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The Cell Game Begin
Kanji セルゲーム始まる
Rōmaji Seru Gēmu Hajimaru
Viz The Cell Game
Volume Info
Previous Volume 32
Next Volume 34
Japanese December 26, 1992[1]
English October 12, 2004[2]
Japanese ISBN 978-4-08-851688-2
English ISBN 978-1-59116-505-7
Character debut(s)
None in this volume
Technique debut(s)
Tool debut(s)
None in this volume

The Cell Games Begin (セルゲーム始まる, Seru Gēmu Hajimaru; Viz "The Cell Game") is the thirty-third volume of the Dragon Ball manga, and the seventeenth volume of Part II of the manga.

Chapter 386

"Super Trunks Surpasses His Father!" (父を超えた超トランクス!, Chichi o Koeta Sūpā Torankusu!; Viz "Trunks Surpasses His Father")

Chapter 387

"The Balance of Super Power" (超パワーのバランス, Sūpā Pawā no Baransu; Viz "The Balance of Power")

Chapter 388

"Cell's Idea" (セルの思いつき, Seru no Omoitsuki)

Chapter 389

"A Terrifying Message" (戦慄のメッセージ, Senritsu no Messeiji; Viz "Message of Terror")

Chapter 390

"Gokū and Gohan Come Out" (悟空と悟飯外へ, Gokū to Gohan Soto e; Viz "The Emergence")

Chapter 391

"A Rest Before the Big Showdown" (大対決戦前の休息, Daikessen Mae no Kyūsoku; Viz "The Calm Before the Storm")

Chapter 392

"The Royal Army's Resistance" (王立防衛軍, Ōritsu Bōeigun; Viz "Cell vs. the Army")

Chapter 393

"A New God" (新しい神様, Atarashī Kamisama; Viz "The New Kami-sama")

Chapter 394

"The Cell Games Begin" (セルゲーム始まる, Seru Gēmu Hajimaru; Viz "The Cell Game Begins!")

Chapter 395

"The Entire Group Gathers!!" (フルメンバー集合!!, Furu Menbā Shūgō!!; Viz "Heroes Assemble!")

Chapter 396

"The Cell Game's Dead Weight?!" (セルゲームのお荷物!?, Seru Geimu no Onimotsu!?; Viz "Hercule, Champion of the World")

Extra Chapter

"Trunks the Story –A Lone Warrior–" (TRUNKSトランクス THE STORYストーリー -たったひとりのせん-, Torankusu za Sutōrī -Tatta Hitori no Senshi-; Viz "Trunks: The Story")


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