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The Grand Finals
Kanji 大決勝戦
Rōmaji Dai-Kesshōsen
Viz Strongest Under the Heavens
Volume Info
Previous Volume 3
Next Volume 5
Japanese October 9, 1986[1]
English March 2003[2]
Japanese ISBN 978-4-08-851834-3
English ISBN 978-1-56931-923-9
Character debut(s)
None in this volume
Technique debut(s)
Tool debut(s)
None in this volume

The Grand Finals (大決勝戦, Dai-Kesshōsen; Viz "Strongest Under the Heavens") is the fourth volume of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter 37

"The Second Match" (第2試合, Dai-Ni Shiai; Viz "Match No. 2")

After Gokū and Kulilin celebrate the latter's victory, both wonder of Kame-Sennin's whereabouts, only to be informed by Bulma and Pu'ar that he is no where to be found. As Gokū claims he can still sense Kame Sennin's scent, the next fight is about to commence, though not before Kulilin and Jackie Chun have an encounter.

The next match begins with Yamcha facing Jackie Chun. As the battle goes on, Yamcha finds himself unable to land a clean hit on Jackie Chun, forcing the former bandit to use his Wolf Fang Wind Style Fist. However, even this move proves to be ineffective as Chun simply dodges Yamcha's attack again, and proceeds to knock Yamcha out of the ring, giving Chun the victory. As the audience is shocked, Kulilin cringes at the fact that he has to face an opponent as powerful as Chun in the next round.

Chapter 38

"The Third Match" (第3試合, Dai-San Shiai; Viz "Water and Cheesecake")

As Gokū and Kulilin marvel at Jackie Chun's prowess, Yamcha admits defeat to Chun, only for the former bandit to be able to seemingly recognize Chun from somewhere. As the next battle is announced, Chun is astonised at Namu's stoicism, and reads into Namu's heart and discovers that Namu entered the tournament not only to merely receive the prize money, but to bring water to his poor village.

The next battle between Namu and Ranfan commences. As the battle goes on, Ran Fan puts on a damsel-in-distress act to fool Namu into being hesistant to fight, leading Namu to decide to retaliate with full focus. However, Ran Fan counters this by stripping off her clothes and revealing a bikini in an attempt to use her femininity to push Namu out of the ring.

Meanwhile, Jackie Chun's perverted attitude towards Ran Fan leads Yamcha to hypothesize the Chun is Muten Rōshi. As Namu is about to fall out of the ring, his determination to win the tournament for his villagers leads him to simply close his eyes and strike Ran Fan without being tempted by her body, giving the victory to the stoic villager and leading to general concern over the knocked out woman.

Chapter 39

"The Fourth Match" (第4試合, Dai-Yon Shiai; Viz "Monster Smash")

The next battle is revealed to be Gokū versus Monster Giran. As Gilan enters the ring, Gokū is nowhere to be found. As everyone scrambles to find the young boy's whereabouts, he is found to be sleeping and arrives to the match late, much to everyone's bewilderment.

As the battle commences, Giran lands a strong attack on Gokū, but the young boy is shown to be unaffected by the hit, much to the monster's surprise. Gokū then retaliates by landing a critical blow to Giran and throwing him out of the ring to attain victory, but this fails as the monster simply uses his wings to fly back and avoid a ring out.

As Gokū is determined to win the fight, Giran uses his salivation to restrain Gokū's movements, putting the young boy in a difficult predicament.

Chapter 40

"The Tail of Gokū" (悟空のシッポ, Gokū no Shippo)

Whilst Gokū is restrained by Gilan's Guru-Guru Gum, the monster proceeds to hit Gokū, pick him up and throw him out of the ring. As Gokū is in midair on the verge of a ringout, he calls upon his Kintoun to save him, much to Gilan's puzzlement. As the monster demands victory, the host announcer reveals that a special exception was made for the Kintoun, but Gokū is never to use it again if he is on the verge of falling out of the ring a second time.

As Gilan charges towards and strikes a subdued Gokū, the young boy shocks everyone with the regrowth of his tail. Gokū then proceeds to break out of Gilan's Guruguru Gum, acknowledging his tail for giving him extra strength in order to do so. The young boy then showcases his strength by landing a devastating kick to a nearby wall, leading the monster to give in out of fear of Gokū's strength. While Gokū attains victory, Oolong, Bulma and Pu'ar cringe at the possibility of Gokū transforming once again due to the reemergence of his tail.

Chapter 41

"Kulilin versus Jackie Chun" (クリリン対ジャッキー·チュン, Kuririn Tai Jakkī Chun; Viz "Kulilin vs. Jackie Chun")

As Bulma, Oolong and Pu'ar are concerned about Gokū transforming again due to his tail, which flabbergasts everyone, the host announcer's curiousity about Gokū and Kulilin's disproportional strength causes him to interview the two young boys. As Gokū unknowingly puts on a comedic act, Kulilin reveals that he and Gokū are disciples of Muten Rōshi, further surprising the audience.

Meanwhile, Yamcha confronts Jackie Chun and asks him if he is Rōshi, which Chun denies. As Chun enters the stage, he requests of an interview, only to take the microphone and make a fool out of himself by singing. Afterwards, the match between Chun and Kulilin commences. Kulilin proves to be more of a challenge to Chun than his previous opponent Yamcha, leading Chun to punch Kulilin with such speed that no one was able to detect Chun's movements.

Chapter 42

"A Great Give-and-Take Battle!" (大攻防戦!, Dai-Kōbōsen!; Viz "The Big Fight")

As Kulilin is amazed at the speed of the punch he received from Jackie Chun, Gokū claims he was able to see it. Kulilin then decides to stand back up, and is eventually able to see Chun's attack and dodge it, impressing Chun. Kulilin and Chun then clash, leading the former to fall down and nearly lose by the 10 count.

While Chun is once again impressed by Kulilin's resilience, the host announcer asks Chun about what occurred in the last sequence due to it being too fast for the announcer to detect, leading Chun and Kulilin to momentarily interrupt the fight and reenact their movements. Whilst the host announcer is astonished at the fast pace at which the fight is going, Kulilin throws a pair of panties to bait Jackie Chun, leading the young boy to kick a distracted Chun out of the ring.

Chapter 43

"The Mysterious Jackie Chun" (謎のジャッキー·チュン, Nazo no Jakkī Chun)

As Jackie Chun is on the verge of a ring out and defeat at the hands of Kulilin, Chun resorts to using a Kamehameha to propel his momentum back to the ring, shocking everyone. As Bulma and Gokū contemplate seeing the technique before, Yamcha becomes convinced that Jackie Chun is Muten Rōshi. A puzzled Kulilin then runs out of ideas to combat Chun, and is quickly defeated.

After the match, as Chun informs Kulilin that he needs more training, Yamcha tries to force Chun into revealing that he is Rōshi. The former bandit then instructs Gokū to use his nose to sniff Chun and see if his scent is the same as Rōshi's, but Chun counters by putting on cologne. The next match is revealed to be Gokū versus Namu. As Chun is still perplexed by Namu's seriousness, Yamcha is still confident that the former is Rōshi.

Chapter 44

"Son Gokū versus Namu" (孫悟空対ナム, Son Gokū Tai Namu; Viz "The Name of the Game is Namu")

As the sixth battle of the 21st Tenka-Ichi Budōkai begins, Namu is motivated by winning the prize money to bring water to his village of famine, while Gokū is motivated by Bulma offering to take him to dinner if he wins the tournament. As Gokū and Namu exchanges blows, the pure speed of the match impresses both Jackie Chun and Yamcha. While Gokū and Namu continue fighting, Gokū uses his tail to gain the advantage on Namu and push the lone villager into a corner, threatening to knock him out of the ring with a spinning move. However, Gokū then becomes dizzy, and Namu uses the opportunity to jump high into the air and attempt to strike Gokū while he's on the ground.

Chapter 45

"A Great Mid-Air Battle!" (大空中戦!, Dai-Kūchūsen!; Viz "Taking the Air")

Gokū eventually wakes up from dizziness, only to be struck on the jugular from Namu's airborne attack. As everyone is shocked and convinced that the young boy will not be able to get up by the end of the 10 count, Gokū's ever-surprising resiliency causes him to get back up and shake off the pain, much to the awe of everyone. An incredulous Namu decides to take the air once again and strike Gokū, but the young boy also manages to get in the air as well, ensuing an airborne battle between the two fighters.

As Gokū lands on the ground faster than Namu, the lone villager is convinced he will win the fight with the boy on the ground proceeds to attack with his Tenkū Pekejiken again, but Gokū manages to swiftly move out of the way just in time to land a critical kick to Namu, knocking the villager out of the ring and giving Gokū the victory. As Yamcha, Kulilin and the rest of the audience react in wonderment of Gokū's victory, Jackie Chun becomes concerned with the possibility of losing to him in the final round.

Chapter 46

"The Grand Finals" (大決勝戦, Dai-Kesshōsen; Viz "The Final Match")

As Kulilin, Bulma, Oolong, Pu'ar, Yamcha, and everyone else praise Gokū for his impressive win over Namu, Jackie Chun becomes wary of Gokū's prowess and decides not to underestimate him in their upcoming fight in the final round. Namu then gets up from the ring and congratulates Gokū for his victory before the 10 minute intermission.

During the break, Chun wonders why Namu is in such a rush to head home. As Namu contemplates about failing to bring water to cure the famine brought to his village, Chun then hands the lone villager a Hoi Poi Capsule. Namu is then shocked to learn that Chun is aware of the villager's reasoning for participating at the tournament, and this leads Chun to confirm that he is Muten Rōshi.

As Namu asks why Rōshi would appear in the tournament in costume, Rōshi explains his objective in testing his disciples' surprising strength and teaching them a lesson in the sense that there will always be someone else stronger than them, in order to prevent Gokū and Kulilin from becoming overconfident in their abilities.

While Namu is honored to speak with Rōshi, he attempts to return the capsule the turtle hermit gave to him due to not having enough funds to afford water for his entire village, only to be pleasantly surprised when Rōshi shows him a water well and reveals that water is so abundant in their location that it can be taken free of charge.

As Namu shows Rōshi his gratitude, the final showdown begins, and the turtle hermit asks the villager of a favor. Later on, Yamcha keeps pressuring Chun to reveal himself as Rōshi, leading Chun to direct Yamcha to Rōshi in the crowd, getting Yamcha to give up in his endeavor to prove Chun is Rōshi. However, the person Yamcha spotted in the crowd was revealed to be Namu in disguise as Rōshi to fool Yamcha, and Namu departs from the Tenka-Ichi Budōkai as the battle between Gokū and Jackie Chun initiates.

Chapter 47

"The Kamehameha" (かめはめ波, Kamehameha)

As the final round commences, Jackie Chun is quickly able to send Gokū out of the ring, much to everyone's surprise. As Gokū is banned from using the Kintoun to aid him in avoiding a ring out, Bulma, Oolong, Pu'ar and the rest of the audience are in awe of Gokū avoiding a ring out by using his tail to help him levitate back to the stage. As Gokū returns to the stage, he reveals to a stunned Jackie Chun that he pondered but then opted against using the Kamehameha just like Chun did to avoid his ring out, leading Chun and Gokū to perform a clash of Kamehameha waves. As the dust settles, Chun is shocked to learn that Gokū was able to successfully counter his Kamehameha with one of his own, making Chun decide to change his strategy for combating Gokū.

Chapter 48

"Monkey Imitating Son Gokū" (猿マネ孫悟空, Saru Mane Son Gokū; Viz "One Lucky Monkey")

As the fight between Gokū and Jackie Chun continues, Chun opts to using a double afterimage attack to fool Gokū and send him flying to the wall. However, as the host announcer starts the count, Gokū jumps right back up and imitates Chun's attack with his own variant utilizing a triple afterimage sequence, much to Chun's bafflement.

While Chun nearly reveals himself as Rōshi to Gokū, Chun opts to combat Gokū with the Drunken fist style, with Chun figuring that Gokū couldn't imitate this technique because Gokū had never gotten drunk before. As Gokū acknowledges that his grandfather was skilled in using that technique as well, the young boy finds himself to be frustrated with Chun's attacks. Gokū then decides to fight back with his own style resembling the actions of a dog, and sends Chun flying to the wall. Chun then becomes frustrated from Gokū continuing to counter his attacks.


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