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Cell Sneaks Up
Kanji 忍びよるセル
Rōmaji Shinobiyoru Seru
Viz The Terror of Cell
Volume Info
Previous Volume 30
Next Volume 32
Japanese August 4, 1992[1]
English April 14, 2004[2]
Japanese ISBN 978-4-08-851686-8
English ISBN 978-1-59116-186-8
Character debut(s)
None in this volume
Technique debut(s)
Tool debut(s)
None in this volume

Cell Sneaks Up (忍びよるセル, Shinobiyoru Seru; Viz "The Terror of Cell") is the thirty-first volume of the Dragon Ball manga, and the fifteenth volume of Part II of the manga.

Chapter 362

"A Duel in Ginger Town" (ジンジャータウンの決闘, Jinjā Taun no Kettō; Viz "Ginger Town Showdown")

Chapter 363

"The Monster's Riddle is Solved" (解けた怪物の謎, Toketa Kaibutsu no Nazo; Viz "A Farewell to Arms")

Chapter 364

"Cell Laughs" (笑うセル, Warau Seru; Viz "Cell Laughs Last")

Chapter 365

"Son Gokū Awakens" (目覚めた孫悟空, Mezameta Son Gokū; Viz "Son Goku Awakens")

Chapter 366

"The Saiyans' Training" (サイヤ人たちの修業, Saiyajintachi no Shugyō; Viz "The Super Saiyans' Training")

Chapter 367

"The Reborn Piccolo versus No. 17" (新生ピッコロ対17号, Shinsei Pikkoro Tai Jūnanagō; Viz "Piccolo vs. #17")

Chapter 368

"Cell Sneaks Up" (忍びよるセル, Shinobiyoru Seru; Viz "Waiting in the Wings")

Chapter 369

"The Androids versus Cell" (人造人間対セル, Jinzōningen Tai Seru; Viz "Cell vs. the Androids"; Literally meaning "The Artificial Humans versus Cell")

Chapter 370

"The Reborn Piccolo's Do-or-Die Opposition" (新生ピッコロ決死の抵抗, Shinsei Pikkoro Kesshi no Teikō; Viz "New Piccolo… Last Piccolo?")

Chapter 371

"No. 16 Stirs!" (動き始めた16号!, Ugoki Hajimeta Jūrokugō!; Viz "Cell vs. #16")

Chapter 372

"The Desperate No. 16's Power!!" (決死の16号パワー!!, Kesshi no Jūrokugō Pawā!!; Viz "#16 Summons His Power")

Chapter 373

"Prevent It! Cell's Developed Form" (阻止せよ!セルの完全体, Soshi Se yo! Seru no Kanzentai; Viz "The New Cell"; Literally meaning "Prevent It! Cell's Perfect Body")