School. Before they can begin their training, however, a fly buzzes around them, tickling Lunch's nose and triggering a sneeze. She transforms into her violent half, who notices that her surroundings aren't a prison. Pulling a machine gun out of nowhere, she rounds on Gokū, Kuririn, and Kame Sennin, firing a flurry of bullets in indignation before sneezing again, changing back to her mellow half. The girl notices the gun in her hand and apologizes innocently to the trio, asking if she did anything wrong, to which a scared Turtle Hermit denies.

Chapter 28

"The Training Begins!!" (修業はじまり!!, Shugyō Hajimari!!; Viz "Let the Training Begin!")

Kame-Sennin uses capsules to contain the Kame House and summon a hoverboat in order to move to a larger island for training to begin. After the arrival on the island, Lunch seemingly prepares to sneeze yet again, causing Kame-Sennin, Gokū and Kulilin to flee the vicinity in fear of Lunch's violent side appearing again, only for Lunch to reveal it was a yawn. As Lunch prepares dinner, Gokū and Kulilin begin their training regimen with Kame-Sennin by testing each other's speeds by running. It is revealed that Kame-Sennin is the fastest, Gokū is the second fastest, and Kulilin is the third fastest. As the three head back to the Kame House, Lunch sneezes once again, igniting her vicious personality and causing her to chase after Kulilin as Kame-Sennin and Gokū hide behind the bushes to avoid Lunch's rage.

Chapter 29

"Search for the Turtle-Marked Stone" (亀マークの石さがし, Kame Māku no Ishi Sagashi; Viz "Bad Day at Turtle Rock")

As the sun sets and before Kame-Sennin, Gokū and Kulilin prepare to eat, Kame Sennin informs the two young men of their training regimen resuming the next day at dawn, but not before Kame-Sennin tests them again. This time around, Kame Sennin marks a stone, throws it into the jungle, and instructs the two young men to find the stone within 30 minutes, or otherwise receive no dinner. As the two young boys scurry to find the stone, Kulilin decides to pick up another rock, mark it, and give it to Kame-Sennin as a means to deceive the master and cheat his way into completing the task.

However, this does not fool Kame-Sennin, and Kulilin is forced to find the actual stone that Kame-Sennin threw. Gokū eventually finds the stone thrown by Kame Sennin, but Kulilin tricks Gokū into giving up the stone. After a brief struggle between the two, Kulilin is able to return the stone to Kame-Sennin, causing Gokū not to receive any dinner at the Kame House. Ironically, Gokū ends up being fortunate to miss dinner, as the fish Lunch cooked causes her, Kame-Sennin and Kulilin to be sick and bedridden for three days.

Chapter 30

"Milk Delivery" (牛乳配達, Gyūnyū Haitatsu; Viz "Milk Run")

Early in the morning, Kame-Sennin wakes up Kulilin to begin their training session. However, Kame-Sennin has a tougher time waking up Gokū, due to the young boy sleeping next to Lunch in her aggressive form. Kame-Sennin tries to wake up Gokū without waking up Lunch, but this fails as Gokū makes noise while awakening, bringing Lunch from her slumber as well. Offended by Gokū sleeping next to her, Lunch pulls out a gun and shoots at and hits Gokū, causing the young boy to retaliate by knocking out Lunch with a kick to the face, much to Kame-Sennin's surprise.

Afterwards, Kame Sennin brings along Gokū and Kulilin to deliver milk across various places on the island as part of their training regimen, which proves to be an exhausting task for the young boys. On one of their stops, Kame-Sennin discusses the Tenkaichi Budōkai with Gokū and Kulilin, leading the boys to be motivated to participate in the tournament in order to test their strength. Subsequently, the three continue to deliver milk all over the island, with Kame Sennin informing the exhausted Gokū and Kulilin that delivering milk will be part of their early morning training for the next eight months.

Chapter 31

"The Kame Sen School's Tough Training" (亀仙流の厳しい修業, Kamesenryū no Kibishī Shugyō; Viz "It Only Gets Harder"; Literally meaning "The Turtle Hermit School's Tough Training")

Following their early morning training of delivering milk, Kame-Sennin reveals to Gokū and Kulilin of their morning training consisting of working in the fields with their bare hands. Afterwards, the three have a late breakfast, leading the people in the restaurant to be astonished by the amount of food consumed by the three.

Later on, the training consists of studying literature until lunchtime, taking a brief, one-hour nap afterwards, then helping out construction workers in order to build muscle and swimming. A frustrated Gokū demands that Kame-Sennin teach he and Kulilin how to fight, but the turtle hermit insists that the young boys cannot learn fighting techniques without tempering their bodies first and foremost with these various activities.

Thereafter, the three resume the training regimen by attempting to push a boulder. After Kame-Sennin pushes the boulder, while Kulilin doesn't considering doing so a possibility, Gokū is able to surprise the turtle hermit and his fellow disciple by pushing the boulder as well. After the rock-pushing exercise, Kame-Sennin has the boys perform dangerous tasks such as swimming with sharks, dodging bees, and finally ending the training by getting the boys to wear 20 kilograms shells on their backs for the rest of the training sessions.

Chapter 32

"The Tenka-Ichi Budōkai Begins!!" (天下一武道会はじまる!!, Tenka-Ichi Budōkai Hajimaru!!; Viz "Let the Contest Begin!!"; Literally meaning "The Number One Under Heaven Martial Arts Gathering Begins!!")

Using the Tenka-Ichi Budōkai as motivation, Gokū and Kulilin diligently work hard during their training regimen for seven months. Still having a desire to learning fighting techniques, while running away from a dinosaur, Gokū figures the only way Kame-Sennin would teach them how to fight is if both he and Kulilin prove their strength by being able to move a huge boulder. While Kame Sennin was impressed with the boys' progress, one month before the tournament, Gokū and Kulilin are both able to shock Kame-Sennin by being able to push over a huge boulder.

Afterwards, Kame Sennin claims he has nothing more to teach the young boys, and reveals the basics of the Kame Sen Martial Arts were encompassed within the training the boys had been doing over the course of seven months. For the last month, Kame-Sennin has Gokū and Kulilin wear 40 kilogram shells on their backs, leading the two young boys to wonder if all of the repetitive activities would allow them to enter the Tenkaichi Budōkai while working in the fields.

As the day of the tournament arrives, Kame-Sennin has Gokū and Kulilin take off the turtle shells from their backs. Much to the boys' surprise, they realize they can move much more freely than ever before after losing the extra weight. After Lunch sees the three before they leave, they eventually ride a plane to the tournament and Gokū and Kulilin register upon their arrival, much to the surprise of the registration officer that such young children would be entering the tournament.

Chapter 33

"The Power of Training!!" (修業の威力!!, Shugyō no Iryoku!!; Viz "Hard Work Pays!!")

As Kame-Sennin, Gokū and Kulilin arrive at the Tenka-Ichi Budōkai, both of the young boys register for the preliminary rounds. Kame Sennin eventually parts ways with the two, but not before handing them orange garments signifying their association with the turtle school. As Kame-Sennin heads into the crowd, both boys anxiously enter the preliminaries. After the announcer explains the rules and regulations and reveals that there are 137 registered fighters, much to Kulilin's surprise, both he and Gokū learn of their numbers and places in the bracket. While Kulilin is nervous, Gokū is confident they'll get by with the training Kame-Sennin had put them through.

Gokū is then called up to face an opponent who is much larger than the young boy in terms of size, but Gokū is able to easily defeat him. Subsequently, Kulilin meets his former fellow disciples from the Oorin Temple, to which Kulilin reveals he was subject to bullying from them. As Gokū is confident Kulilin will defeat his former disciple in the exhibition, the match begins. Kulilin, as Gokū anticipated, is able to easily knockout his opponent, much to the surprise of Kulilin. It is at that time when Gokū realizes that Kame-Sennin's training had truly made them both stronger in the end.

Chapter 34

"Completely Unrivaled!" (天下無敵!, Tenka Muteki!; Viz "Strongest Under the Heavens!")

Gokū and Kulilin's performances end up shocking many of the fighters in the preliminaries. As Gokū and Kulilin dominate their rounds, both end up running into Yamcha, whom Gokū does not recognize at first due to the former bandit cutting his hair. As Gokū and Yamcha are both surprised to meet each other, Yamcha reveals that Bulma, Oolong and Pu'ar are also at the Tenka-Ichi Budōkai in the audience, all of which end up running into Kame-Sennin.

Chapter 35

"The Matchups are Decided!!" (対戦決定!!, Taisen Kettei!!; Viz "The Battle is Set!!")

As Gokū and Kulilin are excited to become part of the eight to enter the Tenka-Ichi Budōkai and are searching for Kame-Sennin, the turtle hermit reunites with Bulma. Kame-Sennin asks the young woman for a Puff-Puff, much to Bulma's ire. Gokū then reunites with Oolong, Puar and Bulma, and introduces them to Kulilin. As Kame-Sennin, Bulma, Oolong and Puar are all excited and impressed that Gokū, Kulilin and Yamcha are part of the final eight, Oolong wonders of the turtle hermit's whereabouts.

In the room of the eight, all are highly disturbed by the stench of one of the fighters who goes by the name of Bacterian, who is known to have never taken a bath since the day he was born, and uses his stinky smell to purposely get opponents to put their hands over their noses and render their hands useless in combat. The host eventually names the contestants and sets the match-ups, though not before Gokū decides to eat. Afterwards, the match-ups are publicly announced, and 21st Tenkaichi Budōkai commences.

Chapter 36

"The First Match" (第1試合, Dai-Ichi Shiai; Viz "Match No. 1")

The first match begins with Kulilin facing Bacterian. Before the match, the host announcer reveals the prize money of 500,000 zeni and introduces the chief priest of the Orin Temple to speak, who ends up being a dog that merely barks, much to everyone's bewilderment.

The first match up finally begins, with Gokū rooting for his fellow disciple. As the host announcer introduces the fighters, Bulma wonders where Kame-Sennin would run off to in order to miss a match featuring one of his disciples. After the host announcer reveals the conditions, the battle begins.

Bacterian uses his bad breath, uncleanliness, and farting to paralyze Kulilin and send him to the ground, leading the musty fighter to step on Kulilin while he's down. As the 10-second countdown commences, just before the host announcer counts to 10, Gokū reminds Kulilin that he doesn't have a nose, and is just imagining the stench. Kulilin finally gets back up, dodges Bacterian's attacks, and kicks the fetid giant in his face. Kulilin then proceeds to finish off Bacterian by giving him a taste of his own medicine by farting in his face while he's down, forcing the foul-smelling fighter to give in, causing Kulilin to obtain victory.